Massacre - singles debuts: Alex Alexander/Joey Miles

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre - singles debuts: Alex Alexander/Joey Miles

Postby Razer » Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:02 pm

Alex Alexander vs. Joey Miles

Alex Alexander had his match cut short at Winner Takes All. And by cut short, I mean cut completely. So we've decided to give the man a chance to earn his spot by facing Joey Miles, a debuting superstar from different pastures that might or might not know a few things about drugs. Whomever ends up with the victory, we all win.
Deadline for matches is 7th August 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 10th August 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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Re: Massacre - singles debuts: Alex Alexander/Joey Miles

Postby SuperSnoopz » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:11 am

[My opponent hasn’t been on in a month, so, since I doubt he’ll show, I just whipped up a quick match. I don’t care about any feedback on the match itself, but I’d like a couple comments about the post-match promo, if anyone’s up for it. It's not a lengthy promo or anything, but I'm still trying to work on the Miles character and improve it.]

XWA Massacre returns from a commercial break, with new superstar Alex Alexander in the ring, ready to fight. Kid Cudi’s “Maniac” begins to play, as the audience lets out some light cheers. Once the song kicks in fully, debuting XWA wrestler Joey Miles steps through the curtains, onto the stage.

Mark Sanction: ”Welcome back to Massacre, ladies and gentlemen. Up next, an XWA newcomer, in the form of Joey Miles, looks to make a statement in his wrestling debut with the company.”

Rose: ”Some of you may remember Joey as a commentator for our Genesis show or even for the various other companies he’s commentated for. Let me be the first one to assure you, this Joey Miles is not the same man as that Joey Miles. This man is determined. We got a little glimpse of that at Winner Takes All and, tonight, we get to witness it firsthand.”

Miles looks out at the crowd briefly, before turning his focus to the ring directly ahead of him and, more specifically, the wrestler standing inside it.

Hana Ramierez: ”This following match is scheduled for a one-fall. Introducing first, from Miami, Florida and weighing in tonight at one hundred and eighty-three pounds, Joey Miles!”

The fairly short competitor makes his way to the ring, keeping his eyes set straight on Alex from afar.

Mark Sanction: ”Miles looks ready tonight.”

Matt Steel: ”He better be. You don’t step into an XWA ring if you aren’t ready, yo.”

While Joey would usually be slapping hands with fans in the front row, he’s all business right now. Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and instantly gets back to his feet, keeping his eyes set on Alex.

Hana Ramierez: ”And his opponent, from Piraeus, Greece and weighing in tonight at two hundred and forty-nine pounds, Alex Alexander!”

XWA official Tommy Tickles calls both men in to go over the rules of the match. Once he’s finished, he asks the two competitors if they’re ready to go. Alex says he is as Joey simply nods and Tommy calls for the bell to be rung thrice and the contest to officially begin.


Alex and Joey instantly clash in a Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Up. The fairly larger Alexander easily out-powers his debuting adversary, pushing Miles back into the corner of the ring, while pressing into him and pushing his back into the turnbuckles. Tommy shouts for Alex to back away, before administering a five count, due to Joey touching the ropes. By the count of three, Alexander lets go of Joey and takes a few steps back, raising both of his hands to ensure to the official that he’s abiding by the rules. He then quickly goes for a punch, aimed at the jaw of Joey, but “Satan’s Protégé” ducks under it and spins around Alex. Alex tries to turn around quickly to keep his eyes on Miles, but he receives a loud Knife Edge Chop to the chest, garnering an “OOH!” from the fans. He follows this up with a second Chop and then a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, on and on, chop after chop in quick succession. Tommy gets physically involved, wrapping his arms around Joey’s body and pulling him away from his opponent. Now standing in between Miles and Alexander, Tommy tells Joey to keep Alex out of the ropes. Just as Tickles moves out of the way, Alex shoots out of the corner, attempting a Clothesline, but the short wrestler manages to catch the arm of the Greece-native, tripping him and then pulling his arm back with a Fujiwara Armbar! The fans cheer for the reversal, as Alex immediately flails about in pain, whilst Joey applies more pressure the more Alex fights it.

Mark Sanction: ”After unleashing fury on Alex’s chest with those Knife Edge Chops, Joey just caught his Clothesline attempt and reversed into a Fujiwara Armbar!”

Rose: ”With how much torque Joey’s putting on that Armbar, I’d be surprised if Alex’s shoulder didn’t pop out of its socket.”

Calming himself down, Alex realizes he’s not going to get anything but a separated shoulder if he keeps that up. He looks to see how far the rope is away and then inches a bit closer to it, finally being able to just rest his foot on the bottom rope. Tommy immediately taps Joey on the shoulder, telling him to let go as Alexander had gotten to the rope. Miles lets go instantly and the two men get back to their feet, Alex holding onto his shoulder as he does so. Miles, looking to stick to it, pushes Alex backwards, into the ropes, and then attempts an Irish Whip, but it’s reversed into one of his own, sending Miles rushing across the ring, instead. Joey ricochets off of the opposing set of ropes and he returns, leaping into the air and turning his body to land a jumping European Uppercut, knocking the bigger man down! Looking to capitalize on this, Joey drags the downed Alex towards the nearest corner of the ring and leaves him laid out in front of it. He then begins ascending the ropes from inside the ring, reaching the middle rope. In a very swift, fluid manner, Joey leaps from the second to the top rope and then leaps again, springboarding himself into a Double Jump Moonsault, dubbed Gravity Defied! Alex, however, manages to roll towards the corner and out of the way, but Joey adjusts himself in mid-air and lands on his feet. In an attempt to gain the advantage while Joey is a bit groggy from having to change direction, Alex rushes towards him and attempts a Clothesline again. Much-like the first, this one is also countered, this time by Joey ducking it whilst simultaneously wrapping his arms around Alex’s neck. He pulls him backwards into a Reverse STO, proceeding to bring his own leg across the neck of his opponent and pull with his arms, applying the Koji Clutch and finishing his Fade Away combination finisher! The audience pops for the submission hold, as Alex isn’t nearly as close to the ropes now as he was for the Fujiwara Armbar!

Mark Sanction: ”Oh boy, Joey calls this the Fade Away! If Alex doesn’t find some way out of this, that may be exactly what he does!”

Matt Steel: ”Well, shit.”

The bigger man tries to fight his way out of the hold, but this isn’t exactly an easy submission to simply power out of. It doesn’t take long before he begins to fade away, as the move’s name implies, so Alex decides to tap out, opting to take the loss over passing out and losing anyway.


Hana Ramierez: ”Here is your winner, by submission, Joey Miles!”

Mark Sanction: ”Joey made quick work of Alex, here tonight, in a damn impressive debut!”

Rose: ”I think he’s gonna fit in just nicely here.”

Miles, as opposed to celebrating, asks Hana if he can borrow her microphone. She obliges and “Maniac” fades out.

Joey Miles: ”Now that that’s over, allow me to formally introduce myself. The name’s Joey Miles. Some of you may recognize me, others may have no clue who I am. That’s fine, because you all will soon enough. I’m not gonna take up a whole lot of your time, right now. I’ve spent most of my career talking, so it’s a nice change of pace to let my actions speak for me. I just want to say one thing and one thing only. Where’s a camera?”

Joey looks around to find a cameraman standing on the apron. He makes his way over to him and stares directly into the camera.

Joey Miles: ”Right. I know I have to work my way from the bottom up and I plan on doing just that. But let me make my intentions clear, right now. I want to face the best. There’s somebody in this company who I seem to get along with nicely. She just-so-happens, however, to be the best. Laurel Anne Hardy …”

The audience pops big for Laurel’s name.

Joey Miles: ”I like you. I respect you. But, after I work my way up through the ranks, after I gain the respect and admiration I so-desperately need, after I earn my opportunity … I’m going to beat you. There’s no personal animosity in that statement, no sour grapes, nothing like that. I just wanted to let you know, personally, in front of the world, you are why I’m here. I want to face the best and you are the best. I just ask that, when the day comes and I’ve earned my chance to wrestle with the best, you put any feelings of friendship behind. You step into this ring with me and you give it your all, just as you did against Razer and Jericho. I may not be a big name like them, I may not have their talent, but I’ve got the drive, the passion and the heart. So, when we’re finally one on one inside the ring, please – please – give me everything you’ve got. I won’t accept any less.”

Joey hands the microphone back to Ramierez, as his music hits again and the audience cheers lightly once more.

Rose: ”Well, he’s got guts, that’s for sure. The guy wants to face the best and I can respect that. I can also respect that he’s willing to pay his dues before he gets that opportunity. But I hope he realizes that what happened tonight, with Alex, well … that won’t be the story with Laurel.”

Mark Sanction: ”Joey’s a smart competitor, Rose. He knows what he’s getting himself into. Only time will tell if the match ever happens, though, and if it does, who comes out on top.”

Miles exits the ring and makes his way to the back as XWA Massacre cuts to a break.
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Re: Massacre - singles debuts: Alex Alexander/Joey Miles

Postby Alex_Krull » Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:16 am

Sets the goal of Joey in XWA, as a side note I think saying you want XWA gold is a bit overrated since everyone wants it and well it would be nice to see something new but its ok.

He looks total face to me in this way and the match showed the style of fighting and well... in a few short words, I LIKED IT.

I'd I could get what I wanted I would have loved to fight Joey since we are both very technical wrestlers... I thought he was next but boom got an atomic bomb dropped on me in the looks of Jericho Shaw and I hope I did fine there.
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Re: Massacre - singles debuts: Alex Alexander/Joey Miles

Postby SuperSnoopz » Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:26 pm

Thanks for the comment. Just to clear something up, though, Joey said he wants to face Laurel because she's the best. He didn't actually say he wants to go for the title. =P

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