The Great Miko

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The Great Miko

Postby Miko » Wed May 06, 2020 2:14 am

Character Name: The Great Miko

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 145 lbs

Alignment: Heel

In-Ring Style: Super Junior, focused on strikes and submissions

Bio: Nothing is known about the latest edition to the Xpress Fighting Systems fight camp, other than that the masked woman seems hell-bent on causing damage. Outside of screaming, she never speaks a word, instead letting her actions, and the words of Arnold Cunningham, do the speaking for her.

Attire: The Great Miko is a masked wrestler. She wear a purple and silver mask which allows long pale white hair to fall freely down her body, and a purple and white bodysuit which covers her from neck to ankle. 

Theme song: A J-metal song that I haven't decided upon yet!

Pic Base: None presently. She is short but thick with muscle. Her mask is pictured below, and her eyes are different colors every day.

Entrance: As (will add later!) plays across the P.A., the Great Miko makes her way down to the ring very slowly, taking the time to give an evil eye to as many people as possible. Behind, in front of, and around her, Arnold Cunningham leaps about, waiving his tennis racket, and hyping up about the horrors and pain and other such things which are about to occur to her opponent.

Favorite moves:


Open hand palm strikes
Snap kicks
High kicks
Muay Tai clinch knees
Elbows from the mount on the ground
Knee strikes in the corner


Snap vertical suplex
Brain buster
Drop toe
Arm wringer/snap


Fujiwara arm bar
Triangle choke
Knee bar
Leg scissor body lock
Finger breakers

Combo moves

Arm drag into arm locks
Dropkick to knee followed by several stomps
Around the world stomp - Starting at an opponent's head, she stomps all around there body; i.e. head, shoulder, stomach, leg, knee, then up the other side
Snapmare -> Kick to back -> Penalty Kick

Signature move(s): Crossface chickenwing, Reverse DDT, Bearhug headbutts -She holds the opponent in a bearhug and slams her head into them repeatedly


Poison Mist: The Great Miko has pinpoint accuracy with her blinding mist. The color matches whatever color her eyes are for the match.

Kaminoikari: Penalty knee strike. Often follow up the Poison Mist, the Great Miko screams as she hits the rope and then connects with the knee to a seated opponent.

Manager (optional): Arnold Cunningham is the American Representative of Xpress Fighting Systems, a company promoting and training fighters in all forms of combat sport. The only thing louder and more brash that his mouth is that suit!

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Re: The Great Miko

Postby Rufus » Thu May 07, 2020 12:40 pm

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in the site! Unfortunately, you'll need to decide on a pic-base for your character and another for the manager as we already have someone using Jim Cornette. Please change those up and you're good to go!
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