XWA Massacre: Fighting Gold's Open Challenge - MAIN EVENT!

At the last Massacre of 2019, Fighting Gold take on an open challenge that will change them forever! PLUS: Jace Albright takes on the Coven in a handicap match!
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XWA Massacre: Fighting Gold's Open Challenge - MAIN EVENT!

Postby RevolutionJones » Tue Sep 17, 2019 8:57 pm

I know a boat you can get on! Bye-bye! It's...

LIVE! From Xtreme Cruiselines (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

The Main Event:
Fighting Gold's Open Challenge!


Fighting Gold vs. ???

Joey Miles and Kaida Kagome spent most of the summer watching from the sidelines and attending to other business after dropping the World Tag Team Championships at The XWA 500, but with this year's Tag Team Classic finally coming up on the horizon, Fighting Gold are here to main-event the first show of our Caribbean voyage and hopefully make a show of strength in the process. They'll walk out onto the deck of Xtreme Cruiselines, throw down the gauntlet, and face any team that comes out. Maybe one of the teams that confronted them early in the year resurfaces. Maybe a newer team like Hustle Inc. or the Dawnbringers shows up to make a statement. Or maybe, Joey and Kaida really hit the jackpot and get a rematch against the Demon Slayers.

The possibilities are endless, so mark your calendar, tune in to the Xperience, and get ready for one of the most unpredictable main-events of the year!


Deadline for matches is SEPTEMBER 25TH at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on SEPTEMBER 28TH at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre: Fighting Gold's Open Challenge - MAIN EVENT!

Postby GiggityGopher » Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:18 am


With the night's handicap match ending, the screen transitions to the backstage area to a scene where Kaida Kagome is walking down the hallway that leads to her and Joey's office. After a brief period of Kaida walking towards the camera, she looks to her right before stopping dead in her tracks. A confused, yet interested expression forms on her face, and before long, the camera shifts to what has Kaida's attention: Bloody Mary exiting her office. Both women begin to walk towards each other, but before things escalate, the door to the office opens as Joey Miles comes out, forcing Kaida and Mary to shift their attention over to him. A smirk forms on Mary's face as she addresses Miles once more, before walking towards Kaida, exiting the camera's frame and out of the area.

Bloody Mary: "Don't forget what I told you, Joey."

Kaida Kagome: “Deiteke, boke. [Keep walking, bitch.]”

Kaida's eyes remain fixated on Mary until Joey addresses his partner, hoping to break the tension.

Joey Miles: "So you ready, Kaida?”

Kaida Kagome: ”What was she doing here?"

Joey Miles: ”Eh, it was nothing. I'll tell you what that was about after our match."

Kaida Kagome: ”...I guess. Over drinks?"

Joey Miles: ”Oh, you know it."

The tension still feels present, but not for long as the camera pans out to reveal two unexpected figures approaching the former XWA Tag Team Champions:
Lil'. Rainbow. Washington.
"Regular". John. Johnson.

Lil' Rainbow Washington: ”You two! Heard y'all got an open challenge open t'night? WELL, WE ACCEPT!"

"Regular" John Johnson: ”YEAH! You see, both of our names were on the books for Jace Albright's match tonight, but we both got shafted in favor of ThE CoVeNaNt. But by God, we aren't letting those two force us into missing out on PERFORMING in front of the FANS. So we're comin' for you two and proving that Ms. Quinn made a mistake."

As the two hungry competitors announce their intentions to the former champions and the world, Joey's eyebrow is raised while Kaida's eyes are transfixed on the comic sans font used for Johnson's gear. Scrambling to find a way to not have to put themselves, and the fans, through this pain, Kaida speaks up:

Kaida Kagome: ”Uhh... so, we confirmed with Bella that our match will be a hardcore tornado tag match, and with a stipulation like that, you can't just, y'know, accept. You gotta sig--"

Lil' Rainbow Washington: ”Oh we'll do whatever it takes, SON--"

Kaida Kagome: ”SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME FINISH, SNITCH. You two jackoffs need to sign a contract. But lucky you, we have the paperwork in our office, right Joey?"

Joey Miles: ”Fuck yeah we do, come on in!"

Miles pushes the door to their office, opening it, shit-eating grin on his face as he welcomes the two jobbers in. The two shrug before walking in while Kaida follows them.

Joey Miles: ”While you two esteemed gentlemen are here, might I interest you in some top-of-the-line Fanning Sisters merch? We have two new colors in stock, after all!"

Lil' Rainbow Washington: ”Oh yo, those are sick, can I get five of the Garbage Green?"

Kaida Kagome: ”Oh CAN you? We won't even charge you!"

The door shuts behind them. A few seconds pass. Grunts are heard. Another few seconds pass, a few thuds later and the former champions emerge out of their office. With smiles on their face, they head out, exiting the frame as the cameraman slowly moves inside the office to reveal Rainbow Washington slammed through Kaida's desk and John Johnson's body laid out a few feet away. With those two out of the way, the champions head out in hopes of getting some real competition.


After a brief commercial break, the screen fades in to a shot of the sold out Xtreme Cruiselines. With the fans ready for an explosive main event, no time is wasted as "Fighting Gold" by Coda begins to blast through the PA system. A majority of the fans pop with cheers, and as the opening portion of their theme ends, the former champs walk through the curtains, causing the cheers to intensify. With their theme kicking into full gear, Kaida wraps arm around her partner's shoulder once more to take in the atmosphere, visibly happy to be back. Despite the challenge from Troy looming over their heads, Miles and Kagome do their best to ignore it for the time being, and the task proves to be easy considering the reaction from the fans.

Mark Sanction: "The unorthodox team of Kaida Kagome and Joey Miles continue to win the fans over with their interesting relationship, it seems! I'll admit that I personally wasn't a fan of these two, but I'd be lying if I said that despite their initial differences, they never fail at bringing the best out of each other, and to a degree, their opponents too."

Tempest: "Speaking of their opponents, it LOOKED like we knew who they'd be facing, but, y'know, they kinda killed Lil' Rainbow Washington and John Johnson for the night. I mean, I don't blame 'em, I wouldn't wanna come back to face those two."

Hana Ramierez: ”The following match is scheduled for one-fall and it is a hardcore tornado tag team match! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined total of 156 kilograms… Kaida Kagome and Joey Miles, Fighting Gold!”

As Hana Ramierez announces Fighting Gold's name, Kaida and Joey roll inside the ring, wasting no time to walk to their corner, ready to get started. Their theme begins to die down as the crowd starts to talk amongst themselves, wondering which team will be the one to answer Fighting Gold's challenge. Moments pass and nothing happens.

Mark Sanction: ”Well... who's it gonna be...?"



Shocking everyone in attendance, the Southpaw Remix of 'Beast' by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard begins to play. As Busta Rhymes lets loose through the PA system, fans explode in cheers, not so much for the person this theme belongs to, but for the fact that after five months, a match that was supposed to happen in April is finally happening now. Before long, none other than Jerod Barnez emerges out of the curtains with his fists held high in the air, black shades on and all, looking like a million bucks. A slight grin can be seen on his face, but it doesn't compare to the ones on both Kaida and Joey's faces; two people with a lot of unfinished business when it comes to the former XWA Supreme Champion. As Barnez stands with his fists in the air, his hired handler, James, follows him, leading the legendary Ace Acid by his leash; the visual sending chills down the fans' spines, who still haven't gotten used to seeing Ace in this state.

Mark Sanction: ”Oh boy. We were supposed to see this match months and months ago, but since it was called off, both Jerod and Ace have disappeared. But it looks like they still haven't forgotten about the bad blood they've had with Fighting Gold."

Tempest: ”Bad blood? The amount of history between these four is sending chills down my spine, I can't fuckin' wait for this."

Hana Ramierez: "And their opponents, weighing in at a combined total of 501 pounds... Jerod Barnez and Ace Acid!”

Jerod lowers his arms and looks back, shouting instructions at James. It's inaudible, but it's safe to assume that he ordered him to leave as James hands the leash over to Barnez, before turning around walking through the curtains. Barnez, with a very confident expression on his face, begins to march his way down to the ring, pulling Ace along with him. Meanwhile in the ring, Kaida and Joey exchange plans and ideas, having waited to get their hands on Barnez for a long time.

Mark Sanction: ”Kaida and Miles seem to be very happy about this outcome in their open challenge. You’d expect a little intimidation going up against these two, but they wanted this match months ago and they still want it.”

Barnez walks up the steel steps and waits for Ace to follow along behind him. The two get in the ring and Barnez looks out at his opposition with a grin on his face. As Jerod's theme fades out, he finds himself standing across from Kaida and Ace across from Joey. With Hana Ramierez exiting the ring, Jerod removes the leash from Ace's neck and tosses it out. He then begins to rip the straitjacket off of Acid's body, revealing his torso, which reveals to the fans that Ace looks as good as he ever has. With Jerod's beast literally off his leash, Kaida and Joey are unfazed by this, ready for the bell to ring. And ring it does.


As the bell rings thrice, the uncaged animal that is Ace Acid immediately goes after Joey Miles, but '180' had expected the attack, blocking Acid's double-leg takedown as he plants his feet down on the mat before unleashing a series of elbows to Acid's spine. Meanwhile, Barnez and Kagome meet in the center of the ring, grabbing each other's heads with one hand and unleashing and exchanging strike after strike after strike, causing the fans in attendance to pop huge for the brutal, fast-paced exchange between the 'Gokudo', and the man who gave her her very first loss in the XWA, 'The Descendant of a God', Jerod Barnez. The loud cheers, however, begin to die out as Kaida is understandably overpowered by Jerod, his size and power advantage causing Kaida to stumble away from him. Feeling full of himself, Barnez easily back-steps away from an incoming wild haymaker from Kagome and responds with a nonchalant close-range headbutt, forcing the 'Gokudo' to stumble once more. "That all you got? A year's worth of pent-up anger and that's all you got, you little bitch?" Barnez yells out, taunting the Matriarch of the Kagome Family. As Kaida forces herself off her knees and back up to her feet, Jerod winds his right arm back before slamming his forearm against Kaida's left cheek, dazing her even further. With a smile on his face, Barnez winds back for another, throwing it out, but Kagome, in a sudden, shocking blink-and-you'll-miss-it motion, ducks under it before slamming her right fist against Jerod's left knee, and with her left fist already charged up, punches her larger opponent square in the stomach before finishing off her combination with a leaping uppercut to the former Supreme champion's jaw!

Tempest: ”Jesus Christ! Just when you think all hope is lost for Kagome, she somehow digs deep enough to unleash a deadly combination with such swift execution!"

Mark Sanction: ”Troy Spencer called her an underground street fighter when he made his shocking return on the last Massacre, and this is a prime example of those dirty, brawler-esque skills coming into play here."

As Barnez stumbles away from Kaida, resting against the ropes, a window opens up for Kagome to back her partner up. While Jerod and Kaida were brawling, Joey Miles was forced against the turnbuckles in the corner, still raining down elbows on Acid's back. With nothing but animalistic instincts fueling the once-celebrated legend, Acid refuses to let go of Miles, still somehow trying to force '180' down to the mat. Whatever slim chances of that happening, however, quickly dwindle down to nothing as Kagome rushes to the corner, joining her partner in elbowing the back of Ace Acid. With his power beaten out of him, Acid's grip over Miles' hips loosens. Noticing this, Kaida backs away as Miles turns the tables on Acid, hooking his arms and tossing him as far back in the air as he can, executing a near-snap Butterfly Suplex!

As Ace crashes to the mat, he quickly struggles back up on his feet, resting against the ropes next to his master, Jerod Barnez. Noticing their opponents next to each other against the ropes, Kaida and Joey smile at one another before sprinting at Barnez and Acid and then soaring in the air and slamming their feet against their opponents' heads; their simultaneous Shotgun Dropkicks sending Barnez and Acid over the top ropes and crashing down on the concrete. The fans in attendance pop big for Fighting Gold's improved teamwork since the last time we saw them, as Kaida and Joey's deepened friendship translates beautifully in the ring. Feeling the adrenaline coursing through their blood, Fighting Gold quickly exit the ring to prevent their opponents from catching their breaths. Seeing both Barnez and Acid on the ground, the former tag champs decide to go after the wild card in the equation and to hopefully eliminate him from it. Kaida moves to pick Ace up back to his feet, with Joey taking a few steps away to prepare for an attack. But as Kaida gets Acid to his knees, Jerod Barnez suddenly flies into the frame and sends Kaida crashing against the steel steps in the corner! Miles quickly goes to attack Barnez, but instead gets turned inside-out by a brutal lariat, courtesy of 'Supreme' Jerod Barnez.

Mark Sanction: ”Brutal lariat! Much like Kaida, never count Barnez out of the match."

Tempest: ”Guess ol' Fighting Gold made a mistake by targeting only one of them. Don't forget that the reason that Ace Acid is in the state that he's in is because of that man standing tall over the former tag team champions."

Jerod harshly pulls Miles up to his feet by his hair, causing the crowd in attendance to gasp at the sheer strength displayed as Barnez easily does so with one hand. Joey cannot do much to defend himself after the lariat, forced to eat a devastating headbutt from Jerod that sends him crashing back down to the floor. Jerod's not done, though, as he slams his boot down on Miles' cheek, planting his face down on the floor. Seeing her partner struggling on the ground beneath Barnez' foot, Kaida throws a wild haymaker at Jerod, but the former Supreme champion, while keeping his boot firmly planted down on Joey's face, ducks down and extends his knee while he picks up the Matriarch in a fireman's carry, before flipping her over in the air and sending her crashing back-first into his big leg, the force behind the impact destroying Joey's face along with Kaida's spine.

The crowd's boos become even louder as Barnez destroys Fighting Gold, single-handedly dominating them both as Ace Acid recovers and makes it back up to his feet. Barnez begins to bark orders at Acid, directing him over towards the downed 'Gokudo'. Acid follows his orders, picking Kaida up before letting out a disturbing grunt as he sends her flying and crashing against the steel steps once more, causing the upper half of the steps to come flying off upon impact. With Acid going after Kagome, Jerod begins to slowly pull Joey back up to his feet, trash-talking the fans at ringside as he does so. Joey somehow finds it within himself to start throwing out punches to Jerod's midsection, but a brutal knee from Jerod to Joey's stomach instantly puts a stop to whatever comeback '180' was hoping to mount against the 'The Descendant of a God'. It gets worse from here, as Barnez lifts Miles up in a military press, stalling for a few seconds before sending him flying into the steel post, Miles crashing shoulder-first into the unforgiving steel.

The camera cuts over to the other side of the ring as Ace mounts Kaida and begins to unleash elbow after elbow while Kagome does her best to block before landing a successful, albeit desperate "get off me" kick to Acid's chest, forcing him off her. Acid quickly recovers however, and lets out another disturbing-sounding war cry almost as he runs with a full head of steam towards the Matriarch, but Kaida jumps up and knees Acid directly in the forehead, causing him to stumble back away from her! She quickly reaches under the ring to pull out her signature bokken! With her wooden katana in hand, she starts to wind back with it, but Ace catches Kaida with a kick to the mid-section, forcing Kaida to fall a knee, dropping her bokken in the process. Seeing it on the floor, Acid snatches Kaida's weapon, holding it by its grip with both hands, bringing it up to the sound of the crowd's thunderous boos before bringing it down... only for Kaida to plant her right hand on the floor, bending her knee backwards and biting down on the bokken, stopping it dead in its tracks as the boos are quickly transformed into loud cheers!

Mark Sanction: ”WHAT?!"


A sinister smiles forms on the face of the Matriarch as she sinks her teeth into the wooden sword while she sends a roundhouse kick to Acid's skull, blasting him with it and stunning him in the process, before ripping the sword out of her mouth, gripping it as tightly as she can and whipping Acid across the face with it; the fans in attendance popping huge for Kaida's shocking counter! The cheers are short-lived, however, as Jerod, once again, flies into the frame and runs Kaida over, the cheers turning into boos as Kagome nurses her back in pain. Jerod, angered by Kaida's resilience, pulls her up to her feet, grabbing her by the back of the head and pulling her over the apron, all while trash-talking her. Barnez pulls her head back before driving it against the hardest part of the ring, but Kaida slams her knuckles down on the apron and elbows Jerod in the throat before grabbing *his* head and slamming it over and over and over; the crowd counting with every slam, cheers getting louder and louder! Kaida slams Jerod's skull for the fifth time before stopping, gripping him by his hair and driving him into the other set of steel steps, much like he did to her earlier on in the match!

With the upper half of the steps wobbling, Ace runs over to Kaida, but the 'Gokudo' leapfrogs him and causes him crash against the steps, destroying them in the process as Kaida gets her revenge on her opponents. With momentum on her side, Kaida wonders if her partner is okay but is wise enough to continue going after Barnez while he's weakened, avoiding the same mistake she and Joey made early in the match. Seeing Barnez on all fours, Kaida steps back before running at him, looking to land her signature curb stomp, the Yubitsume, but Barnez quickly rolls away and towards the announce table. With Kagome stumbling for a bit, she runs at Barnez only to be cut in half by a brutal Gore, the same move that cost her the match against Jerod in last year's Lord of the Ring tournament, where she suffered her first loss! With the Matriarch underneath 'Supreme' Jerod Barnez, he looks over at the nearby announce table before an evil smile forms across his face. He grabs Kagome and tucks her head between his thighs while Tempest and Mark Sanction begin to panic, realizing where this is going. The powerful former Supreme champion lifts Kaida with ease, looking to powerbomb her through the table, but Kaida quickly begins to unleash a series of elbows to Jerod's skull before pushing herself off and landing feet-first on the announce table.

Tempest: ”Oh, fuck this."

The sounds of static from the announcers' headsets are heard as both Tempest and Sanction pull them off, with Tempest quickly grabbing Sanction's wheelchair and wheeling him away from the area. With Jerod stunned on his feet, Kaida jumps on him, but her nemesis grabs and squeezes her in a bearhug! Kaida begins to struggle, and in a display of sheer power, Jerod tosses Kaida in the air, catches her and drives her down and through the announce table in a swif, yet devastating pop-up-powerbomb! As the table implodes, Kaida is laid out on her back, eyes closed and seemingly unconscious. While Barnez screams at his downed opponent, Joey comes running in to shut him up but is instantly intercepted by a recovered Ace Acid. Joey does well enough to fend off Acid, but the numbers add up and Miles is quickly beaten back down to the floor by Acid and Barnez. With Miles down on the concrete, 'The Descendant of a God' begins to bark orders at Acid once more. With Joey slowly making it to his feet, he doesn't last long as both of his opponents close in on him, Acid chop blocking Miles' leg while Barnez lands a sickening lariat, turning Miles inside-out in the process. "WHAT NOW?!" Barnez screams at the ringside fans as mic static is heard once more due to Tempest and Sanction putting their headsets back on.

Mark Sanction: ”Ladies and gentlemen, I have no idea what to say. The official, Wayne Johnston, is over here checking on Kaida after she was sent through our announce table, but it looks like she's down and out."

Tempest: ”You owe me for getting you out of that shitshow, Mark. Jesus."

Mark Sanction: ”Oh I'm aware."

Tempest: ”Welp, I'm sure this wasn't how Fighting Gold saw this playing out in their heads. They came here to prove that they were still the rightful tag team champions, but it looks like Jerod Barnez and Ace Acid are walking out as serious tag title contenders after this.”

Outnumbered and destroyed, Miles begins to crawl over to the ring, grabbing onto the apron and pulling himself up. With orders shouted out from Jerod, Ace grabs Joey and tosses him inside the ring. Acid and Barnez immediately roll in as well before putting the boots to the downed Joey, successfully grounding him. As Joey nurses his back, Jerod crouches down over him, grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling his head up off the mat as harshly as he can. "We ain't done yet, shithead.” Barnez says, continuing, ”I'm gonna make sure you never wrestle again.” Orders are barked out again, leading to Ace exiting the ring and checking underneath it, looking for a weapon. Suddenly, the expression on Ace's face shifts. After zoning out for a bit, almost regaining his identity for a second, Acid pulls out a barbed wire-covered baseball bat, forcing the fans in attendance to gasp as memories of Mirage are all the people see while Acid, almost proudly, holds the signature weapon up in the air.

Tempest: ”Kaida ain't the only one with a trademark weapon hidden under the ring it seems!"

A sick smile forms across Jerod's face as Acid rolls inside the ring, barbed wire bat in hand. With Joey's face held up, Ace winds back before blasting him across the face with it, a loud "ooohhh!!!" echoing thanks to the disgusted reaction from the fans in attendance. Joey barely holds on, refusing to fade out in a pool of his own blood, pouring from his forehead thanks to the brutal barbed wire bat strike from Ace Acid. Jerod lets out an amused laugh, proud of his work. He gets off the bloodied Joey and rests against the corner, shouting further orders at Acid to have his way with the injured '180'. Barnez sits back and enjoys the "show" while Acid pummels Joey on the mat, landing elbow after elbow to the back of his head. The crowd, at this point, are booing as loudly as they possibly can. But all that does is fill Barnez with even more satisfaction. Acid looks over at his "master" and sees him nodding. The fans begin to realize that this is the beginning of the end, their booing intensifying. Acid grabs a fistful of Joey's hair before lifting him up in a fireman's carry, immediately followed with a knee to Miles' face, landing his finisher, Capitol Punishment, for the first time in a while!

With a display of the heart Joey's been showing in his recent matches, he somehow manages to land on his feet, but his legs quickly give out as he collapses to his knees. In an act of complete defiance, the words
"that the best you got?" can be faintly heard coming from Joey, further angering the beast that Barnez has unleashed. Ace begins to take a few steps back before sprinting directly at Joey, nearly decapitating him with a brutal running knee to the side of his face, landing yet another one of his finishers, the Sword of the Morning! With Joey downed and all power sucked out of him, Ace goes to pin him, but as the referee goes to count, Jerod quickly grabs Acid and pushes him off of Joey, barking more orders at him. Acid, it seems, only reluctantly follows his orders this time, having slowly regained his old self throughout the onslaught he was unleashing on Fighting Gold. But follow the orders he does, nonetheless. With his back turned to Acid, the former Supreme champion opts to hog all the glory to himself, so he flips Joey over to his back and hooks his leg; shit-eating grin and all. The ref goes to count:



And as the ref's hand slaps the mat for the second time, the crowd begins to cheer heavily while Kaida Kagome suddenly enters the frame, flying in the air and curb stomping Jerod's face nearly through the mat to thunderous applause! Jerod is forced off of Joey and immediately rolls out of the ring while Ace Acid turns around to see a fired up Kaida Kagome standing in the center of it, protecting her friend and partner. Visibly angered, Ace goes to rush Kaida, but she ducks, forcing Ace to hit the ropes, and in another swift motion, Kaida flies directly at Acid, landing an adrenaline-fueled running cross body that sends both Kagome and Acid flying through the ropes and crashing down on the concrete.

Mark Sanction: ”The crowd is losing it! Kaida somehow wakes up to save her best friend from that disgusting mugging in the ring!"

Kaida, despite the surge of adrenaline, is still feeling the effects of the powerbomb through the table she suffered earlier. As she crawls over to the ring apron, Ace manages to make it back up to his feet. Noticing Kaida underneath the ring, he goes to pull her off, only for a sudden white cloud of smoke to shoot through his face, blinding him! The crowd pops big as the camera pans back to Kaida, revealing her with a fire extinguisher in hand. With the crowd cheering loudly, Kaida lets out an angered battle cry while she sprints at Acid, before smashing his skull in with the fire extinguisher, instantly opening him up as he crashes back down to the floor! With his own blood mixing in with the carbon dioxide on his face, the crowd cringes in reaction to the disturbing visual on the titantron. Breathing heavily, Kaida drops the fire extinguisher, and next to it, she notices the wooden katana she had dropped earlier. With a smile forming on her face and the crowd's cheers getting louder, Kaida reaches down and grabs her signature weapon. Noticing Jerod beginning to stand back up on the outside after rolling out of the ring, she stomps her way over to him, slowly transitioning into a jog and, finally, into a full sprinting before WHACKING him across the back with it! ”FUCK!”

With his extremely loud F bomb being heard all the way up in the cheap seats, Kaida continues to whack him over and over again, forcing Barnez to start running away from her, but Kagome stays hot on his trail as she continues to whip her bokken back and forth, smashing it across Jerod's back. With the attack finally proving to be too much, and having been chased and forced to run a full lap across the ring while having his back destroyed, Jerod finally collapses to the ground in front of the destroyed announcers' table. Kaida pumps the breaks, almost sliding and falling, but she quickly prevents the fall by pushing herself back up with her hand. She winds up, screaming out in anger, and smashes the wooden katana over Barnez's back, breaking it in half in the process! The fans explode with the loudest pop of the night so far. And for once, Kaida holds up the smashed bokken in the air, embracing the fans' reaction! With his back turning purple, bruises all over, Jerod is forced up to his feet and tossed back inside the ring. As the camera pans out, we see Jerod's face directly in front of Joey's boots, having recovered while Kaida was dealing with Barnez and Acid on the outside.

Jerod begins to back away to the corner while Kaida takes Joey's side, wrapping her arm around his shoulder, shit-eating grin on her face as she taunts Jerod, who's looking more and more enraged while he slowly gets back up to his feet. Much like Joey before being kneed in the head by Acid, Jerod defies Fighting Gold, yelling out obscenity after obscenity at the former tag team champions, only for them to react by simply laughing at Jerod. In a final act of desperation, Ace Acid runs into the ring, looking to prevent whatever horrible things are in store for his "master" from happening, but he eats a Sudden Death superkick to the neck for his troubles, courtesy of Joey Miles! With Ace holding his neck, struggling to breathe and on his knees, Kaida flies into the frame with a brutal Shining Dragon which successfully knocks Acid out cold! Thinking he’s found an opening, Barnez lets out a battle cry as he rushes Joey, looking for a Gore, but Joey simply lifts his knee up, causing Barnez's skull to crash against it. It doesn't go too well, however, as it hurts Joey, but not as much as it did to Barnez. Jerod begins to shake in rage at this point, starting to describe to Joey how badly he's going to tear him apart, limb from limb, while he slowly stands back up. Having heard enough and back on her feet after the Shining Dragon, Kaida forcefully turns Jerod around and smashes her skull directly into his, almost knocking him out as he falls to his knees.

Tempest: ”Jesus Christ, Kaida!"

With a cut forming on the Matriach's forehead thanks to the headbutt, Joey quickly applies his Strappado octopus hold submission maneuver on the former Supreme champion, modifying it to push Jerod's arms as far back as he can and stepping down on the back of his head. The ref quickly slides to ask Barnez if he submits, to which he refuses, prompting Kaida to beginning sending brutal kicks upward to Jerod's face, fully opening him up before he finally... submits! The audience erupts into cheers as Fighting Gold come away with a well-earned victory.


Mark Sanction: ”Jerod submitted! He gave up! Fighting Gold wins!”

Tempest: ”They made that big son of a bitch submit. Damn.”

“Fighting Gold” by Coda hits as Joey loosens his grip just enough that Jerod is allowed to collapse and the exhausted Miami-native falls down with him. Kaida quickly helps her partner back to his feet as the two hug while the fans continue to blow the roof off.

Hana Ramierez: “Here are your winners, by submission; Kaida Kagome and Joey Miles, Fighting Gold!”

The referee tries to grab both competitors’ hands but Kaida kicks his hand away. She doesn’t want anyone else being involved in this celebration; just her and her partner. Kagome raises Joey’s hand high in the center of the ring, as the two drained stars can barely stand.

Mark Sanction: ”Hell of a match and a hell of a win to cap off our night, ladies and gentlemen. We finally got a match we were supposed to see months ago and, boy, was it worth the wait.”

Joey and Kaida exit the ring together and begin making their way up the ramp, both of them high fiving fans along the way, really soaking in the moment.

Tempest: ”Jerod and Ace were just as tough a task as you’d expect them to be, but somehow Fighting Gold persevered. What a match!”

Mark Sanction: ”It sure was, Tempest.”

Once at the top of the stage, Joey and Kaida turn back to face the ring. Kagome raises her partners hand again to more applause. “The titles are next!” she screams, making her intentions to reclaim the Tag Team Championships with Joey heard loud and proud.

Mark Sanction: ”Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be seeing you again soon, as Kaida looks to go up against Troy Spencer in what could be even more of a violent confrontation than this match was. Thank you all for being here with us and those who tuned in at home. Good night!”

XWA’s logo appears in the corner of the screen as the show gets ready to fade to black with Miles and Kagome standing side-by-side. This episode of Massacre, however, will be over-running a bit. Before the show could cut away, Kaida’s excited smile is torn right off of her face by the force of a boot’s sole slamming into the side of her head, courtesy of a Superkick from Joey Miles! The crowd was just dying down as the show was about to end, but they instantly get louder than they have all night with a lot of boos and, from the smarkier members of the audience, a lot of cheers. Either way they go, this place is loud, despite the music being cut.

Mark Sanction: ”WHAT THE HELL!?”

Tempest: ”What did—Why?!”

Mark Sanction: ”Joey just Superkicked Kaida!”

Joey looks at Kaida who, for a moment, is unsure of what exactly just happened. She rubs her cheek as she looks up and sees the man who became not just a partner to her, but a best friend. And she sees the cold look on his face as he stares down at her. That’s when it sets in for Kaida, what just happened.

Tempest: ”I-I-I can’t believe it. Why the hell would he do this after that hard fought win? These two had a real shot at getting the titles back!”

Mark Sanction: ”I have no clue, Tempest and, by the look on her face, neither does Kaida.”

Despite knowing what just happened, Kaida simply stares up at Miles with a bewildered look on her face. Did he REALLY just do that? Why? Why would he? Looking to simply talk to her partner, she tries to stand up, but finally Miles moves again. As soon as she starts to get up, he rushes into her with a knee planted square on her nose!

Mark Sanction: ”Christ!”

The crowd’s mixed reaction starts to turn more negative as the initial shock settles in and the real truth of what’s happening takes over. Kaida doesn’t even have a chance to recompose herself before Joey grabs her by the hair. He drags her down the ramp and then tosses his presumably former partner into the barricade with ferocity. Immediately after this, he yanks her back to her feet and tosses her into the opposing barricade, causing more damage as they make their way back towards the ring. Once they’re back there, Joey pulls Kagome back up and Irish Whips her into the steel post, sending the Japanese star head-first and causing her to spin around the post and go crashing onto her back. As Joey walks around the corner, fans in the immediate area yell and boo at him. Miles replies with a very nonchalant middle finger, not even bothering to look in their direction as he does so.

Tempest: ”How long is this gonna go on?!”

Mark Sanction: ”I-I really don’t know. I don’t know why Joey’s doing this or what he’s thinking, at all!”

Miles grabs Kaida by her hair again and pushes her into the ring. Barnez and Acid are long gone by now. Before entering in, himself, Miles pulls up the ring skirt and grabs a steel chair from underneath, garnering a worried response from the fans He slides that into the ring and the eyes and the two broken halves of Kaida’s wooden katana that she broke over Barnez earlier. He kneels down and picks them up, before tossing them in as well. He slides in the ring and sees Kagome on all fours, trying to get up. ‘180’ grabs the chair, raises it chair above his head and brings it crashing down hard across her back. The sound of steel meeting flesh echoes throughout the arena, along with a yell of pain from Kaida. Joey unfolds the chair and sets it up in the center of the ring. He picks Kaida up and sits her down on it. He then picks up the two halves of her wooden.

Mark Sanction: ”Oh no, no, put those down, Joey.”

Joey looks at the broken halves of the katana with the same cold expression he’s had since he Superkicked his best friend. Suddenly, and with much ferocity, Joey begins to lay into Kaida with quick, vicious strikes from both halves! He drills her all over her body and head from both sides, swinging with surprise precision that he most likely learned from Kaida herself. It’s hard to even count how many times she’s struck with how fast he hits her, but the huge barrage of wooden katana strikes comes to an end when Joey brings both halves together, cracking Kaida across the face from both sides simultaneously. New cuts have formed and the old cuts just bleed deeper as Kagome is covered in blood.

Tempest: ”Goddamn!”

Mark Sanction: ”I really don’t get it, why the hell is he doing this?! And why isn’t anyone stopping it?!”

Miles throws the katana halves to the ground, following that onslaught, and then he quickly pivots to his side and drills the ‘Gokudo’ with a second Superkick, this one nailing her in the face and sending her and the chair falling backwards. Kaida hits the canvas with a thud and rolls onto her side. She has no clue why this is happening to her. She barely even knows WHAT is happening to her at this point. All she does know is that she’s in tremendous pain, both physically and emotionally, and Joey Miles is what caused it. And the worst part is, she doesn’t even know that it’s not over yet. Joey grabs Kaida, once more by the hair, and yanks her back to her feet, despite how little she has in her to stand at this point. He sharply knees her in the back of her leg, causing the leg to quickly jut forward, forcing Kaida into a kneeling position on one knee. Miles kicks the steel chair out of the way and then dashes across the ring. He ricochets off of the ropes and returns, stepping off of Kaida’s knee and drilling his own knee into her jaw with her own finishing move; the Shining Dragon! The arena is full of boos by this point, as chants build up, letting Miles know what he’s always known; that the fans think he’s an asshole./color]

Mark Sanction: ”He just hit Kaida with the Shining Dragon!”

Tempest: ”Insult to injury, I guess. Although I feel like there was already a lot of both, anyway.”

With Kaida down, covered in blood, bruises and scars, Joey seems to finally be done with his attack. He starts to make his way to the end of the ring while he ignores the heavy rush of boos from the audience, but he stops when he reaches the ropes, because he hears something else mixed in with all of those boos. “Kyōdai …” Miles turns back around and sees Kaida, weakly reaching out for him. For the first time since the sole of his boot planted into Kaida’s cheek, a look of remorse forms on Miles’ face. His eyes redden ever-so-slightly as he looks across the ring at what was his best friend, but he quickly shakes it off and the coldness appears again. Miles stomps back across the ring to Kagome and grabs the steel chair again. He folds it and wildly swings it across her back, causing a cry of pain from Kaida, and then he unfolds it and sets it up once more.

Mark Sanction: ”Come on, I thought this was over! Somebody stop him already!”

Joey drags Kaida by her hair to the seat and places her upper body on it, while squeezing her head through the end, beneath the back of the chair. With Kaida trapped, although she couldn’t have really done much to protect herself at this point anyway, Miles presses his boot on Kaida’s upper back, while keeping his other foot planted on the canvas. He then grabs her wrists with his hands and cranks back as hard as he can, applying a modified variation of his Strappado Octopus Hold finisher! At first, Kaida screams and yells from the pain, but as the hold continues to be applied, with her head trapped, Miles’ boot pressing hard into her upper back and her arms being yanked very unnaturally behind her, her screams start to quiet while she begins to fade from the pain. It isn’t until Kaida’s gone fully silent and Miles sees her head slump forward that he finally releases the hold. Kagome’s hands drop to the canvas while her upper body stays propped up from the chair, but there’s no movement at all. Kaida is out cold with blood and unnoticeable tears covering her face. The fans continue to boo, now with chants of “Fuck You” coming at Joey from all angles, but the former Tag Team Champion turns and exits the ring, leaving without a hint of emotion left on his face.

Mark Sanction: ”I honestly can’t believe what we just witnessed. I … I have no words.”

Tempest: ”It was disgusting and it was vile. And just remember, Kaida is supposed to face Troy Spencer – a huge task on its own – soon.”

Mark Sanction: ”Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna be happening anymore, Tempest. I really, just … Goodnight, folks, I guess.”

The company’s logo shows again, but this time, the show actually does fade to black with nothing but the sounds of a very upset audience yelling at Joey Miles.

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