XWA Massacre: Evolve or Die

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XWA Massacre: Evolve or Die

Postby Trace » Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:23 pm


LIVE from the Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota!

The Main Event!
Three on Two Handicap Match
Jericho Shaw & Andrew Belfort vs. Giovanni Moriello, Richard Steen and Vincent Van Hendriks
The champions are in town. At XWA On a Pole Jericho Shaw bested Drake Dysfunction in a brutal battle to retain the World Heavyweight Championship while Andrew Belfort shocked the world to become the new Hardcore Champion. Now they’re paired together, forced to team by XWA owner Trace Demon against the new Joey Edwards-less Rebellion who will be looking to prove they’re the force they were originally made out to be. If the champions hope to prevail they’ll have to work together and more importantly go in swinging, something they’re likely very happy to do.

Proving Ground
C5 Ion vs. Smith Jones
Earlier in the year Smith Jones, a former Television Champion in his own right, spent weeks trying to dethrone DeAndre Taylor as champion. Now with a new champion in the form of C5 Ion he’ll have the chance to earn himself another title shot as he enters Proving Ground. The rules are simple, win and you get a title shot next week, lost and go back to the bottom of the pile. Coming off of a big win over Declan James Smith will be looking to add more gold to his collection, can C5 Ion prevail in his first real challenge?

Unsanctioned Street Fight
Chris Novak vs. Edward Johnstone
This is what happens when you need to fill some time on the show, unofficial, unsanctioned street fights get added to the card. For those not paying attention at home Chris Novak was recently kidnapped by Edward Johnstone, the leader of Jericho Shaw’s fan club. Yes, that is a thing that happened and nobody went looking for him. Anyway now Novak’s broken free and has demanded a street fight against Johnstone, because in the XWA that’s how kidnapping gets handled, not with police or a jail sentence, but with a street fight. Go figure.

Singles Match
Drake Dysfunction vs. Prince Alex III
Drake Dysfunction came so close. At XWA On a Pole the Dysfunctional One almost unseated Jericho Shaw to win his first ever XWA World Heavyweight Championship. But almost isn’t enough and now Drake finds himself needing to prove himself once again. He’ll get his first chance at doing exactly that against Prince Alex III who wasted an opportunity to get a guaranteed title show in the future at the same pay per view. Nobody wants to waste another opportunity, especially not when Trace Demon is watching.

Singles Action
Declan James vs. Kuai Hamzo
At XWA On a Pole Declan James came up short against Smith Jones, tying their personal series at one a piece. At the same time the Gimmick Killer has kept his eyes on the rest of the XWA and has most definitely noticed that there’s a martial arts ninja walking around and for a guy who hates gimmicks he’s probably not best pleased by that. While James will be looking to get back on track with a victory here Kuai will have to prove himself after wasiting a Golden Opportunity at XWA On a Pole, and failure is not an option for either of them.

Tag Team Match
Sabre & Tristan Young vs. Austin Sly & Demento
It’s a tag team match, there isn’t much more to it than that, okay? No, you want more, fine. Sabre is a tag team specialist but with his partner injured he now finds himself working with Tristan Young, a rookie looking to make an impact. On the other side of the ring are two more rookies who also want to make an impact. Happy now? Good, that’s all you’re getting.

Deadline for matches is 9th September 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 12th September 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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