XWA World Tag Team Championship History

Full title histories of the championships being defended in the XWA, as well as Lord of the Ring tournament records and histories of gone-but not forgotten- classic XWA Championships.
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XWA World Tag Team Championship History

Postby DarkSabre » Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:09 pm

XWA World Tag Team Championship


- 01 - 02/01/11 - Danger Liam & Tempest vs Rated X (Alex Sean & DGX) & The Legion (Jack Hazard & Satine X)
- 00 - 16/01/11 - Vacated by XWA Commissioner, Richard J Maxwell *
- 02 - 27/02/11 - Rated X (Alex Sean, DGX & Hutton Brown) vs Danger Liam & Lucifer “The MadDog” McMahon **
- 03 - 30/11/11 - Angelus & Lucas Talbot vs Rated X (Alex Sean & DGX)
- 04 - 28/03/12 - Lucas Talbot ***
- 05 - 05/05/12 - DGX (2) & EBR vs Lucas Talbot
- 00 - 00/00/00 - Vacated by XWA CEO, Hector Alonzo Perez ****
- 06 - 04/06/16 - The Natural Ones (Anson Orlandelli & Russ Lehman) vs The Fenrics (Franz Fenric & Solomon Fenric) vs Shokeihito (Izanami Mikoto & Takumi Sanu)*****
- 07 - 03/12/16 - Dan Bennett & Drake Dysfunction vs The Natural Ones
- 00 - 00/00/00 - Vacated by XWA Co-Owner Bella Quinn ******
- 08 - 24/04/17 - Layton & Fenric (Adam Fenric & Emery Layton) vs The Inner Circle (Eleric Krause & Kendo Kasai) vs Neuva Era Tainos (Grandeza & Lx-Tim)
- 09 - 07/10/17 - Amy Jo Smyth and Jake Rogers vs. Layton & Fenric (Emery Layton and Adam Fenric) vs Whitest Girls You Know (Annie Zellor and Molly Reid) vs. Uncanny Socialites (Rebecca Saint and Kelsey Spencer)


Dates are in DD/MM/YY format.

*: Due to unapproved officiating by Danger Liam’s personal referee Jen, the title was vacated. Liam and Tempest’s victory and reign, however, were still placed within the record books as seen above.

**: Originally won by Alex Shawn & DGX. With Alex Sean out via injury, XWA Commissioner Richard Maxwell allowed Rated X to enact the Freebird Rule in order to defend the championship. As such, Hutton Brown is recorded as a holder of the XWA Tag Team Championship for defending the titles during Rated X's reign.

***: Lucas was named the solo holder of the XWA Tag Team Championship after Angelus retired. Due to Talbot being out on injury during said time, no replacement was found before Talbot officially lost the title in a singles match.

****: Due to the champions' inactivity and unwillingness to defend the belts, Hector vacated the title from EBR and DGX, and the XWA Tag Team Championship was essentially retired until new champions were crowned until 2016.

*****: Reactivated at XWA on a Pole in May 2016.

******: Due to the champions' inactivity, Bella vacated the title from Dan and Drake.

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