XWA Lord of the Ring Tournament Histories

Full title histories of the championships being defended in the XWA, as well as Lord of the Ring tournament records and histories of gone-but not forgotten- classic XWA Championships.
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XWA Lord of the Ring Tournament Histories

Postby Tempest » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:06 pm

The Complete History of the

The "Lord of the Ring" is a long-running tournament in the XWA, where the winner will recieve the right to challenge for the Supreme XWA Championship (and previously the XWA World Heavyweight Championship) whenever they wish over a year's period. There have been very many successes and some failures, but it's always been a memorable ride.

Here are all the matches that have taken place, as well as their winners. Special thanks for Alex Sean who recovered the records from the original XWA for us!

XWA: The Original Years


First Round
Lucifer vs. Alex Showtime
Vestal vs. Uakahu
Zenos vs. KaneMagus
J.B. Buttkicker vs. Uppertaker
Carmen vs. John McMahon
Stoop vs. Frost
Kendo Kid vs. The Jester
DGX vs. The Judge

Second Round
Lucifer vs. Vestal
Zenos vs. J.B. Buttkicker
Carmen vs. Stoop
Kendo Kid vs. DGX

Third Round
Zenos vs. BYE
Carmen vs. Kendo Kid

Zenos vs. Carmen

Lord of The Ring: 2002


First Round
Xero vs. Griffen
Kendo Kid vs. T-X
Scorpio vs. Thug Passion vs. DGX
Driver vs. HardKore Ninjaz

Second Round
Xero vs. Kendo Kid
Scorpio vs. Driver

Xero vs. Driver

Lord of The Ring: 2003


First Round
Xero vs. T-X
Jester vs. Dark Rose
EBR vs. Alex Showtime
Stoop vs. Satine X

Second Round
Xero vs. Jester
EBR vs. Stoop

Xero vs. EBR

Lord of The Ring: 2004

XWA: The Relaunch Years


First Round
Diamond Jack Sabbath vs. Alex Sean
Angelus vs. The MadDog
Hutton Brown vs. Tempest
DGX vs. Raine

Second Round
Hutton Brown vs. DGX
Angelus vs. Alex Sean

DGX vs. Angelus

Lord of The Ring: 2010


First Round
Tristan Young vs. Ace Andrews vs. Martin Bouchard
Jack Cash vs. EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction
Satine X vs. Danny Diamond vs. Atlantico
Blake Jones vs. Rob Chapman vs. Greg Samuel
Gain Dermal vs. Amethyst vs. Chris Novak
John Henry Towers vs. Dynamite Dean Devlin vs. Michael Taylor
The MadDog vs. Gibraltar vs. Dwight Lights
Jack Jackson Jr. vs. Axle Aomori vs. Leonid Alexandrov

Second Round
Ace Andrews vs. Drake Dysfunction
Satine X vs. Rob Chapman
Gain Dermal vs. John Henry Towers
The MadDog vs. Jack Jackson Jr.

Third Round
Satine X vs. Ace Andrews
John Henry Towers vs. Jack Jackson Jr.

Satine X vs. Jack Jackson Jr.

Lord of The Ring: 2013
- Jack Jackson Jr.


First Round
Dan Bennett vs. T.I. Bancroft
LJ Summers vs. Declan James
Razer vs. Laurel Anne Hardy
Dwight Lights vs. Serena Maxwell
Smith Jones vs. Tempest
Michael "The Maggot" Taylor vs. Prince Alex III

Second Round
Smith Jones vs. Serena Maxwell
Prince Alex III vs. Razer
Dan Bennett vs. Declan James

Dan Bennett vs. Razer vs. Smith Jones

Lord of The Ring: 2015
- Smith Jones Razer


First Round
Mark Storey vs. The Tarmogoyf
Adam Fenric vs. Razor Xtreme
Mr. Killyjoy vs. Armads
Lx Tim vs. Victor Mason
Chris Novak vs Brett Kennedy
Tempest vs. OOKAMI No Chi
Jaydon Crosse vs. Michael Swift
Alice Harris vs. Sean Young

Second Round
Lx Tim vs. Mark Storey
Brett Kennedy vs. Michael Swift
Alice Harris vs. OOKAMI No Chi
Adam Fenric vs. Armads - Ruled NO CONTEST!

Mark Storey vs. OOKAMI No Chi vs. Micheal Swift

Lord of The Ring: 2016
- Michael Swift


First Round
Max Hopper vs. Rey Del Presagio
Adrian Tanner Jr vs. The Neckromancer
Rose vs. Smith Jones
OOKAMI No Chi vs. Joey Miles
Bryan Blaze vs. Travis Levitt
Tempest vs. Trace Demon
The MadDog vs. The Lynx
El Conejo a Dos vs. Emery Layton
Minka Carter vs. Chris Novak
A.J Morales vs. Nirvana
Trevor Miller vs. Cassius Reed
The Jester vs. Drake Dysfunction

Second Round
Rey Del Presagio vs. Adrian Tanner Jr.
Smith Jones vs. OOKAMI No Chi
Travis Levitt vs. Trace Demon
Emery Layton vs. Minka Carter
A.J Morales vs. Cassius Reed
The Lynx vs. The Jester

Third Round
Rey Del Presagio vs. Smith Jones
Emery Layton vs. Trace Demon
A.J Morales vs. The Jester

Smith Jones vs. Emery Layton vs. The Jester

Lord of The Ring: 2017
- Emery Layton
The Original XWA Grandslam Champion!

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