XWA Massacre: The Road Gets Complicated

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XWA Massacre: The Road Gets Complicated

Postby Trace » Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:00 pm


LIVE from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee!

The Main Event!

Wanted: Dead or Alive vs. Whisper’s War
(Angelus & Tempest) vs. (Ace Andrews & Mark Storey)
Special Guest Referee: Trace Demon

At the end of last week’s show all hell broke loose as Whisper’s War invaded the main event, one that involved both Angelus and Ace Andrews. Tempest, Angelus’s long time tag team partner, not to mention occasional enemy, came to the aid of the XWA World Heavyweight Champion and thus a match was born. Wanted: Dead or Alive, one of the most dangerous and impressive looking tag teams in the XWA, clash with the handpicked representatives of Whisper’s War, Ace Andrews and Mark Storey. There’s no love lost between Ace and Angelus after last week’s main event and with Diamond Jack Sabbath known to be gunning for Andrews and Whisper’s War there’s a lot of factors to consider. Oh, and did we mention that the most devious man in professional wrestling is going to be the special guest referee? We didn’t, yeah, that’s happening too.

Singles Match

Dan Bennett vs. Blake Jones

Blake Jones has done it, he’s finally broken his rut when it comes to the XWA Hardcore Championship and managed what is arguably his biggest achievement since debuting in the XWA. Now the new Hardcore Champion must continue that trend as he has yet another big challenge in front of him in the form of a former XWA World Heavyweight Champion. Dan Bennett has proven to be an effective ally to number one contender DGX but he’s no pushover in his own right and he’s about to get an opportunity to showcase his talents as a singles star once again. And of course with Legends on the horizon and no challenger for the XWA Hardcore Championship officially announced a victory here could just make that decision a very easy one to make.

The Return!

Joey Edwards vs. Alexander Cain

Joey Edwards was one of the most hyped competitors in XWA’s development territory Genesis but his rise to the top of Genesis, and inevitably the main roster, was cut short. Now Joey Edwards is back and he’s jumping straight into the big time as he returns not to Genesis, but to Massacre. His opponent? None other than the big man Alexander Cain, tag team partner of Axel Aomori who is still nursing his pride after losing to C5 Ion last week. Cain and Aomori are looking to ruin the Joey Edwards return part and with the noticeable size and weight different there’s a very good chance he might just do it, but I’m betting Joey Edwards will have something to say about that.

XWA Television Championship Match

C5 Ion vs. Amethyst

Last week we saw two separate qualifying matches to determine who would face off to crown a brand new Television Champion. Now we know. The highflying and swift rising C5 Ion, successful against Axel Aomori, will face off with the ninja extraordinaire Amethyst, who overcame the one and done Soloman. For both men there has never been a bigger match, a loss leaves them exactly where they are right now – at the bottom of the pack clawing their way up. But a victory… a victory means a first taste of real XWA gold, something that could make a career in an instant.

Deadline for matches is 7th April 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 10th April 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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