Massacre - Baldacci vs mystery opponent

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre - Baldacci vs mystery opponent

Postby Razer » Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:03 pm

David Baldacci showed many scenes of random things and even spoke in parseltongue at one point. What can't the guy do? Earn a spot at a PPV. Se we're giving the young man a shot this week against a mystery opponent. "Why a mystery opponent?", I hear all four of you asking. Because I want to, so nyeh.

Deadline for matches is 7th August 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 10th August 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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Re: Massacre - Baldacci vs mystery opponent

Postby Dan » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:17 pm

Mark Sanction: This should be interesting. Mystery is always interesting, wouldn't you say, Matt?

Matt Steel: Meh.

We fade in from commercial and Baldacci is already in the ring as jobbers often are, his music already fading out as he stretches and talks to himself like an idiot. Hana Ramierez motions to him.

Hana Ramierez: Already in the ring, David Baldacci!

And now, for his opponent...

This man has been hired for one night only by Trace Demon himself for this bout, which is set for ONE FALL...

The mood is set. The crowd is buzzing. Then only thing missing is...


...this eternally pissed off motherfucker.

Mark Sanction: Oh my god...

Oh my god is right, Mark. Nightmare steps out into view under the partial lighting to a strangely face-like pop, likely due to his opponent more than himself. He paces slowly toward the ring staring evilly into the widened, terrified eyes of Baldacci. Nightmare reaches the ring and doesn't have time to turn toward the steel stars as Baldacci takes initiative and runs and dives through the ropes at him headfirst. The attack, while unexpected and certainly daring, is only met with a solid hook to the temple mid-flight and the fans watch as Baldacci is redirected from the blow and he crumples in midair and splats on the mats outside the ring.

Matt Steel: Oh shit! Now I remember this guy! He beat the ever loving shit out of Adrien Adrenaline! I meant to thank him for that, he was a fucking clown.

Mark Sanction: You never had the chance before. He was released for being too violent and injuring the younger talent. For him to be back for this, well, I mean, it can only be for one reason...

Nightmare looks down at the pitiful worm writhing on the floor and grins, the tombstones in his mouth matching the one he's mentally prepared for Baldacci. He reaches down and grabs David by the ears and drags him to his feet and, bracing a little, lifts and throws him into the ring between the bottom and middle ropes, then rolls in underneath the bottom rope himself and stands back up. Hana, still in the ring, finishes her introduction while staring on in horror.

Hana Ramierez: Baldacci's opponent is... Nightmare!

Mark Sanction: I almost feel sorry for the little bugger. Almost.

Tommy Tickles signals to the timekepper and the bell rings and Hana exits the ring quickly. Nightmare walks over to Baldacci, still on the ground, and kneels down next to Baldacci, tilting his head and putting on a sad face, almost a face of mercy. Clearly his version of mercy and ours are vastly different, which is unfortunate for dear David. He grabs Baldacci by the throat and hoists him back to his feet, the smaller and less experienced superstar seemingly weightless to this massive moster of a man. Nightmare shoves David into the ropes and he hits them, ricocheting back at Nightmare and the evil monster bursts at Baldacci, lowering his center of gravity and throwing all nearly-three-hundred pounds of himself at the midsection of Baldacci, cutting him in half with a spear!

Matt Steel: Whoa what the hell was that?

Mark Sanction: That was a humongous spear, Matt, and I don't know if David can recover from that!

He won't have to worry about that. From the spear, Nightmare climbs on top of David, transitioning into a full mount, and begins to unload on Baldacci, throwing calculated left- and right-handed haymakers landing flushly on either side of Baldacci's head. David attempts to block the first few, but as his head is violently pummeled side to side, his resistance leaves him and he is left to take each blow without mounting a defense. For what fans have called the Messmaker, it's certainly making a mess out of Baldacci's face and each blow from Nightmare now is complete with a nice, fine red mist spraying off of Baldacci.

The bell begins to ring. Tommy has called the match off due to David not being able to competently defend himself (and partly because he doesn't want a death in a match he officiates). And yet, the monster keeps swinging. Blow after sickening blow, each bringing more and more viscous fluids to the surface of what now can only be described as the from of David Baldacci's skull, Nightmare continues his assault.

The bell rings over and over.

But this monster refuses to relent.

The beating continues. Referees, backstage crew, anyone backstage ballsy enough to provoke the beast in the ring, all pile out from the back to prevent this murder. They all rush toward the ring, and a few do slide in, but Nightmare jumps up off of his prey and fends off the few men that enter with hardly any effort, throwing them from the ring. With no way to enter the ring without being attacked, the men stay outside the ring and Nightmare mounts David again, this time throwing double axe handle smashes directly into the middle of Baldacci's face, the bell ringing on desperately trying to warn Nightmare to get off of his opponent but the wet smacks of flesh on bloody flesh continue almost sickeningly and the crowd quiets, watching this horror show.

Mark and Matt are left speechless as Nightmare smashes David's face over, and over, and over. Till he finally feels the job is done, his arms covered in blood halfway up his forearm and the lump of meat beneath him twitching and emitting a weak, wet, air-sucking sound, undoubtedly breathing in his own plasma to an unhealthy level with what feeble breaths he does draw. Nightmare puts his hands on the mat on either side of Baldacci and, for a finishing touch, slams his forehead into the bridge of what's left of Baldacci's nose, a stomache-turning crunch sound coming and as Nightmare pulls his head back, Baldacci's snout is caved in and Nightmare's forehead is covered in blood, the red of the viscous fluids crawling down his white facepaint and Nightmare lifts himself off of Baldacci, pacing backwards and leaving the ring while smirking at the corpse left in the ring as the officials outside the ring pile into the ring and tend to Baldacci's lifeless body.

The beast lives.

Long live the beast.

Fade to commercial.
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Re: Massacre - Baldacci vs mystery opponent

Postby DJS » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:26 pm

I am pleased.
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