Supreme XWA Championship History

Full title histories of the championships being defended in the XWA, as well as Lord of the Ring tournament records and histories of gone-but not forgotten- classic XWA Championships.
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Supreme XWA Championship History

Postby DJS » Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:38 pm

Supreme XWA Championship
The Supreme XWA Championship is a title created in 2015. It was created at the Japan-based PPV "Winner Takes All", when the World Heavyweight, Gladiatorial and Hardcore Champions collided in a triple threat that changed the face of the XWA. The title started off a brand new lineage, setting the promotion off into a brand new future...

- 01 - 31/07/15 - Laurel Anne Hardy vs Jericho Shaw vs Razer
- 02 - 31/01/16 - Razer vs Laurel Anne Hardy
- 03 - 04/06/16 - Jerod Barnez vs Razer
- 04 - 06/08/16 - Rob Chapman vs Jerod Barnez
- 05 - 03/12/16 - Jerod Barnez (2) vs Rob Chapman
- 06 - 29/04/17 - Lx-Tim vs Jerod Barnez
- 07 - 30/06/17 - Michael Swift vs Lx-Tim*
- 08 - 11/12/17 - Emery Layton vs Michael Swift vs Lx-Tim**
- 09 - 07/05/18 - Lx-Tim (2) vs Emery Layton vs A.J. Morales vs Joey Miles***
- 00 - 04/01/19 - Vacated by Lx-Tim due to injury

*Michael Swift cashed in his Lord of the Ring opportunity after winning the right to do so in the 2016 Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament.
**Emery Layton cashed in her Lord of the Ring opportunity after winning the right to do so in the 2017 Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament, making the set Swift/Tim rematch a triple threat.
***Lx-Tim won in the first-ever No Man's Land match

Dates are in DD/MM/YY format.

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