[VOTE] XWA Gold Rush: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - CO-MAIN EVENT! SUPREME XWA CHAMPIONSHIP!

Matches and segments from our 2019 Supershow- XWA Gold Rush!
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[VOTE] XWA Gold Rush: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - CO-MAIN EVENT! SUPREME XWA CHAMPIONSHIP!

Postby RevolutionJones » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:35 pm

There's Gold Out West, and we're here to find it! The 2019 Lord of the Ring will be crowned at...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience and Battleground Network
LIVE! From Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California (19,000 Capacity),

Theme Song: "My Own Summer (Shove It)" by Deftones

Co-Main Event:
Supreme XWA Championship!


Albion Gale (c) vs. Dave O'Connor

Just a few short days before Albion Gale achieved Supremacy in her home state of Indiana, she dropped the XWA World Television Championship to one Dave O'Connor, then on just his second professional wrestling match. If anything signaled the Maniac's arrival, this was it, and ever since, he and his wife Alissa have been chasing more power at all costs, whether that meant beating Aries Armadaist to become XWA Hardcore Champion or extorting Dave's way to a second-chance spot in the Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament after his early elimination from the tournament. Gale may have had the past couple months off from title defenses, but she was right there on the front lines, dealing with O'Connor the whole way, and now this rivalry is about to hit a whole new boiling point out here on the West Coast. The Duality of Woman will face the Maniac for the second time, this time for the one title in all of pro wrestling that reigns Supreme over the rest.

Will Albion be able to stop Dave in his tracks and send him to the back of the line? Or will we have a Maniac running the world? There's only one way to find out!

Deadline for matches is AUGUST 28TH, 2019 at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on SEPTEMBER 4TH at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
[CST is two hours later. GMT is eight hours later.]
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Re: XWA Gold Rush: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - CO-MAIN EVENT! SUPREME XWA CHAMPIONSHIP!

Postby Dave_Maniac » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:25 pm

he show returns ringside to Mark Sanction and Matt Steel along with cheering fans that try to get on camera, the night has been electric as the tag team match gad some of the best displays of athleticism as you could have expected from such awesome teams, the crowd shows signs of support to the Supreme Champion.

Mark Sanction: Ladies and gentlemen that was one hell of a match but now we have to get ready for a blood feud that has been boiling since a couple of months ago, a match that both contenders want to settle once and for all.

Matt Steel: Yes, the next match between the blood thirsty, violent and maniacal Dave O’Connor and Albion Gale is going to get personal. The resident Madman has something to throw in Bella’s face and that is the FACT that he is unstoppable, just look at the level of destruction he just endured in Gold Up North. This means Albion is going to have her hands full.

Mark: Oh god there you go again, why do you say that... and, for the record, already regret asking that.

Matt: Just look at him, former MMA fighter, cage fighter, bare knuckled boxer, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon, Jiu Jitsu and Amateur wrestler practitioner... need I tell more?

Mark: But don’t forget he is a dirty cheater and if it wasn’t for his wife he would be nowhere near the level he is right now.

Matt: That is a bonus, I mean just look at his wife... I would love to be spanked by those hands, I am a bad boy baby hit me hard!

Mark: Aaaand there it is... it is never about the wrestling with you.

Matt: I am just saying what everyone is thinking... you just hate me ‘cus I got the balls to say it out loud.

Mark: You know Dave could split you in two if he knew you want his wife that bad?

Matt: I’d sell my soul, my self-esteem one dollar at a time for one taste of that.

Mark: Can we get back to the match at hand please? Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a fight that might be one for the ages, Dave O’Connor versus Albion Gale, the Maniac versus the Duality of woman... the match the O’Connor clan has been waiting for. Tonight we will see if Bella’s plan to destroy the madman works, because after last week's Hell in Cell Deathmatch Dave ended up getting destroyed, he was bloody mess anmd he lost his beloved Hardcore Championship.

Matt: I saw the match and god it was a mess, I loved it! I remembered Laurel Anne Hardy, The Tarmogoyf, LX-Tim and DJS giving us that level of brutality, he is a Hall of Famer in the making.

Mark: I do not know about that, it all depends on the shape he is in.

The scene then shifts to the ring where Hana Ramirez along with referee Jack J. Tickles stand in the middle of the ring.

Hana Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a for the Supreme XWA Championship....

Suddenly the lights go out and Alissa’s face appears on the screen laughing maniacally only to slowly die down, then ominously her voice speaks in Gaelic.

Alissa O’Connor: Tiocfaidh ár lá...

Matt: I get chills down my spine with that entrance... that is amazing.

Then Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" intro starts to blast through the PA system and when the drums start to play Dave and Alissa O'Connor walk out to the top of the ramp. Dave looks down to the ring with laser focus while she stares at the crowd with a smirk of disdain. His forehead has a lot of tape covering up his injuries from last week’s show, injuries he got there during the deathmatch with Hanako match.

Hana: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Alissa O'Connor, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 218 pounds, he is "The Maniac" Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaave Oooooooooo'Coooonnooooooooooooor.

As the music picks up speed, the red-haired goddess walks down the ramp in front of her husband who is wearing a black hooded leather jacket on top of his fighting gear. When they reach the bottom of the ring he opens up the middle ropes for his wife to get in, shortly after her he steps into the ring and takes off his jacket putting it on the floor. Meanwhile, Alissa grabs a microphone stares at the crowd with disdain and says in an angry voice.

Alissa: Fuck her up, babe.

After that, she walks out of the ring as he puts his mouthguard in punching both fists together as the music starts to die down.

Mark: There they are, the deadly O’Connor clan, the team that just became the pain in Bella’s behind.

Matt: Damn! Just look at Alissa, she is just perfect, I just want her to play with me for a while.

Alissa hears Matt say that and she just blinks an eye towards him giving him a smile.

Matt: You saw that?!

Mark: Yes, Yes... Can we please get back to work? You are a man-child!!.

Matt: I’ll just say this, have you noticed the good shape Dave is in? Given his previous match he should be a mess.

[Mark: Yes, I was just thinking that, just a bit of tape and that’s it, Hanako’s torture might have been enough to leave him injured for this match.

While both commentators discuss the nuances of the Madman’s health, “Invidia” starts playing over the speakers and, during the slow open, the sounds of distant thunder and wind are piped in as well making the crowd roar in unison. There is a louder thunderclap at the drop and water starts to pelt the stage in a simulated downpour. Albion walks out onto the stage, a black trenchcoat on over her ring gear and the Supreme XWA title around her waist. She stands proudly with her arms out in the deluge while the Phoenix comes out shortly behind her wearing his usual wrestling gear and the official Gold Rush shirt, when the “rain” stops they stride down to the ring.

Hana: Accompanied by "The Phoenix" Seiji Shimuzu, from Evansville, Indiana, weighing in at 164 pounds, she is the Supreme XWA Champion “the Duality of Woman”...Albiooooooooooooon Gaaaaaaaaaaaaale!

Compared to when her entrance theme started and all the storm sounds, the arena feels positively calm for Albion now the sound the crowd roaring is of little importance to her. As the song’s tempo increases, Albion’s pace quickens until she is in the ring while her teammate stays at ringside walking towards her corner. At this point she takes off the championship off form her waist leaving it on the mat and dramatically tears open her trenchcoat, revealing her ring attire underneath. She holds her arms out as though soaking in some sun before removing her coat and draping it over the top rope where a stagehand retrieves it and tucks it away next to the timekeeper along with the title belt. She then does some last-minute stretches to prepare for the upcoming match while Phoenix gets down to a kneeling seiza position.

Mark: Look at her, the grace of a true champion and a deadly woman. What amazes me is that she is coming to the ring with The Phoenix, she usually comes out alone but for tonight she is coming with some sort of insurance against Alissa.

Matt: Meh! Insurance? Dave already beat her, this is just a formality for the title.

Mark: Dave might have gotten the upper hand on his second match thanks to Alissa but this insurance is to make sure that doe snto happen again.

The referee stares at both wrestlers making sure they are both ready for the match to start, when he sees both nod he signals for the bell to ring.


Mark: There goes the bell! The future of the XWA hangs in the balance.

Matt: A true fighter should be crowned tonight and the southies should become the supreme leaders of the locker room.

Mark: That is just wishful thinking Matt.

Albion has already fought the Madman and knows he is a quick fighter who is ready to pounce at the bell, she holds her ground waiting for him to come. He smiles at the idea of the attack and so when the bell rigs he charges down towards his target quickly getting off the ground throwing his right foot forward to Albion’s face, she expect this so with lightning reflexes she dodges the attack easily. What she did not count on was that once he landed Dave would throw his back foot forward directly to her gut, Albion curves her body forward leaving her face open for a direct punch to the face that is closely followed by a front kick that intends to take out every little bit of air out of her lungs.

Matt: Look at the speed and force of those strikes, Albion did not know what hit her.

Mark: She is used to more technical fighters, Dave is another beast in the XWA, he is one beast Albion is trying to conquer once and for all.

Matt: She has said she was ready for him but after this quick set of strikes I have to say she is not ready to face the Maniac.

Dave walks close to his target and starts delivering consecutive left and right hooks to the gut which Albion tries to block, she manages to avoid some of them but other manage to get in tenderizing the area. Seeing no other way out she delivers a roundhouse kick to Dave’s knee forcing him to drop down to a knee, there Albion throws her right arm forward targeting his face forcing him to step backwards getting a three-point stance.

Matt: The champion quickly delivering a right hook to the face of Dave, he did not see that one coming.

Albion taking a page from Dave’s strategy, she wrenches his right arm to its limit forcing him to scream in pain. When she sees that Dave is in enough pain, she shuts him up by kicking the back of his head with her heel forcing him to roll away in pain. Dave quickly stands up holding his head, visibly unhappy because of the attack but he is quickly caught off guard by Albion wrapping her legs around his head taking him to the mat along with her.

Alissa: Come on Babe, beat this bitch up and take every ounce of pride away from her!

Shortly after taking Dave down Albion runs to the top rope bouncing from it while flipping her body in the air landing on top of him, what she did not know is that he was ready for it and so he locks her by the neck flipping her over for the submission.

Mark: Wow! Dave countering that springboard moonsault with a North-South choke, Dave is being very methodical on his moves... he has counters for every move Albion is doing, he’s working her psychologically.

Alissa: Teach this bitch who is the best here.

Albion is starting to get frustrated, her face is starting display her anger but she knows that is what they want, they want her to lose control and, in that moment, drag her to the depths of hell. She begins to breath slowly hoping to find a way out but the Maniac holds tight, her past as a cheerleader gives her an idea. She slowly starts to power through, she does everything in her power to force the Maniac to stand up along with her.

Matt: DAMN! Albion is strong for someone with her frame, she just made Dave get up with her but she’s still in a reverse headlock.

Albion turns around getting into a regular headlock, once in this position she uses her whole strength to push Dave away. Seeing as this is futile, she punches the gut of her opponent repeatedly softening him up a bit until she is able to freely push him away towards the ropes.

Alissa: Come on! Don’t let her get the best of you.

Mark: Albion was having hard time getting out of that hold, Dave seems to be a tough opponent for her.

Matt: Dave is a tough opponent for everyone, just look at him, the perfect fighting machine... Lean, mean and ready to kick ass!!!

Mark: Do you have a man crush on him?

Matt: And what if I do?

Mark: Oh god..

Dave is thrown to the ropes and knows Albion is not far behind so as he bounces back gathering more speed, he jumps off the mat catching her surprise landing on her chest taking her down. There he starts to deliver devastating forearms to her head, the strikes come raining down with such force that her head can be seen bouncing repeatedly on the mat. Dave is relentless to the point that he does not care if the forearms bust her open, give her a concussion or worse break her neck, all he wants is to do is win.

Alissa: Come one! Faster stronger deadlier! End her!

Albion cannot think clearly since the strikes come down with such force that she is unable to look for a way out, in a moment of desperation she hooks his head in a headlock and grabbing his tights flips him over hooking him for a pinfall that ends up with the referee quickly running in to do the count.



Matt: What the hell! Albion getting out out of that predicament by turning it to a pin.

Dave kicks out of that pinfall by throwing Albion of from him, he immediately rolls up along with Albion who receives him with a devastating dropkick to the face that sends the Maniac back down to the mat. With the experience he got in fighting circuits he manages to roll up along with Albion, they stare in anger at each other trying to figure out a way to gain the upper but neither seems to be able to do that. In a fit of pure desperation both run at each meeting in the middle of the ring, Dave throws a lariat hoping to strike the neck of the champion but she ducks going for the ropes and bouncing back. The Maniac is amazed at this and just in time turns around lifting his front foot and throwing it forward, the Duality of Woman ducks at just the right time feeling the leg of the Madman rush by over her head.

Mark: Both wrestlers trying to hit the other but they seem to barely miss each other, this is just a demonstration that both wrestlers are at the same level!

Gaining far more momentum, Albion bounces from the ropes a second time only to jump from the mat wrapping her legs around his neck and with the pure momentum helping her, she throws her body backwards dragging the Maniac with her to the ropes. Once she gets her opponent to the ropes she bounces of and lifts him from the mat with the pure force of her stomach, she manages to flip his body over so that she is on top pinning the Madman.

Matt: Albion going for an incredibly hard attack, that frankensteiner took it’s toll I bet.




Alissa: What are you doing? She's taking you down, teach her how is the real boss here!!!

The Maniac forces Albion away from him by pushing her towards the ropes, she knows that he is pissed and willing to do anything and that is her moment to get the upper hand. She’s playing him like a fiddle and like so he charges at her for a spear, Albion does not need to do much to avoid the strike because she only has to go lower than him and throw him with her back but what she did not count on was for her opponent to land of his two feet resulting on him kicking her on the back with his left leg forcing her to go down on her two feet.

Mark: Now that is thinking on your feet, Dave was getting thrown to the mat by Albion but he managed to maintain his balance and kick her back forcing her to drop to her knees. That is A grade level of fighting.

Dave does not give her a second to think about it, he quickly traps her arm with his right extending it and that is when he starts to rain down elbows on her collar bone. Each elbow is made to land hard on her collar bone injuring her neck and muscles, the sheer force of the strikes is what leaves her dazed an unable to react once again.

Matt: The madman is clearly angry, see him destroy Albion... he must be taking out every frustration on her.

Albion tries to move but Dave keeps striking her down, she uses every ounce of her strength to move. Slowly she starts to throw her elbow back to his kidney section, she continues doing this while her sore collar bone starts to feel like it is unable to move. Albion has to do something right this moment, her elbows start to equal Dave’s strength and on one single moment O’Connor stops the elbow strikes making Gale think she did it but she could not be more wrong. The Madman grabs her by the waist lifting her up and effortlessly throwing her over his head far away from her previous position, this makes her hit the mat so hard that she bounces of it flipping her body over landing on her knees.

Mark: Albion still standing! She is hurt but she is not out! Look at the agility.

Alissa: One more time, come on!

The two enemies cross stares, their blood feud is palpable as their hatred boil up to the surface, yes the Madman is a handful for the Duality of Woman. They both stand up and rush towards each other, the Maniac lifts his left leg gathering momentum quickly throwing his right leg forward. Albion sees this and goes under Dave, this allows her to bounce back from the ropes with more strength throwing her leg at the face of her challenger making him hit the mat at full force.

Matt: Damn! Did someone got the license plate of the truck? Dave just got Wacked!!

Mark: Back to black! That was one Albion’s hardest move, did it take the Maniac down?

Dave rolls out of the ring quickly to gather himself, he clears the cobwebs from his face and just as he turns around a flying Albion comes flipping from over the top rope. The move is to quick that Dave barely grabs onto Albion and fall back to the floor making his head bounce; Albion might have executed the move but she is not uninjured, she grabs her back in pain while the Madman screams in pain.

Mark: Albion pulling all the stops trying to take that man down, her fury is enough to do everything she’s got.

Both wrestlers twist and turn around on the floor as they are badly injured, Alissa walks over to her husband hoping to do something for him but the quiet wrestler at the other side stands up like a sentinel. He stares at her walking over to stop her if she’s out of line, Alissa lifts her arms up showcasing she’s not doing anything and so the Masked Man returns to his kneeling seiza position meditating.

Alissa: Get up babe!

Matt: That damned samurai did not allow Alissa to help her husband up...

Mark: Right ‘cus that’s all she’s going to do.

Matt: You always think the worse out of people.

Mark: And you are just thick as shit.

Dave extends his arm signaling Alissa to step back, he is breathing deeply as he is beaten and tired but he is not done. The Madman gets into a three and using the apron he manages to stand up right next to Albion and when he sees her right next to him, he grabs a handful of her hair and slams her head repeatedly against the apron.

Mark: The Maniac going at Albion slamming her head on the apron, that is going to give her a concussion!

Dave knows he is injuring the head of Albion and that is when he heard the referee count to six, he stops his attacks and rolls the dazed champion into the ring as she no longer knows where is up or down. Closely he rolls in stopping the count at seven while the crowd boo at O’Connor. He uses every ounce of adrenaline he has got on his body to get next to his opponent, deadlift her of the mat by the waist and in a single swift move throws her over his head far away from the previous position.

Matt: That is the semblance of a true fighter, look at him he is not done until it is all done.

Albion hits the mat on her back and tries to crawl away towards the ropes to regain her breath and while the referee looks at Dave with suspicion, Alissa rakes her eyes blinding her for a short moment. Meanwhile, Dave walks menacingly next to her and like a horror movie villain lifts her up by the waist horizontally only to throw her again over his head. Albion rolls in the air landing on top of the referee who hits the mat hard, the Champion does not know what just happened and just before Dave can run over to her to inflict more pain she rolls out of the ring.

Mark: Holy cow! Dave just took out the referee, that must have been intentional.

Matt: What? That was an obvious miscalculation, Dave did not count on the referee being there.

Mark: Ooooh… you know he is cheating, don’t lie.

Albion rolls out standing with the help of the ring apron, she swears she is near The Phoenix and away from Alissa but as she turns around a sudden single legged dropkick lands on her face sending her to the floor. Alissa manages to stands up quickly celebrating her attack on the champion but it is cut short as The Phoenix has something in store for her, he jumps from the steel steps wrapping his legs around her head throwing the Madman’s wife away protecting Albion.

Matt: The Phoenix striking hard on Alissa, don’t hurt her man… she’s cute.

Mark: She just got herself in the middle of the match.

Matt: That was payback for all the slander Albion has been throwing at them.

Not being out done Alissa stands up and quickly goes for both legs of the highflier wrestler and as The Phoenix falls to the floor Alissa starts raining punches at him, meanwhile the referee starts to get up clearing the cobwebs from his head and Albion starts to recover from the attack.

Mark: Albion’s wildcard worked perfectly, Alissa is busy with The Phoenix.

The champion sees the Madman’s wife attacking her former manager’s half-brother and rushes towards her slamming her feet to her face, Dave quickly reacts going to the apron and throwing his fist at Albion’s face sending her to the guard rail and when he lands he quickly turns around and slams his heel at Phoenix’s face cleaning out the scramble.

Matt: Do you see how Dave clears out the scramble, his agility is unlike any other wrestler in the company.

The referee finally recovers and sees the scramble, he notices Phoenix and Albion in the middle of it all. His seniority allows him to know what is going on and immediately he points to both wrestlers and signals them to go back to gorilla position, forcing Dave and Alissa to scream in anger.

Mark: There they go, Alissa is pissed, look at her screaming... finally someone does something about them.


The crowd chant “Na, na, naaaa, na, hey hey now, goodbye” angering the Madman’s wife more, she retaliates by saying she’ll be back. Meanwhile, Dave grabs Albion by the head in a Muay Thai plum and starts driving his knee at her face, once again her ears start ringing because her head has been through a lot. The face of pure anger is what amazes everyone, as Dave is stiffly taking out all his frustrations on Albion. When he thinks it is enough, he grabs her by the head with the plum and throws her at the steel steps forcing her head to bounce from them. Dave is taking out everything he has inside, his frustrations, his anger and his madness on Albion.

Matt: What will happen now Dave is taking out everything he has inside, his frustrations, his anger and his madness on Albion. What will happen now.

Mark: The way Dave is working on the head of Albion is enough to injure anyone, that biel throw surely gave her a concussion.

Slowly Albion tries to stand up but once the pouncing Maniac sees this, he runs at her and slams his foot on her face pushing the steps away again with her head. The Madman celebrates as the crowd loudly boo’s at him, the whole arena is angry at him but he does not care so when he hears the referee count to five he grabs Albion by the head and throws her in with force with him close by.

Matt: Albion will be having a bad hangover tomorrow.

Suddenly Albion gets a second wind and screaming in desperation runs towards her challenger kicking him in the gut and when he bends over she starts raining clubs to his back, angry, desperate clubs with both hands that make the Madman scream in pain. In quick response Dave pushes her to away but she is a rabid animal, she runs at him extending her arm taking both of them to the mat.

Mark: Albion getting a second wind... how long will it last and will it be enough for Dave to go down?

Quickly Albion hooks her arm around his head and gets up with him trapped in a headlock, she lifts Dave up vertically falling backwards to the mat soon after.

Matt: How is this possible? She was out!!

Mark: Albion is teaching Dave why she’s our Supreme Champion.

Dave is desperate and quickly stands up, he was winning and now this woman is angry as hell. Albion once again strikes the gut of Dave, this allows her to hold him in another headlock and this time instead of falling backwards, she turns him around falling in a seating position as Dave hits the mat with his back. Dave screams in pain but Albion is not done, she clubs away the gut of Dave repeatedly taking out what ever little air he had in his lungs.

Mark: Albion is desperate, she’s going for everything that can injure the Madman.

Soon the clubs stop raining and Albion stands up, she is mad and willing to do anything to win so she continues on kicking the gut of Dave. Each strike takes out more air and he is unable to keep enough air in to carry on, he needs to get out and easily he rolls away to the corner where he sits up grasping for air.

Matt: Damn! Not even Danny Diamond got her this angry.

Mark: Alissa and Dave are both assholes that deserve this.

Albion does not want Dave to gather himself, so she runs at the corner and jumps from the mat throwing her two feet at his face. The missile dropkick hits right where Albion wanted and he is out of it, this would be a good moment for a pin but Albion wants more. She puffs for air while Dave stares at her with fury, they are both tired soon they are both kneeling face to face. They both get up and start throwing punches at each other, angry desperate punches while they stand up.

Matt: Can you hear that? The sound those punches are making is chilling.

For each punch one throws the other responds in similar fashion, both are trying to get the other down for a count but neither will budge an inch. Dave then throws his right hand at her throat cutting of air, then he grabs her by the waist and lifts her up sending her to his side in a rice bale throw. Now with him on top and in control he starts raining forearm smashes to her head, each one striking on her injured head, Albion is angry and with a move unlike her she scratches his eyes forcing him to step away.

Mark: Albion is one angry woman, she just turned to her violent side and will do anything to win.

Matt: Dave is far more ruthless and now the he has nothing to lose he has to win.

Dave steps away cleaning his eyes as Albion also stands up screaming at him to bring it, she wants more, she needs to not only beat him but humiliate him. Dave does not take this lightly and rushes towards her flying in the air while lifting his knee to drive it hard to her face, she knows this was going to happen so she responds by also rushing forward with her right leg forward.


Dave gets thrown back in anger because Albion avoided the Flying Knee by countering it with a Back to Black in what seems to be a desperation attack but she is not done, the attack continues as she starts to deliver chops to his chest. Each chop is loud and deadly, making Dave scream out in pain but he can take it he just needs to grab onto her arms and take her down.

Matt: Those chops really do sound nasty.

When a chop finally lands on his chest Dave he goes for the arm and hold it tight with his right hand, Albion sees what is happening and she tightens her arm to avoid the kimura lock. She screams in pain and desperation as Dave goes for the submission.

Mark: Albion using whatever strength she has left to avoid the Kimura Lock! She is in pain just doing it.

Matt: That is amazing, she is using sheer willpower... kick her in the groin Dave!

O’Connor is doing everything to execute the move and once he is close to Albion she responds to Dave by smashing him in the head with her forehead, this is enough for the Maniac to let go of the attempt and walk back while holding his nose. Albion smiles as she sees the Madman walk away from her in pain.

Matt: What the actual fuck? That was something unlike her!

Mark: She's tired and desperate... she’ll do anything to win now.

Albion takes in a deep breath as she is tired enough from the bout that anything more seems too much but she goes in for more, she jumps off the mat towards Dave trying to drive him to the mat but O’Connor counters by smashing his forearm to the back of her head and after a fifth one she lets go.

Matt: This is test of constitution, both wrestlers are at their limits but their prides won't let them loose!

Albion walks away as Dave leans taking in air, he then spots his target and rushes towards her using her gut as a stepping stone. He then lifts his knee to her face and smashes it on her chin throwing her down to the mat for a pinfall, which her just drops to cover.

Mark: Step up knee! That must have taken her out with all those concussions she must have suffered.




Just before the referee counts to three Albion grabs a handful of tights and flips Dave over leaving him on his elbows for the pin.

Matt: Albion reversing the pin at the last second, wow!




Dave manages to push Albion away from him at the last second to avoid the pinfall, she hits the mat in anger thinking at why she could not keep the Madman down once and for all. Both take in deep breaths but the Duality of Woman is not done, she sits on top of him and starts slamming his head on the mat repeatedly. The slams might not be hard but the bumping around is enough to daze anyone, the slams are of desperation as the face of Albion can show.

Mark: This is just desperation, Albion is slamming Dave’s head repeatedly.

Matt: Nothing left in your arsenal? That is just sad.

She lets go of the slams when she thinks that is enough to leave him on the mat for a moment, Albion runs at the ropes and uses them to gather momentum and jump from the third rope while flipping in the air. This is it she thinks but Dave moves away at the last moment letting her land face first on the mat, she grabs her head in pain but it does not matter Dave takes hi change and rolls her up for the pin.




Mark: Albion and Dave exchanging pins but nothing will stick, what will happen now?

Albion kicks Dave away and while both of them rest on the middle of the ring the crowd chants for Albion to win, she’s giving it her all but is it enough for an animal like Dave?

Matt: I got to accept when I do not know who’s going to win but neither has had a chance to execute a finisher, they are giving the other no chance to do anything.

Mark: Dave did go for the Flying Knee.

Matt: And that got countered with a Back to Black.

Albion and Dave use the ropes to stand up, they slowly start to climb their way upwards while staring at each other.

Mark: Feel the intensity, this is a match that in pushing both to the limits... hardcore rules is the only thing that remains.

When they are both standing, they take in deep breaths. They both know this is their last chance to destroy the other, with this in mind they charge at each other. Dave jumps of the mat and throws his knee forward, he’s targeting her face in traditional Muay Thai fashion. Albion responds by extending her arm for a lariat to his gut but as they grow closer, she misses and the knee hits her hard on the face sending both of them to the mat.

Matt: Flying knee! Flying knee! This is it! No one can get out of that... it’s his devastation move... new supreme XWA champion!!!

Slowly Dave crawls towards his target, he is not well and this is taking time from the pinfall but he has to take his chance. With all his effort he drops his hand top of Albion’s chest barely covering her, the referee rushes in to do the count.



Shoulder up!

Mark: KICKOUT! KICKOUT! Albion is doing it! She is resisting the Madman’s most lethal move and Dave is in shock, look at his face! HA!

Dave stares at the referee amazed signaling three while he signals two, Albion is amazed about her accomplishment so she starts to laugh while she lies down.

Matt: Why is Albion is laughing? How is she is still alive?

Dave picks up the Duality of Woman who goes on to spit on his face angering him, Dave retaliates the insult with a throat thrust sending her back. She is hunched and barely alive, she laughs at her opponent signaling him to bring it.

Mark: Albion soldiering up for the win, she is pushing herself to the limit!

Dave starts throwing punches at her gut repeatedly, each punch is a grenade at this point but she will not give in. Albion maintains her position by sheer force of will and when she gets a chance, she returns the attack with an uppercut that hits Dave on the chin making him walk back. Once again Albion asks Dave for more as blood has started to come out of her mouth, he goes in to the ropes getting momentum and returns by jumping from the mat once again sending his knee forwards striking Albion a second time.

Matt: TWO! Two Flying knees, no one stand up from that!

As Dave rolls up using the ropes so does Albion, she stays hunched screaming in desperation for Dave to hit her one more time if he dares. She is dazed and angry, she knows that this could be it but still she screams in total desperation asking him if he’s got the balls to do it.

Mark: Albion asking for more punishment! She’s pushing Dave’s buttons... What is she hoping to accomplish?

Albion continues the taunt by saying that he’s nothing without Alissa ending it with just the phrase you are her bitch, Dave screams in anger rushing at Albion with a third flying knee that lands perfectly on her face. O’Connor stays up with help from the ropes and then he just lets his body fall on top of hers, he is out of ideas and if she kicks out, he has no idea what to do. All these thoughts rush by his head while the referee rushes in to do the count.

Matt: THREE Flying knees! That should be considered murder!

Mark: She can muster up the strength to kick out of a third Flying Knee.




The referee signals the bell to ring as Dave has finally done it.


Dave and Albion continue in the middle of the ring as they do not know if it is over or not, then O’Connor sees his price, the XWA Supreme Championship, and he stands up to grab it with both hands.

Hana: The winner of this match and NEW SUPREME XWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOON.... "The Maniac" Daaaaaaaaaaaaave Ooooo'Coooooooooonnooooooooooooor.

Matt: Told you he was too much for her.

The crowd boo in response to the Madman’s win, he holds the title up high celebrating not giving a damn about the crowd. He tries getting of the ring but, at the last second, he stops and remembers that Albion is there on the mat. He points to his title saying that this is his now, he then kneels and starts punching her face hoping to get a response. He starts to deliver forearm smashes to her face making her bleed out of her mouth more, the small pool starts to get bigger as the punches come down raining hard on her injured head.

Mark: What the hell Dave? You won! Walk away... why are you smashing her head?

The referee comes in to take him away but Dave is in trance, he has to see her brutally destroyed and the only way to see that is by smashing her head in. As more people come down the ramp to take Dave away, he continues to slam his fist on her face and until about five people push him away are EMT’s able to get in the ring taking Albion from the scene. Then the Madman speaks loudly at Albion.

Dave: Stay away bitch, the title is mine and mine alone. Tell Bella our time has come and we will not be denied our glory!

With those words Gold Rush comes to an end forcing people to wonder what will happen now that the Madman is the top wrestler in XWA.
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Re: XWA Gold Rush: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - CO-MAIN EVENT! SUPREME XWA CHAMPIONSHIP!

Postby PhoenixRoost » Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:44 am

Sanction: On any other night and in any other arena, our next contest would close the show. But tonight is Lord of the Ring, and that means our midway point is an XWA Supreme Championship match.

Steel: Look, I know I was taken aback when Albion beat Danny at XWA 500--

Sanction: That’s putting things mildly.

Steel: --but I know I’m right this time. Dave O’Connor is a maniac. It’s not just a tagline, he proved it last week in the Cell.

Sanction: If I thought you watched that match in its entirety, I’d be genuinely impressed.

Steel: Eat my ass, Mark. The point is that Dave O’Connor is hungry, he’s pissed off, he’s on a mission, and he’s already fucking tapped the bitch out. She is toast.

Sanction: I disagree, but it’s time to find out.

The lights go out and Alissa’s face appears on the screen laughing maniacally only to slowly die down, then ominously her voice speaks in gaelic.

Alissa: Tiocfaidh ár lá...

Then Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" intro starts to blast through the PA system and when the drums start to play Dave and Alissa O'Connor walk out to the top of the ramp as the crowd hurls boos down. Dave looks down to the ring with laser focus while she stares at the crowd with a smirk of disdain.

As the music picks up speed, the red-haired goddess walks down the ramp in front of her husband who is wearing a black hooded leather jacket on top of his fighting gear. When they reach the bottom of the ring he opens up the middle ropes for his wife to get in showing off the title high above her head, shortly after her he steps into the ring and takes off his jacket putting it on the floor as he starts to warm himself up for the match.

Dave is still visibly banged up from his Hell in a Cell Deathmatch. He has inch long cuts all along his arm and chest, all of which he has left proudly exposed. Most gruesome of all is the headband cut that will no doubt leave a scar that goes from one ear, up to the top of his head, then down to his other ear, lingering evidence of Hanako’s brutality with a pizza cutter. Despite the hellacious battle he had in Vancouver, Dave only looks angrier than ever.

All the same, Alissa grabs a microphone, stares at the crowd with disdain, then turns to her husband and speaks in an angry voice.

Alissa: Tonight is the night you take your rightful place at the top of our new empire of violence! Fuck her up, babe!

After that, she walks out of the ring as he puts his mouthguard in and punches both fists together, her intensity seeming to seep into him as he tries to bite through the mouthguard in angry anticipation.

Sanction: Look, before anything else is said, I will give kudos where they are due. Dave O’Connor came within seconds of leaving the Rogers Arena with two titles. He did things to the Black Rose that would kill lesser fighters, and she did things to him that would kill most anyone in this arena.

Steel: Which is why I think he’s leaving as the Supreme Champion tonight. We have seen how far he is willing to go to get what he wants, but how far is Albion willing to go? She can withstand a lot of punishment, but is she willing to go to the lengths necessary to put down the monster that is Dave O’Connor?

Sanction: I don’t know what she’s willing to do, but what I do know is she isn’t eager to be made a fool of a second time. Hopefully she was watching the Double Title match, because if she wasn’t, I think she’s going to be in for a nasty surprise.

Steel: As much as I am loathe to admit it, I will bring up that most of what he did in that match is hella illegal in a one-on-one bout for the Supreme Title...though I also know how little that means to the O’Connors, hence my prediction.

The arena’s lights all go out. The Jumbotron is also dark for a few seconds, but then in lights up.

It shows the image of Seiji Shimuzu, dressed in attire not dissimilar from Ignis from Final Fantasy XV, fighting some faceless armored humanoid dudes who are probably robots. His weapon of choice seems to be daggers, but one of them is a large dagger while the other is the prop he used to activate the Jumbotron during the pre-match promo at Gold Up North. This scene is in progress, and we linger on it for long enough to see that he seems to point the wand at a robot and zap it with an invisible attack. (Sound waves? Signal jamming? Electrical interference? It is unclear.) Then, when they are stunned from that, he throws a dagger to destroy them. The battle is loud and chaotic, and while he seems more than a match for a single enemy, there are many more than a single foe.

Seiji is getting surrounded and spins slowly around to look at a ring of robots closing in. He has a look of hopelessness on his face for a moment, but then he looks up as a lightning storm seems to spring up out of nowhere. The camera pans back a long way--perspective makes it tough to say how far, but it’s between a hundred and several thousand feet--to show a giant man with a staff whose staffhead is a unicorn with a lightning bolt horn and a zigzag lightning bolt spearhead on the other side. The gigantic old man raises the spear to throw it and glares down at the peons below. Then he chucks that lightning bolt staff, and in time with the video’s eruption, “Invidia” plays starting from after the drop. Once again, Albion Gale arrives to the arena on a lightning strike, but this time she appears in a kneeling position, with Seiji standing next to her dressed in his Ignis outfit, dagger and wand in hand, and there are a lot of miniature sparks rolling across the stage emulating the aftermath of summoning Ramuh in game, a bit of smoke rising from the floor.

She is also dressed differently than normal. Her normal black trenchcoat is nowhere to be seen, as she is dressed in a fusion of her attire from last year’s Lord of the Ring, her Aranea Highwind cosplay, and more typical ring attire. Aranea’s capelet is evoked in a white floor-length tailcoat with black accents and the logo of the Dawnbringers on the back in red, and all black attire with metallic details in the style of scales all down both legs.

The most dramatic touch is revealed when she stands up. Her coat is open, revealing the gleaming XWA Supreme Championship, and the white tails of her coat are flapping in an inexplicable wind, but when she whips her hair over her head, she opens her eyes wide, revealing not a pupilless white mass like the Undertaker, but a vibrant fuschia hue, another homage to the game. With a look of stern determination, she begins stalking down to the ring, Seiji close behind as the floor settles down.

The crowd is raucous with cheers as the Dawnbringers walk to the ring. Seiji is looking at Gale, looking not unlike his brother in how he is trying to help the champion prepare for the bout, but Gale has eyes only for Dave O’Connor, who is still waiting for her in the ring. She hops up onto the apron. Her eyes still seem to glow with the unnatural shade, but if it was meant as a tactic to throw Dave off his game, it doesn’t seem to have worked. Either way, her face maintains its intensity as she steps through the ropes and into the ring. She starts to shed her coat, but never takes her eyes off of Dave, who is staring right back at her. It is at this moment that Hana comes forward to do the ring announcements for the title bout.

Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the XWA Supreme Championship!

She turns first to Dave, who is standing there, face intense and jaw clenched, gloved hands looking as though he is trying to make his two separate hands into one combined extremity by pressing them into each other.

Ramirez: Introducing first, the challenger, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 218 pounds, he is “The Madman,” Dave O’Connor!

The crowd continues to boo Dave as Alissa hypes him up from ringside. The cameras have a hard time picking up what she says over the boos, but whatever it is, Dave doesn’t seem to register it. Hana turns to Gale.

Ramirez: His opponent, from Evansville, Indiana, weighing in at 164 pounds, she is the XWA Supreme Champion, ”The Dawnbringer” Albion Gale!

The crowd cheers as Seiji throws his hands up and tries to signal for the crowd to cheer louder. They seem to be cheering as loud as they go at the moment, but either way, Gale pays them as little mind as Dave does. This match is about more than protecting the XWA from those that would harm it.

This one is personal.

She is broken from this reverie by Senior Official Jack Tickles taps her on the shoulder. She shakes her head a bit, then hears him asking for her belt, which she dutifully unclasps to hand to him so that he can go to the center of the ring and raise it up, displaying it to the Golden 1 Center. After turning the full 360 degrees, he hands the title off to the timekeeper and comes back over to Gale and Dave, both of whom have remained completely still, unmoving except to slightly shift their weight or their head to get a better look at the other across the ring. Tickles comes over and waves them together to the center of the ring, and they each approach like robots, not spending any energy more than needed.

Steel: Ol’ Alby seems to be living it up lately, flexing some influence on the tech crew to make ridiculous entrances for her. I wonder if it’s a sign she knows she’s beaten?

Sanction: I highly doubt that. She has a history of these, though I admit the lightning strikes are a bit higher energy than her previous references. Besides, she may have lost to the O’Connor machine the last time they met, but something is different now. She has backup in her corner.

Steel: Backup that couldn’t fare any better against the O’Connors than Albion could. Even if they are more than the sum of their parts, those parts have a history of failing in the face of greatness.

Sanction: No more time to make predictions. Jack is done with the pre-match explanations, which means the time for conjecture is over. Now it’s time for action.

Jack Tickles backs up as far as he can while still being in the ring, then he signals to the timekeeper.


The very instant the bell rings, champion and challenger both charge at each other. Dave has the height, weight, and reach advantages, and so his charging Superman punch lands first, sending Gale recoiling wildly back into her corner. Dave charges with her, and as soon as her back is touching the turnbuckles, his shoulder is driven into her stomach. He rears back and blasts her with a second shoulder thrust, but when he backs off for the third one, she lifts a knee and catches him in the chin. He jolts upright, but he isn’t stunned as long as Gale thinks he should be, as she springboards off the second ropes up to the top turnbuckle and from there into a moonsault to Dave, but Dave is able to catch her over his shoulder. She immediately starts struggling to get free, but his grip is too strong as he struts around the ring, then suddenly spins on a dime, slamming Gale down in the same moment to get a bit of extra torque on his powerslam! As soon as she is flat, Dave tries to float into a mounted position, but Gale is too savvy to allow that and starts rolling for the ropes. This doesn’t save her from several stiff forearms to the back of the head as she leaves herself exposed. The crowd boos as Dave grabs her arm and yanks her away from the ropes, the safe haven lost to her as he then descends with more stiff strikes to the back of the head. She covers up as best she can, but Dave doesn’t stop until Tickles comes over and urges him off of her, lest he risk a disqualification for assaulting a defenseless opponent in illegal areas. Dave snarls at him but relents while Alissa shouts “If she’s defenseless, then he’s won!” Rather than remind her that that isn’t how professional wrestling rules work, Tickles just kneels down next to Gale to ask if she still wants to fight.

Gale responds by shoving Tickles away, pulling herself over to the ropes on the side of the ring facing the stage. Dave shrugs and charges, but Gale seems to feel him coming and yanks down on the top rope! Dave tumbles over the top rope, but lands on the apron rather than fall all the way to the floor. Gale pushes herself up quickly, sees Dave starting to get up, and springs into action, running back into the corner, springboarding off the second turnbuckle to catch Dave with a springboard dropkick that knocks him the rest of the way to the floor! The crowd cheers as Gale pushes herself back to her feet, one hand in the air in a sign of triumph, the other hand behind her head as she tries to assess the damage done. As soon as she senses she’s mostly alright, she looks down at Dave recovering on the floor. He’s most of the way up to his feet, so she charges into the opposite ropes for momentum, and as she’s bounding back, she leaps high into the air, over the top rope with relative ease, and flies at where Dave used to be, because Alissa lunged into the danger zone, grabbed Dave’s arm, and yanked him out of the way! She seems to recognize this just in time and tucks her head, flipping herself so instead of landing on her head and crushing her spine, she lands flat on her back. Make no mistake, she still cries out in pain, but at least she’s not on her way to the morgue. The crowd is booing and both the official and Seiji are shouting at Alissa, but she just looks up at the ref with a shit-eating grin, because she knows that Dave won’t be disqualified unless she lays her hands on Gale directly.

Sanction: A frantic opening to this Supreme Title match, and already Misses O’Connor is getting involved, so any pretense of winning this match honorably has been tossed out.

Steel: They don’t have to win the match honorably to get what they want. All they have to do is win. I know our precious snowflake of a Supreme Champion is caught up in manners and do-goodery, but that’s not the world she lives in, and Dave O’Connor is here to teach her the ways of the world.

Seiji has rushed over to Gale and is checking on her, and Alissa has the audacity to shout at the official, demanding “Throw him out!” Both men ignore her, Seiji continuing to check on Gale while Tickles starts the countout.


Dave is still on his feet, but he’s not going to let up. He waves Seiji away, and Seiji does so rather than risk a disqualification of his own. Gale is flat on her back still, so Dave bends down to start picking her up.


Dave snarls as he yanks Gale up by her hair, earning boos and a cry of pain. Tickles continues to chide Dave, but he ignores the official, instead yanking on Gale’s arm to throw her into the ring steps with all his might.


Gale is rushing toward the stairs, but rather than hit it full on, she hops up and lands on them on both feet. Dave snarls and charges at her, but she leaps up, hooking an arm around the ring post and curling around it as though weightless, earning a full cheer as she slips through the top and middle ropes, winding up back in the ring! Dave had been charging full speed at the steps as well, but he stops himself by bracing on the stairs, though the impact of his hands planted on the edge is enough to rattle the steel steps.


Gale backs off to center ring while using Dave’s signature taunt, holding both hands out and curling her fingers toward herself in the universal sign of “Come get some.” Dave roars and charges into the ring, intending to do just that, but as he gets up and charges Gale, she dodges out of the way of a Bicycle Kick, and before he can turn back around, she lunges in and attacks his left knee with a chop block. It’s not enough to bring Dave completely down, but his knee buckles and he goes to one knee. He’s already starting to get up, but she lays on that knee with roundhouse kicks until he is fully upright. He whirls around, trying to catch her with a violent back fist, but she ducks under, and before he can grab her, she launches a low dropkick to the same knee. He buckles but does not fall one again, so she runs the ropes for momentum, but as she’s coming back, he barrels into her, burying his shoulder into her stomach again, this time in a big spear! Despite only having one leg to push off, Dave still manages to collide with Gale in an uncomfortable impact of skin on skin. Gale’s head whips back and hits the mat hard as Dave drags her away from the ropes, then goes for the match’s first pin attempt.



Gale kicks out! She gets her shoulder up around two-and-a-half, and while Dave doesn’t seem surprised, he still seems angered. He takes this anger out on her by mounting her and doing a proper ground-and-pound, blasting her with forearms and elbows. She covers up as best she can, though she still gets several blows full blast, until raising her legs and bucking her hips. The opening isn’t large, but it’s enough to slip out from under Dave, and as he tries to recapture her, she rolls desperately toward the ropes. Dave has a hand on her foot, but Seiji looks directly into his eyes as he grabs at Gale’s hands and yanks her out of his grasp and to ringside. Alissa goes apeshit--”I told you to eject him, he’s directly involved now!”--but Seiji simply claps back. “We’re even, kusobitchi.” She can’t understand exactly what he called her, but his tone of voice was highly antagonistic, and it has ‘bitch’ in it, so she rightly assumes it’s not great and stalks over to Seiji to scream right in his face.

Sanction: This match is on a fast track to go completely off the rails, Matt. Seiji is playing tit-for-tat with Alissa, vis a vis the indirect interference, and she did not fucking like that.

Steel: I don’t think any woman enjoys being called a bitch, even if they deserve it, which Alissa certainly did not. She gets told off while this snot-nosed brat does worse and gets no warning? That’s not the way things work around here.

Sanction: I’m glad you have your eyes open, as usual, Matt. If anything, I think Alissa is still ahead of Seiji in interference in this match. Dave suffered nothing but annoyance at his, while Albion nearly suffered a neck injury when Alissa got involved.

Steel: Just goes to show how much smarter than them she is. Not my fault they have no mind for strategy.

Seiji is looking down at the much shorter manager as she tries to intimidate him with many chest bumps and shrill screechings. He just rolls his eyes and goes to turn away from her and check on Gale, who is still leaning on the apron, but Alissa pulls his attention back to her by yanking his shoulder back around, and when he’s facing her, she reels back and slaps the shit out of him! The crowd jeers her, hard, as Seiji’s head rocks to the side and stays there as he processes what just happened. Tickles is on that side of the ring, leaning out to insist that the managers go back to their corners or they’ll be ejected. Seiji takes a deep breath to compose himself, then looks like he’s going to comply with the official’s orders, but Alissa uses the opening to get into Gale’s face. “My man is going to turn you into paste!” She then spits on Gale, who was just about to get back into the ring. Gale just idly wipes it away as she steps up on the apron, but Seiji takes much more offense. He storms over to Alissa and gets into her face, spewing foreign insults at a rate that the microphones can’t keep up with. The two of them continue posturing until Alissa reels back to strike him again, but Seiji blocks it and slaps her. He opens his mouth to say something about being even again, but both O’Connors go ballistic. Alissa leans her shoulder into Seiji and tries to run him clear into the barricade. She does so, but not with enough force to hurt him, but she does start wailing on his midsection. Dave tries to rush to her aid, but Gale reminds him she’s still there with a stiff rope-assisted roundhouse kick that sends him staggering back. She springs up to the top rope, but when she tries to springboard in with a dropkick, Dave rushes under her to as she falls, he can launch an elbow strike upward, uppercut style, and catch her in the jaw! She falls limp to the canvas in a heap, but rather than go for a pinfall, Dave pounces, not bothering with proper form as he just wails on Gale some more. As he does so, Tickles is momentarily distracted by a rush of security and support staff that charges down to ringside to separate the brawling managers. Dave is still wailing on Gale, who is trying to get away, but he grabs her and rotates himself so his body is parallel with hers, but facing the opposite direction. He reaches down to wrap an arm around her head and sink down into the North South Choke, and Gale is immediately flailing! Tickles either hears this or sees it in the Jumbotron and spins around to look at the action! Gale is obviously in a lot of peril, but in his fury, Dave did not position himself properly, so with a bit of lateral lunging, Gale is able to drape her feet across the bottom rope! He holds onto the choke as long as he can, forcing Tickles to count.





Tickles has his hands up to count five, but Dave lets go at the last second. Gale is holding her throat and has her legs wrapped as tight as they can go around the bottom rope, but Dave is clearly seeing red, wanting to yank her back into the fight. Tickles is able to convince him not to, on account of not wanting to lose his shot at the Supreme Championship, so instead the Maniac stalks back and forth, snorting and waiting for Gale to show signs of recovery.

Sanction: Seiji might have just lost Albion the title there. I understand being upset at Alissa, but that slap seemed to light a fire under Dave, and Albion is the one paying the price.

Steel: If anything, he saved her some time. This was going to happen to her eventually, our foreign friend just helped out by making the inevitable come all the faster.

As Seiji and Alissa are escorted to the back, Dave roars and plucks Gale from the ropes in spite of his instructions, having let Gale only get up to the middle rope before losing patience. Tickles continues chastising him, but Dave responds by throwing Gale over his shoulder in a big release German suplex! Gale folds in on herself, but Dave gives her no time to recover, as he wraps his arms around her waist, deadlifts her off the mat, and then launches her for a second German suplex! He deadlifts her again, this time positioned from the other direction, and throws her over in a Gutwrench suplex! The crowd is raining boos down on him, but he doesn’t seem to hear them. All he sees is Gale’s prone body. He plops down and starts blasting her in the back of the head with forearm strikes, but Tickles is quick to yank him off, giving him a second warning for illegal strikes to the back of the head while Gale tries to cover that area the best she can. Dave snarls at him, but relents, turning Gale over onto her back. He moves to mount her for more ground-and-pound, but before he can straddle her chest, she springs up and pulls Dave down with an inside cradle!



Dave kicks out just in time! His eyes go wide with surprise, but then the unbridled fury returns. Gale is starting to get back up as he charges her again, but she ducks his charging strike, hooking her arm around his and pulling herself up, around his back, and wrapping her legs around his other arm before shifting her weight to pull Dave down into a Crucifix pin!



Dave kicks out just in time a second time, even angrier now. He rolls backward over his neck in the same motion that he used to kick out of the pin, getting to his feet in record time, even before Gale is up. She is on hands and knees, so Dave charges and kicks her right in the ribs he’s battered since the start of the match. Gale cries out and holds her stomach as Dave yanks on her hair. Tickles is quick to chastise him for this, but he didn’t yank her clear up to her feet, so all it does is annoy her into stirring a little more quickly.

Sanction: The champ with a couple quick pinning predicaments, but that exchange definitely goes to O’Connor with an absolute battery of suplexes. Gale has shown her resilience in the past, and that’s the only reason she’s still in this match, I think, but she has to start picking up the pace on punishment.

Steel: I admit I was a little worried when it looked like she was going to target Dave’s legs, but that plan seems to have gone nowhere after the ejection of her partner and the absolute assault of the Maniac. She’s just delaying the inevitable at this point.

Sanction: You always say that and you always seem to be wrong.

Steel: Can’t be wrong every time, Mark. One of these times, I’m going to be right, and you won’t be able to stop me from gloating all over the arena.

Sanction: I might not, but if it happens tonight, I should remind you that this is not the main event.

Steel: I won’t care which bitch wins the ring this year as long as they have Davey Boy to worry about!

Dave yanked Gale over onto her stomach and up to hands and knees before getting chided, so Gale just has to push herself up the rest of the way. She’s favoring her stomach, but her face is a mix of grit teeth pain and the same determination she walked in with. Dave, meanwhile, is full fury as he rushes forward again. Tickles is in close in case he has to pull Dave off, but Gale ducks under it again and starts curling herself up and around in her trademarked Tilt-a-whirl DDT! However, Dave is not totally subdued and starts spinning as well, trying to put Gale off balance. She continues her acrobatics routine around his shoulders, but one unintended result is that on the last pass before she does the DDT, her legs swing out and clock Tickles right in the head! The crowd gasps as Dave gets planted, and as soon as he is down, Gale goes right to the side of the official, eyes wide. Evidently she felt something odd on the way around, and now she knows why, as Tickles lays motionless in the corner. Almost immediately, the crowd cheers as Kirk Samson rushes down to fill the power vacuum. Gale sees Dave down and not moving and goes for a cover, which Samson springs into position to count.





The crowd starts booing as Samson’s hand hovers above the canvas, and Gale slowly looks over to Samson as she realizes what’s happening.

Sanction: Absolutely despicable. It’s as if he was waiting backstage for this exact scenario. I thought we were past this, Kirk, have you no shame?

Steel: He has plenty of shame, Sanction, but that has nothing to do with coming down to the ring and overseeing a Supreme Championship match between hated rivals.

Sanction: Particularly when one of those parties has a history of bribing XWA staff and officials. How else would he get down here so promptly?

Gale starts to stand up to loom over Samson, her expression a mix of anger, confusion, and sorrow, but before she can act on any of them, Dave lunges up and blasts Gale in the back of the head at the base of her skull with a forearm shiver. Gale crumbles in a heap, but the crowd is cheering because Seiji is back and barreling down the ramp at top speed! His face is red on the right side where he got slapped, but he came back just in time, because Dave is turning Gale over to make a pin attempt, and Samson is right there!

1, 2--

Samson was definitely fast counting, but just before his hand hits the third time, Seiji yanks Samson by the foot and drags him out of the ring, breaking the pin attempt!

Alissa: Make her suffer!

Alissa is also back, her face reddened as well, but she has a mic in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.

Sanction: This is going to get ugly, fast.

Steel: But Tickles never technically ejected her, so she’s allowed to be here, Mark! Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down!

She also charges down to the ring, but halfway there, she tosses the bat over the heads of Samson and Seiji where Dave catches it in one hand. Gale is stirring but not quickly as Dave stalks her. As she pushes up to all fours, Seiji jumps up on the apron, attempting to distract Dave. He does so, but at the cost of his ribs, as Dave whirls on him and blasts him with a full swing of the bat, the CRACK of the impact audible in the nose bleeds! The crowd howls boos as Dave turns back to Gale, twirling the bat in his hand, but as he winds up to swing for the fences, Gale pushes herself up, then immediately down and back as she ducks the home run swing. As Dave drops the bat and turns to face Gale again, she blasts him with a Superkick! The crowd erupts as it is Dave’s turn to crumple from the patented Blazing Kick, but she knows it’s useless to pin Dave as long as Samson is the acting official, so she goes over to start trying to rouse Tickles. He is stirring, so she goes over to Dave to make a pin attempt. Alissa goes to try and molest Tickles, but Seiji grabs her by the wrist, and when Alissa extracts a sap from somewhere on her person he’d rather not think about, he considers all bets off and pulls her in to an overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex on the outside! Alissa’s back arches as Dave stirs, kicking out way after three seconds but before Tickles can get his bearings again. Gale groans as Dave pushes her off roughly, starting to get back to his feet. As he does, Seiji is standing over Alissa, who still has a sap in hand, while Samson is accosting him for assaulting a manager. Seiji just points at the sap, but after Samson doesn’t relent for a while, Seiji shrugs and blasts Samson with a right hand that knocks him to the floor! The crowd is more split on this, though most still cheer for the comeuppance for someone who tried to fuck Gale over.

Steel: He can’t put his hands on an XWA official! Surely Jack will have to DQ Albion when he realizes what happened, right?

Sanction: For one, Samson is as fault as well, and for two, that assumes Jack will find out before the match ends, which I don’t see as likely.

Steel: Well I hope Bella nukes Sage’s--

Sanction: That is not his name.

Steel: --career right into nothingness. Curtain jerking with Jace Albright for eternity! That’s the bare minimum punishment for assaulting a manager and an official!

In the ring, Dave is on his feet and Gale grabs him around the neck and head, clearly preparing to pull him down in a reverse STO with ulterior motives, but Dave elbows his way out of this viciously, ending in a downward elbow to the top of Gale’s head. (Again, hella illegal in MMA.) Gale slumps and releases her grip on him, prompting him to back into the ropes. With the added momentum, he charges forward, attempting to blast Gale’s head off with a flying knee, but she jukes desperately out of the way, and Dave flies harmlessly across the ring, landing and staggering into the ropes. He stops himself by putting his hands on the top rope, and when he does, he sees Alissa favoring her back on the ground and Seiji staring up at him, standing over Samson’s body. He snarls, but Seiji just smirks and points over his shoulder. Dave furrows his brow, then whirls around, and as he does, Gale is spinning on her left foot as her right foot connects soundly with Dave’s jaw. He goes down again to this variant of a Blazing Kick that some people would call Black Mass. Gale wastes no time in ascending the turnbuckles to put the exclamation point on it. She stops at the top, pausing to clutch at her ribs, but she makes the flight anyway, backflipping as she sails through the air before crashing down onto Dave’s body with a Shooting Star Press! She hooks Dave’s leg with some effort and Tickles starts crawling into position to count the painfully slow pinfall.


Alissa is stirring, but she is not going to make it in time to save her husband. He’s on his own.



Samson is trying to get up and interject himself, but Seiji plants a foot on his chest to hold him down.


3! “Invidia” starts playing, but you can hardly hear it over the cheers of the crowd as Gale flops onto her back, still favoring her ribs as Tickles starts laboriously pulling himself to his feet.

Ramirez: Here is your winner and STILL XWA Supreme Champion...Albion Gale!

Sanction: Anything to say, Matt?

Steel: She has to lose one of these days, and it will be the happiest day of my career. I don’t understand her and I don’t understand how she keeps surviving.

Sanction: Surviving is definitely the word for it. Despite the hell he went through last week, Dave came prepared to put Albion through her own version of hell, and it certainly looked like he had her beaten several times.

Steel: And Alissa was on point, too, how could they lose?

Sanction: They clearly had an understanding with Kirk, as well, but Seiji was a new variable for the equation. Things certainly got chaotic because of that, but in the end, a new twist on an old favorite of Albion’s marked the beginning of the end.

Tickles has only just found his feet and staggered to the side of the ring to grab the Supreme Championship. He holds it out to Albion as Seiji slides into the ring. Samson is immediately over by Alissa, and they immediately get into a furious but secretive argument that can’t be picked up by the microphones. Instead, the cameras and mics focus on Albion Gale with the Supreme Championship around her waist and Seiji raising her hand.
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Re: XWA Gold Rush: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - CO-MAIN EVENT! SUPREME XWA CHAMPIONSHIP!

Postby RevolutionJones » Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:59 am

OK, now that I’m done running around doing first-week-of-the-semester stuff, this match is now OPEN FOR VOTING!

World, you now have until WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH to cast your votes. As always, anyone can vote (unless it’s your own match), and only votes that use the official Voting Template, which you can find HERE, will be counted.

To the writers, thank you both for your hard work, good luck, and may the best match win!
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Re: [VOTE] XWA Gold Rush: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - CO-MAIN EVENT! SUPREME XWA CHAMPIONSHIP!

Postby RevolutionJones » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:26 pm

Dave O'Connor

What I liked: Right from the start, we build off their earlier TV title match--great psychology there. The furious action and quick pace fit how much beef Albion and Dave have developed over the past couple months, and they both look like absolute beasts as a result. Alissa and Phoenix's brawl comes in at a nicely-picked moment, giving the actual wrestlers a breather and getting the inevitable interference out of the way before setting the stage for the second half. The fact that Dave had to hit multiple finishers to put Albion away kept her looking strong and lent Dave some credibility as far as what he had to tough out and who he had to beat in order to finally ascend to the top of the mountain.
What I disliked: Ewww, Tarmagoyf reference. For real, though, the amount of "slam someone's head repeatedly on a surface" spots felt excessive, especially with how early they started and how scrambled both wrestlers' brains would probably be at that point. Like, realistically, they probably both need EMTs after that. Post-finish events underwhelmed, for reasons I'll get into in just a bit. Also, unless I'm reading this wrong, Albion doesn't even try to hit any of her finishers--seems like a missed opportunity, given how good some of the other counter/reversal spots were.
Personal Favourite Part: Pick a counter/reversal spot, any counter/reversal spot. Every single one of them was on-point and demonstrated how much these two learned from last time.
Personal Least Favourite Part: The post-finish. Apart from being yet another "smash face into surface" spot, after like four or five of those in the actual match had me weary of them, the main thing that got to me about this spot was that I didn't see much reference to how the crowd reacted. Like, this is the top heel in the company winning the Supreme Championship and then getting in enough late hits to put the former champ in an ambulance--surely, the crowd should be going fucking NUCLEAR for this. And yet all we get are passing mentions before and after the beatdown, which makes the whole thing feel less impactful when I read it.
Constructive Criticism for Next Time: Make more use of the crowd's reactions to help tell the story--they can really sell how despicable Dave and Alissa are.
Final Comments: Great layout, solid pacing, easy to read...this is overall a really good match, even with its flaws.

Albion Gale

What I liked: Title match entrances that save the announcements for after both combatants are in the ring? Mwah. Such good atmosphere. First act does a good job establishing the characters and how close the wrestlers are with their respective managers, and the managers' return for the finale makes the story structure easy to follow. Detailed, hard-hitting action--the way Albion bumps and sells for Dave's offense really puts him over. Bringing Kirk Samson in for some blatantly-biased refereeing makes sure the entire story of Dave's corruption comes into play. As with the other version of this match, the use of multiple finishers really helps the opponent look strong in defeat.
What I disliked: Interference was a little overboard in that first act, but it made more sense once Seiji and Alissa got out of the way, establishing that this was, in fact, just the first act. Even then, though, their dialogue should have been put on its own lines instead of placed mid-paragraph. Commentary felt too bunched-together in certain spots--like, by now, I know that long paragraphs of action with sparse commentary is just your style, and it works, but there were definitely chunks of mid-match commentary that felt like they could have been spread out.
Personal Favourite Part: Dave's suplex battery. This was where the bumping/selling was at its absolute best, and the vivid descriptions sell Dave's power and Albion's determination to an impeccable degree.
Personal Least Favourite Part: Peak interference levels in the first act, around the time of Seiji saying "Now we're even." It felt like we were just missing the in-ring stuff in favor of focusing on the managers, and while it was necessary to move the story forward, I feel like Dave and Albion themselves should have been in more of a "mutual wipe-out" situation while that was going down.
Constructive Criticism for Next Time: Honestly, most of my critiques just come down to formatting/dialogue placement. Nothing too major needs fixing, at least not that I see as a recurring problem.
Final Comments: Top-notch storytelling and action, great attention to detail, decent flow...again, really good stuff from you as always.
The Person Getting My VOTE: Albion Gale
Overall Match Comments: This one was pretty close, just for how many things both matches did well. Dave's felt like more of a pure adrenaline rush, it comes within inches of the win, but Albion made use of the history between both characters in a more comprehensive way, with more believable action to back it up.


OK, that vote was a staff tiebreaker and I don't feel like double-posting, so your official winner, AND STILL Supreme XWA Champion, ALBION GALE!

Congratulations on your first defense, and thank you both again for your hard work! Now that y'all are 1-1, I can't wait to see where the feud goes from here--'cause let's be real, this probably won't over for a long while--and what happens in the inevitable rubber match.

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