Lord of the Ring Opening Round: Cosmo Cooper vs. Axton Pierce

The 2018 Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament kicks off, as Jake Rogers defends his World Television Championship!
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Lord of the Ring Opening Round: Cosmo Cooper vs. Axton Pierce

Postby RevolutionJones » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:49 pm

Lord of the Ring kicks off. The Summer is here, it's...

Taped from the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, Illinois (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

XWA Lord of the Ring Opening Round, Group One Match B


Cosmo Cooper vs. Axton Pierce

You may know Cosmo Cooper from 4CW. You may also know him from CWC, hosting his own show there in the last month. But if he gets his way, you may also know him as the 2018 Lord Of The Ring, too! Well, not if Axton Pierce has anything to do with it. Known for his brief time in Union Battleground, Pierce has vowed to win the LOTR Summer Tournament and cement his place in XWA history.

Cosmo vs Pierce- It's On!


Deadline for matches is 13th June 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 18th June 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Lord of the Ring Opening Round: Cosmo Cooper vs. Axton Pierce

Postby Cosmo Cooper » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:35 am

The lights dim as we are ready for our next match in the LOTR tournament. Our ring announcer settles in as the crowd buzzes.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Lord of the Ring tournament match!

A few seconds into “The New Reality” by Code Orange, and out from the windwork comes Axton Pierce. Standing on the stage, he breathes in the atmosphere of the crowd, he wipes his hand down his face, then proceeding to walk towards the ring.

From Liverpool, England, Weighing in at 190 lbs… He is the Bruiser from the Pool… AXTON!!! PIERCE!!!

Walking to one side of the ring, he climbs atop the apron and into the ring.

MARK SANCTION: “One that everyone is looking forward here. When the brackets came out, I looked at the two of these and said it could be a show stealer.”

EMERY LAYTON: “Axton Pierce is one of if not THE most hardest hitting chaps? Chapperoo’s, chaplains… regardless. He hits hard.”

ADAM FENRIC: “I don’t think you knew quite where you were going with that one.”

EMERY LAYTON: “I didn’t.”

ADAM FENRIC: “If I could so eloquently put it…”

EMERY LAYTON: “You can’t.”

ADAM FENRIC: “If you’re looking for two guys who have traveled the world and to each company without fear? You’d pick Axton and Cosmo out of the bunch. It’s going to be good. Pierce has really gotten his feet underneath him at Union Battleground.”

He walks towards the nearest corner and climbs onto the turnbuckles, standing tall while looking out at the crowd. He lifts his arm, connecting the thumb and index finger into a circle, and holding the other fingers relaxed in the air. He comes down, as the music fades and awaits the ringing of the bell.

He doesn’t have to wait long for “Lifted” by CL to hit the PA systems and the crowd comes alive for Cosmo Cooper. He nods as he walks out onto the stage in his flat bill and jump suit with a pair of flip flops on. Cosmo taps fists with the fans as he walks down to the ring.

His opponent, hailing from Santa Rosa, California. Weighing in at 225 pounds… he is one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions…. COSMMOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOPER!

Cosmo flips off his shoes at ringside and walks over to the commentary booth where he taps fists with each of them. He then hops into the ring and poses.

EMERY LAYTON: “The lad is absolutely full of energy. And I think everyone here at XWA was surprised that he made his way over here.”

MARK SANCTION: “He said on Twitter that he would join, yet here he is. Not the only tournament he’s in this summer as well. Cosmo is as well traveled as they come.”

ADAM FENRIC: “And let’s be honest, full of himself as well.”

EMERY LAYTON: “Please be nice to our guests.”

Cosmo bounces around in his corner with a shit eating grin on his face. The referee asks Axton if he is ready and he gives a coy nod, ready to knock the grin off of Cooper’s face. The bell sounds and Cosmo is quick to shoot out of the corner. Axton is a bit slower but he is fine with it. Cosmo corners him and cuts off the ring, Axton lunges to lock up but Cosmo easily ducks it, but instead of going for a waist lock, he drops down to one knee and poses for the fans who pop. Pierce rubs his beard as he leans in the corner with a small chuckle. Cosmo motions over to Axton to listen to the crowd.

MARK SANCTION: “Cosmo playing to the crowd a lot here, he’s trying to become the next fan favorite in XWA.”

ADAM FENRIC: “As I was saying.”

We go back to square one here, Axton waits in his corner and waits for Cosmo to corner him again. Cosmo does as he is able to cover the corner with his wingspan. Axton goes to lock up again and Cooper does the same exact thing, he drops down to one knee and strikes a pose as the fans pop for him again but this time Pierce boots him aggressively right in the back of the head! Cosmo’s head snaps down into the mat but it doesn’t stomp there. As Cosmo tries to crawl up, Pierce continues to stomp away at the head of Cosmo. Cooper’s hair flies wildly around his head as Pierce looks down upon him almost lazily and finally Cooper has to roll out of the ring for a safe haven but that probably isn’t going to stop him from seeing double of everything right now.

EMERY LAYTON: “Jesus CHRIST Axton is booting the shitE out of Cosmo.”

ADAM FENRIC: “You play around in an XWA right, that’s what is going to happen. Cosmo is going to be regretting that move the rest of the match, mark my words.”

The Bruiser From the Pool slides out of the ring and grabs Cosmo by the head and slams it into the apron with a thump. The referee begins his count.



Cosmo’s arms are out to either side as he leans down but Pierce picks him back up, leans him on the apron and gives him a forearm to the side of the head.

MARK SANCTION: [/b]“The referee is trying to get the respect of these two men early, trying to get them back in the ring.”


Cosmo stumbles away into the ring post and Pierce gives him a chop which echoes throughout the arena. Cosmo sputters and stumbles away as one could see Axton’s handprint on his chest. Cosmo turns around only to meet another chop.

EMERY LAYTON: “Axton is just all over Cosmo with these strikes. Just an absolute bludgeoning so far.”



Cooper stumbles over and sits on the ring steps. Axton sizes him up and rushes at him and hits a big boot right to the side of Cosmo’s face! Cosmo’s entire head and head shifts as he flips over backwards and onto his stomach to the outside.

ADAM FENRIC: “He booted him into next week!”



There’s a collective groan from the crowd as Axton picks Cosmo up and pushes him back into the ring breaking the count on the outside. He crawls over from his knees and makes the pin attempt.



Cooper is out quickly enough. Cosmo rolls away holding his head towards the far turnbuckles and Pierce follows Cosmo. Cooper crawls up and finally gets to his feet and meets a chop from Axton. At this point you can see faint red finger marks on Cosmo’s chest from getting hit. Axton whips Cosmo into the opposite corner but Cosmo shows the first sign of life by reversing it. Pierce goes into the turnbuckles but he catches himself and leaps over Cosmo as he comes rushing in but Cosmo catches him as he leaps up. Cosmo then slams him to the mat with authority! Axton bounces off the mat from the velocity.

MARK SANCTION: “We’ve seen the scouting report on Cooper, he can absolutely take a beating and keep on ticking. He’s trying to battle back against Axton now.”

ADAM FENRIC: “But did he take too much damage at the beginning of this match?”

EMERY LAYTON: “Look though! Cosmo is using these small moments to get his sense about him, the little stuff matters.”

Cooper uses a moment to gather himself, he holds his forehead as he grabs the head of Axton in a cravat and brings him back to his feet. He spins Axton around and then bounces off the ropes and hits a short armed lariat. Pierce is back up just as quick as he hits the mat but Cosmo is off the ropes again and hits another! Axton gets back to his feet for a second time but he’s holding the small of his back. Cosmo runs off the ropes and leaps going for a Superman punch but Axton catches his fist! Cosmo’s eyes shoot up to the hand holding the fist and Axton steps up onto Cosmo and goes for an enziguri but Cosmo is able to duck it.

This exposes the back of Axton and Cosmo’s eyes get hide as he hooks Axton with the waist lock and tosses him with a release German suplex! Axton lands on his back and rolls to his feet but we are seeing the effects as his knees slowly wobble. He turns around exposes his back again and Cooper hooks him for another suplex. Axton over rotates and lands on his feet but Cosmo anticipates it and hits the SUPERMAN PUNCH! Pierce falls flat of his back as his head snaps back and Cosmo makes the cover!



Pierce gets a shoulder up!

MARK SANCTION: “The first real chance Cosmo has had. He’s finally starting to find his rhythm in this match.”

ADAM FENRIC: “That’s the biggest difference I’ve seen in these two so far. Axton is prepared for the big momentum shifts, he’s playing the long game not the short one. He knows it isn’t the high impact moves that will end Cosmo, it’s what he can string together in-between.”

EMERY LAYTON: “At the same time, he can’t let Cosmo string together the high impact stuff. That is where he thrives.”

Cooper claps loudly as he nods, knowing he’s on the right track but regretting his cockiness earlier in the match because as he stands up, his head seems to swim from the damage he took early in the match. Pierce gets to his feet and meets Cosmo with a stiff forearm which rocks Cosmo down to one knee. His hair falling over his face but Cosmo flips his hair away and slaps Axton right across the face! Sweat flies in a mist from the cheek of Pierce because of how hard he was slapped but he doesn’t waiver.

Pierce reaches up and holds the spot where Cosmo open hand slapped him. Axton nods and then he grabs one side of Cooper’s head and begins peppering him right forearm shots and right hands. Cosmo grabs Axton and the two begin beating the ever loving fuck out of each other. It’s a hockey fight as the crowd pops loudly. One of the fists connect with Cosmo’s nose and busts it wide open. One of Cosmo’s shots connects with the lip of Pierce and splits it causing it to bleed.


ADAM FENRIC: “Only a matter of time with these two strikers.”

Cosmo uses his strength to bully Axton towards the ropes and they both spill out to the outside once again between the top and middle rope. They finally split after the fall. Cosmo holds his nose as he looks down to see blood on his hands. Axton uses the barricade to get to his feet as the referee begins to count these two out once again—for the second time.




MARK SANCTION:These two men go spilling to the outside once more! The ring cannot contain them!”

EMERY LAYTON: “Throw him over here, Cos!”

ADAM FENRIC: “Can you not, right now?”

As Axton is using the barricade, Cosmo goes with some unique offense and just kicks both of the arms of Pierce away from the barricade. He stumbles back into the ring post and Cosmo hits a bicycle knee to his chin sending the back of his head slamming into the ring post! Axton falls to the ground.



Both men are moving slower than they did before when they were outside. Axton is face down and not moving as Cosmo picks him up and puts him on the apron.


Cooper quickly rolls into the ring and rolls back out to break the count which gives him a stern scolding from the referee. Cooper pulls Axton off the apron and hooks him for a suplex. Axton blocks the first attempt so Cooper tries again. Axton blocks again by wrapping his right leg around Cooper’s so he can’t lift him. Cooper stops trying and clubs Axton between the shoulder blades with his forearm! Pierce arches his back in pain and Cosmo hooks him for a snap suplex against the corner of the apron!

MARK SANCTION: “Did you see the way his body twisted?!”

EMERY LAYTON: “I think I’m going to be sick.”

The crowd groans as Axton’s body contorts and the writhes in pain. Axton’s upper torso tries to go underneath the ring through the skirt which his bottom half gets bent into the ropes.The crowd groans and even the referee jumps out of the ring to check on Pierce to see if he wants to continue.

Pierce slowly begins to crawl as Cosmo grabs his neck back into a cravat and shoves him into the ring. The referee slides in as Cooper covers Pierce and hooks both legs putting a lot of weight on the shoulders of Axton.




Pierce kicks out so hard he rolls back onto his stomach. Cooper is back on the attack. He lifts Axton up and leans him into the ropes and shoots him into the opposite side. He runs and dives for Axton’s feet and tries to trip him up but Axton leaps over him and then stops dead on a dime in the middle of the ring. Cosmo makes the mistake of turning his back as he is getting to his feet, Axton grabs Cooper in a hammerlock and then ripcords him into an ELBOW!

ADAM FENRIC: “Jesus! Axton got every single bit of that one! You could hear that thud into the parking lot.”

EMERY LAYTON: “Axton has thrown every shot as if he is trying to LITERALLY knock Cosmo out of this tournament.”

The thud is sickening as Cosmo drops down to one knee, seeing stars. Axton lets out a cry as he lifts Cosmo onto his shoulders and then throws him off into a POP UP EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! It was like he hit a rag doll because Cosmo collapses onto the mat with his head awkwardly turned to the side and his knees turned inward like he just fell out a window. Axton just dives backwards with a back press on the fallen Cooper!

MARK SANCTION: “Here comes Axton for the cover!”




NO! Cooper kicks out and leaves his shoulder up with his hand in the air as if he is reaching for help. Pierce has an angered look on his face. Axton reaches up and grabs the out stretched hand of Cosmo and begins bending and twisting the fingers and wrist, almost taking Cosmo in an arm bar position. Cosmo yells out in pain as Axton takes the middle finger of Cooper and bends it back towards his wrist and then pulls another finger back, then another. Essentially he makes Cosmo pull only his middle finger and thumb up and then Axton grossly turns Cosmo’s wrist towards him, manipulating the joints to make Cosmo flip himself off.

EMERY LAYTON: “I don’t think it’s supposed to bend that way!”

ADAM FENRIC: “Pierce definitely letting out some frustration. It’s the only real emotion we’ve seen from him during this match which is why he’s been so successful.”

Pierce spins around neatly on his backside with Cosmo on his knees, but Axton still with wrist control. He sticks out his boot and then expertly pulls Cooper’s face into his boot using his wrist! Cooper bounces off the boot into the middle of the ring. Pierce looks to Cooper and then looks to the top rope.

Axton begins to climb as Cooper is slow to get up after getting stomped in the head… AGAIN. Cooper rolls to his stomach and tries to push himself up as Pierce is crawling to the top rope. Axton comes to a halt and dives off going for that standing double foot stomp but Cosmo rolls out of the way last second. Pierce lands on his feet and rolls as to not twist a knee or an angle. As he pops back to his feet, Cosmo dives with a torpedo head butt! His only offense, but probably not the right call with as much head trauma as he has taken during the match! He connects right underneath the jaw of Axton and it snaps his mouth shut! Pierce topples into the turnbuckles where his head lies motionless on the bottom buckle, but Cosmo is face first in the middle of the ring, unable to move after putting his body on the line.

MARK SANCTION: “He’s modeled that move off of Luigi from Super Smash Brothers!”

ADAM FENRIC: “There is no way you’ve played that game.”

EMERY LAYTON: “No, but it was on our notes. Still, I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would try it.”

We get a shot from ringside as Cosmo pushes himself up, coming to life. Spit flying from his mouth as he tries to push himself up with his lips pursed together, dried blood on his mouth and around his nose as he gets to his feet. He motions it’s time to end it.

Cosmo roughly pulls Axton up to his feet and hooks him around the waist going for his Crater Maker! But Axton suddenly shows signs of life as he begins to kick his legs. He slips up onto Cosmo’s shoulder and shoves him into the turnbuckles, but Cosmo leaps onto the middle turnbuckle and comes back going for a knee strike! But Axton dodges by leaning back. Cosmo runs past him and Axton hits a lung blower! Cosmo bounces off of the knees of Axton and then lands on his head as he bounced off.

Pierce is shaken up a bit, so he can’t make the cover right away but he crawls over and drapes a forearm over Cosmo’s chest and then follows it up with a lateral press.





Cooper kicks out!

MARK SANCTION: “Pierce had him! Pierce had him!”

EMERY LAYTON: “As a competitor I can tell you lads, worst feeling in the world right there. To know if you would have covered your opponent a split second quicker you would have gotten the pin-fall.”

ADAM FENRIC:[/b] “Axton CANNOT get frustrated right here. Gotta stick with the game plan.”

Pierce throws his hands up. Knowing he had a chance to end Cosmo if he could have just made the cover right away, but instead he crawled over to make the count a little late because of the damage he has taken. The referee checks on Cosmo who rolls over to his stomach as he holds his neck and head. Axton winces as he stands up, holding the small of his back. He drags Cosmo to his feet by his neck but Cosmo comes alive and knocks his hand away and hits a forearm. Cosmo is usually the one anticipating his opponent to try and get space but this time he does, he stumbles away and goes to throw a spinning wheel kick but Axton dodges and as Cosmo exposes his back he grabs him for a German but Cosmo holds onto the top rope with his long reach.

Axton pulls and pulls and finally he lets go, drops down and as Cosmo is expecting a pull from his back he has a lower base and Axton uses this to his advantage as he rolls Cosmo up into a quick pin attempt!



No! Cosmo kicks out! Cosmo rolls to his feet so Axton plants him betwixt his legs and then tries to pull him up for a pile driver or power bomb. Cosmo rolls with it instead, pops up to Axton’s shoulders, spins around for a… LEELA BOMB! The reverse spike-rana! Axton’s momentum carries him right back to his feet so Cosmo bounces off the ropes and follows it for a SPEAR! Axton’s body looks like he has just been hit by a car the way he is doubled up. Cosmo crawls over and makes the cover hooking both legs!




NO! PIERCE KICKS OUT! Cosmo rolls over to his stomach and looks up to the referee, asking him how. The referee drops to one knee and holds up two fingers. Cosmo drops his forehead to the mat and rests there for a moment. Axton is slowly crawling over towards the ropes, he reaches out for them and pulls himself up slowly. Cosmo sits up and shakes his head, an angry look in his eye as he pulls himself to his feet. He grabs Axton by the head into a cravat to help him to his feet. Once he does and leans him into the ropes, Cosmo uses his heavy hands to give Axton a fierce chop! Axton leans into the ropes and bounces back off and gets right in Cosmo’s face! That seems to have woken him up!


Cosmo gives him another open hand chop and Axton goes forehead to forehead with him, he gives Cosmo a stiff forearm but Cosmo doesn’t budge. He tells Axton to give him another, so he obliges. Axton fires away with forearm shots all the way across the ring until Cosmo is leaned into the ropes. It’s his turn to scream and fire back with open hand shots and palm strikes to the body. Axton doubles over and Cosmo cups his hand and slaps Axton upside the head! Axton staggers with spaghetti legs but he gathers enough to hit Cosmo with a european uppercut!

Now Cosmo staggers with spaghetti legs but he comes back with a HEADBUTT! Axton droops his head after it snaps back. Cosmo is dazed as he leans against the ropes. Pierce begins to fall over but gathers himself with his eyes glazed over. He spins with a DISCUSS ELBOW! Cosmo is rocked now but he doesn’t go down. He staggers into the corner where Axton leaps with another forearm. Cosmo covers up but Axton begins pummeling him, forearm after forearm but now it’s a battle to see who will fall first. The wrestling match has simply turned into a slugfest. Cosmo shakes off the forearms and comes out of the corner with a few of his own until they go forehead to forehead once more in the middle of the ring.


ADAM FENRIC: “Pierce is trying to bait Cosmo into a fight! It’s brilliant with the damage Cooper has already taken!”

EMERY LAYTON: “Can either of them land the knock out blow?!”

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! They go back and forth. Cosmo’s hair flying each time he’s struck and sweat flying off of Axton every time Cosmo lands a forearm. They then go to punches. Strike after strike until they’re both punched out. Cosmo shoves himself away from Axton and delivers a kick but Axton does at the same time. They both connect to the back of one another’s heads. Chins tucked, they tumble down face first as the crowd is going ballistic after the striking display.

The referee looks to both Cosmo and Axton after their connecting kicks and begins to count them both out.




The referee has had plenty of work in his match, but both Cosmo nor Axton has moved.

EMERY LAYTON: “What happens if they’re both counted out?”

ADAM FENRIC: “I haven’t read the rulebook, Mark?”

Mark doesn’t answer.




Our first sign of moment as Cosmo raises his head up and begins crawling towards the ropes with his forearms.


Axton rolls towards the ropes.


Cosmo gets there and crawls up to the second rope, dragging his body behind him.


Axton pulls himself to sitting position and then quickly to his feet, he stands, anxiously watching Cosmo to see if he will match.


Right before the ten count, Cosmo meets it! Both men are spent, drenched with sweat with their own blood dried upon them. Cooper comes racing in and Axton tries to pull the trigger on the Avada Kedavra but Cosmo ducks it and then rushes in with a take down but Axton is able to hold onto the top rope so they both go into the corner. Cosmo gives Axton a knee which doubles him over and then he hooks him around the waist and tosses him with a gut wrench suplex but he’s able to hold on!

MARK SANCTION: “The strength from Cooper! This deep in the match, bridging and connecting gut wrench suplexes!”

Flipping over to his feet again, Cosmo stands up and tosses Axton with another gut wrench but maintains waist control. Axton violently lands on his shoulder, but his hips and side take the most damage as Cosmo flips to his feet again and this time showing strength he deadlifts Axton and this time releases the gut-wrench and Axton crashes into the middle of the ring spread eagle.

ADAM FENRIC: “I thought Axton was in good shape until this point, he looks to be done!”

EMERY FENRIC: “But Cosmo can’t make the cover!”

The biggest problem is Cosmo can’t crawl over to him. He winces in pain and holds his head. One power move and Axton could probably get him. Cosmo turns over to his stomach and literally digs is fingernails into the mat as he crawls towards the downed Pierce. He is able to get one forearm across his chest as the referee drops down to make a cover.


Suddenly Pierce rolls away but clings to Cosmo’s arm as Cosmo looks as if he has seen a ghost. Pierce uses Cosmo’s arm to dip underneath it and then he locks Cosmo’s head in from behind and locks in a dragon sleeper! Pierce is looking straight into the air as he screams, trying to wrench back far enough for Cosmo to tap out. We can hear Axton scream throughout the arena as he looks as if he is trying to pop Cosmo’s head off. Cosmo’s arms flail as he tries to get loose. The referee shakes them as if to see if he is still alive under there.


ADAM FENRIC: “The head trauma from earlier, the length of this match! He’s going to tap him out right here!”

[b]EMERY LAYTON: “The referee may call it!”

Cosmo tries to lift his waist and hips to flip over Pierce but he shakes his head and keeps it locked in. Cooper looks as if he has nowhere to go but all of the squirming gets him over to the ropes where he lays one bare foot across the bottom rope which is enough to call for the break. Pierce doesn’t let go for the first couple of seconds but he finally does.

Axton has all the momentum in the world now. He motions for Cosmo to get up against the ropes. When he does, Cosmo notices him at the last second and dumps Axton over the top rope and stumbles away. Axton lands, nearly falls off but holds onto the top rope! Cosmo doesn’t notice but Pierce springboards into the ring and hits Cosmo with both knees! The diving meteora! Pierce doesn’t go for the pin, he rolls Cosmo to his feet, spins him around and looks for a cradle DDT, one of his signature moves but Cosmo shoves him away!

Cosmo goes for a spinning wheel kick but Pierce dodges and Cosmo is staggered, Axton rushes in to hold Cosmo for a suplex but Cosmo blocks it into a small package!



Axton is able to counter it into a pinning combination of his own!

MARK SANCTION: “I can’t even keep up with the action it’s going so quick! How are they doing it?!”



Cosmo kicks out. They both get to their feet, Cosmo throws an elbow but Axton misses and comes up looking for a bicycle kick but Cosmo catches his leg and spins him around into an ankle lock! This only lasts a few seconds because Pierce rolls through! This causes him to go underneath Cosmo and shove him away with his feet. Cooper lunges forward into the ropes, he grabs onto the top ropes to hold him there. Pierce is back to his feet and hooks Cosmo for a dragon suplex! Cosmo slips his arms loose and drops down but Axton is ready for it and pulls Cosmo’s legs back and drops his backside to his chest and nods along with the referee!




Cooper rolls backwards and puts Pierce into the same exact pinning predicament!




Axton kicks out! Cooper goes flying off of Axton, he falls to his knee and sort of skids across the ring as Pierce gets back to his feet. Neither of them able to land a complete shot. Cosmo swings again wildly and Pierce tries to take advantage of the swing as he grabs Cosmo’s arm, leaps over his back and tries to lock in the rear naked choke but Cosmo rams him backwards into the turnbuckles. Once. Twice. Three times and Axton is forced to let go. Cosmo leans helplessly against Axton in the corner as both men are beyond what they have left in the tank.

MARK SANCTION: “Cosmo is leaning on Axton for support! He can’t even stand!”

EMERY LAYTON: “This is a first round match lads, save something for the rest of ‘em.”

ADAM FENRIC: “Can one of these men land the big one?”

Cooper goes to run to the opposite turnbuckles but before he can get there, Pierce runs him down and hooks him for a northern lights suplex and connects!

MARK SANCTION: “OH MY! Axton connects with the suplex!”


ADAM FENRIC: “Oh my god.”

BUT COOPER ROLLS THROUGH! It seems Cooper has caught his second wind. If he had straps to lower, he would have as his muscles bulge as he yells at Pierce to turn around. Pierce swings wildly at Cooper but he swings around and tosses Axton with a german suplex but this time Pierce pops back up!

MARK SANCTION: “Where are they getting it from?!”

The crowd pops loudly as Cooper turns around and he now has wide eyes to see Axton standing. Pierce boots him in the gut and then hooks both of his arms looking for that Tiger Driver but Cooper slips both of his arms away from Pierce and flips him over his back. Axton over rotates and lands on his feet. He sees his opening as he backs away! Cosmo drops to one knee. Axton can feel it and so can the crowd. He is on his feet, Cosmo is on one knee and still staggering around, the camera closes in on his eyes and they are darting everywhere as if to try and find Axton who is behind him. Axton yells…


Cosmo makes an “X” with his arms and blocks the kick but not before yelling…


This causes Axton to stumble back, and when he comes running forward again, Cosmo grabs him, spins him around for the…


EMERY LAYTON: “You could tell he’s been wanting to call that one!”

ADAM FENRIC: “Are we not going to talk about that Harry Potter sequence we just witnessed?”

CRATER MAKERRR! Cosmo floats over and makes the cover as he hooks the far leg as to not let Axton find the rope. Cosmo nods along with every slap of the mat.




The bell sounds as Cosmo sits up with a wince. The referee raises his hand as Axton is motionless in the ring. Cosmo stands up as he leans on the ropes and points to the crowd around him. He gives a respectful point to Axton and motions for the crowd to applaud for him.

ADAM FENRIC: “He almost let his pride get the best of him, but Cosmo is able to move on.”

EMERY LAYTON: “What an opening round match. Both of these guys just went all out. I hope to see both of them back here.”

Axton rolls out of the ring as he is greeted with an ice pack or two for his neck. Cosmo looks around and strikes one last pose for the fans before he leaves the ring and heads to the back. Slapping his flat bill on his head. He gets to the top of the ramp and blows the fans a kiss with both hands before disappearing.
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Re: Lord of the Ring Opening Round: Cosmo Cooper vs. Axton Pierce

Postby Jessi » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:45 pm

Apologies to Cosmo and everyone. I won't be posting my version due to quite simply not being inspired to write a match. I've been a bit down in the dumps lately and it has affected my ability to do anything creatively.

Congratulations to Cosmo. Good luck in the next round. :)

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Re: Lord of the Ring Opening Round: Cosmo Cooper vs. Axton Pierce

Postby Michael Swift » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:13 am

Winner: Cosmo Cooper!

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