XWA Massacre #55 MAIN EVENT: David Michaels vs. Lx-Tim | LOTR Round 1

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XWA Massacre #55 MAIN EVENT: David Michaels vs. Lx-Tim | LOTR Round 1

Postby Gopher » Fri Jun 26, 2020 9:30 pm

Another year, another Lord ...

Broadcast on The Xperience and the Battleground Network; July 9th, 2020
LIVE! From the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, IL (1,500 Capacity)

The Main Event:
Lord of the Ring 2020 Round 1 | One-on-One!


David Michaels vs. Lx-Tim
4,000 Word Limit

David Michaels is in XWA. The other one, this time. Michaels shocked the world as he showed up at XWA On a Pole to announce his return to wrestling and that he'll be entering the 2020 Lord of the Ring tournament. Opposite him, the returning Lx-Tim. Two legends of two different, similarly acronymed companies collide. Tim will be in action for the first time since joining the XWA Hall of Fame and David will be in action for the first time since 2014. I don't think it needs saying, but we'll say it anyway; this is a big one.

Deadline for matches is July 6th, 2020 at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
Match threads will be closed at that time, unless an extension has been granted, and results will be posted on July 9th, 2020.
[EST is three hours later. GMT is eight hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre #55 MAIN EVENT: David Michaels vs. Lx-Tim | LOTR Round 1

Postby DaveyBoy » Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:56 pm

The show is back from its final commercial break of the evening and the fans are ready, after just hearing the thoughts of The Showstealer just before. Now the time has come for tonight’s main event, a match nobody thought would ever likely take place, but here we are on the verge of seeing XWA Hall of Famer Lx-Tim make his return to take on the debut of David Michaels!

| Hana Ramierez: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first round match in the 2020 XWA Lord of the Ring Tournament! Introducing first…”

The lights in the arena begin to dim and the entrance way goes completely dark. The fans cheer, as the first wrestler’s theme begins to hit the PS system of the Battlezone Arena of Chicago, Illinois!


The “Back in Black” cover by Sershen&Zaritskaya is heard by everyone, with those first forty or so seconds building up the anticipation for Michaels’ arrival. As the main part of the song kicks in, the entrance way bursts into life, with red and gold lighting circling everywhere. The arena itself is now flooded with swirling red and white spotlights, beaming down from up above. Suddenly the crowd roars, as David Michaels appears from behind the curtain and begins to jump around!

| Hana Ramierez: “...from San Antonio, Texas...weighing in at two hundred and twenty eight pounds….The SHOWWWWWWWSTEALER…..DAVIDDDDD MICHAELLLLLLSSSSSSSS!!!”

David gets a second hearty pop for his announcement, as he stands in the middle of the entrance way and raises his arms up, stretched out either side of himself. He looks up to the ceiling of the arena and closes his eyes for a brief second, before taking a deep breath. He then looks out to the fans and kneels down on his left knee. He then raises up his right arm and flexes his bicep. Suddenly giant and completely overdone fireworks blast off behind him from left to right and back again, which gets a third pop from the fans! Michaels gives off a little grin, knowing it is completely too much. He then puts his arm back down and gets back up to both feet, whilst the fireworks continue off behind him. He turns round, to look at them, and can’t help but almost laugh at how overdone they are! Nevertheless, he flips back round and begins walking down the ramp. Suddenly, his game face is on and he isn’t smiling anymore. He walks down the ramp with a purpose, slapping a few hands of the fans in the front row that are leaning over the barricade. He then reaches the ring steps and jogs up, holding onto the top rope and jogging across the apron. He stops three quarters the way across, takes a couple of steps back, leans backwards and looks out at the fans. They continue to cheer and a lot of camera flashes explode off, almost making it difficult to see David from the hard camera side. He then climbs through the ropes and walks over to the corner, lifting himself up onto the second rope and lifts both arms up, yelling out to the crowd to get to their feet!

| Mark Sanction: “Would you listen to this crowd, Tempest, they are going nuts for the debut of David Michaels here tonight!”

| Tempest: “It’s electric in here, Sanction! I’m not sure even Michaels himself would have expected a reaction like this!”

| Mark Sanction: “...and only here in the XWA will you find The Showstealer in action, but he’s got one hell of a task in Lx-Tim!”

| Tempest: “Oh no doubt. Michaels needs to really believe in himself if he is to have any chance here tonight.”

David drops down, back into the ring, and runs off the ropes a couple of times, before slowing down in the centre of the ring. The referee gives a few inaudible last minute instructions, to which David nods, and begins to take off his ring jacket. He passes it to a ring worker through the ropes and stands in one of the corners, stretching out his arms awaiting the arrival of his opponent while his music dies down and the arena lights go back to normal.

| Hana Ramierez: “...andddddddd his opponent!”


The biggest pop of the evening so far comes from the start of Lx-Tim’s theme, as everyone is now on their feet throughout the entire arena, for the arrival of the former Two Time XWA Supreme Champion. The arena goes into a sudden monochrome look to it, whilst a giant Puerto Rican flag can be seen on the titantron swaying in the wind., with the initials L-X-5 appearing over it. The camera pans away from the crowd and to the entrance stage, with the stage now going from a monochromatic setting to one of many different colours. The crowd begin to cheer again, as a figure can be seen rising from beneath the entrance stage, his head looking down. When the lift hauling this man up reaches the same level as the rest of the stage, he suddenly shoots his head backwards and his arms straight up in the air, with gigantic flames and pyro shooting off behind him! The crowd goes wild, as ‘The History Maker” is officially in the building!

| Hana Ramierez: “...from Brooklyn, New York….weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds….XWA Hall of Famer...THHHHEEEE HISTORY MAKERRRRR…..L...X….TIMMMMMMMMMM!!!!”

Tim lowers his arms, as he begins to look around at the crowd, a little emotional to be back in the XWA. He slaps the area of his chest where his heart is and points out to the fans, before beginning to jog down the ramp and slaps the hands of the adoring fans. He then slides straight into the ring, under the bottom rope and slickly jumps up to his feet. He then stands in the middle of the ring, slapping his chest and yells out “I’M. SIMPLY. GLORIOUS!” to which all the fans in attendance join in with him, doing the exact same motions! Tim smiles, before walking over to the corner and climbs up onto the second rope, doing his familiar taunt of spreading his arms out either side, in an almost slow motion fashion. Lx-Tim then drops down, smiling, into the ring and does a couple of pre-match jumps. The ref then gives Tim a few last minute instructions and then Tim nods, before spotting his opponent standing in the opposite corner. Tim then backs up into the corner.

As the fans begin to retake their seats and settle in for what they hope will be a great main event, both Lx-Tim and David Michaels stand in their respective corners, both doing very minor stretches. Referee Wayne Johnston is the selected official for the contest and stands in the middle of the ring, arms reached apart, pointing to both competitors. He asks if Lx-Tim is ready, who looks up and nods. He does the same to the opposite corner where Michaels is standing, to which Michaels also nods. Wayne Johnston then motions to the time keep to ring the bell, but then Lx-Tim begins to walk forwards starting Michaels in his eyes. Michaels takes notice and does the exact same, meeting Tim in the centre, as the ref stays between them making sure nothing underhanded happens.

| Mark Sanction: “...aaaaand here we go ladies and gentlemen! This match, just like the rest of the night so far, is in the first round of the 2020 Lord of the Ring Tournament and boy oh boy, what a first match this should be! We’ve got a fan favourite and, frankly, XWA Legend Lx-Tim facing off, for the very first time, against David Michaels who is making his official debut after his shock appearance at XWA’s On A Pole! And Tempest, I was hoping Michaels’ debut would be of top quality booking, but I am not sure anyone expected THIS!”

| Tempest: “You’re not wrong! I mean, no one expected to see Michaels come out the woodwork and we were all salivating at the potential matches...but holy hell, I didn’t think he’d be taking on XWA Hall of Famer, Lx-Tim!”

| Mark Sanction: “Oh for sure, I mean we saw Tim back at his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, but I don’t think any of us were sure if he’d make a return any time soon...and then BOOM, this match happens! Great stuff.”

| Tempest: “...and you will ONLY see this sort of high calibre contest here in the XWA! HERE WE GO!”

The two combatants stand in the centre of the ring, looking at the other square in the eyes. Michaels has to look up slightly at Tim, as he gives away a few inches. Both men look very confident in their personas, both being former World Champions in the industry and both doing pretty much everything they could in their respective careers. A few words start to be exchanged, but it doesn’t appear either is bad mouthing the other. After a few moments, Michaels is the first to extend his right hand in a show of respect. Tim looks down and doesn’t hesitate too long before accepting it. Both give a quick shake and then take a step back, before circling each other, ready for the feeling out process. The fans in the arena begin to applaud, as a handshake in today’s wrestling isn’t an act often repeated. The ref then finally calls for the bell!



| Mark Sanction: “A great show of respect by both men, something I wasn’t too sure I’d see from David Michaels, Tempest.”

| Tempest: “Yeah, very true. I mean, I haven’t seen much of Michaels career, but from what I have seen and heard, he hasn’t exactly shown every opponent he’s had any sort of respect. So maybe this is the turning of a new page for The Showstealer? Well, I say that about Michaels, but you probably could say the same for Lx-Tim after all the cheating antics he’s done throughout his career…”

| Mark Sanction: “Haha, for sure. Lets see how long this lasts though.”

| Tempest: “Ye’ have little faith, Sanction!”

Both men stop circling and move forwards, connecting with one another in a Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Lx-Tim is quick to take control and latches onto the left arm, ringing it around and giving it a good yank, with a Wristlock. Michaels gives out a mutter, not entirely expecting to be on the wrong end of a hold within moments of the match starting. Michaels grimaces and taps his left shoulder, before taking a step back and then immediately rolling forwards onto his back and up onto his feet, whilst at the same time grabbing onto Tim’s right hand and returning the favour, ringing the arm around and applying a Wristlock of his own. Tim, being the veteran of XWA, is quick to move himself backwards towards the ropes and hold onto them. The ref is in the motion of calling for David to let go, but instead Tim uses the ropes to flip backwards and onto his feet. Catching Michaels off guard, he then aggressively rings out Michaels left arm a second time, but instead of putting it in a Wristlock, he simply powers Michaels down to the mat, flipping him over in the process. Michaels slams down, not expecting to be reversed this way , with Lx-Tim diving down and covering Michaels.

...1...Kick out!

Michaels kicks out using both legs and starts to put himself into a higher gear. Both men are back up, but Michaels quickly swipes the legs of Tim and knocks him on his back, leaping on top of him for the lateral press.

...1...Kick out!

Lx-Tim is quick to kick out and races back to his feet. Michaels is already back to his and sprints towards the ropes. Michaels hits said ropes, but Tim dives forwards and stomach first onto the mat. Michaels skips over him, rebounding off the opposite ropes. Tim is back to his feet and jumps into the air, leapfrogging over Michaels. David ducks and, for a third straight time, he hits the ropes and heads back towards Tim, who lowers himself in the centre. He reaches out and pushes Michaels up into the air, launching him up with a Back Body Drop...but Michaels telegraphs this and is able to adjust in mid-air, landing on his feet. Wrapping both arms around Tim’s waist, from behind, and runs him forwards towards the ropes. Hitting them stomach first, Tim catches onto the top one and is able to avoid rolling back, unlike Michaels, who is committed to doing so. Michaels is then up to his feet, running towards a turning Tim, who leans over a second time and pushes Michaels up in a Back Body Drop...however, Michaels reverses. He goes over Tim and lands on the ring apron. Tim turns around and stops a right hand attempt from Michaels, via ducking. Michaels twists completely round and almost falls off the apron. Tim then latches onto Michaels’ head, twists him round, and positions him in a front chancery. Tim pops his hips and lifts Michaels up in a Vertical Suplex. However, for what is becoming a theme of this match, Michaels is able to reverse it and shakes himself free, landing behind Tim. Michaels then races forwards towards the ropes while Tim takes a moment to realise what’s happening, turns around and sees Michaels leaping into the air looking for a Flying Forearm….but now HE is the one to reverse it and ducks under it, moving a step forwards. Michaels manages to land on his feet. Then both men quickly turn around and leap into the air, both looking for a Dropkick. Both are able to control themselves in hitting the mat, before quickly getting up. Lx-Tim is on his feet, whilst Michaels is on one knee. Both lock eyes and stop dead in their tracks. The fans give off a huge applause, as both men take a moment and begin to nod in approval, now realising what the other is all about.

| Mark Sanction: “Back and forth. Back and forth. Incredible start to the match, Tempest.”

| Tempest: “Well Sanction, if neither man was familiar with the other, they sure as hell are now! I don’t think either got the better of the other there, fantastic!”

| Mark Sanction: “Both men nod to the other, whilst Michaels acknowledges the fans, who are showing great respect for both men.”

With both men up, the two begin to circle around the ring a second time, locking up once more in a Collar-and-Elbow-Tie-Up. This time, it’s Michaels to quickly gain the advantage with the Wristlock, wrenching at the left arm. Tim backs up a bit and then rolls forwards, onto his back and then up to his feet again. With almost a violent-like-streak, Tim reverses the hold and sends Michaels over for a loop, hitting the canvas pretty hard. Michaels, however, refusing to stay down is quickly back up to his feet. However, he is knocked straight back down with a stiff Clothesline from Tim. Michaels takes an extra moment to get back up this time, but back up he gets, before rather clumsily walking into a second Clothesline from Tim. This time it takes a little longer for Michaels to shake it off, as Tim is quickly down for the cover.

...1...2...Kick Out!

| Mark Sanction: “...a quick two and Tempest, I think this one has started off with a quick pace, but maybe Tim has managed to take control?”

| Tempest: “Well he needs to stay on him and make sure he keeps the advantage, because you’re not going to keep someone like Michaels on the back foot for too long.”

Michaels kicks out just as the two count is hit and gets back up, a little groggy. Tim doesn’t waste a second and puts his weight on Michaels, pushing him into the ropes, Irish Whipping him. Bouncing off the ropes, Michaels runs back to the centre of the ring and doesn’t telegraph what Tim is about to do and gets caught in an effective Armdrag. As Michaels clatters the mat, Tim remains ahold of the left arm and locks his hands around, key locking around the bicep and wrist area with an Armlock. Tim positions his knee right in the side of Michaels’ head. Michaels, in frustration, slams the mat with his right arm and yells. Tim, looking rather confident, looks up, his tongue out, and then smiles out at the crowd before wrenching the move in further. Michaels takes a few seconds to gather himself, whilst hoping his arm won’t be too hurt, and eventually manages to pull himself up onto one knee. Tim follows him round keeping hold of the arm. Michaels forces himself up and decides to simply punch Lx-Tim in the gut, not once, but thrice. Referee Johnston informs Michaels to open up the hand, which is ignored by Michaels. Tim is forced to let go of the hold and takes a step back. Michaels, looking to gain the advantage, continues to throw out a few shots to the gut with the ref continuing to berate him. Michaels then moves the shots to the head and forces Tim to back up towards the corner. Tim bumps, back first, into the top turnbuckle and is leaned on by Michaels, who then grabs a hold of his left arm and Irish Whips him out.

| Mark Sanction: “...Michaels now gaining the upper hand, whips Tim into the corner. Michaels eyes his opponent and begins to run in.”

| Tempest: “Michaels needs to gain some momentum here. Maybe this wil---”

Michaels then looks for a Stinger Splash, which probably wasn’t the smartest move. Tim sees it coming almost too easily and simply side steps out of the way. He then sprints over to the ropes and rebounds off them, returning back to the recovering Michaels at full speed and launches himself forwards, into the air. Tim’s right arm curls upwards and connects under Michaels’ chin with a superb European Uppercut! The fans give off a big “Oooff!”, as Michaels’ head whiplashes back and slams into the mat. Lx-Tim manages to stop himself from flying out of the ring and rolls back, hooking Michaels’ outside left leg.

...1….2….Shoulder Up!

Michaels gets his shoulder up, but isn’t as close to the two count as before. Tim doesn’t waste any time and gets to his feet, reaches down and gives Michaels a Forearm to the base of the neck/chest area, before pulling him up completely to his feet. He then quickly grabs his head and Snapmares him over, rolling Michaels into a seated position. Tim follows this up with a stiff kick to the back. Michaels arches out in pain, his face telling the story, as he closes his eyes. Tim then turns, points to the ropes, and runs towards them, rebounding off, and comes back at Michaels hitting a second European Uppercut, this time to the top of the back. Before Michaels can recover from the short work done to his arm, he suddenly has a sharp pain running through his spine. Once again, Tim is quick to stay on the attack and pulls Michaels up to his feet. Tim then quickly drops down to one knee in front of Michaels, latches onto his legs and delivers a Fireman’s Carry. Michaels doesn’t take much of a bump and rolls onto his back from this, whilst Tim again runs off the ropes. Michaels makes sure to get back up to his feet, despite his back now in pain. David goes for a half hearted Back Elbow attempt, but Tim has this scouted and ducks under it, hitting the ropes and runs at Michaels. Tim then leaps into the air, legs first, and latches them around David Michaels’ head, looking for a Hurricanrana. However, it doesn’t work, as Michaels grabs onto both of the legs and drops Lx-Tim to the mat via a Sit-down Powerbomb! The crowd cheers, as they are enjoying this wrestling between the two, and Michaels holds onto the legs for the cover.

...1….2...Kick Out!

| Mark Sanction: “...Tim kicks out at two! Great reversal from Michaels.”

| Tempest: “...and Michaels needed that, Sanction, otherwise I think Lx-Tim was starting to get into too much of a groove. He really needs to take advantage of this now.”

| Mark Sanction: “I think you’re right, Tempest. The feeling out process is long gone and, so far, it’s been Lx-Tim that’s had the advantage. Lets see if Michaels can get into this match.”

| Tempest: “Easier said than done, though, against the likes of The History Maker. He’s a Two Time Supreme Champion for a reason, Sanction.”

Sanction nods his head in agreement, as Michaels falls onto his back and Lx-Tim rolls onto his side. It takes a few moments, but Michaels manages to sit back up and looks around, not sure what happened. He rubs his back, before making his way back to his feet, looking stiff. Tim is now on his side, trying to get up, and clutching onto his neck with his left arm. Michaels pushes his back forwards, before reaching down and pulling Tim up to his feet. Michaels then, using both arms, places his own head under the left arm of Tim and wraps his arms around his left hip, locking both his hands. Michaels then pops his hips, lifts Tim up and drops him down to the mat with a Teardrop Suplex! Michaels reaches over and hooks the far leg.

...1...2...Shoulder Up!

Michaels shakes his head, just a little, and stretches out his left arm, before making his way back to his feet. Lx-Tim slowly attempts to sit up, but soon finds himself slamming back into the mat, as Michaels gives him a couple of stomps to the chest. Defiant, Tim sits back up, despite hurting from the reversal. Michaels doesn’t appreciate this and delivers three more boots, each time Tim hitting the mat and sitting back up. Michaels grabs onto Tim’s hair and pulls him up. The ref tells David to let go of the hair, but is ignored, much to his annoyance. Michaels hits him with another stomp, this time to the gut, which causes Tim to bend over. Michaels then latches onto Tim’s head and puts Tim’s left arm over his head. Michaels latches onto his tights with his right arm, pops his hips and lifts Tim up into the air via a Vertical Suplex. Michaels holds him for just a second and then slams him down into the mat, quickly following up with a lateral press and a forearm across Tim’s face.

...1…2...Kick Out!

| Mark Sanction: “Two quick pin attempts from Michaels and, just like that, he has the pace controlled.”

| Tempest: “Yeah and he needed to do this, as Tim was gaining the advantage too easily, in all honesty.”

| Mark Sanction: “Michaels looking a little frustrated after that one, Tempest.”

| Tempest: “Well, I think that’s a little silly from David. He hasn’t been in a match in however long and he expects to win from a Suplex? I don’t think so, this is Lx-Tim we’re talking about here…”

Michaels looks at the ref, starting to get frustrated, as commentary suggested. David gets to his feet and pulls back his hair, whilst Tim makes his way back up and holds onto his lower back. Michaels leans in and pushes him into the ropes, whipping him off. Tim reverses it and Michaels runs across the ring, rebounding back. Tim misses with a wild Clothesline attempt, Michaels hitting the ropes and back at Tim, who goes for another Clothesline...but, once more, Michaels ducks under it and hits the ropes one more time. Michaels, looking to hit a Flying Forearm, leaps into the air aiming for Lx-Tim’s head, but Tim sees it and ducks. David goes flying across the ring, smashing into the canvas, rolls forwards finding himself flying under the bottom rope and hitting the floor with a huge thud. The fans in the front row get to their feet and begin banging on the barrier, as Tim drops to a knee and takes a breather. Referee Johnston rushes to the outside and checks on Michaels, asking if he is OK. We get a camera shot of David holding onto his left arm, with a replay confirming that Michaels landed right on it. Lx-Tim has since got back to his feet and is beginning to bounce in the centre of the ring. The fans are now starting to chant more, with half chanting “LETS GO LX!” and the other “LETS GO MICHAELS!”.

| Mark Sanction: “Michaels hitting the floor HARD, Tempest, and as we’ve said a thousand and one times before, that isn’t a very thick mat and it’s pure concrete under it.”

| Tempest: “I’ve taken many-a-bump on those mats and I can confirm, they freakin’ hurt, Sanction! Michaels looks like he landed right on his already hurting left arm on that one.”

| Mark Sanction: “...and Lx-Tim is back to his feet and is loo---oh my, is he going high risk here?!”

| Tempest: “Looks like it!”

Tim bounces up and down in the centre of the ring, motioning for Michaels to get up. The ref sees this in the corner of his eye and quickly slides back in the ring, walking over to Tim and telling him not to do this. Tim ignores him and is focused on his opponent, who has slowly made his way back to his feet, albeit groggy. Tim then shoots off to the ropes behind him and rebounds off, running across the ring and is about to start flying...when the ref puts himself in front of him and stops him dead in his tracks. The fans then begin to, comically, boo the ref out of the building when all he is doing is his job! Tim holds his hands up and backs off, letting the ref then lean through the ropes and informs Michaels he needs to get in the ring as he is about to start counting. Michaels has since dropped back down to one knee, stretching his left arm up and down, trying to get rid of the pain. Tim then smiles to the annoyed fans and races off the ropes once again, sprinting across the ring and then leaps directly over the arching ref and crashes down on top of a shocked Michaels, with a Tope Con Giro! Michaels is caught completely off guard and is sent flying backwards, slamming back and left arm first into the barrier and goes flying over the top of it, landing on the floor right where the front row of fans are sitting!

| Mark Sanction: “TOPE CON GIROOOOOOOOO!!!!”

| Tempest: “OH MAN! Michaels sent into the front ro---topay gone what now?!”

| Mark Sanction: “Tope Con Giro...come on.”

| Tempest: “That’s no--he didn’t flip! It’s an Over-the-top-Rope Tope Suicida!”

| Mark Sanction: “...what are talking about?”

| Tempest: “Nevermind...Michaels in a world of hurt!”

Whilst the commentary team continue to argue what the move Lx-Tim just did is called, the fans all around Michaels move as quickly as they can, luckily none getting injured. A few immediately around him pat him on his back, before security personnel rush in and inform them all to move. Tim gets back to his feet and begins to feed off the energy from the crowd, but still holds onto his lower spine, as a high risk move such as that, doesn’t do wonders for it. The ref is now super mad and yells at Tim to get back in the ring, as he drops to the floor and rushes over to check on Michaels once again. Tim smiles and lifts his arms up, before rolling back into the ring. Tim, almost going back to his former lie-cheat-steal like routes, rolls straight back out of the ring and over to where the ref is checking on Michaels. The ref gets slightly bumped out of the way and Tim reaches over the barrier, grabbing a chunk of Michaels’ blonde hair with both hands and forces him back over. Michaels drops to his knees, in pain, as Tim catches him a straight right fist to the face. Referee Johnston has now completely given up trying to tell the wrestlers what to do and simply climbs back into the ring and yells at them one last time, before starting a count.


Tim, aware of what the ref is doing, hits Michaels with another right, before smashing his head into the ring apron. Michaels drops to his knees and doesn’t quite know what has hit him.



Tim then holds onto Michaels, grabbing him around the waist and locks his hands behind his back. He then, with a show of strength, pretty much deadlifts Michaels up and launches him over his head with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex on the floor! Michaels screams out in pain, as Tim was smart enough to angle the move, so that Michaels would land on his left arm!



| Mark Sanction: “Oh my! Belly-to-Belly on the floor and I think Michaels landed right on that left arm!”

| Tempest: “He certainly did and honestly, I am not surprised Tim is doing this, as he wants to advance to the next round in the Lord of the Ring tournament.”

Between counts, the ref warns Tim telling him to get it back in the ring. Tim, who holds his arms up, tells the ref he will get Michaels back in before picking him up. Tim pulls him up, grabbing his head and runs with him towards the far side barrier.


Tim goes to launch Michaels into it, but it is reversed at the last moment and Tim finds himself being flipped through the air and back first into the barrier! The fans give off a big “OHHH!”, as that one looked like it hurt. The barrier goes back about a foot and TIm is lucky not to land on his head!


The ref’s count slows down, as he is again concerned with the men’s safety. Whilst the ref is standing on the bottom rope, trying to get a closer look, Michaels continues to hold onto his arm and begins to make his way to the ring. He reaches up with his right arm and attempts to pull himself up, but falls down to both knees. Tim rolls onto his abdomen, clutching at his now agony-ridden back, before beginning to push himself up onto all fours.


The ref continues his count again, with both men now being at risk of a count out. Michael has now managed to get back up onto his feet and is trying to pull himself onto the apron. Tim stumbles over to the adjacent apron and leans on it, punching his lower back.


Both men then grab onto the bottom rope, with Tim getting back in first and Michaels, stumbling again, making it in just before the ref gets to the tenth count! The crowd cheers in appreciation, as this match is now taking its toll.

| Mark Sanction: “...and both men make their way into the ring at the very last second!”

| Tempest: “Oh boy, both men are really hurting now!”

Both men slowly get to their feet and Tim is the one to get the better of the situation, as he connects with another European Uppercut, knocking Michaels into the corner. Following him, Lx-Tim hits a series of four European Uppercuts before whipping him across the ring. Michaels bounces into the turnbuckles, chest first, and stumbles into the centre of the ring. Tim then spins around and whacks Michaels in the back of the head with a Discus Lariat! Michaels drops to the floor, almost knocked out from the unexpected impact. Tim drops to his knees and rolls Michaels over, hooking the far leg.

...1….2….Shoulder Up!

Michaels gets his right shoulder up, to the dismay of TIm, who holds three fingers up to the ref! Tim doesn’t waste any more time and senses he could have Michaels here. He jumps to his feet, trying to ignore the pain in his back, as he reaches down and throws a few stiff forearms to his head, before picking him up. He places Michaels’ head between his legs, hooks onto both arms and lifts him, dropping him down on his back with a Pièce de Résistance (Tiger Driver '98)! The fans go wild for a favourite move of Tim’s sensing he may be going for the finish. However, Tim doesn’t go for the cover and instead back into one of the corners. He motions for his opponent to get up, which he slowly begins to. As David is on all fours, Lx-Tim jogs out from the corner and jumps into the air, looking for his finisher; The Cult Classic (Curb Stomp)...however Michaels manages to move his head out of the way and hooks onto the leg, rolling Tim up in a Schoolboy!

...1….2...Kick Out!

| Mark Sanction: “...CULT CLASS--NO! The roll up….one...two….THR---KICK OUT! OH MY! Michaels nearly caught Tim off guard!”

| Tempest: “Things are in full swing now! I sense a winner if someone hits a big move here!”

| Mark Sanction: “Both men back to their feet!”

Both men quickly get to their feet and before TIm can react, Michaels jumps into the air and pushes both his knees into the chest area of Tim and drops down onto his back, hitting his patterned Heartbreaker (Codebreaker)! The fans all begin to cheer, as both men lay flat on their back, with Michaels not able to take advantage. Both lay there for a few moments, hurting, before Michaels manages to get his right arm over Tim’s chest!

...1….2...Shoulder Up!

The fans go wild, as Lx-Tim blasts his shoulder up at the last second. Michaels lays on his back, before slowly sits up. He then makes his way over to the corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He gains his balance and stands straight, leaping off and hitting a classic Elbow Drop right to Lx-Tim’s heart. He hooks the far leg!

...1….2...Shoulder Up!

Michaels can’t believe it and motions to the ref, before slipping onto his back, sweating. He sits up and gets back to his feet, stumbling over to the corner. Michaels then motions for Tim to get up with his right arm, as his left one is still hurting. He doesn’t begin to stomp his right foot like he once did, he just leans in the corner taking a moment to catch his breath. Tim then gets back to his feet and turns around. Michaels then side steps in and launches his right boot into the air, aiming for Tim’s chin, looking for the Shattered Teeth Symphony (Sweet Chin Music)...but Lx-Tim manges to grab hold of it in mid-motion, swings it and the whole of Michaels around and catches him with his right arm under Michaels’ head and chin. He latches onto his tights and with a pop of the hips, sends himself and Michaesl quickly flipping over and crashing into the mat, with his Finishing Touch (Flipping Uranage Slam/Spanish Fly) maneuver! The crowd pops, as Tim hooks the near leg!

...1....2...Shoulder Up!

| Mark Sanction: “...unbelievable! Michaels gets the shoulder up and Lx-Tim can not believe it!”

| Tempest: “This is incredible, Sanction, neither man willing to stay down. All for the want of just getting to the Quarter FInals of the Lord of the Ring tournament!”

| Mark Sanction: “Well these two didn’t know one another before tonight, but they sure as hell do now! To your point earlier, Tempest, I agree with you that I think the first man to hit the big one is going to get the duke, here!”

Tim holds out his hands, looking at the ref, wondering if he can count to three! He slaps the mat in frustration, but is quick to try and stay focused. He seemingly has Michaels after that, so keeps his cool, gets up and walks over to the corner. He takes a moment to lean on the pads, giving his back a rest. He doesn’t motion, talk or do over exhilarating movements. Tim just simply holds onto both of the top ropes and looks forwards, waiting for Michaels to move to all fours. David slowly begins to shake off the excellent counter from Tim, sitting up, before pushing himself onto all fours. Lx-TIm then waits for the precise moment to pounce, just as Michaels is on all fours and isn’t paying attention. He races forwards, looking to finally connect with the The Cult Classic! This time, Tim manages to get his right boot on the top of Michaels head, ready to smash it into the mat, but Michaels sees Tim at the last moment and bats the boot away with his right arm. The crowd watches in shock, as Tim stomps the mat and Michaels does his best to scramble up. Michaels, still hurting, manages to run to the ropes albeit not at the best of paces. Tim grabs onto his foot, hoping on his left leg, after stomping the mat so hard! Michaels then runs to the back of Lx-Tim, launching himself legs forward and grabs onto the upper back of Tim with both arms, his legs then swinging forwards from the momentum. Michaels does an entire 180 and, whilst swinging around, manages to free his left arm and quickly latches it around the head of Lx-Tim. Using his body weight and the rest of the momentum that has built up, Michaels sends Tim crashing down back and head first into the mat with a move he has never done before, called the Predestination (Destino)! The crowd pops, as they’ve never seen Michaels hit that move before! Tim’s body is sent sailing backwards at a very awkward angle, almost impaling the top of head into the mat, as he flips over himself and eventually rests stomach down. Michaels lays on the mat, exhausted, not quite sure if he hit it or not. Taking deep breaths, he looks to his left and sees he did indeed hit it and slowly manages to crawl over, putting the side of his body on the upper half of Tim’s chest, reaching over and pulling up the near leg for the cover.






| Hana Ramierez: “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and advancing to the Quarter Finals of the XWA Lord of the Ring Tournament….DAVIDDDDD….MICHAELSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

| Tempest: “Holy cow, he did it! He just beat Lx-Tim!”

| Mark Sanction: “Michaels gets the three with, what I believe he is calling, the ‘Predestination’! I can’t believe it, Tempest, what a contest!”

| Tempest: “Well if people were not sitting up and taking notice of David Michaels’ arrival here in the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, they damn sure better be now because in his very first match, he just beat a former two time Supreme Champion and a Hall of Famer! There are not too many people that could do that on their first try!”

While Mark Sanction and Tempest continue to talk about what just went down, the crowd gets to their feet and nearly everyone is cheering and applauding. Not because they prefer Michaels anymore than they do Lx-Tim, but because they now have respect for this man. David Michaels was a man people in the arena had heard of, but didn’t necessarily care for, due to him never being in the promotion prior to this past week and having a really silly gimmick to boot. But after his arrival at XWA On a Pole and now beating an XWA Legend, they can see this guy has some talent. David Michaels has since slumped off of Lx-Tim, letting go of his leg, and is now on his back. Michaels holds onto his head, full of emotion, for what a few weeks it has been for this man. His new theme song playing in the background, Michaels slowly begins to sit up and pulls his sweat drenched hair behind his head. He closes his eyes, looking down and thumps the mat with his right hand, in a clear sign he has overcome a big mountain psychologically here. He reopens his eyes and gets back to his feet, immediately stumbling over to one of the corners. The ref walks over and checks that he is OK, to which David nods and holds onto his left arm. The ref then goes over to Lx-Tim, who is now turned onto his side on the mat, but the ref seems happy that he isn’t badly injured. Michaels pushes himself out of the corner, while the ref goes back over to him. The ref then pulls up David’s right arm to make the victory official, as the fans continue to applaud. Michaels doesn’t bask in the victory, like he might have once done, but simply nods to the fans in acknowledgement of their support and walks over to Tim, who is now making his way up to his feet. Michaels waits, using his wrist band to remove the sweat from his eyes, as Lx-Tim uses the rope to pull himself up.

| Mark Sanction: “What’s going to happen here? I hope Michaels doesn’t pull something, he has a reputation…”

| Tempest: “Well, if he does, he’ll just prove he hasn’t changed one damn bit.”

The former two time XWA Supreme Champion then turns around, wiping his forehead, before halting in his path and sees David Michaels standing in the centre looking at him, hands on hips. Lx-Tim isn’t some new guy, who doesn’t know all the tricks in the book, so he is immediately cautious. However,m nobody needs to worry, as just like the start of the contest, Michaels simply reaches out his right hand in a show of pure respect. Tim takes a moment, before nodding and returning the gesture. Both men know they did well here tonight and it was tough as both were returning and against someone they have never faced before. Michaels then raises the arm of Tim, who accepts the applause from the fans, before he backs away and climbs out of the ring, heading to the bacmp down the side of the entrance ramp ready to think about his next move in XWA.

| Mark Sanction: “Well I’ll be damned...what an incredible moment! Maybe this man has changed, just like he said?”

| Tempest: “Sure seems that way, but I dunno’...it seems ‘off’.”

| Mark Sanction: “Well let's not ruin a great moment with speculation. Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and going on to the quarter finals...David Michaels! Congratulations!”

David applauds Tim as he leaves the ring, before turning and facing the hard camera. The ref raises his arm once more and Michaels just lets off the loudest scream imaginable, before lowering his arm and walking over to the corner. He pulls himself up onto the second rope and raises both arms into the air, his left still hurting, but he doesn’t care. The fans cheer for him and the emotion across his face tells the entire story. He can’t quite believe he just won a match after being gone for six years. He then jumps down from the corner and applauds the fans, thus thanking them once again. The commentary team then begins to call down the ending of the show, as Michaels heads through the ropes and begins to head up the entrance ramp to the back.

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