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Ryan Daniels

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Ryan Daniels


Real Name: Ryan Daniels

Nickname(s): The Prodigy

Attitude: Tweener

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 214

Biography Ryan has wrestled around the world over in many different Wrestling Companies. He was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN. As the middle child of three, and the oldest son, he was the protector of the family. At the age of 14 he was sent to the local Juvenile Detention Center after assaulting his step-father, who was abusive to the rest of his family. Two years after his release he returned to public school wrestling for the school team winning two straight State Titles his junior and senior year. While attending college at Baldwin Wallace University he trained an Ohio Valley wrestling.

In 2011 he finally debuted in Online Brutal Wrestling. He quickly rose to the top taking out 12 different competitors in the first few months before receiving a title match for the OBW Hardcore Championship. After 45 minutes of extreme hardcore wrestling he landed the High Attitude and winning the championship by submission. He suffered three broken ribs, and a broken wrist during the match. Then two weeks later he returned and began a 258 day title reign before losing his first match in the company at the biggest show of the year. He debuted going undefeated before winning the Hardcore Championship in his first company. He soon lost the title in a 6 man elimination match. And after traveling the globe he finally settle in XWA He walks in to XWA hoping to rekindle a fire that was put out many years prior hoping that his hard work and effort can finally pay off.

At the end of 2011 beginning of 2012after losing the Hardcore Title and the rematch to follow he went on a slight losing streak for four weeks. Until another wrestler in which they went through training with got hired at OBW. They then form the tag team The Creed. The Creed quickly rose to the top with Daniels technical skill and his partners will to survive. After three months of dominating in the tag team division the won the OBW tag team title, lost the rematch and then regained the championships all within two months. They then went on to reign as tag team champions for 458 days and only lost the titles due to the dissolving Tag Team Division. During their reign as champions the co-founded a group called The Prophecy, which at its peak had 7 members and held every title in OBW. After 6 months the group self-destructed after the firing of the group leader, and as the fight for power began The Prophecy and The Creed disbanded.

At the end 2013 Ryan broke his neck in a Ladder Match for the World Championship in which caused him to sit out of action and when he returned he had to start again at the bottom of the show. And after a few arguments with the officials with the company, they wished him best on his future endeavors. OBW went bankrupt only a year later as the company politics drove many head superstars out the door.

Ryan travel the indie circuit where he was payed to appear throughout 2014 with a short run in IBW, International Brutal Wrestling, where he still wrestles part time when free. Doing feuds every now and again. Mid-year of 2015 he received a phone call from XWA in which he then applied to join the organization.

Achievements. 2x OBW Tag Team Champion, 1x OBW Hardcore Champion

Wrestling Style: Hardcore Hellion, Master Of Submission, Technician

Personal Style. In the ring he does what he has to win, his personal theory is that if they can’t breathe then they can’t kick out. He is surprisingly resilient and quick which makes up for his lack of strength. He would rather chain wrestle than to get into a clean brawl, add weapons then that quickly changes. His technical skills makes his love for hardcore even more interesting learning many ways to integrate his surroundings; i.e. barricade ring post, stairs, and announcing tables (anything he can legally use).


Pic Base:
Corey Graves (FCW)
As he approaches the ring in his entrance he wears a red leather jacket, in which he takes off before entering the ring.In the ring he wears torn jeans, and black leather boots. Instead of a belt he wears an inch thick chain. He has tattoos on both arms and on his neck.

Wrestler Stats
(Each Wrestler begins with 46 points to spend on their "stats". These scores are for roleplaying purposes only and are meant to be used to give other players and the Admins a way of gauging how fast/strong/quick each wrestler is compared to other wrestlers. These Stats have NO affect on voting or booking decisions.

Note: Personality and Charisma are considered covered by the manner in which the players write their characters, as is their Heel or Face leaning.

The ability to leap, duck, dodge, climb, flip, and dive well

Punching, Kicking, in-your-face melee skills

Durability: 7
The ability to take damage and keep going

Intelligence: 6
In ring savvy, the ability to outwit your opponent

How quickly you move, climb, and in some cases, attack

How much can you lift? How hard do you hit? Raw Power

Technical Skill: 8
How proficient are you in the execution of wrestling moves? How well do you counter?

1 - physically handicapped.
2 - childlike development
3 - preteen development
4 - couch potato
5 - average person
6 - above average ability
7 - incredible ability
8 - amazing ability
9 - olympic ability
10 - superstar


Entrance Music. Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCkw6v46TXU [/youtube]

Entrance Text:
As the crowd rumbles in anticipation of the next participant of the match. The lights go out and Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie begins to play. The guitar riff plays and after five seconds strobe lights flash on and off. And then then Rob Zombie begins to sing.
Yeah, I'm on Durango number 95
Take me to the home, kick boots and ultra live
See heaven flash a horror show
Knock it nice and smooth step back and watch it blow, yeah

Red Pyro Flash and Ryan Daniels stands in the middle of the stage, every spotlight shines on him his muscles glistened. As the titontron flash the word “Ryan Daniels”, “The Prodigy”, “The Beginning”. And in between every word were videos of Ryan performing a plethora of moves. He twists his head to the left and the to the right cracking his neck. And once he chorus ends he begins his approach to the ring
Yeah, the devil ride it down the shore
He paint the monster red so the blood don't stain the floor
In and out, real savage show
The story of the shocking sickness, and watch it blow, yeah

He makes it down the ramp as fans of the show begin to scream at him trying to get his attention but he makes his way to the ring he looks on a mission, a mission that he will not quit until accomplished. He makes his way to the edge of the ring. He looks towards the crowd gives them a smug, I’m better than you all, look and then climbs up onto the apron.
Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop
Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop
Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop
Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop

He grabs the top rope and does a front flip into the ring. He sprints across the ring and leaps to the middle rope of the turnbuckle. He’s stands there with his hands to his side, showing the crowd that he truly doesn’t care of their opinion that he would win despite any of it.
He stands there until the music stops with one final.
Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop



Main. High attitude
Ryan leaps in the air grabbing his opponents head putting his knees in his opponents face and falls to his back causes the opponents head to slam into his knees, He then flows straight into a submission in which he wraps his arms around the head and one arm of the opponent and squeezes, choking the opponent (Anaconda Vise).

Secondary Cliff Hanger- Ryan has his opponent on his shoulders. Holding onto his head and legs, his opponent’s stomach firmly across his shoulder blades. He rotates his shoulders in one direction and as he rotates back he lets go of his opponent’s leg. Making momentum swing there body around once the spin 180 degrees he releases the head. As they fall to the grown Ryan lifts his knee up and into the face of his opponent.

Impact Moves

Three Amigos
Dragon Sleeper
Reverse Brainbuster

Move Set

Front Grapple
1. Implant DDT
2. Brain Buster
3. Suplex Face Buster
4. Power Slam to Knee Drop
5. Hurricanrana DDT

Rear Grapple
1. Reverse DDT
2. German Suplex
3. Pulls Head Down into a Back Breaker
4. Reverse Suplex
5. STO

Downed Opponent
1. Reverse DDT
2. German Suplex
3. Pulls Head Down into a Back Breaker
4. Reverse Suplex
5. STO

Top Rope
1. Moonsault
2. Swan Ton
3. Splash
4. Super Elbow Drop
5. Super Leg Drop

1. Kimura
2. Labelle Lock
3. Boston Crab
4. One Leg Boston Crab
5. Arm Triangle
6. Surfboard
7. Camel Clutch
8. Muta Lock
9. Fujiwara Armbar
10. Black Widow

1. Discus Clothesline
2. Superkick
3. Drop Kick
4. European Uppercut
5. Elbow to the Jaw
6. Enziguri
7. Heel Kick
8. Leg Lariat
9. Leg Sweep to Front Flip Leg Drop
10. Knee Lift
Match History
Winner: N/A

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