XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby Dan » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:41 am

One belt to rule them all. But which will it be? We might be one step closer to knowing on...


The Main Event:

Jericho Shaw vs. Laurel Anne Hardy

Deadline for matches is 30th June 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 3rd July 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby Dan » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:43 am

(Canadian is out of town, asked me to post this.)

The camera opens to the backstage area of the AT&T Center in San Antonio revealing a very solemn and dour looking Holly Hunt standing just outside of a dressing room marked “Jericho Shaw”. Since Shaw’s last match with Bella Quinn he has been unusually silent about his dominant victory which was clearly a message to Razer. The champion as he has demonstrated from his prior victories is not one to shy away from gloating. She shakes her head slowly and sighs deeply rapping against the door three times. There is a baited silence as an unfamiliar female voice replies to the woman from behind the door.

Unseen Female Voice: Mr. Shaw will see you now.

As the door opens Holly and her trusty microphone pass through and are astonished at what they see. The champion is standing on a raised pedestal almost completely surrounded by tall 6 feet mirrors. He’s adorned in a sharp slate grey Giorgio Armani suit as a small, balding (presumably Italian) man adjusts the hem at the bottom of the trousers. The undefeated, undisputed champion doesn’t even acknowledge Ms. Hunt as she enters the room and makes her way to him to attempt his scheduled pre match interview. Shaw is as self-absorbed as ever, looking over every single feature of himself in the series of mirrors nearly surrounding him. His eyes roll up making eye contact with the pretty blonde reporter before his nose turns up and exhales disappointed at who is greeting him.

Jericho Shaw: You’re not the other one.

Holly Hunt: The other one? No, she hasn’t worked for us in months Jericho…Whisper, Serena Maxwell assaulted and nearly killed her.

Jericho Shaw: That’s a pity, I liked her better.

Holly dismisses the lovely banter that the champion has so graciously greeted her with. She straightens out a jet black pencil skirt before forcibly continuing the interview forward.

Holly Hunt: Jericho do you have anything to say about what transpired last week against Bella Quinn. She was hospitalized for nearly four days and is expecting to be on the sidelines for the foreseeable future, was that all just to send a message to Razer? Do you have anything to say about that?

Jericho Shaw: No.

Holly Hunt: What do you mean no, you nearly beat a woman to death and after you pinned her, you clearly were attempting to deliver the Kingslayer against her. Do you feel any kind of remo-

Jericho Shaw: Queenslayer

Holly Hunt: Pardon?
Jericho Shaw: Bella Quinn is a woman, therefore she cannot be Kingslayed, she was almost Queenslayed, please Ms. Hunt do your research.

Holly Hunt: Whatever, was that a message to Razer, and do you have anything else to say about the situation?

Jericho quickly grows irritated at her repetitious line of questioning and then shoo’s Enzo (His tailor) and Gabby (His assistant for this promo) out of the room. He turns around facing Holly and the appointed XWA cameramen before retorting to her original point.

Jericho Shaw: Listen, last week was a wrestling match, plain and simple. Bella Quinn has been gallivanting around the locker room doing and saying whatever she damn well pleases. She had been under the assumption that because she was Razer’s girlfriend she was safe. There is no such thing as safety Ms. Hunt, you are all ants waiting to be stepped on. Why should Laurel Anne Hardy, the proprietor of a lesser title be given an opportunity that I, Jericho Shaw, the greatest Heavyweight Champion of the Modern era has ever produced not be given. What I did to Bella Shaw was absolutely a message to Razer and had he been a real man, he would have stepped into the ring long before he did.

Razer watched from the sidelines we clawed, bit, struck, suplexed and tore at one another. Razer allowed me the opportunity to participate, because he knew he could never provide his lady that kind of thrill. Is that love Ms. Hunt? To watch your loved ones be beaten and do nothing and be impotent to stop it? No, I showed Bella Quinn something that Razer could never show her. The contest between Bella and I, was constricting, sweaty, our bodies rolling against one another in pure unrestricted passion, we were getting along so fine, and I was just about to finish Ms. Quinn off…until her boyfriend meandered into the ring.

Honestly, I think she was disappointed...

I know I was.

Holly Hunt is obviously taken aback by the introductory statement of the champion which attempts to rationalize and gratify his hellacious attack against the woman. Her well-groomed eyebrows raise as she mentally maneuvers her thought process to move the interview forward. She clears her throat, standing adjacent to the champion who has now cemented a fine smirk against his jaw.

Holly Hunt: Jericho, this week you have been paired against Laurel Anne Hardy, you’ve only interacted with the woman one time and that was when you stole her hardcore title. She is one of two competitors who you will be facing in the title unification bout at Last Man Standing, what are your thoughts on her and that upcoming contest?
The Jackal rubs his thumbs and his index fingers together just in front of his chin as he contemplates the answer. His eyes shift back and forth as he surmises the exact perfect set of words to describe his current feelings…Spoiler alert, they’re weird.

Jericho Shaw: Well Ms. Hunt, to be perfectly honest, I may have underestimated Laruel Anne Hardy.

Holly is immediately shocked as she was not at all prepared to hear Jericho Shaw say something nice a human being not named Jericho Shaw. The champion nods confidently to himself as he’s finally figured out his pre-match speech. Like everything else Jericho Shaw does, it will be pristine. He adjusts a muted, matte silver tie, notably wearing two different…Shades of Grey. (Apparently there are 50)

Jericho Shaw: Laurel Anne Hardy is not a particularly attractive woman, her features are plain and asymmetrical. She’s too tall for her body type and her sense of clothing sense is abysmal. She routinely wears glittery onesies and enters to Jap-pop, or whatever. Her interviews are contrived, and like every woman she speaks far too often. Despite being thin, she is not particularly well formed, or athletic for that matter. For a woman in her position, as the hardcore champion she is deceptively, average. However there is something about her that is exceptionally appealing,
And that there is an unmeasurably value to a woman that likes it rough.

Shaw exhales slowly finishing that sentiment, allowing himself to think about the matches of the woman. She is a self-described ultra-violence specialist. Not afraid to administer a beating or receive one, and as shown through her well documented career in other organizations, she has quite the penchant for creative violence. After the dramatic line, Shaw allows himself to continue.

Jericho Shaw: It was after my encounter with Bella that I began to appreciate her, but as the contest waned on it was clear that she was out of her depth. Despite stealing Katniss Everdeen’s nicknamed, the Girl on Fire could not handle the heat and eventually she broke. I remember, the exact moment that her spirit dwindled and at that second, I grew bored with her. Laurel Anne Hardy, from what I have seen

And believe me,

I have spent this week watching.

She is not a woman to be so easily quenched, she has a desire, no a thirst for that kind of violence. She craves it like oxygen and grew so bored with her division she carved her hardcore title into her head for some satisfaction and tonight the thought of testing that limit has me very excited. I have been looking forward to this for what feels like an eternity. But I know for a fact that she won’t be alone, she’ll bring an assortment of toys to help in “our fun”

S & M….Almost

S and L.

Shaw and Laurel. Now if you’ll excuse me Ms Hunt, I have a match to prepare for.

It will be, intimate.

[/center][/b]The video segment ends abruptly as a well-crafted edit brings the camera to ringside where our renowned three man announce team prepare to call the main event of the evening. Two of the three men at ringside have confused looks on their faces. The camera zooms up on their table as they prepare to reflect on what they’ve just seen.[/center][/b]

Mark Sanction: Well folks, that was certainly interesting and we have definitely never seen this side of the champion before. Rose what do you think?

Rose: It’s bizarre. Jericho Shaw is what happens when you give a 23 year old all the talent in the world and no proper role models to work with. Jericho treats people as objects for his amusement, it makes me sick.

Matt Steel: Yo, the champion’s suit game is top notch if you didn’t bother to notice, and he absolutely has the best role model you could ask for. I mean, if you forgot that DGX is kind of a big deal around these parts. Did you forget Rose, did you?

Rose: No Matt, I did not because you manage to bring it up every single week.

Mark Sanction: Rose, this match Laurel vs Shaw…can you break it down for us? They haven’t fought before, what do you expect.

Rose: Well chaos, Laurel isn’t the kind of competitor who functions under any kind of presumed rule set, so Diamond Jack’s Sabbath’s particular penchant for Anarchy is completely beneficial to the woman. In that regard, I’d say she has the advantage. It is also worth noting, that although it was nearly a decade ago, Jericho Shaw’s last loss is against Chris Novak, who was also something of a hardcore specialist. If Shaw has a weakness to this, Laurel is going to be a tough match. However, what Shaw brings to the table is an almost feral understanding of fundamental striking techniques. His use of angular movement and the textbook boxing jab has brought down, every single opponent he’s ever faced. He somehow manages to always use his opponent’s strengths against them and he seems motivated to hurt Laurel.

Mark Sanction: All I know is that this is one is going to be bloody, parents please ask the young children to leave the room, this isn’t going to be something you’ll want them watching.
At this point, the ever lovely Hana Remierez enters the ring swaying between the bottom and lower ropes. The crowd hoots and hollers their affection to the woman who moves to the center of the ring to announce both competitors in the main event this evening.

Hana Ramierez: Introducing first, from Rhys, Wales, standing 5’4 and weight 148 lbs. Her skill is known all across the globe and her record in the XWA is an impressive one. She is the Hardcore Champion and one of three competitors who will be entered in the Title Unification bought at Last Man Standing. She is The Living, Breathing, Installation Event of the Millennium Laurel Anne Hardy!

As Shonen Knife's "Cookie Day" hits the speakers, Laurel Anne Hardy bursts straight through the curtain, screaming with pure energy. She dances down to ringside, slapping fans' outstretched hands all the way. After touring all around the guardrails, hugging fans and complimenting homemade signs, Hardy slides into the ring and runs up a corner where she poses before pulling off her brightly coloured feather boa and tossing it into the crowd, prompting a scrum to catch it. Laurel drops to a sitting position and headbutts the top of the ringpost to hype herself up, then pops back to her feet and straight into a backflip down to the middle of the ring where she takes a deep, theatrical bow.

Laurel has a strange smile on her face as she stares blankly at the adjacent ring post. Her body seems exceptionally loose and relaxed, despite the fact she is about to wrestle against a competitor with the longest winning streak in XWA history ever. Hana Remierez, subtly shakes her head as she takes a deep breath…getting ready to recite the verbal essay that is the entrance of Jericho Shaw.

Hana Ramierez: Introducing next, he stands at a marvelous 6’1 and weighs in officially at 219 lbs. He is the 2014 Lord of the Ring winner and has defeated every single competitor he has ever faced in the XWA. His winning streak is the longest in the modern era and he is the only man to have ever held every single title in the XWA at the same time. He is the undefeated, undisputed, World Heavyweight Champion. He is known as “The Undefeated Juggernaut, “The Kingslayer” “The Jackal” Jericho Shaw!

The lights dim to a faded black as a slow piano accompaniment plays over the speakers. The San Antonio crowd is initially confused as it gently and non-aggressively plays through the PA system. Jericho Shaw usually enters the arena with a different song every week, and as the women in the audience are vehemently aware the temperature of the building rises a good 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on you more and more every time
When you leave I'm begging you not to go
Call your name two or three times in a row
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame
And I still don't understand
Just how your love could do what no one else can

Mark Sanction: Well folks this has taken another weird twist. Jericho Shaw, is apparently a fan of Sparkly Vampire based Fan Fiction.

Matt Steel: You mean Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey

Mark Sanction: Everytime we say that, the XWA owes them money.

Matt Steel: Well, whatever, If Shaw’s a fan…I’m a fan.

Rose: What a shock.

As the next line utters “Got me looking so crazy right now” Shaw emerges from the curtain, slowly.

He’s still clad in the multi-toned grey suit from earlier and he stands at the center of the ramp. The only color the champion is wearing is the gleaming gold title from across his waist. Instead of the usual cavalcade of hatred Jericho Shaw is met with a disquieting silence. His eyes lock forward down the ramp to his opponent and he casually walks towards her. His gaze is hot and fixated at the woman, ready to see if the pressure will turn her into diamond or crumble her into dust. Eventually Shaw enters the ring and as he does, he’s pounced on!

Immediately Hana Remierez vacates the ring and Junior referee Jack Tickles calls for the bell to ring officially singling the beginning of the match. The Hardcore champion digs and tears at her opponent with claws and elbow strikes wasting no time in her attack. Laurel Anne Hardy is well documented as an extremely fast starter and as two left elbows drive into the ill-prepared skull of the Heavyweight Champion she grabs his tie pulling it tighter. Jericho gasps for air as the intensity of the grip chokes against his windpipe. She pulls downward converting the left elbow strike into a single collar grip, using the momentum of the tie and the grip to adjust for the difference in weight to pull the champion into a textbook, Judoka Tomoe Nagi. The champion is flipped ass over heels and lands near the center of the ring. The crowd loudly exclaims at the situation hoping to motivate Laurel to continue and she does.

Jericho takes loud gasping breaths as he loosens the tie that was previously choking him. He removes as quick as possible, looking up to see his brunette competitor launch herself into the air, knee pointed outward to his skull. The glittery patella of Laurel Anne Hardy stings against the cheek of the Kingslayer, jerking his head to the side and knocking him to the ground. The jarring shot disorients the champion, but he manages to carry the warewithal to roll with the impact of the strike and immediately evacuate the ring space that Laurel had been dominating.

Mark Sanction: This is why you never wear a suit to the ring!

Rose: You know, I’m enjoying this.

Shaw takes the precious moments he’s created to gather some space and clear his cobwebs. There isn’t much time though, as the Living Installation Event of the Millennium has by this time ricocheted off of the ropes and gathered her momentum diving between the top and middle rope, executing a suicide dive against her opponent. Hardy’s weight clashes against the body of the champion who is pushed straight backwards into the barricade. His spine arches forward against the hard metal rails and his body collapses slightly under the impact. The Heavyweight Champion is grabbed by the wrist and then shunted forward in an Irish whip straight into the metal stairs adjacent to the ringside. There’s a loud pop as Jericho is slammed into the stairs.

Always the consummate show-woman Hardy completes a twirling pose, and a dramatic celebratory fist pump of her success in the match so far. She kicks her feet behind her like a bull and then runs towards her opponent. Mid stride she leaps onto the apron using the height advantage to make up between that of Shaw and her. Seeing approximately eye to eye with him, using her expect high flying style and impeccable provisional style she latches her legs around the neck of the Undefeated Juggernaut and twists, executing an apron jumping Hurricanrana.

Rose: Laurel Anne Hardy has had a resounding amount of success so far, and I have an idea as to why. Jericho Shaw is a very analytical opponent, despite “not” scouting his opponents…he has a good share of their mannerisms, and is able to improvise against them. Laurel is a chaotic individual and probably didn’t have a game plan that Shaw could counter.

Mark Sanction: That’s a good point Rose, however, if we’ve seen anything from Shaw it is his ability to react to whatever his opponent can muster up.

Rose: Laurel has one fault that I’ve noticed as a competitor and we’ll see if Shaw sees it later on in the match.

Matt Steel: Guaranteed he will dawg!

The Kingslayer’s dome bounces off of the canvas as Laurel’s unrelenting onslaught continues. Her giddy smile has been replaced by a sense of neutrality…like when a car loses that new car smell. She assists Jericho to his feet by the hair on his head and slides him under the bottom rope into the ring. She follows suit and quickly goes for the first pin of the evening. Hooking a leg up as Jack Tickles drops down to administer the count.


2-No! Just before the two count Jericho emphatically lifts a shoulder off of the mat. If there is a quality that cannot be denied about the champion it is his toughness. He is remarkably difficult to put away in a wrestling contest. Laruel stands up “helping” Jericho also and as soon as the two are up smacks at his chest with a firm knife edge chop. The attack has little effect given their size disparity, as immediately after Laurel sprints to the nearest set of ropes. She ricochets towards him and as Shaw attempts to counter with a clothesline she ducks generating even more momentum. She hops backwards flipping over latching her legs around the head of the champion. The colossal amount of momentum generated whips The Kingslayer over, causing him to fall victim to the L.A.H.O.O.K.

Mark Sanction: Jericho Shaw is just unable to mount an offense here!

Hardy smiles big for the crowd, ironically throwing up a peace sign to the San Antonio crowd, who reciprocate the gesture in kind. She pauses for a moment to catch her breath, the pace of the match beginning to show in the redness of her face. At the other end of the ring, Jericho Shaw has made his way to his feet, the grey Armani suit he chose to wear to the ring, suitable disheveled. He stands tall and finally has the space to move into a more kickboxing than wrestling stance. At the other end of the ring, Laruel has placed her fingers against her thumbs and lifted them high into the air. Her knee rises high in the Karate Kid Crane Stance, mocking the approach of the World Heavyweight Champion.

Slowly the champion moves forward towards his opponent, it’s not often that it happens but he’s found himself faced against a southpaw opponent, switching many of his usual striking tendencies. He jabs outward and surprisingly connects. However as it does the champion is immediately met with a straight left hand punch. The huge disparity in range allows The Jackal to scout the retaliatory punch and the weave out of the way. Her left hand extended he throws a left of own, this time a hooking arced punch above her hip or as it is commonly known. The liver shot.

Matt Steel: Get er champ, hit her in the ovaries! Right in the babymaker!

Mark Sanction: Classy Matt.

As Jericho strikes there is no visible show of pain on the face of the woman. Which the champion immediately finds disconcerting. Although she is nearly doubled over by the attack, it doesn’t even look like it has phased her and what’s more, as he’s stepped in for the hook she plunged forward successfully scoring a body lock against him. Laurel Anne positions her center of mass low attempting to disrupt the footing of the champion.

She pushes and twists forward, but is unable budge him and is met with a series of hard elbow strikes to her spine. Jericho digs his arm low between his stomach and her face, using the strength differential to pull her head backwards and alter her posture. This in turn raises her grip upwards giving him the space to throw a knee attack of his own, right into the core of the woman. Hardy’s grip is broken by the body strike but again she shows outward physical sign of pain. Shaw stiff arms the woman upward again, straightening her out completely. He repositions into a single high crotch grip flipping the woman over into a bodyslam. While she’s down he continues his attack delivering a hard set of size ten boots to her skull and mid-section.

Rose: I like that the champion is exploring a body attack in this match. Laruel Anne Hardy is exceptionally durable, and by wearing out the foundation he’s hoping he can knock the tower down.

Hardy openly welcomes the boots to her face, part terminator, part hipster. Adept at counters of her own she times Jericho with a boot in the air and then scissors his plant leg with hers disrupting his balance and knocking him over. She kips up immediately from the canvas watching as Shaw too wastes no time getting to his feet. He charges her like a bull grabbing for the double collar grip and immediately overpowers her backwards. She’s pushes until she finally jarred into the turnbuckle, crossing over his right grip into a stinging elbow against her jaw. The World Heavyweight Champion releases the grip and then with his hip swiveled to the side he recoils unleashing a vicious European Uppercut, straight underneath the jaw of the woman.

Mark Sanction: What an uppercut by Shaw!

The legs of the woman are lifted clean off of the ground by the impact of the strike and although the blow is disorienting still no cry of pain. Her perceived lack of interest is extremely aggravating to the champion, who finds himself becoming more and more temperamental. Once the Installation Event of the Millennium lands back on the canvas she is harshly whipped across the ring into the opposing set of turnbuckles as Shaw musters every single bit of torque he can muster into the shot. This time though she collapses face first to the mat after the impact.

Tired of this monotony The Jackal slides under the ropes and burrows beneath the ring. As he comes back into view he has brought a friend, in the form of a folding steel chair. His face is cold and determined. Reentering the ring, he stands eye to eye with Hardy who has since made her way to her feet. What’s interesting though is that as soon as she glimpses the familiar, friendly glare of the stage light on the chair she smiles. The champion raises the chair into the air and swings it downward, directly onto the cranium of the woman. The impact drops her to a knee, and as she stalls on her knees a warm trickling sensation begins to run down the top of her head, between eyes and down her nose. It perches itself on her bottom lip and as she sucks it inward, finally she laughs.

Jericho raises the chair again but is cold cocked on his jaw bone by a size five boot. The chair is loosened from his grasp and falls to his side. His legs dip but do not buckle and as Laurel charges him head first he braces for the impact. He is unmovable from this position, but that’s what she wants. Her shoulder is braced firm against his core as her legs flip from behind her, she nearly finishes a complete backwards rotation finally ending up with her arm around his neck. A headlock from this position can only mean one thing and Shaw immediately places his arms at the hips of the woman and using his brute strength pushes her off.

Laurel lands catlike on her two feet with the arms of his opponent outstretched and vulnerable. She grabs his wrists crossing them over one another creating a class one level with his elbows as the fulcrum. Despite their massive weight and size difference she flips the champion sideways with a Labai throw and as Jericho begins to rise he’s met with the second half of the Super Duper Acid Party.

Mark Sanction: Laurel Anne Hardy has a commanding lead, this could be the match!

Hardy drops onto Shaw hooking a leg and going for her second pin of the evening. Jack Tickles, does as he is obligated too and begins the count.




Despite the attack the champion manages to get a shoulder off of the mat following the two count, but she’s not depressed, actually now that the match has finally gotten interesting…she’s having some fun with it. She scans the canvas for the chair Shaw grabbed earlier and approaches it. She holds it dear and close to her chest, like a child would carry a teddy bear. She approaches the champion and begins a barrage of chair strikes to his back and skull. Once she’s sure he’s sufficiently hurt she too slides out of the ring, moving underneath into her toolbox to grab some things to play with. She hoists a table from underneath the ring and quickly places it against the turnbuckle, not evening managing to unfold the legs.

She picks up the chair and has another go at the Champion who is becoming less and less interesting by the moment. She has a brilliant idea and sticks her tongue to the side placing her hands by her hips in a “Give me a minute, I’m thinking pose.” She takes the damaged folding chair and then slides Jericho’s left hand into it.

She stalls.

No the other one.

She changes her mind, and then places the folding chair over Jericho’s right hand.

Mark Sanction: What is Laurel doing, left then right…make up your mind!

Matt Steel: Yo dawg, a woman, make up her mind the first time…yeah right!

After Hardy is satisfied with her decision she hops high into the air, using both boots to crush the chair between the right wrist of the World Heavyweight Champion…potentially breaking it. The champion bursts in agony, as the many small bones in his wrist, and his ulna are cracked. A deep
guttural scream, blows from his lungs and Laurel cheekily smiles.

“I win!”

She cheerily says, taking a deep breath and then hops out of the ring for a third time. She moves to the ringside attendant where grabs perhaps the only accessory Jericho Shaw had forgotten to bring to the ring. The XWA Hardcore Championship Crown! She re-enters the ring as Shaw kneels clutching his damaged arm. The pain is dizzying as he’s unaware of what Laurel is doing. She places the crown evenly on his head, but doesn’t like it, she tilts it to the left…and then the right, and then a little more to the left.[/center][/b]

Mark Sanction: Well, Jericho didn’t have this in mind when he wanted the Hardcore Title.

Matt Steel: This woman is sick, what is she doing!

Rose: I get it! A Crown for a Kingslayer! It’s no secret, that Rated X is quick to use references from Game of Thrones, and although Jamie Lannister (The true Kingslayer) gets his right arm cut off travelling with Brienne of Tarth…this is fiction, imitating wrestling, imitating art.

Mark Sanction: You’re saying this is art.

Rose: I’m saying it’s about to get bloody.

Laurel grabs her good friend chair and then feels the need to securely fasten the hardcore crown to the skull of the champion…by nailing it in, with the chair.


The audience gasps as a heavy stream of blood flows down his face. He can’t even scream as he’s lead upward and gently placed against the table connected to the turnbuckle, and then replaced, and placed again to make sure he’s in the perfect spot. He watches as Laurel skips across the ring and charges up at the opposite turnbuckle. Laruel Anne Hardy has used a tremendous amount of energy so far in this contest and the lactic acid development, coupled with the damage to her midsection earlier has slowed her down. She takes longer than a moment to regather her energy.
The ringing in the champions head becomes a dull thud and he takes the time to remember what is going on, he skips the pain, refusing to give in any further. Damn sure that Laurel Anne Hardy won’t be the one to take away all that he’s worked for. She runs forward and then does a cartwheel, and then a roundhouse to build speed or whatever, she’s a step away from charging into Jericho crashing through the table when suddenly he steps forward, head first.

The Hardcore Crown digs and stabs into the woman’s face lacerating her just above and below the eyes. The golden accessory smashes into the nose of the woman and locks his right arm into the ditch of his elbow around her left arm and neck and without stopping the woman’s forward generated momentum falls backwards executing a hellacious reverse Crimea River.

The table splinters into tiny pieces as Laurel goes through skull first, the crown digging more and more into her head as well. The pair lay covered in blood, both of them nearly unconscious on the canvas. A second “What the fuck” chant has spread its way through the arena and Jack Tickles digs both competitors out of the rubble to ensure that they’re actually alive. The two competitors rest side by side trying to recover from the trauma of the impact.

Matt Steel: That’s it Champ!

Laurel Anne Hardy’s breath is about time and somehow she subconsciously whimpers in pain. It’s not much, but it’s just audible enough for The Jackal to perceive. Invigorated he crawls towards her, keeping his right arm close to his chest. His left hand digs through the chair splinters, feeling like that super gross scene from Saw 2 with the woman in the needle pit. He collapses on top of her, hoping to end the match. Jack Tickles finds a safe place in the ring and then administers the count.




[b]Mark Sanction:
I can’t believe it. Laurel Anne Hardy is just about indestructible.
Rose: Laurel only has a few losses on her record and each of those matches could have killed any other competitor.

Matt Steel: This bitch is basically The Terminator. If a girl could be The Terminator.

Mark Sanction: A girl has been the Terminator…Terminator 3
Matt Steel: Nigga, that one don’t count!

Rose: I’m actually going to agree with Matt here.

[center]Jericho Shaw is stunned that Laurel has managed to survive this much punishment. Olenna Tyrell (the Queen of Throns) once said that it is rare to meet someone who lives up to their reputation, but Laurel Anne Hardy certainly does. The Kingslayer gets to a vertical base, but slowly. The weight of the match has more than started to affect him. He breaths heavily, removing the Crown of Thorns from his skull and discarding it off to the side. Eventually Laurel too stands up. Looking like Carrie on prom night the World Heavyweight Champion notices something truly unsettling, despite all the carnage and the horror, she’s smiling. Innocently, like now…she’s having fun and that he’s a reasonable “dance partner”. Regardless of what you say about Jericho Shaw’s attitude and his technical proficiency, the young man has a unique penchant for violence. His match against Drake Dysfunction revealed a deep sadistic edge within the man. He shakes his head and clears the blood from his face and advances.

Laurel Anne Hardy lacks a real technical striking stance, so although she is southpaw she tends to stand pretty square. The champion throws out a weak jab…habit from his years of striking. Hardy takes the blow on the jaw but is un-phased. Jericho winces from the attack and quickly pulls it back. He this time throws a left and Laurel takes the shot on the chin but retaliates with a forearm strike and suddenly, it hits Jericho.

Not the forearm…but the fact that Laurel will always counter. Not technically, but instinctually!
The champion throws a long forward teep kick which connects hard against the sternum of the Hardcore Champion. As she’s pushed back two steps she immediately lunges forward as she does the champion dips his head off of the center line throwing a swift, powerful overhand left. The impact catches Laurel Anne Hardy flush utilizing her own forward momentum. Her skull jerks violently to the side as her legs immediately give out beneath her. Her brain synapses fire and shoot off like wildfire resetting her neural electrical system.

Matt Steel: Kaboom! Laurel Anne Hardy is out!

Rose: Jericho knows! I can tell, he set that counter perfectly.

Mark Sanction: What do you mean Jericho knows, was this was you said earlier?

Rose: Yeah, Laurel’s weakness is that she didn’t perceive Jericho’s strikes as powerful…and I don’t know why but in combat sports we call that respecting a punch. Because she didn’t respect Jericho’s strikes she could counter off of all of them, until he set up something she would countered that.

Matt Steel: Yeah, what he said.

Rose: Jericho is able to utilize and adapt to his opponent…I can’t believe he came up with that.

Mark Sanction: Jericho Shaw isn’t almost 25-0 because he’s a pretty face. He can walk the walk too.

Jericho drops down for the cover and pin and Jack joins beside him.




[center][b]Once again Laurel’s ovarian fortitude proves too great and she wills herself back to life at just before the three count. Shaw sits up flabbergasted at the turn of events. He can’t even find it in himself to get up and shit tick Jack Tickles. He sighs heavily and labors to his feet, dragging the prone woman by hair and positioning her neck just past the middle turnbuckle, about to utilize his Jack Jackson-esque lucha technique.
Livin La’ Vida Leg Drop.

Once Hardy is there he turns around, not yet finished. He stumbles to the chair used to demolish his right and…and with his left hand grabs it by the seat. He staggers over to the woman, neck suspended past the rope and then places the chair underneath her chin. Resting it between her throat and the outer ring apron.

Mark Sanction: Oh my god.

Rose: -

Matt Steel: Let’s go champ! Rated X represent…take her head clean off! Deciptate her like an ISIS victim.

Mark Sanction: Whoa Matt, too far.

Jericho slowly climbs up to the top rope and perches Assassin’s Creed style. He’s certainly dizzy, and suffering from blood loss but the movement is ingrained in him. He pops up and begins the shooting star maneuver. He finishes the rotation, arcing his leg out like a guillotine. He smiles gleefully about to deliver a tremendous amount of pain on the woman. However, at the very last second, Laurel slithers back into the ring pulling the chair underneath the rope. Jericho Shaw hit
s the hard ring apron tailbone first and then the impact shunts straight up through his spine!

Mark Sanction: This could be it.

Laurel Anne Hardy shoots a massive grin, satisfied with the attempt and creativity of the violent display. To show her appreciation she swings the chair striking the World Heavyweight Champion straight in the maw! Jericho falls straight backwards glassy eyed. She drags him by the arm inside the ring and then decides to end this match. She swings both arms outward and screams at the top of her lungs.

Mark Sanction: Hardy’s got bad intentions right now folks!

Rose: I think I know what that means

Matt Steel: Shaw’s alright, he’s just playing possum.

[/center][/b]Laurel Anne Hardy also slow moving careens up to the very top turnbuckle preparing to bounce. Irrational, deranged thoughts flow through her skull and out through the holes in her forehead. He hops into the air matching Jericho for “shooting-star” ability. She twists and twirls like a psychopathic ballerina as she points the tip of her elbow downward, hoping to drive the ribcage of the Kingslayer into his heart.[/center][/b]


Mark Sanction: Stronger than Dirt!

Rose: The winning streak is over!

Matt Steel: NO!

Already in position for the pin Jack Tickles immediately drops down, sensing the urgency of the attack. The crowd holds their breath, too afraid to move in fear it would rattle the The Undefeated Juggernaut back to life.



Miraculously Jericho Shaw manages to lift a shoulder off of the mat and breaks the count milliseconds before it would end. For the first time in the match Laurel Anne Hardy is shocked, and a little impressed. She sits, gathering her energy together which by this point in the match is definitely in short supply. She nods erratically to herself not of options yet. In the background the crowd has begun a hearty stream of cheering and applause in hopes to assist her. She finally stands up and strikes the pose on her official XWA.com biography page. She kicks the prone body of Jericho Shaw onto his stomach and then sits between his shoulder blades.

Mark Sanction: Jericho isn’t safe yet, this is the Doors of Perception. If this gets locked in it’s over for sure.

Rose: I don’t know how it’s already not over!

Laurel Anne sits down straddling Jericho’s shoulder blades and grabs his forearms. Her legs lock his head in place and immediately the submission attack takes hold. The pain in his shoulders is all at once unbearable and the thought of tapping out crosses his mind. He wiggles and writes forward doing his best to try and squirm out, but it’s no use, Laurel Anne Hardy has been attack this submission maneuver on larger men for years now.

She leans back activating her core and the torque on Jericho’s rotator cuffs becomes massive, images of his defenses flash through his mind. More than twenty of them, and it all comes down to this. His teeth grind together as he resists the backward force of his arms. He won’t quit, he’d rather die. He feels the sinew and ligament feel like it’s tearing inside of his arms but he can’t give in.

Mark Sanction: If Shaw doesn’t tap this could ruin his career!

Rose: Agreed, take the loss son…you’ll come back stronger.

Matt Steel: Jericho can still win this!

Jericho’s closes his eyes and tucks his chin low into the mat, he has only one chance to make this work. The woman’s weight is leaned backwards almost off of him completely. His toes plant against the canvas and his knees bend slightly. Laurel at this time is so preoccupied with the submission that she doesn’t even realize the slight changes in Shaw’s positioning as a calculated response. All at once he rolls all 219 pounds of desperate World Heavyweight Champion. Now this is risky because if her grip is strong despite the roll, he risks separating both shoulders.
Her hands are like vice grips as he vaults forward, and in one solid motion he feels his right shoulder pop…but immediately after she pulls and the sweat from both competitors loosens the grip freeing his left him. Jericho’s body mass monkey rolls right over the woman and as he stands up freed of the hold a new instinct sets in. He’s sure she’ll turn around, she’s too curious not too.
As she turns around she sees the champion take a sideways hop towards her…and she’s seen this twice before. This new Breakdown Superkick to the face. Shaw makes you look like he’s going to the leg but goes high…oldest trick in the book. Laurel’s tried and trusty instincts tell her the kick is going high and to counter that once it hits. Laurel straightens her hips up and gets ready to react to the face shot.

However, as Shaw takes the step and his knee positions low, it is not actually going high and as Laurel’s hips and knees straighten she takes the Breakdown superkick directly on to her extended knee joint. Her knee jerks backwards immediately hyper exetending, if not tearing the major ligaments near her patella. Her hips rock backward from the impact and she immediately drops down to her knee, her leg completely dead

Matt Steel: BREAKDOWN 3.0!

Mark Sanction: I don’t believe it! Jericho with the conter

Rose: Beautiful attack!

Jericho walks behind the woman, his right arm dangling helplessly to the side and grabs a handful of bloodstained brunette hair. A strange flow of thoughts travel through her brain, as she is at this point incapable of standing and will probably be recipient of The Kingslayer, er- Queenslayer.

If it’s so dangerous to them…would it be dangerous to me?

Jericho takes a slow satisfying breath, savoring the moment and although his grip his different the mechanics are the same. Instead of the Thai Plum he grabs her hair from the kneeling position and drives her head backwards into the point of his kneecap. All at once, The Hardcore Queen, Laurel Anne Hardy is violently removed from consciousness. Jericho Shaw, scowling in agony places a boot on the chest of the woman instigating the pin. Jack Tickles, drops down hoping that it’s over.




Mark Sanction: Shaw with the pin!

Rose: What a match!

Matt Steel: I told you, I told the both of you.

Mark Sanction: We have just witnessed a classic!

Immediately after the bell the three count rings Jericho raises his good arm in the air demanding his World Heavyweight Championship. As it’s handed to him, he makes his way out of ring. Crazy In Love begins to slowly echo in the background of the arena. EMT’s have rushed down the ramp and into the ring assisting the Hardcore Champion. They attempt to give the World Heavyweight Champion immediate medical attention…but the victory is all the attention he needs.
[b]Hana Ramierez:
Your winner, and still undefeated. Jericho Shaw!

-Fade to Black-
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Re: XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby styg » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:06 am

Hana Ramirez: The following match is set for one fall under XWA rules, and it is the main event of the evening!

Mark Sanction: Here we go! We were supposed to see three one-on-one teasers of the threeway planned for Winner Takes All, but in both of Razer's matches, he had Bella Quinn sub in for him.

Rose: Both Laurel Anne Hardy and Jericho Shaw were able to overcome the last minute change of plans, and as he just alluded to, Jericho viciously assaulted Bella after their match. But Razer's nowhere to be seen now, and Bella's at home recovering. It looks like, for the first time in three shows, we're actually going to get our scheduled main event!

The lights dim in concert with the swell of cheers from the fans, and the speakers flare into life... into the gentle piano intro of Sofia Karlberg's cover of "Crazy in Love"!?

Rose: What the...

For a long, surreal minute, the scene is nothing but darkened lights and Karlberg's voice ringing through the arena.

Matt Steel: Who's the 50 Shades of Grey fan? Jericho or Laurel?

That question gets answered as a figure stomps onstage. Still in the charcoal suit we just saw him in, and with the World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist, Jericho Shaw himself prowls towards the ramp and then down to ringside.

I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on you more and more every time
When you leave I'm begging you not to go
Call your name two or three times in a row
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame
And I still don't understand
Just how your love could do what no one else can

Rose: Jericho entering first? That's... unorthodox.

Mark Sanction: I'm being told that's why we had such a delay... apparently Laurel bribed the tech guys to play Jericho out first and her second!

Matt Steel: Mind games already, and the match hasn't even begun yet! I love it!

Mark Sanction: I have conflicting reports... some saying Jericho refused to enter the ring first until he was forced at the threat of a fine for holding the show up. The others saying that he took it head on and wouldn't rise to Hardy's attempts to play him. Either way, here is now, I guess!

The undefeated and besuited World Champion looks all business - no pun intended - as he enters the ring. He fiddles with his cuff haughtily. "Crazy in Love" tinkles away. In its place, as the lights rise, arrives the voice of Cliff de Young.

Oh, why aren't they doing
Tomorrow's new dance steps
The way they used to yesterday?
And who draws a perfect circle
And if you're waiting for greatness to shake hands with you
You better daydream your life away
I've only wanted one thing and that's for sure

Laurel Anne Hardy emerges onstage to enormous cheers, the Hardcore Championship perched on her head and lights sparkling off the swirls of gold and purple glitter paint coating her from head to toe.

Mark Sanction: An unusual choice of entrance music from Laurel Anne Hardy... obviously knowing Jericho Shaw's recent penchant for coming to the ring to a different song for each of his matches, she felt she ought to rise to the occasion!

You're not just looking at a fast food king
Just another well known face
You're not looking at the king of anything
I'm gonna shoot for the moon
I'm gonna play High Noon
I'm gonna take on the entire human race
You're not looking at a king...
You're looking at an ace!

Rose: And there's the statement: Jericho Shaw may have made a hobby of slaying kings, but in Laurel's mind, she's no mere king.

Laurel bounces back and forth as she heads to the ring, hugging and high fiving fans all the way, more than a couple of whom have their faces painted in the same sorts of colourful designs Laurel so often wears. She winks as she tells a few of them that she doesn't really mean most of the lyrics to her one-off entrance theme; the tune in question, "Farley's Song", fades as she enters the ring.

Hana Ramirez: Introducing first, from Rhyl, Wales... weighing one hundred and forty-eight pounds... the Coan-Teen... the Matriarch of the #Sparklebuddies... the Living, Breathing, Must-See Installation Event of the Millennium! She is the reigning XWA Hardcore Champion... LAUREL! ANNE! HARDAAYYYYYY!

Laurel takes her usual florid bow, although - having apparently learned from what happened to her at the boot of Alex Krull last time - she keeps her eyes on her opponent.

Hana Ramirez: And from Oakland, California, USA, weighing two hundred and nineteen pounds. He is The Jackal... the Kingslayer... he is undefeated in XWA, the 2014 Lord of the Ring, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion... JERICHOOOO... SHAAWWWWW!

Jericho's only action is to unbutton his cuff, then immediately rebutton it nonchalantly, while staring at Laurel impassively. The two champions hand their respective belt and crown to Jack Tickles, then come nose to nose in the centre of the ring as they await the bell.

ding ding ding!

The competitors begin to circle each other, fingers waggling, soles rising and falling gently. They edge closer and closer, looking for a lock-up, and after a couple of hesitant near-starts, Laurel's left hand slowly extends towards Jericho's right.

Mark Sanction: Both of these wrestlers typically fight southpaw stance, even though Jericho is actually right-handed. It'll be interesting to see how they adapt to the rare southpaw versus southpaw encounter.

Rose: And I can't help but notice that despite how dismissive of each other's talents they are, they're both playing it cautious to open.

They clasp their hands together, eyes darting this way and that as each competitor minutely scans every movement the other makes. Jericho brings his left hand in to grab Laurel's wrist; she kicks it away and spins in with a sudden back elbow aimed at his face, but he ducks it, pushing his forehead into her spine as he transitions both hands down around her waist. Shaw lifts Hardy for a German suplex, but the Matriarch of the #Sparklebuddies sandbags and drops into a wheelbarrow. As she bounces back up she goes for an armdrag, but Jericho counters by yanking back on the same arm and hauling her upright and into a hammerlock.

Mark Sanction: Some fantastic chain wrestling to open this off. We know Jericho Shaw best as a striker and Laurel Anne Hardy best for her deathmatches, but they both have excellent technical training too.

Rose: Both so versatile, both with so many different styles to draw from. I think we're going to see it all tonight.

Laurel hooks a leg back to lift Jericho's ankle from the mat, and at the same time she rolls forward, throwing the World Champion over her shoulder with a snapmare. As he lands on his posterior she's already leaping into a low dropkick, planting both heels in the back of his cranium, which - wasting no motion at all - she smartly transitions into a grounded headscissors. Jericho raises his hands to feel around where her calves are locking his neck, and after a moment to take everything in, he starts turning himself around so that he's prone against her rather than supine.

Rose: Such an aggravating hold to be in, is the headscissors. No matter how you escape, you're forced to wrench your own neck.

Matt Steel: But Shaw ain't shook. He kept his cool and probed the hold and found the best counter.

When he manages to get all the way round, Jericho pushes forward into Laurel, rolling her back and forcing her shoulders flush. The referee drops to count.




At two and a half, Laurel reluctantly lets go of the scissors, allowing her to draw her shoulders up off the canvas. Jericho immediately swarms on top of her with bludgeoning palm strikes; she responds by wrapping her legs around his ribcage and hauling his head down into a front chancery. With rather more urgency this time, Shaw pushes forward to try to force his opponent's shoulders down again, but they're so bunched that no matter what he does he can only get one at a time onto the mat. So he changes his strategy - by pushing himself upright and deadlifting Laurel from the mat as he goes!

Rose: Wow! It's not often we see a deadlift from Jericho Shaw. But then again, it's not often we see him facing someone he's got seventy pounds on...

As Laurel tries to let go of the facelock she has on Jericho, he throw himself backwards, tossing her overhead into a suplex! He flips round onto his front, onto his fists and knees, as she rolls across the canvas. Jericho sprints up and over to her, and grabs her round the back of the head.


Shaw grins as he pulls Hardy in tight for the reverse Muay Thai plum. With her held in place, he looks around at the booing fans with a smirk.

Matt Steel: He's taking his sweet time...

Rose: Of course he is - he's testing how she'll counter. This is not his only match against her in the coming weeks, remember...

How she counters, it transpires, is with a stunner, with a swell of cheers from the audience providing accompaniment. Jericho's left stumbling backwards holding his jaw while Laurel spins round from her ass up into a capoeira kick which catches the World Champion right on the chin. She rushes past him as she rises, bouncing off the far ropes, and leaps into the air as she comes back to take him down with a two handed bulldog. Or at least... that's the plan. Instead, he manages to catch her and swing her up in one motion, and plant her with The Dead Drop! He rolls across her and hooks a leg.



Kickout from Hardy. Shaw is straight back on the offence, this time wasting not even a second as he brings her up in a regular Muay Thai plum and starts laying in knee strikes to her gut and chest, followed by a series of viciously stiff uppercuts to the jawline. Laurel drops to one knee as he lets go... but as he comes back in for a forearm smash, she catches him with an uppercut of her own! She follows that with a second, grabbing a handful of his short messy hair with her other hand and yanking his face down into the blow for added impact.

Mark Sanction: Battlegrounds Uppercut! The signature move of graduates of the Battlegrounds Academy in Ottawa!

The Hardcore Champion takes advantage of her opponent's stunned state to shake away her own cobwebs - or at least as many of them as she can - after his furious Dirty Boxing Combo #5. A moment later, they both move back in close and lock up again. Hardy with a waistlock, but Jericho forces her arms apart and drops his hands down to grab her legs. He hauls them out from under her, dropping her to her back. Laurel replies by hooking her ankles around the backs of his knees and forcing him supine as well, and from there she scrambles over him into mount, where she unleashes a volley of backfist smashes capped off with a headbutt.

Rose: I don't know if this is still part of the feeling out process or if they just want to beat the shit out of each other, but either way, we're seeing some unbelievably heavy strikes tonight!

Mark Sanction: But once again, look at Jericho's ability to keep thinking through whatever his opponents throw at him...

Indeed, as Rose has noticed, Jericho is trying to move his legs up for a triangle choke. Laurel senses it and spreads her own hips wide to block him; Jericho responds by switching his legs over her thighs and pushing her down into a sitout pin!




She powers upwards, tearing her shoulders off the canvas. She follows through on the motion, backflipping into a dropkick to the face which Jericho just manages to lean back out of reach of. As Laurel crashes into the mat he moves over her, looking perhaps for an STF or crossface. We don't find out, as Laurel leans back and slips an arm around his head, and uses it to flip him over onto his back. Again, showing incredible dexterity and fluidity of motion, she backflips from her knees onto Shaw in a moonsault! As soon as she crashes across him, she hooks a leg, and Jack Tickles drops to count.


Shaw pushes out. Laurel darts for Jericho's feet and starts to twist him round into some kind of leglock; Jericho answers with an ankle pick to drop her onto her side. Hardy hits the deck like a brick, but she immediately pushes herself back up - only for Jericho to zoom in at her with a knee strike to the face! As she flops back Jericho remains squatting on his haunches, trying to get his head back together.

Mark Sanction: Laurel splayed out like she's making snow angels... it's been a Herculean task just to follow the momentum shifts in this match so far. It's been on a razor's edge.

Matt Steel: But the champ's in control now!

Rose: They're both champions, Matt.

Matt Steel: Only one of 'em is the World Heavyweight Champion, though!

Laurel grits her teeth and slaps herself in the head, then forces herself upright again - and she gets caught with a left cross from Jericho that rocks her like a spinning top. Before she's even finished reeling, Shaw's all over her with a flurry of fast punches. He ignores the rising boos of the crowd as he lays in body blow after body blow, drawing blazing red bruises out under her sweat-smeared bodypaint, and then - when it seems like she's barely concious, and remaining upright only through sheer force of will - he switches to low kicks, hacking away at her knees and shins.

Rose: That Dutch Muay Thai style of Jericho Shaw proving so, so key once again. You can't let him find the opening for a salvo like this. But Hardy did, and now she's paying for it.

Kick after kick peppers Laurel's legs, and it's not long before she's fallen to one knee, swaying and glassy-eyed. Jericho takes a second to measure her... then he levels her with the Pass-a-Fist! Laurel collapses onto the canvas like she's been shot, and Jericho drops across her for the pin.




No! Laurel shoots a shoulder towards the lights, and the fans go ballistic! Even Jericho is stunned. But he gets himself together again quickly, not bothering to argue with Jack, and drags her up in an inverted facelock. He lifts her into the air... holds her...

...continues holding her, as the fans shower him with a torrent of boos...

...and, for good measure, continues holding her a little longer. Finally, finally, he drills the back of her skull into the mat with the second Dead Drop of the evening. He slides over and hooks her legs with his own, while using his forearm to push her neck flat to the canvas.




KICKOUT! Once again, Laurel shoves her shoulder off the mat through sheer instinct. The look on Jericho's face says it all about how displeased he is (as if you couldn't tell just from the fact that, well, he's Jericho). At last he unbuttons his suit jacket and shrugs it off, keeping his eye on his opponent all the while - even as he neatly folds it and drapes it over the ring rope.

Mark Sanction: The World champ obviously ready to knock things up a notch, clearly realising he has to take Hardy seriously.

Matt Steel: I feel like "You Sexy Thing" should be playing right now.

Rose: Oh you do, do you, Matt?

Matt Steel: What? No! I didn't mean - shut up!

Jericho paces around Laurel as he removes his tie, his waistcoat, his shirt; every time she's close to getting back up, he pauses from his undressing to kick her back down. Soon Jericho is left in nothing but his trousers and dress shoes, the rest of his outfit hung over the ropes like it was a washing line. He rolls his neck then hunkers back, scouting Laurel as she pushes herself upwards once again... clawing for the distant lights in the rafters...

Mark Sanction: As tough as our Hardcore Champion is, one of the toughest we've ever seen in XWA, I don't know if even she can handle another Muay Thai combo at this point. Jericho may be the greatest striker we've ever seen here.

As she stands he unleashes another barrage of punches - or tries to!

Rose: She's still in it!

Laurel ducks his fist and runs past him! Jericho scurries to the side, knowing Laurel's going to bounce off the opposite ropes - which is exactly what she doesn't do! Instead she throws on the brakes as soon as she's past him, spins on a dime, and as soon as she's registered where he is she's moving again. He hasn't even finished turning around to where he expects her to be coming from when he gets ploughed to the mat with a spear! Thunderous cheers go up as both champions crash into the canvas, the 148lb frame of one squeezing all the air from the torso of the other.

Mark Sanction: As devastating as The Doors of Perception is, as vicious as the Punctum and Winter Garden Photograph are, that spear may be Hardy's key weapon. It can turn the momentum of a match back in her favour so, so quickly.

The referee checks on his charges, moving back and forth between them while Jericho struggles to get his breath back and Laurel tries to recover from all the punishing strikes she's been on the wrong end of.

Mark Sanction: This match can't end in countout of course - it's all stayed in the ring so far and we haven't seen any weapons, but even so, this is an XWA rules match!

Matt Steel: Yet. We haven't seen any weapons yet. Give it time...

Jericho is the first to his knees, visibly fighting through the burning in his lungs as they try desperately to drag in air. He pushes himself all the way up - and out of nowhere Laurel shoots across the ring and catches him dead in the face with a Yakuza Completely Legitimate Haafu Businesswoman Kick! But she has no energy for the follow-up, and ends up slumping with an arm over the rope.

Mark Sanction: Not sure whether that was the right call from Laurel there - whether it was worth sacrificing however much she'd managed to recover there in order to stop Jericho's own recovery, or whether she should've saved it and allowed him to do the same.

Rose: It's such a tough one either way. But that's the nature of competition when it's as close as it is among XWA champions!

Digging deep, Laurel wills herself back into it - as does Jericho! As she drags herself up, it's his turn to fly across the ring, this time with a baseball slide to the knees that not only buckles Laurel but knocks her clean under the bottom rope to ringside! As she rolls across the concrete Jericho forces himself up. He takes sight of her climbing to her feet on the hard arena floor, and makes a snap decision. He runs the ropes and as he returns, leaps through the ropes in a suicide dive that sends Laurel crashing into the barricade!

Rose: Whoa! We don't see the World Heavyweight Champion leave his feet very often, so it's easy to forget he's an extremely able high flier when he needs to be!

Mark Sanction: And the back of Hardy's head driven against that steel guardrail... we've seen her take unbelievable punishment from some of the most dangerous competitors going, from Serena Maxwell to Axle Aomori to Alex Krull... but this is different! This is the undefeated World Champion!

With Hardy lying in a heap against the rails, Jericho takes a moment to lean against them and catch his breath, ignoring both the fans reaching out to pat him and those flipping him off. However long he's spending recovering, Laurel is taking longer.

Mark Sanction: Jericho making the decision the other way, now; he obviously feels it's better to get some energy back himself rather than press the advantage.

Matt Steel: But he ain't taking his eyes off Laurel. Soon as she's back in this, he'll be ready.

And indeed he is. He moves in close as Laurel's breathing settles, and he starts laying in kick after kick, bludgeoning the Hardcore Champion's body against the steel. The Welshwoman is soon rendered motionless again. Jericho backs up for a moment, throws a sneer in her direction, then charges in with a heel to the gut so hard she winds up wrapped around his foot as if he'd just sunk his sole into a lump of clay. She starts coughing violently, and rolls onto her hands and knees the moment Jericho extricates himself. Laurel's chest heaves back and forth, quivering like a violin string, and she reaches out to the guardrail to steady herself... sticky sweat drips from her nose and chin, leaving multicoloured splashes on the concrete courtesy of her facepaint. Jericho of course couldn't be more pleased with himself... but even he is taken aback as Laurel suddenly retches and ejects her lunch across the ringside floor!

Matt Steel: OH! GROSS!

Mark Sanction: Ladies and gentlemen, Laurel Anne Hardy has just thrown up! Jericho Shaw kicked her in the stomach so hard she threw up!

Amazingly, vomiting seems to have woken Laurel up (even though we've all been there, amirite?). She yells out in defiance as she hops to her feet and rounds on Jericho like a vengeful wraith. Somehow being as pale as a ghost beneath her bright paint, even shivering and slick with clammy sweat, only makes her appear even more demonic and determined.

Matt Steel: Laurel looks like a woman possessed!

Rose: She also looks terrible. If not for the fact she's standing up I'd swear she's in hypovolemic shock here.

Mark Sanction: Knowing her disregard for her own body, she may well be.

Jericho's certainly in shock, albeit of a less medical nature - but not for long. He clocks Laurel with a forearm shot that drops her to one knee. The World Champion grabs his opponent by the hair, ponders what to to with her for a moment, then grins with a mixture of pride and disgust as he spins her around to face the mess she herself just made. His face morphs into a contemptuous grimace as he pushes her head down and smears her face around in her own vomit. She gags and thrashes, and that just makes him stomp on her back.


Rose: Last show, Shaw absolutely demolished the partner of one of his contenders just to send a message. And now, with his other contender... this. Let it never be said that Jericho Shaw won't come completely unhinged when it comes to his title.

Matt Steel: And people still question whether he's a true champion!? You know I have mixed feelings about the guy, but nobody can deny that Jericho Shaw doesn't love that World Heavyweight Championship more than life itself.

Not satisfied yet, Jericho tightens his grip on Hardy's head and starts scraping it across the concrete, quite clearly trying to scratch and graze her up. The possibility of her getting an infection from the sick? He doesn't seem to care... or else that's the point. Eventually he lets go when he finally tires of Tickles ' admonishment. Shaw shoots the senior ref a withering look before hauling Laurel up and shoving her hard into the apron. As she stumbles back he grabs her around the waist... German suplex into the barricade! Metallic ringing echoes through the arena as her shoulders collide with steel, but Jericho just rolls forward and brings her back down in front of himself again. Her rams into the apron again, then brings her back and repeats the German suplex.

Mark Sanction: Second suplex into the - NO!

Laurel manages to escape his grasp! To say she lands on her feet would be generous; she manages to throw herself over the guardrail, but ends up kneeling in a tangle of hastily vacated chairs with little of her usual grace. Still, in the moment, it's enough to catch Jericho off guard. He turns to see what happened and he's quick to make a grab for her - but Laurel catches his arm, spins round to pull it over her own shoulder, and drops to her butt to extend the World Champion's limb over the unforgiving steel. He drops to his knees, howling, and she leaps back up and grabs his head and yanks his skull against the guardrail. The fans 'oooh' in sympathetic pain at the clang while both competitors collapse back from the railing in opposite directions.

Matt Steel: There we go! Told ya we'd get some weaponry in this!

Laurel, still on her hands and knees, reaches under the rails and grabs ahold of Jericho's ankles. She draws them under the bottom of the railing... with a good grip on them, she throws herself back, wheelbarrowing Shaw's stomach up into the bottom of the guardrail! Jericho retracts his feet as he curls up, but Laurel grabs them again and this time pulls them through the gaps in the bars, as far as they'll go - up to mid-calf. She starts working on his feet with a sequence of toeholds and stretches that soon have The Jackal thrashing and clawing, but it's no good - he can't find the purchase to escape.

Mark Sanction: Very smart from Laurel Anne Hardy, able here to cause massive harm to Jericho's base while she can stay on the ground and get some of her breath back.

Rose: Laurel's biggest weakness is certainly her cardio, and you're right, Mark. Right now she's minimising how much she's exerting herself while still doing serious damage to Jericho Shaw.

Laurel removes one of Jericho's dress shoes, followed by his sock, which she bunches up and tosses towards the ring. She pushes her heel against Jericho's ankle as hard as she can, torquing it against the steel strut.

Matt Steel: Oh shit, she bouta snap his damn ankle!

Mark Sanction: But Jericho won't go quietly into that good night, you can always bank on that...

You certainly can. Jericho manages to pull his other foot back through the railings. He turns it sideways and plants it against the metal, and starts trying to pull his other foot free from Laurel's assault. Sensing that he just might succeed, Laurel grabs the top of the rail and vaults herself over into a hesitation dropkick, crushing the World Champion's face against the cold metal. He slumps sideways and she immediately follows that up with a big punt kick to the back of his red head, sending the front of his dome into the steel!

Mark Sanction: The tables have most definitely turned now! Just a few minutes ago, Jericho was the predator - but now Laurel's got that look in her eyes!

The Hardcore Champion walks around the undefeated Jackal, teeth bared as she contemplates what to do with him. She seems to reach a decision as she stamps on his stomach, then drops and starts laying in knee shot after knee shot to his abdomen. After a little of that she drops him and crosses over to the ring, kneels down, and scoops something up...

Rose: What's that...?

Mark Sanction: It's... it's Shaw's sock! The one she pulled off him earlier!

Matt Steel: Hell she want with that?

Rose: Maybe she's going to make a voodoo doll...

Cheers resound around the auditorium as Laurel raises the sock high into the air. She crosses over to Jericho as he's trying to shake the shadows out of his consciousness. He starts testing his stomach after the volley of blows from Laurel... until she jams the sock down his throat!

Matt Steel: ...oh. That's what she's doing...

With one hand, Hardy shoves Jericho's sock as far down his gullet as she can get it, while with her other, she treats him to a closed fist to the gut. And another... and another. Shaw starts convulsing... and finally, after she wheels her fist back and catches him with a knuckle-extended uppercut right to the diaphragm, he retches and brings up a big splodge of sick across the arena floor!

Matt Steel: Payback!

Mark Sanction: I'm speechless, folks. I'm quite sure this is the first time I've ever seen one wrestler force their opponent to throw up in retribution for making her throw up in the first place...

Rose: It's all about the statements between these two, Mark. It's about dominance. Each of them absolutely certain they're the alpha of XWA, and Hardy's adamant that anything Shaw can do, she can do nastier.

Of course... Jericho wasn't done after making Laurel throw up, and nor is she. She shoves him to ground above what's left of his dinner, steps up onto the small of his back, pulls his arms back up...

Matt Steel: ...ick.

Mark Sanction: KERB STOMP!

Laurel stamps Jericho's face down into both the hard concrete and the nastiness on it, and he's left coughing and spluttering. But Laurel doesn't give him the time to clear his airways as she hauls him up in an inverted facelock... slips him into a butterfly... double arm inverted DDT onto the floor! The chant swells up from the stands:


Laurel rolls aside and up onto her knees, taking advantage of Jericho's stupor to suck in breath. She wraps her arms around her midsection, trying to get both her stomach and her lungs to start functioning properly again, all the while keeping an eye on her foe. As soon as Jericho starts to stir Laurel grabs him by the arm and drags him towards the ring. She gets low under him, pulling him across her shoulders, trying to use her whole body to get him up under the bottom rope... but it's no good. She's lost too much in this match. So instead she just drops him and slides into the ring herself.

Rose: No countouts, once again. Whatever Hardy has in mind, it's not a countout victory.

Mark Sanction: You know she's not the type to go for the win that way anyway.

Laurel snatches Shaw's discarded shirt and starts wiping her face with it, attempting to remove the worst of the sick and sweat. When she's managed to wipe away about as much as she's likely to get she climbs up a corner and perches herself there, keeping her eyes firmly on Jericho as he slowly swings his arms around and rolls onto his side.

Mark Sanction: Hardy just watching the World Champion. Scouting him for the upcoming threeway match with Razer, no doubt.

Slowly, stumbling in pain and fatigue and dotted with cold sweat, Jericho gets to his feet. He falls against the apron with his chest heaving and just lies there for a moment, doubled over while he gets his head back in it. At last he takes a step back... and almost collapses sideways, as he'd forgotten that he's only got one shoe on! In a sudden flash of rage he reaches down and tears his other shoe off, and flings it high into the air. It cartwheels through the auditorium and quickly vanishes somewhere into the crowd. Jericho refocuses, and grabs the bottom rope. His biceps strain as he hauls himself up onto the apron, and stands... starts to step in... Laurel somersaults down from the corner and sandwiches Jericho's neck between her leg and the top rope!

Mark Sanction: Ouch! Poseidon Misadventure! A new twist on a vintage play from Hardy, The Poseidon Misadventure across the top rope! Pulling out all the stops in the hopes of being the one to end Jericho Shaw's streak!

Jericho's left hanging off the apron precariously, dazed and swaying, with just one hand on the top rope and the other dangling over the proverbial abyss. As Hardy rolls her to her feet she quickly takes this in, and bounces off the perpendicular ropes for a springboard dropkick to send Shaw back to ringside...

...but it's Hardy who lands at ringside as Shaw suddenly pulls the top rope down! The Hardcore Champion crashes and burns, and as she rolls onto her back kicking and clutching her midriff in agony, the World Champion takes it upon himself to smother those flames with a moonsault off the apron!

Matt Steel: Jericho must be in agony right now, but he's forcing himself to keep going! That's why - love him or hate him - he's our World Champion!

As he sees Laurel's pain The Jackal finds himself experiencing a second wind, and he rises with purpose. He screams and balls his fists, then crosses to the commentary desk.

Matt Steel: Wha!? Hey now, man... we don't wana be any part of this...

Rose: I think we need to seriously reconsider where in the arena we sit.

Jericho ignores all three men, instead just scooping up a sheaf of papers from the table and wiping the worst of the mess from his face with them. But he's keeping one eye on Laurel, and as she gets to her feet, he rushes over and clobbers her with a Muay Thai punch to the back of the head. He catches her as she starts to drop to her knee, and he runs her towards the ring and throws her under the bottom rope. As he slides in after her she tries to lock him into some sort of choke, but he fights her off and, from a three point stance over her, starts laying in furious fists to her head and upper body.

Mark Sanction: Shaw back to those Muay Thai combos again. He's versatile, as we've noted, but he certainly has his go-tos.

Rose: And now a bit of that technique being traded off for pure assault.

Matt Steel: Jericho Shaw is NOT about to be upstaged by our secondary champion!

The punches keep on coming... at last, Shaw pushes Hardy flat and goes for the lateral press.




She pushes out. He shoves her back down again.


Another kickout, much stronger this time.

Mark Sanction: Again, Shaw testing Hardy, seeing what she's got - no doubt making mental notes for Winner Takes All.

Simply nodding as he takes in Laurel's resilience, Jericho turns her round and lifts her to her feet. Front facelock, and he lifts her up for a suplex... no, she sandbags back down, and tries to reverse the suplex into one of her own! But he too drags his weight down to block her. They remain frozen for a moment, a facelock diorama... until Laurel hooks a foot around Jericho's ankle and rolls him backwards into a cradle!



Jericho breaks the hold and rolls up over her, slithering down so that he's straddling her chest and pulling one of her legs up as far as it'll go.



Laurel shifts forwards into a sitout pin.



Jericho powers out. As he stands, Laurel runs at him with a high kick, but he manages to sidestep it and push her onwards into the corner where her foot gets caught up on the ropes! She tries to extract it... actually, no she doesn't, because Jericho never gives her the chance before he's right behind her and applying a front facelock! He tears her backwards in a release German suplex, and she crashes down hard on the back of her neck. Before she even falls flat he dives back across her with more punches, then grabs a fistful of her long black hair... just as she used something of his to clean her face, so does he use something of hers! He scrapes the remains of the vomit away with her hair, then kicks her in the small of the back so hard she tumbles across the canvas.

Mark Sanction: Jericho literally using Laurel as a washcloth! I don't think we've ever seen such a mix of calculation and contempt from both halves of a match before!

He paces for a moment to get some breath back... and Laurel kips up! She stumbles on the landing, almost dropping to one knee, but she catches herself just in time. Jericho rushes over and swings a punch - which Hardy ducks! Hardy ducks, and comes back up under him to lift him off his feet!

Rose: Laurel with the fireman's carry!

Matt Steel: What's she gonna do?

Rose: Who knows... if it ends in "Driver" and gets done on the apron on the west coast, she likes to utilise it!

Jericho kicks and fights, slamming elbow after elbow into the side of her head, and before she can execute anything Laurel has to drop him. Hardy makes a grab for Shaw's arm, to pull him in close for another grapple. Shaw sticks a leg out to block it and responds by going for an Irish whip... which Hardy reverses! She propels him at the ring ropes, but the versatile World Heavyweight Champion leaps onto the middle rope and vaults back out in a crossbody! He splashes into the Hardcore Champion, wiping her out, and they roll over and over, entangled...

...Laurel rises, and she has Jericho upside down in a belly to belly hold! Rather than go for a move immediately, she manhandles him towards the centre of the ring, and starts walking around.

Rose: Laurel doing to Jericho exactly what Alex Krull did to her last time out! She knows first hand how the blood rushing to your head affects you when you're upside down!

Mark Sanction: And making another statement at the same time... we tend to assume female competitors will struggle to utilise grapples against men, and in fairness. against someone like Alex Krull or Razer, she does... but here she is showing Jericho Shaw, who outweighs her by seventy pounds, let's not forget, that she can pick him up and throw him around without much trouble at all!

Rather than go for the obvious tombstone piledriver, Laurel simply spreads her arms out and lets Jericho fall to the mat. But as soon as he falls still, she drops a knee into his temple and holds it there, pressing down hard.

Rose: We've seen this before too! And Jericho's taken some serious shots to the head. Laurel knows that his most dangerous weapon is his mind, so that's what she's targeting!

Jack admonishes Laurel, telling her to let go - but of course it's a hardcore match, so she's under no obligation to do so, and she doesn't. At least not until Jericho falls still, at which point she lifts him to a sitting position and into a crossface chinlock with the back of his head pressing against her knee. As pain jolts through his body, Jericho kicks one leg, bare heel slapping the canvas over and over. He starts to rock left and right, trying to work up the momentum to pull himself free. But Laurel naturally won't allow him to get to that point as she drops and pulls him back into a headscissors.

Mark Sanction: Second time she's gone to this move. He reversed it into a pin attempt the first time; now, after the beating they've given each other, will he still be able to manage that?

Matt Steel: As if you have to ask.

But he doesn't attempt it, instead arching up into a bridge. He pushes himself back into a handstand, and although it's shaky as hell, he manages to stay upright long enough to backflip out of her grip. Jericho staggers as he lands but still goes straight into a stiff kick aimed squarely at Laurel's head; she ducks it and pulls him down into a schoolgirl.



He powers out. They seem to have the same idea, kipping up together and stepping past each other for simultaneous neckbreakers! Both hit the mat hard.

Mark Sanction: So evenly matched, not just in skill but in creativity and awareness!

The referee is left to scamper between the two wrestlers, checking them both to see if they're able to continue. They're both down for some time, both quite awake given how they're moving their limbs, but it seems both need some time to recover from the epic and brutal encounter they've subjected each other to tonight. At long last, Jericho rolls onto his side and from there, crawls to the ropes for support in hauling himself up.

Mark Sanction: You talk about pride. You talk about willpower. You talk about laying everything on the line. This match could be used as a damn presentation on what those concepts mean!

Matt Steel: And it's not going to end until one of them has managed to overpower the other, I can promise you that!

Slowly, stumbling, Jericho pulls himself to his feet. After a deep breath, he crosses to the still-downed Laurel and clasps both hands around her head.

Rose: And that might be right now! Queenslayer!

Jericho drags Laurel to her feet, getting ready to administer his deadly killing blow, but even through her fatigue-fogged mind, Laurel fights back. She throws back elbows to stun him, which do connect and rattle the World Champion's brainbox quite badly - yet he still keeps the reverse plum applied! At least he does until Laurel slams back a foot in a mule kick to the stomach which doubles him over. She turns and drops into a Battlegrounds Uppercut, then pulls him all the way down into a front butterfly.

Rose: Flower Plower! Is Laurel going for a Flower Plower variant?

Who knows, as Jericho tosses her onto her back with a body drop before she can lift him! He takes a few steps away, shaking his head, then turns and runs back towards her - and she catches him with a drop toehold which sends him flying into the middle turnbuckle! Laurel springs to her feet and leaps onto his back, onto the ropes... back onto his spine with both knees drilling down hard! Then she drops to the canvas behind him, gets under his legs, and begins lifting him up onto the top of the ringpost.

Mark Sanction: What an incredible encounter! Every time it seems like one of them is about to end it, the other finds something! Whoever wins this, there's no doubt that they both deserve to be champions.

Rose: And yet, after Winner Takes All, only one of them will be...

Matt Steel: That's if Razer doesn't win the unification match!

As if to prove Mark right, Jericho throws back elbows as soon as Laurel's climbed up behind him. She swings back, hanging over the ring dangerously... but comes back in and smacks her forehead into the base of his skull. Jericho doubles over - then throws his own head back to crack Laurel in the face! As she's reeling, he manoeuvres around her on their shared precarious perch, and gets behind her.

Mark Sanction: Standing switch! Looking for the avalanche German suplex!

Laurel reaches down and grabs onto the top rope with both hands, stymieing Jericho. She manages to turn around and nail him in the jaw with another headbutt - and he returns in kind.

Mark Sanction: Here's something else they have in common: incredibly hard heads!

Rose: Literally or figuratively?

Mark Sanction: Pick one.

The fans cheer on Laurel and Jericho as they exchange the skull-crackingly stiff headbutts both are known to use. But an audible silence of shock goes up as Jericho catches Laurel right in the bridge of the nose, and blood spurts from her nostrils!

Matt Steel: Oh my god! Shaw just broke Hardy's nose!

Laurel sags down, slack, and Jericho grabs her around the neck for a superplex. But with a scream of defiance Laurel leaps into the air and drives both knees into Jericho's chest. He folds up, and starts to topple backwards... she leaps over his head, ripping him down from the turnbuckle and right onto her knees!


Rose: Powerbomb lungblower from the top rope!

Jericho jerks around on the mat as he bounces from Laurel's knees, but not for long, as the Hardcore Champion scrambles over him and pushes him flat.





Matt Steel: WHAT THE HELL!?

Mark Sanction: Avalanche powerbomb lungblower and our World Heavyweight Champion still kicked out!

Hardy, lying on her side in abject shock at Jericho's kickout, gingerly pinches the bridge of her nose. She blinks twice and shakes her head, then rolls Jericho onto his front and grabs his wrists. A chant of HARDY! HARDY! HARDY! floods the building as she starts straightjacketing Shaw's arms around his head.


Jericho, realising that Laurel's about to lock in her feared submission finisher, powers forward and throws himself over the bottom rope. But Laurel hops off him and drags him back to the centre of the ring... she wastes no time in getting it locked in! Jericho strains and struggles, trying to find the escape. Laurel leans back with everything she's got, cranking Jericho's skull and neck as tight as she can...

Rose: Can she make the champion submit!? Jericho Shaw's never been pinned in XWA, and I don't think he's ever submitted in his life! Can Laurel make history here and now?

The referee's asking him the same thing... Laurel's yelling at him to quit...

...but it's neither Jericho nor Laurel who decides that, as a metal pipe suddenly crushes Laurel's face!

Mark Sanction: RAZER!

The Scouse superstar smacks Laurel with the pipe again as she crumbles away from Shaw's back. His face is red with rage as he pounds her in the skull for the third time.

Razer: I told you he was mine! You don't get to be the one to break him!

Razer kicks Laurel onto her side and lays pipe shot after pipe shot into her ribcage, then as she struggles to get back up, clobbers her straight in the forehead for good measure. He picks her up by the hair, wheels her around and around, and throws her right over the top rope with enough force to send her crashing into the guardrail. And then... he turns his attention to Jericho. The World Champion is on his hands and knees, trying to suck in air through his choking throat - but he drops flat as Razer slams the pipe into his spine both both hands.

Razer: You're gonna fucking DIE for what you did to Bella!

As Razer continues his assault on his hated nemesis, Jack Tickles tries to haul him off, only to get shoved away hard. Tickles calls to the timekeeper, then barks a request for security.

Hana Ramirez: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the interference of Razer, the referee has thrown this match out! This match has ended in NO CONTEST!

Massive boos fill the arena, but Razer doesn't seem to even notice. The Gladiatorial Champion lifts Jericho in his gigantic fists. He pulls him into a front facelock, pauses for a moment in sadistic delight, then lifts him up...

Rose: Don't do it, Raz...

Security guards rush the ring. Razer turns and sneers at them, holding Jericho Shaw up in the air hostage...

... the arena holds its breath at the standoff...

There's noise from the stage, and all eyes turn to none other than Diamond Jack Sabbath. With a single gesture, DJS orders the security team to stand down, and Razer crushes Jericho with a ring-rattling Razerplex. He leans in close to the fallen World Champion...

Razer: At Winner Takes All, I finish what I started here.

He bats the champ's head around with his shovel-like palm once more for good measure, then steps over the rope and backs away up the ramp, surveying the broken forms of both Jericho Shaw and Laurel Anne Hardy.

Mark Sanction: Things are getting more and more personal every show! Winner Takes All is going to be absolutely explosive!

Rose: And Jericho's still undefeated!

Mark Sanction: Although we'll always be left asking... if not for Razer, could Laurel Anne Hardy have been the one to end the streak!?

Matt Steel: Could this, could that. Maybe we were denied an ending tonight, but man... given how epic tonight's match was, can you even imagine how insane things are gonna get at Winner Takes All? I can't wait!

We're left pondering that same question as Razer joins his patron on the stage and medics tend to Hardy and Shaw; on these images, Massacre goes off the air.
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Re: XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby styg » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:09 am

(OOC disclaimer - I had permission from Canadian to use the same intro setup as he used for Jericho in his version of the match, and from Raz to use Razer in the finish.)
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Re: XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby Dan » Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:24 am

Okay folks, we got a really, REALLY good one here. Time to VOTE!
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Re: XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby Razer » Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:55 pm

aaah fuck.... this... this one is a fucking toughie

Shaw: I'm a fan, I have been since day one. Your intro and set up for the whole match was fantastic and the match itself, fantastic again. You did everything you usually do - paint a vivid picture, tell a story well, make past and current fit together with good references and stay true to the characters involved, any deviation from character is usually within acceptable range and helps with their development.

Laurel: I've been a fan since our debut and this is why. Another phenomenal writer who has that creative spark, linking together unique and interesting action spots with a great narrative. Much like shaw's, you told the story well, you kept it interesting and had plenty of twists and turns to offer, giving us one hell of a ride and that ending... dayumn!

For this one, as far as voting is concerned, for me, because i can't separate them on substance and quality, I'm going with Laurel purely for the finish - it keeps everything interesting for the upcoming main event and it keeps Shaw's streak intact too, which is a far greater prize than that crappy belt he has round his waist #FedMainChampBanter :lol:

so yes... Laurel gets it

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Re: XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby Dan » Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:52 pm

This one came down to the ending for me and while I can appreciate a set-up going into a huge triple threat match, just the fact that the land of the lawless has a main event match end in a no contest kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I loved Razer coming in at the end, don't get me wrong, but if that were the case, then have Shaw running off or something, make the non-finish make sense rather than the referee calling the match off for interference which is totally legal. Whereas on Shaw's match, he has to improvise and use one hand for the low "Queen"slayer after Hardy wrecks his arm.

Vote - Shaw
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Re: XWA Massacre Main Event - Shaw vs. Hardy!

Postby Tempest » Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:16 am

I wander in, and what do I see? Absolutely two phabulotastic matches in need of a tiebreaker. If an old dawg, and admin might be permitted?

Shaw - The set up, feel, and execution of this match was simply you at your usual best. Loved every minute of it. You know I usually vote for your stuff 9 times out of 10.

Laurel - Hi there. New to your work, but happy as phuk to read it, because it was awesome... And frankly, as a sort of out-of-the-box thinker myself, your ending, which cliffhangers into a triple threat later on just sort of won me over.

So, if it counts for anything, Vote: Hardy
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