Vladimir Strife

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Vladimir Strife

Postby VladimirTStrife » Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:00 am

Real Name: Vladimir Strife

Attitude: Heel

Hometown: Sighisoara, Romania

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 234 lbs

Biography: Born and raised in Sighisoara, Romania, Vladimir became a fan of professional wrestling at a young age, which would turn into a lifelong desire for him. As he grew older, he practiced the moves and techniques he'd see on the television with neighborhood kids, self teaching himself many of the basics of the business. When he became an adult and managed to track down members of his father's side of his family (whom he'd never known) and learned that he had an older half-sister halfway around the world in Ontario, Canada. They got in contact and she paid his way over to visit her and her fiancee, whom as fate would have it, was a professional wrestler who went by the name of KingBear. The starry-eyed Strife and his soon-to-be brother in law hit it off and he offered to pay for his training and break him into the business.

Vladimir surprised even the veteran KingBear with his skill and aptitude for the business, excelling in his training and constantly asking for more, eager to soak up all of the information and technique that he could. In half the time he had ever spent with a previous student, KB found twice the potential and ability in the Romanian and resolved to bring him into the wrestling business as a member of his own stable, The Coven, who already dominated the All-Star Wrestling Federation. With vicious effectiveness and unwavering resolve, this starting point would give rise to the career of a man who would later be called The Barbarian Lord.

XWA Achievements: None (Yet)

Previous Achievements:

Solid Core Wrestling
First and Only Solid Core Champion (Hardcore Title)

Gods and Heretics Wrestling
1x King Of The Deathmatch Champion (Hardcore Title)
-Longest Consecutive Days Championship Reign in Company History
2x Charging Glory Champion (World Title)
1x Fury Unleashed Champion (Secondary Show Hardcore Title)
1x GHW Tag Team Champion (with Matthew Oliveira)
1x GHW World Heavyweight Champion
2008 Hardcore Games Tournament Winner
Hall of Famer

Eagle Vision Professional Wrestling
1x United Glory Champion (Tag Title w/ Rhaps)
2x Imperial Champion (World Title)
2010 Abaddon's Pit Winner

Xtreme Wrestling Association
1x Lionheart Champion (Tertiary Title)
2014 King of Xtreme Tournament Winner

Style: Technical, Hardcore - Vladimir is, at his core, a tactician. His philosophy is that a match is ultimately a matter of endurance. He seeks to output constant punishment, wearing opponents down. He never exerts more energy than the pain inflicted would warrant, staying away from high risk situations. He vets all of his opponents and uses his advantages over them to full effect, breaking them down bit by bit until he is able to dominate with little to no resistance. His mastery allows him to mix, match and alter moves as he deems necessary, leading to an unpredictable style that evolves and adapts to counter his opponent.
Vladimir wears a long-sleeved shirt raven blue t-shirt, black pants, swat style steel toed boots, and black fingerless padded gloves, necklace with a Sword of Mars charm. During his entrance, he also wears a black denim trenchcoat. He has long dark brown hair, a thick beard and numerous scars across his body, most notably being one that runs down the the left side of his face.
Board Picture Base: MASADA
Wrestler Stats
(Each Wrestler begins with 46 points to spend on their "stats". These scores are for roleplaying purposes only and are meant to be used to give other players and the Admins a way of gauging how fast/strong/quick each wrestler is compared to other wrestlers. These scores have NO affect on voting or booking decisions..)

Agility: 5

Brawling: 6

Durability: 7

Intelligence: 8

Speed: 5

Strength: 6

Technical Skill: 8

Entrance Music. Strapping Young Lad - The New Black


Entrance Text:
As Strapping Young Lad's 'The New Black' begins to play through the P.A. system, the lights dim down to near black, a spotlight illuminating the entrance and directing the attention of the fans toward it. The rhythmic, warlike drums pound - the light strobing with their thunderous report. The tune seems to build and back off time and again until, at last, the instruments harmonize. As the do, the light ceases it's flickering, as if by command of the 6'0", 234 lbs figure that comes out onto the stage. A long, black trench coat drapes down over his raven blue long-sleeved shirt and his black pants, extending nearly the full way to his onyx, steel-toed boots. His face is framed at the top by long chocolate hair, seeming almost black and at the bottom by a bushy beard. In the center of the frame is a portrait of rage incarnate. The face of the Romanian is twisted into a fiery expression of anger with piercing hazel eyes peering out from under his thick, furrowed brows. His mouth is twisted at it's edges into what would most accurately be considered a snarl.

With a sense of purpose and determination, Vladimir Strife begins his trek to the ring, his boots clopping heavily upon the steel ramp under the din of the blaring heavy metal. He makes his way down to ringside and quickly marches up the steps, almost jogging his way up to the apron before peeling off his coat and allowing it to crumple into a heap on the ringside mats. He pauses for a moment to look around the arena at the fans in attendance, his glare near-menacing all the while. He breaks from the peek around abruptly after a moment, swinging a leg between the top two ropes and popping into the ring before taking a run at the ropes, throwing himself into them and crossing back and forth across the squared circle a few times as he prepares himself for the battle to come.
(Finishers are moves exclusive to your character. Usually, they have unique names given to them by the wrestler.)
Main. Skesis Driver - Sitout Tiger Driver '91
- Variant: Skesis Death Driver - Only used as a last resort in matches concluding a feud, this sees Vladimir hitting the Skesis Driver with his opponent's head leaned back, slamming them down upon their face. He usually accomplishes this through trapping their head between his thighs before lifting them. It is an incredibly dangerous move that has never failed Vladimir and has even left a victim paralyzed before.
Brawling. Lights Out! - Full force, closed fist punch to the face. Illegal in some federations.

Signature Moves
(You must have a bare minimum of 5 signature moves. These moves are signature moves of your character, but not exclusive to them. You have a maximum of ten)
01. Sinnerplex - Inverted Stunner
-Variant: Fall of Man - Gory Bomb/Widow's Peak

02. Heart Starter - As the opponent lays with his head against the bottom turnbuckle, Vladimir runs across the ring and leaps onto their chest, jumps up and lands with double knees onto their chest.
03. Son of a Bitch Legdrop - Legdrop across the length of the opponent, bringing his heel down onto their mouth
-Variant: Mother Fucker Legdrop - Reversed so the heel comes down upon his opponent's groin

04. Disarmer - Vlad pulls the opponent into a stiff shoulderblock either from an Arm Wringer or after pulling them back in from a feigned Irish Whip. This move will almost always appear when Vlad targets his opponents arm.
05. Scourge Of God - Snap Alabama Slam


Abdominal Stretch
Alley Oop
Arm Drag
Arm Wringer
Back Elbow
Backbreaker (Sometimes into Backbreaker submission)
Belly to Back Suplex
Belly to Belly Suplex
Boston Crab
Bow and Arrow Sleeper
Bow and Arrow Submission
Capture Suplex
Cloverleaf Submission
Cradle DDT
Crossface Submission
Crucifix Armbar
Crucifix Kneebar
DDT (usually Snap DDT)
Double Axhandle
Dragon Screw
Dragon Sleeper
Dragon Suplex
Drop Toe Hold
Dropkick to Knee
European Uppercut
Facebreaker Knee Smash
Figure Four Leglock
Forearm Choke
Forearm Smash
Front Suplex
Fujiwara Armbar
Full Nelson Slam
German Suplex
Guillotine Choke
Gutwrench Gutbuster
Half Crab
Headscissors Submission
Indian Deathlock
Jackhammer (typically only onto weapons)
Knee Strikes
Knee Drop
Knee Lift
Open-Hand Uppercut
Rear Chinlock
Rope Choke
Russian Legsweep
Short Arm Scissors
Side Headlock
Side Headlock Takedown
Sidewalk Slam
Snap Suplex
Scoop Slam
Spike DDT
STO Backbreaker
Straightjacket Submission
Stretch Muffler
Turnbuckle Smash

Title History:
Solid Kore (SCW&GHW): November 18th, 2006 - February 25th, 2007 (100 Days) - Merged with GHW Hardcore Title into the King Of The Deatmatch title
King Of The Deathmatch (GHW): February 25th, 2007 - November 7th, 2007 (256 Days) - Vacated after injury from attack by Matthew Oliveira
Charging Glory (GHW): June 3rd, 2007 - June 12th, 2007 (10 Days) - Stripped of title by GM
May 25th, 2008 - June 12th, 2008 (19 Days) - Title vacated due to departure from GHW
Fury Unleashed (GHW): July 29th, 2007 - July 29th, 2007 (1 Day) Titled merged with King of the Deathmatch
GHW Tag Team Championship: w/ Matthew Oliveira - September 30th, 2007 - November 28th, 2007 (60 Days) - Vacated after injury from attack by Matthew Oliveira
United Glory (EVPW Tag): w/ Rhaps - October 28th, 2008 - January 18th, 2009 (51 Days) - handed over to Brian Brooks & Chris Pyro by Vladimir Strife & Rhaps
Imperial Title (EVPW): April 1st, 2009 - June 5th, 2009 (66 Days) - lost to KingBear
October 25th, 2009 - March 21, 2010 (147 Days) - Vacated due to temporary retirement
GHW World Championship: January 31st, 2010 - March 21st, 2010 (50 Days) - Vacated due to temporary retirement
Lionheart Championship (XWA): October 5th, 2014 - November 8th, 2014 (34 Days) - Vacated due to injury
Pre-XWA Match History
Match 1 (Win): Singles- Emblem
Match 2 (Win): Submission - Justin Michael
Match 3 (Win/Tie with Classic Rocker): Cage Of Fire - Solid Kore Title -
Scar and Soundlab
Match 4 (Win): Hardcore - Solid Kore Title - The Classic Rocker
Match 5 (No Contest): Hardcore - Solid Kore Title - The Classic Rocker
Match 6 (Win w/ Jimmy Pate): Cage Match - Justin Michael and The Classic
Match 7 (Win): Hardcore - Solid Kore Title - Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi
Match 8 (Win): Towel Match - XRD
Match 9 (Win): Fatal 4way Hell In A Cell - Skull, Black Dragon and Rurouni
Kenshin Kobashi
Match 10 (Win): Bull Rope Match - Tai O'Neil
Match 11 (Win): Hardcore - Gnarfflinger The Butcher
Match 12 (Win): Electric Pool Deathmatch - King Of The Deathmatch Title -
Classic Rocker, Rhino, Skorpio, Hyper Elf, and Jake Diamond
Match 13 (Win): Thumbtack Deathmatch - Desperado
Match 14 (Win): Asylum Cage Match - King Of The Deathmatch Title - Brett
Match 15 (Win): Fans Bring The Weapons - King Of The Deathmatch Title -
Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi
Match 16 (Win): Singles - Brett Steel
Match 17 (Win): Hardcore - Rhaps
Match 18 (Win): Cage (Escape Only) - Hawkeye
Match 19 (Win): Tables - Giordano Jazz
Match 20 (Win): Hardcore Ladder Match - King Of The Deathmatch Title and
Charging Glory Championship - Gnarfflinger The Butcher
Match 21 (Win): Singles - Ricky Rodriguez
Match 22 (No Contest - teamed w/Hyper Elf, Little Bear, and Kingbear): Bear
Pit match -
Alex Stall, Hawkeye, LRey, and Brett Steel
Match 23 (Win): Inferno Casket Deathmatch - King Of The Deathmatch Title -
Desperado and Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi
Match 24 (Win): Circus Top High Tower Deathmatch - King Of The Deathmatch
Title - LRey
Match 25 (Win): Romanian Deathmatch - King Of The Deathmatch Title and Fury
Unleashed Championship - Alex Stall
Match 26 (Win): Light Tube Cage Match - LRey
Match 27 (No Contest): Tag Match w/Pyro vs. Hyperion and Jake Diamond
Match 28 (No Contest per Match rules): Bout of Respect - Kingbear
Match 29 (Tie): Knocked The F*ck Out Deathmatch - TPK
Match 30 (Win w/Matthew Oliveira): SCW Tag Match - GHW Tag Team Titles -
Hayden Hardkore, Brett Steel and Sledge Hammer, Hyperion and Human
Wreckingball, LRey and Hawkeye
Match 31 (Win): Home Depot Deathmatch - Alex Stall
Match 32 (Win): Hardcore - Hot Rod
Match 33 (Tie): Amherst Alley Match - King Of The Deathmatch - Matthew
Match 34 (Win): Cage - Cosmos
Match 35 (Win): No DQ - Trickshot
Match 36 (Win): Strife Showdown - The Classic Rocker
Match 37 (Win): Inferno Match - Crazy Boy
Match 38 (Win w/Matthew Oliveira): Handicap Hardcore - Asari Hokuto
Match 39 (Win): Asylum Cage - Matthew Oliveira
Match 40 (Win): Bobblehead on a Pole Match - Dominik Santiago
Match 41 (Win): 60 Minute Torment - Charging Glory Championship - Rhaps
Match 42 (Win): Belmont Avenue Brawl - Jeff "Smitty" Smith (Specical Ref. -
Metal Dragon)
Match 43 (Win): Bar Brawl - Gnarfflinger, The Classic Rocker
Match 44 (Win): Hardcore - Emblem
Match 45 (Win): Grudge Match - David Payne
Match 46 (Win): Buried Alive Match - Jakob Van Tripp
Match 47 (Win): Thumbtack Deathmatch - Desperado
Match 48 (No Contest w/Rhaps) Tornado Tag - Metal Dragon and Crazy Boy
Match 49 (Win): Strife Showdown - El Conajo Blanco
Match 50 (Win w/Rhaps) SCW Deathmatch - United Glory Championships - Bad
Company, Gnarfflinger the Butcher and El Conajo Blanco, Jeff Smith and
Tyson Gaines, Duke Taylor and Corrin Cobain
Match 51 (Win w/Amanda Hallsworth): Hardcore Tag - Brian Brooks and Chris
Match 52 (Win w/Rhaps and Amanda Hallsworth): Hell In A Cell 6 Man Tag -
Darnez FC, NVX, and Angel Morgan
Match 53 (Win w/Rhaps): Tag Team - United Glory Championships - Corrin
Cobain and Duke Taylor
Match 54 (Win): Single - Derek Wellings
Match 55 (Win): Last Man Standing - Nicholas Carson
Match 56 (Win): Light Tube Cage - Demon
Match 57 (Win): Triple Threat Hardcore - El Conajo Blanco, Sam Blade
Match 58 (Win): Abaddon's Pit - Purest, AJ Scally, Bishamon, Phemonema,
Nathan Drake, Nightmare, Krylon, Stan Dreamer, Matthew Oliveria, Kingbear,
Alex Thunder, Hawkeye, Chris Pyro
Match 59 (Win): Fans Bring The Weapons - The Psycho Kid
Match 60 (Win): TLC - Kahlan
Match 61 (Win): Barbed Wire Ladder Match - Imperial Title - Nicholas Carson
Match 62 (Win): Submission - Kahlan
Match 63 (Win): Challenger's Choice - Imperial Title - Darnez FC
Match 64 (Win): Hangman's Horror - Metal Dragon
Match 65 (Win): Singles - Imperial Title - Amanda Hallsworth
Match 66 (Win): Ten Weapons Match - Magnus Gunner
Match 67 (Lose): Asylum Cage Deathmatch - Imperial Title - KingBear
Match 68 (Win): 2 out of 3 Falls - Imperial Title - Magnus Gunner
Match 69 (Win): Fork Board Match - Havok
Match 70 (Win): Singles - Imperial Title - Dave "The Lightning" Carter
Match 71 (Win): Singles - Desperado
Match 72 (Win): Mancunian Street Fight - Imperial Title and GHW
Championship - Ryan Hughes
Match 73 (Win): Hardcore - Jaggeroth
Match 74 (Win): Thumbtack Chair - Young Gangsta
Match 75 (Win): Hardcore - Bud Whiser
Match 76 (Lose): Light Tube Cell Match - Desperado
Match 77 (Win): Singles - Ryan Hughes
Match 78 (Win): Asylum Cage Deathmatch - Metal Dragon 10/31/11
Match 79 (Win): Triple Threat - Wolverina, Dow Jones 12/4/11
Match 80 (Win): Pin/Submission - Kahlan 5/3/12
Match 81 (Win): Texas Death Match - Jerry Nate 6/3/12
Match 82 (Win) Strife Showdown - Scar 7/16/12
Match 83 (Win): Hardcore - Jerry Nate 4/13/13
Match 84 (Win): Barbed Wire Cage - Kade Samuels 6/18/13
Match 85 (Lose): Fatal Four Way - King Of The Deathmatch - Rhaps > Big Jim
and Jaggeroth
Match 86 (Win): Sickles Match - Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi
Match 87 (Win): Lady Luck Elimination - Jerry Nate and Syn
Match 88 (Win): Elimination Falls Count Anywhere Strife Showdown - Kryptops
and Bryan Wyziner
Match 89 (Win): Elevated Hardcore Match - Chris Dolmeth
Match 90 (Win): Asylum Cage Deathmatch - Hayden Hardkore
(The Inferior) XWA
Match 91 (Win): No DQ, No Countout - Tyson Smith
Match 92 (Win): Singles - Dereck Walter
Match 93 (Win): Texas Deathmatch - Eric Goodman
Match 94 (Win): Singles - Azrael
Match 95 (Win): Singles - Jakob Azazel
Match 96 (Win): Last Man Standing - Maddox Paine
Match 97 (Loss): King of Xtreme 2014 1st Round - Hardcore - Akira Kobayashi
Match 98 (Win): King of Xtreme 2014 Round 1 - Hardcore - Lionheart
Championship - Jared Jerusalem
Match 99 (Win): King of Xtreme 2014 Round 2 - Tables - Lionheart
Championship -Mark Storey
Match 100 (Win): King of Xtreme 2014 Semifinals - Barbed Wire Massacre -
Lionheart Championship - Hitman Alex
Match 101 (Win): King of Xtreme 2014 Finals - 'I Quit' Match - Lionheart
Championship - Akira Kobayashi
Match 102 (Tie): Japanese Deathmatch - XWA World Heavyweight Championship &
Lionheart Championship - Danny Diamond
Match 103 (Win): Thumbtack Deathmatch - Blake Valediction
Match 104 (Win): Hardcore Match - Matt Violence
Match 105 (Win): On The Go Show Tournament Round 1 - 30 Min. Ironman - Robert Garrett
Match 106 (Win): On The Go Show Tournament Round 2 - No DQ Hair vs. Hair Match - KaHLaN
Match 107 (Win): On The Go Show Tournament Finale - Triple Threat Last Man Standing - Jakob Azazel, Agent Toxin
XWA Battlezone
Match 108 (Win): Singles - Jakob Azazel
Match 109 (Win): Hardcore - Chris Knight
Match 110 (Win): Last Man Standing - Crystov Razetti
Match History (to be added as it unfolds)
(Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)
Winner: (Wrestler)
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)
Match Record: 98-4-8
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Re: Vladimir Strife

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Updated to include a couple of matches that occurred since I posted my contract.

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