XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Dave O'Connor vs. Terrance Ainley Television Title Match!

Dave O'Connor defends his newly-won Television Championship, plus the double-debut of Bloody Mary and Cuddles Soda as we set the stage for the 2019 Lord of the Ring tournament!
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XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Dave O'Connor vs. Terrance Ainley Television Title Match!

Postby Michael Swift » Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:15 pm

Can you feel it? It's...

LIVE! From the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, Illinois (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

The Main Event: XWA World Television Title Match!


Dave O'Connor vs. Terrance Ainley

It is a new era! Last Massacre saw Albion Gale finally be taken down after forcing back all other challengers, and now Dave O'Connor holds the belt! But there is little time to rest, as he now steps up to face the first wrestler who pines for his belt! His opponent? Terrance Ainley! Watch as the young XWA wrestler looks to step up and try to earn himself his first taste of gold! And you can only do that live on Massacre!


Deadline for matches is June 9th, 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on June 14th, 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Dave O'Connor vs. Terrance Ainley Television Title Match!

Postby Dave_Maniac » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:06 pm

After a short break, we return to the Battlezone seeing both Tempest and Mark Sanction sitting at ringside.

Mark Sanction: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another edition of XWA Massacre here at the Battlezone. We have seen two debuting stars but tonight our main event is the start of the new XWA Television Championship reign between Dave O’Connor and Terrance Ainley.

Tempest: Well last night Dave made history by becoming both Television and Hardcore champion at the same time. I cannot remember if that has happened before.

Mark: What intrigues me is the promise Alissa made about changing the XWA Battle to its roots and challenging Bella.

Tempest: I have not seen anything out of the ordinary tonight, in fact I think this has been a pretty smooth show.

Mark: We can only hope it stays this way.

The camera then shifts to the ring where Hana stands.

Hana Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the XWA… Television… Championship…

As Hana Ramirez and the referee stand ready, it's like we've been transported back to the 80's, as "Paradise Warfare" by Carpenter Brut plays out.

Hana: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Venice Beach, California, weighing 207 Ibs...TERRANCE! AAAIIIINNLEEEYYYYY!!

Mark: You are joking right? Dave is going to destroy this kid, who did Alissa pay for this?

Tempest: After the brutality shown by both Dave and Alissa they pit him against Terrance? Where is Bella to correct this?

Mark: Well there is only one way out of this.

Terrance rolls into the ring, throwing his arms up into the air to more polite cheers from the crowd. Looking out he sees all sorts of people, fans, spectators, there's even a nice-looking blonde girl in the front row smiling, which takes Ainley quite aback. He's not used to this level of attention.

Tempest: May the lord have mercy on his soul.

The lights go out and Alissa’s face appears on the screen laughing maniacally, it quickly changes to display the bloodied face of Aries followed by the face Albion crying as she tapped out and finished by the face of The Kotzebue Kid knocked out after his match. Suddenly the transmission stops and Alissa’s laughter dies down.

Alissa O’Connor: Tiocfaidh ár lá...

Mark: What was that? Is it Gaelic?

The lights go out obscuring the arena when Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" intro starts to blast through the PA system and when the drums start to play Dave and Alissa O'Connor walk out to the top of the ramp. Dave looks down to the ring with laser focus while she stares at the crowd with a smirk of disdain, the XWA Television Championship on one shoulder and on the other the XWA Hardcore Championship.

Tempest: Are these the changes she promised? It all seems like a bad joke. An easy target for her husband, weird words at the beginning and what is next… Hardcore rules?

Hana: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Alissa O'Connor, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 218 pounds, he is the XWA Television and Hardcore Champion, he is "The Maniac" Dave O'Connor!

As the music picks up speed, the red-haired goddess walks down the ramp in front of her husband who is wearing a black hooded leather jacket on top of his fighting gear. When they reach the bottom of the ring he opens up the middle ropes for his wife to get in showing of the titles high above her head. Shortly, he steps into the ring and takes off his jacket putting it on the floor as he starts to warm himself up for the match. Meanwhile, Alissa grabs a microphone stares at Terrance with disdain and says in an angry voice.

Alissa: Rough him up, babe… oh and Hana sweetie, you forgot one thing…

Alissa tosses the microphone to the outside and walks out of the ring as he puts his mouthguard in and punches both fists together.

Hana Ramirez: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been reminded that the following match will be a Hardcore Match for the XWA Television Championship!

Tempest: For fuck sake!

The crowd pops as Terrance starts to flip out and it gets worse when he stares at Dave’s hands, he is not wearing his regular fighting gloves but ropes tied up.

Mark: Wow! Dave is not using regular fighting gloves, he is using Muay Thai ropes, that style is used by Muay Boran fighters who train to inflict the maximum amount of pain.

Tempest: Nice knowing you kid…

The music starts to die down as Dave takes an MMA stance to the fight while Terrance tries to maintain his cool. Tommy Tickles makes sure they're both ready and whispers to Terrance “Good luck kid”, he steps back, bringing his hands together and signals for the bell.


Terrance rolls out of the ring trying to avoid the oncoming Dave, he sees him stare back like a rabid animal. First thing he needs to do is avoid any strike using his hands, so he taunts Dave challenging him to come and get him, because he hates being taunted, he runs to the ropes and sliding down the first rope but Terrance moves at the last second to the right and drives both feet to his opponents gut.

Mark: Terrance going straight for the offense showing he is not scared of the madman.

The attack leaves Dave holding his gut but Terrance pulls him down and goes for a forearm smash which gets blocked by the Muay Thai fighter. With a sight of terror, Ainley prepares himself for a hit from either of his fists, but instead, Dave drives the back of his elbow to the face of his opponent, followed with a lethal strike to the gut with his front foot. Terrance takes a few steps back allowing The Maniac to run towards him and jump arching his back and then going forward driving his elbow to the top of his head. Without a moment to spare, Dave uses the momentum of the previous strike to deliver a knee to the gut that sends his opponent to the floor with a loud thump.

Tempest: There goes Dave striking back with a lethal set of strikes.

Mark: Dave showing of his Muay Thai background on the match.

Dave turns around and lets the challenger kneel so that his bicycle kick strikes the side of his head, Terrance barely avoids the strike and immediately jumps to the apron and immediately jumps back off from it wrapping his legs around the neck of Dave flipping him over onto the floor.

Mark: Terrance taking the fight to Dave with an amazing moonsault.

Terrance gets up first and seeing Dave still on the floor grabs him and rolls him into the ring, in a swift move he goes up the top rope rapidly jumping off it and flipping in the air landing on top of Dave face up. Terrance stays there with his face grinning in pain hoping to get a pinfall forcing Tommy Tickles to walk there doing a very slow count.



Tempest: What the hell happened there? Did Tommy Tickles just took his time getting there and doing a count?

Mark: The time it took Tommy to count would have given Terrance the championship.

Dave pushes Terrance of him with anger and locks his neck with his arm while his other arm locks his right arm while pushing the head forward. The Maniac puts his weight on top of Terrance trying to force him to tap out but only gets him to scream, slowly the challenger starts to stand up and using his weight flips Dave over.


Alissa hits the mat with authority screaming at Dave, Terrace stands up flipping his body in the air one more time trying to hit the champion with it but Dave sees through the move and lifts his knees up. The challenger sits up holding his ribs while the champion quickly stands up and starts to pound on the face of Terrance, the ropes start press against his face as Dave continues to strike his forehead forcing it open after only five hits but delivers another five just for good measure.

Mark: Finally Dave started to use those fists busting Terrance open.

Blood quickly starts to pour down Terrance’s face and is visibly dazed, this allows Dave to run over his opponent striking him with his knee on his injured face. The challenger slowly starts to get on all four as blood pours down the mat and letting Dave pick him up leaving him resting on the turnbuckle, after that the maniac starts to deliver continuous devastating blows to the gut of Terrance and ten blows in it starts to feel tender. Out of the blue, Dave delivers an uppercut to the challenger’s chin leaving him lying on the mat.

Tempest: How much more will he take?

One more time, Dave picks up Terrance and leaves him resting on the turnbuckle. After that, the maniac starts to kick the gut of the challenger several times making sure he is left a shamble of a man. Ten kicks in, Terrance starts to sip down and some of the kicks strike his face, five kicks to be exact.

Tempest: Oh god, he must be dead. Dave has destroyed Terrance, I cannot see him getting up after this.

Dave drags Terrance away from the turnbuckle and covers him for the pinfall, this forces Tommy to run for the count.




Mark: Kickout! Kickout! This kid’s got heart!

Terrance manages to get his shoulder up barely making Alissa very angry.

Alissa: I want him to stop moving! Destroy him, I told you to destroy him Dave!

Dave visibly angry pulls Terrance up and runs to the ropes gaining momentum, Dave effortlessly jumps up the mat lifting his knee trying to hit the face of the challenger. In response, Terrance turn his body backwards and lifts his leg striking the face of Dave without any grace at all.

Tempest: How is he still alive?

Using pure adrenaline Terrance runs to the turnbuckle and in one leap gets to the top rope, gracefully he jumps backwards landing on top of Dave face down on his gut. Terrance then gets out of the ring and goes over to the bell keeper taking his chair only get punched in the face by Alissa with all her weight as he turned around.

Mark: Down goes Terrance, I think he is down for the count.

Alissa drags him up from his trunks and hair and throws him to the turnbuckle making his face bounce back onto the guard rail, by this time Dave has managed to get up onto the apron and is waiting for the challenger to get up. Slowly Terrance uses the rail to get up, blood fills his face and he needs to take a deep breath but the maniac knows letting his rest would be a bad idea. Without a second thought, Dave jumps of the apron lifting his knee up, throwing his arms up and his body forward. He focuses all his weight into a single point, when the move strikes the face of Terrance it feels like a boulder as both men go over the guard rail and land among the fans.

Tempest: Without any regard for their bodies, Dave decided to take this fight to the next level.

Mark: I think both men are seriously injured.

Both men lie broken and bloodied among the fans, chairs and guardrail, chants of holy shit can be heard coming from the crowd. Dave’s forehead has been busted open as the landing was horrible, his head landed on an open chair’s edge and then the concrete floor. Alissa’s face is that of total and absolute horror as she sees her man lie bloodied and unconscious among the fans.

Tempest: Will this go to a no contest?


Neither one is moving as the referee slides out checking out on both men, Tommy makes the X sign as Alissa sits down next to her husband crying at the mayhem. EMT’s rush towards the scene but as they start to get close both men start to get up. Barely able to stand up, Terrance grabs a chair as he gets up and blasts Dave on his head with it, he then slams it to the side of his opponent, and finally, another to the back that makes Dave scream in pain. Meanwhile, Alissa screams in horror as she notices her husband is injured and the EMT’s stand away as they dare not get between both men.


Before getting struck by a fourth chair shot , Dave throws his whole body into a single punch to the side of Terrace’s face that forces him to let go of it.

Mark: How are these men still standing?

Dave delivers left hook to the side of Terrance’s gut who reciprocates by delivering a forearm smash to his face followed by throwing him towards the ring post making him bounce of it. A loud thump is heard and before Dave knows what is happening, Terrance drives both feet to the back of his opponent and throws him back to the ring post.

Tempest: Jesus this is a crime scene.

Dave’s face busts open even more and as blood continues to come out, he holds his left arm in pain from the chair shot. Meanwhile, Terrance twist his body howling in pain as he landed flat on the rails once again.

Mark: I do not think either man will be walking away tonight.

Alissa seeing the EMT’s start to get close grabs the body of Terrance and drags it towards the ring near her husband leaving him face up. Then, with all her might, she pushes Dave on top of him. She proceeds to scream at Tommy Tickles to get over there and start the count who freezes in place not knowing what to do, the desperation makes her say out loud.

Alissa: I’ll pay you whatever you want!!!

Hearing her pleads, Tommy rolls out and starts the count.




Tommy signals the bell to ring as he lifts the lifeless arm of Dave.


Hana: The winner and still...

Before Hana can finish, from the entrance way comes the sole owner of XWA, Bella Quinn, to a huge cheer.

Bella Quinn: Oi Lassie! Ye think yer solid aye? Weel ye ain’t, Ah’m the chief roond ‘ere an’ yer shit dee match’s reestarted but with one change

From behind the curtain a pair of men appear, a cocky young stud by the name of Freddie McManus and a fat Buffalo Bills wearing wrestler named Buffalo Bill Deckersley.

Alissa: You bitch! Can’t you see he is injured? He needs a doctor.

Bella Quinn: Ah don’t ca’e, 'tis an’ ‘limination match fer all four of ye. Oi! Ye want th’ Supr’m Champion arite? Then he’s fighting at th’ Lor’ o’ th’ ring tournament lassie an’ he’s gauna have a bad time ‘ere, I’ll m’ke sure of it... no rest fer th’ wicked aye?

Bella returns backstage with a cocky grin as Alissa stands up waiting for a fight while both men walk down the aisle slowly. Dave puts his hand on Alissa’s shoulder and slowly gets up in front of her in a fighting position, Freddy starts to run to Dave but Bill stays back looking beneath the ring for a table to set up.


Tempest: Bella sending in more wrestlers to roughen up Dave who’s barely alive and then he is going to be in the Lord of the Ring tournament.

Mark: I don’t think Dave will be able to win this one, Bella just made a power move and changed this to an elimination match. That said, I have to admire how he stood up for his wife.

Freddy goes directly to punch the face of Dave right where the cut is located, he doesn’t seem to be able to move correctly as he is very winded and injured. The jabs to his head continue to land but he can barely move and, with a lot of effort, manages to deliver a devastating punch to the gut of Freddy throwing him to the guard rail as the EMT’s take Terrance to the back.

Mark: You can see that the loss of blood and the injuries are hampering Dave from moving correctly.

Tempest: Out goes the fighter in comes survival.

Bill runs towards Dave hitting him with a lariat making his body go to the floor. In desperation, Alissa grabs another chair and starts to smash the side of Bill who just grabs it and throws it away but, fearless as always, Alissa delivers a tremendous right hook to the face of Bill who takes a few steps back. The Buffalo Bills fan shakes his head and returns to torment Alissa shortly thereafter, Dave manages to get himself kneeling and delivers a straight uppercut in between Bill’s legs as he passes by.

Mark: Dave is now wearing a dark crimson mask.

Dave gets up and tries to clean up the blood from his face as he grabs Bill by the gut, with a scream of desperation and all his might, he manages to lift the big man and falls backwards letting his shoulders hit the floor.

Tempest: I have never seen Dave deliver a German Suplex.

Mark: Remember he is a former amateur wrestler.

As he tries to get up, Freddy throws a chair at Dave from a distance and follows that with an impactful dropkick to the face, the hit leaves the maniac down with his back resting on the guardrail. The crowd start to chant holy shit as Dave lies motionless, Alissa in desperation pleads with the wrestlers to stop but they ignore her.

Tempest: This is payback for all that Dave has done.

When Freddy is close to his target, Dave lifts his leg up and kicks the groin of his opponent and with a face grinning in pain manages to get up and delivers a devastating punch to the back of his head throwing him to the ground again. Using the apron, Dave manages to stay up as blood drips to the floor. Bill sees Dave close to the table so he quickly picks him up from the mid-section, walks up to the side of the table and drives him back first through it. Buffalo Bill celebrates as the crowd start to chant for more tables, Alissa will not have it anymore and decided to run towards him and jump of the floor extending her right leg only striking his face.

Mark: Alissa delivering a single leg drop kick to the head of Bill, she is really trying to defend her husband.

She follows that by striking the head of Bill like a football flipping him over, Alissa then turns her attention to Freddy who has gotten up and a series of punches to the face is what he gets for his troubles. She finishes up the strikes by hooking up his head under her arm and driving his head into one of the chairs on the floor, she lifts him up again and lifts him vertically and lets his body fall backwards.

Tempest: This is the first time I have seen Alissa truly wrestle.

Mark: She is displaying a good knowledge of technical wrestling protecting her husband.

She quickly gets up and stands in front of her husband protecting him from both men, Bill starts to turn over getting up from the attack so she puts her foot on his back and pulls back on his arms screaming in desperation.

Tempest: Alissa is displaying real toughness and here I thought she was only a mouthpiece for Dave.

Mark: That Boston born Irish lady is teaching us all that she can wrestle with the best!

From among the wreckage, Dave starts to slowly get up to fight anyone who is standing but after he clears the cobwebs from his head he sees the scene of Alissa applying a seated surfboard to Bill who screams in pain, he runs towards him and kicks him in the head knocking him out.

Tempest: See Dave’s back, It is also bleeding!

Freddy starts to get up and, like a predator, Dave turns around and runs towards him jumping of the floor smashing his knee to the side of his face and hitting the guard raid hard.

Mark: Dave delivering a Flying knee to Freddy trying to finish this as soon as possible.

Dave rolls over Freddy and pins him waiting for Tommy Tickles to run for the count.




Hana: Freddy McManus has been eliminated.

Dave stands up barely, he uses the guard rail to push himself forward as he grabs his arm in pain, as he had another bad fall. He staggers towards his wife and lets himself drop to the floor slowly punching the face of Bill, he delivers a devastating set of right punches to the face while Alissa maintains the hold tighter and tighter.

Tempest: Ok Dave’s going to eliminate Bill now that Freddy is gone, but what about Alissa?

As the attack continues, Bill starts to spill blood from the strikes to his face and that is when he shouts.


Tommy signals the elimination to Hana who speaks.

Hana: Buffalo Bill Deckersley has been eliminated.

Dave rolls to his back taking a deep breath while Alissa stares in horror realizing he needs to pin her, she gets him to kneel and lightly slaps his head focusing him. She tells him that he needs to pin her to retain and lays flat on the floor, lightly putting his hand on her chest as Tommy Tickles runs in to do the count.




Tommy Tickles signal the bell to ring as Dave wins the match, retaining his championship.


Hana: The winner and still XWA Television Champion... “The Maniac” Dave O’Connor

Dave kneels motionless as blood pours down his face, Alissa also kneels crying and hugging her husband while her lips can be read saying I am sorry.

Mark: Dave & Alissa have just... wow! I got no words for this, this is something else.

Tempest: If you ever want to talk about true love, this is the story... these two wrestlers have given everything for each other.

Mark: Dave & Alissa have put their bodies in the line for each other.

Tempest: Well let’s not forget Alissa put them in that position.

Mark: You are right about that. This has been another edition of XWA Massacre, thank you and goodbye.

The scene fades to black focusing on Alissa and Dave hugging, with a battered Dave putting his right hand on Alissa’s back while she hugs him tightly crying.


OOC: Ok I had a plan for both but I just went with what sounded right in my mind for the match, so I got a question... Did I just turn Dave and Alissa into faces?... Because I could have ended it all with Dave punching Alissa but I felt that it made no sense if they love each other.
Dave & Alissa O'Connor

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