XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Joey Miles - XWA World Television Championship Match!

Albion Gale defends against fellow champion Joey Miles, two new tag teams come together, and arch-rivals Danny Diamond and Sean Young speak their piece before their clash for Supremacy.
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XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Joey Miles - XWA World Television Championship Match!

Postby Michael Swift » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:58 am

It's back! It's...

LIVE! From the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, Illinois (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

The Main Event: XWA World Television Championship!


Albion Gale vs. Joey Miles

It has been a long month at Massacre, but our return comes back swinging with a one on one contest between Albion Gale and Joey Miles! Albion Gale managed to the first title of her career at China's Anniversary and steps into the ring to defend it for the first time! But this is another opportunity for Joey, a shot at the single's gold that has evaded him within the XWA, and he will not want it to slip away again! Tune in to see who comes out on top!


Deadline for matches is April 17th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on April 22nd at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Joey Miles - XWA World Television Championship Match!

Postby PhoenixRoost » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:16 am

Sanction: Welcome back to Massacre. This one’s been a weird one so far, and that energy is probably going to continue as we go into our main event.

Tempest: Kaida Kagome got cheered earlier, that was weird. AJ Morales and Minka Carter teamed up earlier, that was weird. And if he follows through on his promise, a very focused Joey Miles will wrestle a respectful match and win the TV Title from new champion Albion Gale.

Sanction: Gale, our current Lady of the Ring, is running out of time to cash in her ring, but at least for a short while longer, she is both Lady of the Ring and XWA World Television Champion, having finally captured the latter in China from Alex Kincaid.

Tempest: We have a high turnover rate in the wrestling business, and XWA is no exception, but Albion seems to be turning into one of the pillars around which XWA’s tents are erected.

Sanction: Which will make it all the more unnerving if Joey Miles topples her, becoming a double champion in his own right alongside the Kagome matriarch.

Tempest: Let’s throw to Hana before I have to think about Ace Acid anymore.

The camera shifts to Hana Ramirez in the ring, microphone at the ready.

Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the XWA World Television Championship!

The Weeknd's "Glass Table Girls" hits. After a few seconds and the beat kicks in, Joey walks backwards through the curtain with his arms spread wide, Tag Team Championship’s wide leather strap easily visible around his waist. He stands on the stage, staying in this pose as the music continues. Once the full lyrics kick in, Miles spins around, keeping his arms out as he does so. Once he is facing forward, his hands come down to the faceplate of the tag title belt, slapping it as he shouts at a fan near the stage. The mics don’t pick up what he says, but his meaning is clear from the arrogant smirk on his face.

Ramirez: Introducing first, the challenger, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 195 pounds, he is one half of the XWA Tag Team Champions...“180” Joey Miles!

He begins walking to the ring, and as he goes, his face of jovial arrogance slowly sinks into an expression of determination as he focuses on the task ahead. Miles makes his way down the ramp, heading towards the steps once he does so. He slaps the top of the steps with his hand and then jogs up them, reaching the apron with an almost lazy jump, before entering the ring. Inside the squared circle, Miles spins over to the nearest corner and leans backwards into it, slumping down a bit. He rests there momentarily before quickly spinning around, climbing to the middle rope and spreading his arms out again. Upon dropping back to the canvas, Joey removes his hoodie and tosses it out of the ring. He immediately begins some last minute stretches before the title match starts.

Sanction: Joey Miles is looking extraordinarily focused here tonight, Tempest.

Tempest: I mean, he has sworn up and down that he wants the TV Title, and he’s getting his shot at it, but only after having to stare down the beast that is Jerod Barnez earlier tonight.

Sanction: Miles is not one to get his dander up, but he did not look comfortable as Jerod was dressing him down, and even less so when Ace Acid came out.

Tempest: To be fair, I wasn’t comfortable when Acid came out, either, and I wasn’t one of the people he was being aimed at. We saw him act as Jerod’s lap dog last year, but he never took part in any official matches.

Sanction: He’s a legend, but he’s been changed. You said it earlier, but he might be more dangerous than before with seemingly nothing to lose. We’ll find out what that looks like in Atlanta, Georgia, but right here in the Battlezone, Joey has his own mountain to climb.

“Invidia” starts playing over the speakers, and during the slow open, the sounds of distant thunder and wind are piped in as well. There is a louder thunderclap at the drop, and water starts to pelt the stage in a simulated downpour. Albion walks out onto the stage, a black trenchcoat on over her ring gear, and she stands proudly with her arms out in the deluge. After a few seconds, the “rain” stops and she strides down to the ring.

Ramirez: His opponent, from Evansville, Indiana, weighing in at 164 pounds, she is the new XWA World Television Champion and 2018 Lady of the Ring, the Duality of Woman...Albion Gale!

Compared to when her entrance theme started and all the storm sounds, the arena feels positively calm for Albion now. As the song’s tempo increases, Albion’s pace quickens until she is in the ring. At this point she dramatically tears open her trenchcoat, revealing her ring attire underneath as well as the gleaming, new XWA TV Title belt with her name on the faceplate. She holds her arms out as though soaking in some sun (or mirroring how she stood in the “storm”) before removing her coat and draping it over the top rope where a stagehand retrieves it and tucks it away next to the timekeeper. She then unclasps the TV Title from around her waist to give to Tommy Tickles who is waiting in the ring. He takes it from her, folds the straps respectfully, then holds the belt above his head to display the stakes, first to the hard camera, then to the other three sides of the ring.

Sanction: Albion has been quiet on social media since the China show, and I don’t blame her.

Tempest: I mean, she’s never been the chattiest, on Twitter or otherwise, but I also don’t blame her. I’d never spoken to Kaji a day in my life, but I felt the emotion in his voice when he announced his...retirement? I mean, he was already retired, wasn’t he?

Sanction: He was a relatively able-bodied man in the midst of the industry’s finest athletes. I can’t pretend I don’t wish I was in a state to get back in the ring some nights, but it’s something I had to come to terms with, and as hard as it was for him, he’d come to terms with the fact that he didn’t belong in the arena anymore.

Tempest: I hope you’re right. Regardless of how true that statement is about Kaji’s mindset, this is Albion’s first match since his...re-retirement? And she has a very mixed record coming out here on her own.

Sanction: Right you are. She won the Lord of the Ring tournament without him, but she lost in her first attempt at winning the TV Title without him at ringside. She also lost a showcase match On a Boat to Blake Archer without him.

Tempest: So that’s an even spread, then, given she lost that TV title match because it was interfered with by Sarah Lacklan. I guess this is where we find out how much she learned while he was here.

Tickles is finished displaying the title and has passed it off to the timekeeper for safekeeping. Miles and Gale are both in their respective corners as Tickles holds his hands up to keep them separate. When he’s sure they’re both ready, he steps back, bringing his hands together, and signals for the bell.


The two of them come forward slowly, both of their faces stern, jaws set. There is no hate in their eyes, but their gazes are intense nonetheless. Miles remembers the loss and the pumphandle ballsplex. Gale remembers the multiple gropings and the blatant disrespect.

Miles staggers back as Gale is the one that slaps HIM across the face!

Sanction: God damn!

Tempest: I think Kaji heard that from his house.

Miles’s eyes are wide as he plants his back foot to keep from reeling any further. He flexes his jaw a bit to make sure it’s undamaged as he slowly turns his head back to Gale, who is standing there with a smug grin on her face and her arms up at her sides in a dramatic shrug. Miles goes red at the blatant disrespect and charges Gale, but Gale saw the charge coming and ducks the clothesline, running against the ropes. Miles whirls around to catch sight of her again, but just as he’s setting his feet, Gale is jumping up and twisting herself around to wrap her legs around his neck to whip him over in a headscissors takeover! He rolls to his feet quickly, reeling against the ropes, but Gale is charging him already, arm extended for a clothesline to knock him over the top rope! Miles ducks and launches her over the top rope, but she is able to shift her weight enough to land easily on the apron. As Miles turns around and launches a right hand, she blocks it with both of her arms, following up with a roundhouse kick to Miles’s temple to send him staggering back. She sets herself with both hands on the top rope to pull herself up with, and when Miles staggers back to the correct point, she launches herself up to the top rope, then springboards off with an attempt at a big springboard dropkick that goes awry as Miles steps out of the way. Gale can’t recover in time, but she does shift her weight to land flat on her back to distribute the impact, so while she still crashes and burns, she at least doesn’t break anything.

Tempest: So...nothing?

Sanction: She’s certainly a lot more aggressive in using her speed and high-risk offense. But it’s not called that for nothing, and Miles knows what he’s in for.

Tempest: Albion also knows how much he hates disrespect, and she disrespected him literally right out of the gate. I wonder if all her monikers are getting to her head.

Gale kips up to get back into the fight quickly, but is surprised when Miles is right there to launch a European uppercut! She barely avoids falling right back down, jumping back from the blow to give herself a chance to set her feet on the landing. Miles is there with another uppercut, but she doesn’t go flying back this time. A third uppercut does send her reeling into the ropes, though, at which point Miles unleashes a vicious knife-edge chop to the top of Gale’s chest! Gale gasps the air out of her lungs and falls forward, at which point Miles, jaw set and teeth grit, grabs her for a vertical suplex. But instead of lifting her up and over, Miles lifts her up and drapes her shins across the ropes, letting her sit there a moment. Gale immediately starts struggling, but before she can gain purchase, Miles drops her straight on the top of her head with the Slingshot DDT. Gale folds up briefly as her body falls down before unfolding, belly up, on the canvas. Miles drags her roughly away from the ropes to prevent a break before dropping into a pin attempt.



Gale kicks out at two-and-a-half. Miles isn’t getting the TV Title that easily.

Sanction: Miles is certainly making her pay for the disrespect. I can’t exactly blame her for beating him to the punch, or the slap, as the case may be, but it might be her downfall.

Tempest: She endured a lot of punishment, and arguably worse, before besting Miles last time. I’m not counting her out yet, but she definitely didn’t do herself any favors, as Miles has been all over her. She kicked out of Excellence in Motion, and we know she’s tough, but she has to help herself, you know?

Miles slaps the canvas, more out of frustration than surprise, then grabs Gale as she’s starting to roll away. He grabs her in a front headlock, looking like he might go for a guillotine, but as soon as his arm is around Gale’s neck, she has a surge of energy, pushing herself up to hands and knees before he can pull her back down. She grabs Miles by the knees and lifts, pulling him off his feet and making him fall to the ground. He maintains his grip on the front headlock, but it’s not completely cinched in as Gale flips forward in a Jackknife pin!



Miles has to release the attempted guillotine to kick out, shoving Gale off of him roughly. He rolls up to his feet as fast as he can, and Gale is slower to do so, using the ropes to help her get up. Miles takes a small bit of solace in the fact that she’s still woozy after his big DDT, but he doesn’t let up. He charges forward, intending to continue the punishment, but Tickles steps in his way, reminding him that he can’t do anything to Gale while she’s in the ropes. Miles scowls and shoves him out of the way, earning some boos from the crowd as they remember he is still in with the Mob. But before he can do something to run the risk of disqualification, Gale charges forward, spinning in the air and landing a sort of leg lariat, in that she didn’t hit with the heel but with the back of her thigh! Miles falls back onto his ass from the impact, dazed as Gale spins herself to land on her front, hands planted to push herself back into the action quickly, springing onto Miles for a pin attempt, hooking the far leg.



Miles kicks out right at two, again shoving Gale away, but less forcefully this time.

Sanction: Miles doing the right thing and trying not to let Albion get separation there, but she was obviously not going to let him lock her in that front chancery again.

Tempest: She should be careful with that leg lariat. It hit hard, but if she’d hit a bit higher, and had a more lascivious color commentator, things might have gotten messy.

Sanction: ...I’ll send her a memo for On a Pole.

Miles is already crawling away, trying to push himself up, but it’s him that’s woozy this time, trying to shake the cobwebs loose after the leg lariat. Gale doesn’t want him getting time to recover anymore than he wanted her to, so as soon as she has footing after the kickout, she stands and goes after him. She grabs a leg as he’s trying to turn over onto his stomach and lifts it by the ankle. Miles is quick to flip back onto his back to try and counter her attempt at an STF. He quickly lunges up, grabbing her for an inside cradle, but as he’s pulling her down, Gale pushes off with her left leg to give her an extra bit of momentum, so that instead of Miles pulling her down into that inside cradle, she can roll him over onto his shoulders and pin him instead!



Miles realizes just in time that he’s the one with the shoulders down and shoves off. Gale goes rolling away and up to her feet, and despite a slight bit of dizziness, she is keen to press her advantage. She hunkers in a corner, waiting for Miles to get to his feet. As he is getting up, she charges in, a leg coming up and aiming to send Miles Back to Black, but he sees it coming and dodges out of the way. As Gale careens to a stop, Miles pounces, kneeing her in the stomach to double her over. He then wraps his right leg around and under Gale’s left, draping his left leg over her head, and reaching for her right arm. Despite the extreme danger, she’s not able to pull it away, and Miles locks in the abdominal stretch portion of the Octopus Hold! The crowd’s murmuring is reaching a crescendo as Gale’s face goes red from the pressure on her neck and the strain to keep herself upright. The ref asks if she gives up and she shakes her head, prompting Miles to elbow her in the exposed ribs, causing her to unleash an uninhibited cry of pain. Tickles is in perfect position to catch a submission, but instead, Gale starts marching.

Right leg forward. Lift left leg and twist whole body since Miles is wrapped around that leg. Yelp when Miles elbows the ribs again.

Her face even brighter red, she continues to not submit, and sensing she doesn’t have anything left, she desperately launches herself towards the ropes. She immediately falls to the ground upon landing, her body not used to supporting an entire human in flight, but the maneuver makes Miles hit the ropes awkwardly, and her un-wrapped up left hand brushed the ropes. Miles came partially undone when he hit the ropes, and that is all the opening Gale needed to frantically crawl forward, wrapping her entire body around the bottom rope to prevent Miles from locking the submission hold back in. After a few seconds of trying in vain to peel her away from her death grip on the steel cable, Miles is ushered away by Tickles, chiding him again about rope breaks.

Sanction: Miles calls that bad boy the Strappado, and it very nearly won him the TV Title he craves.

Tempest: I’m honestly surprised it didn’t. These two have each other scouted pretty well, hence Joey avoiding the Back to Black kick, but Albion was obviously more worried about Sudden Death, because she didn’t realize where she was until it was almost too late.

Sanction: She should have known better. That move got Joey the title he has, and if she’s not more careful, it will earn him a second.

Tempest: Either way, Miles is firmly in control of this match...if anyone can get Gale to release her grip on the bottom rope.

Tickles is on that job, kneeling down and reminding her that she has to let go to continue the fight. After a few seconds of deep breath, Gale seems to settle down enough to remember what’s at stake. She slowly releases the rope, dropping to the canvas with a nearly imperceptible plop. As soon as she lets go of the bottom rope, Miles charges in with a basement dropkick directly to her face, earning some more boos and sending Gale careening out of the ring with a louder thunk.

Sanction: Miles is obviously upset at having failed to put Gale away with the Strappado.

Tempest: No shit, Sherlock. But he has to get her back in the ring. He gets no strap if he wins by countout.

Gale is already starting to pull herself up with the top of the apron when Tickles is done berating Miles for his unbound aggression. Miles scoffs at the lecture, then backs into the ropes at a run, obviously going for another basement dropkick. As he charges forward again, Gale leaps straight up, grabbing the top rope as she does. As Miles slides out, she pushes herself backwards slightly off the top rope, timing her descent with Miles’s feet finding the floor, and she wraps her legs around Miles’s head and twists herself backwards, flipping him clear into the barricade!

Sanction: Holy shit!

Tempest: Miles went to the well once too many times...but my god, that sure was a counter, wasn’t it?

The crowd roars for the athletic maneuver, but Gale is hardly in position to receive the energy, as after the hurricanrana, she is down on the floor outside the ring as well, struggling to catch her breath as she is still worn down after the Octopus Hold. Tickles does his duty and throws his hands up into the air.



After the second count, Gale has pulled herself slowly over to the ring steps to try and pull herself up on them. Miles has unfolded himself, but he’s still on his back, but an arm is reaching up, searching for the top of the barricade.



Gale has not gotten to her full height, but she has both arms on top of the ring steps, and her face is still red. Miles has managed to find the top of the barricade and pull himself up enough to be facing it, but his arms are hooked over the top such that his torso is flat against the barricade.



Both Gale and Miles pull themselves up to their feet at the sixth count, Gale planting her hands on the steps and Miles hauling himself up by the crook of the elbow. Gale is unsteady and Miles is still hunched over the barricade, but both of them are on their feet.


Gale rolls back into the ring, being nearest. Tickles acknowledges her re-entry, then looks back at Miles as he stands up straighter.


Miles hears the number and some fans will swear later that he said “Oh shit” before pushing roughly off the barricade and careening toward the ring, rolling up into it once he approaches the apron. The crowd cheers for the continuation of the match as Gale is trying to haul herself back to her feet.

Sanction: I think a lesser woman than Albion would have taken a countout loss there to keep her title, but Albion will continue to fight.

Tempest: Possibly to her detriment. She’s annoyed Miles on a few occasions, and she hit that fantastic hurricanrana on the floor, but the Tag Team champion is the one who has hit all the big name moves so far. We’ve been here before, so we know she can pull it out, but she has to get moving, or Miles is going to wear her down to the point that next time, there won’t be an escape.

Miles is crawling around on hands and knees in the middle of the ring, still reeling from the hurricanrana but trying desperately to get to his feet. Gale has pulled herself up with the help of the ropes, but it was slow going, so by the time she’s ready to attack Miles again, he’s got feet under him. He charges at her, trying to surprise her like she did him, but she simply hops up out of the way. As he catches himself on the top rope, she wraps her legs around the top rope and also his neck in a variation of her Figure Four Necklock where it’s more like a rope-assisted Triangle Choke! She reaches “above” her head to grab the bottom rope to pull on for more leverage as Tickles comes over and orders her to break this extremely illegal hold. When she doesn’t, instead continuing to wrench the head scissor with help from a slightly protected steel cable, Tickles begins counting.




At three, Gale releases Miles, who begins coughing as he staggers away, a hand on the top rope to guide him and also keep him upright.

Sanction: So either Kaji convinced her to hold submissions longer, or she was behaving for him?

Tempest: Possibly neither, as she WAS groped multiple times by this man, let’s not forget. Either way, a hell of an agile move to slip through the ropes to catch him like that.

Gale slips back into the ring as Miles reaches the opposite corner. She moves in to try and press her advantage while he’s in the corner, but the instant she gets close, he throws his boot out, catching her slightly off balance in the stomach. She staggers back, and Miles sees his chance to hit her with the Sudden Death Superkick, but this is a move Gale has scouted, and when it comes for her throat, she sidesteps. As both feet return to the canvas, Gale yanks on Miles’s shoulder to pull him around to face her, blasting him with a forearm strike as she does. He reels back a bit, but not as much as she’d like, so she hits a second forearm strike. Miles retaliates with a right hand, but the distance isn’t large enough for either to fully extend a kick. Gale blasts him with a third forearm strike, then a knife-edge chop of his own across his chest! The crowd WOO!’s with that chop as Miles stumbles back another step. Gale starts unloading low roundhouse kicks to Miles’s left leg, trying to take the base of the kick out from under him. She gets shoved roughly away by Miles, and she looks to take advantage of the situation by launching a Blazing Kick, but Miles dodges this as well. He kicks the back of Gale’s right leg as it goes by, causing her to clutch her knee, but when Miles comes forward, bending her back down, Gale struggles mightily, and as soon as Miles starts reaching for other limbs, Gale shouts with a surge of desperate power, wrapping her arms around Miles’s waist and charging into the corner turnbuckles! Miles grunts as the wind is knocked out of him. Gale slumps against the ropes as Miles’s back arches over the top turnbuckle. Gale then kicks Miles in the stomach to stun him before wrapping her arms around his waist again, this time lifting him up to the top rope.

Sanction: Oh, I don’t know if this is a good idea.

Tempest: Well, Miles busted out the superkick, and she’s obviously thinking about it, so maybe she has a top rope solution?

Sanction: At the very least, I suppose it’s hard to superkick someone from the top turnbuckle.

As soon as he is seated on the top rope, Gale starts climbing after him, planting her feet on the second ropes to either side, then one foot up to the top, then both feet on top as she stands over the seated Miles. She then hops up, going for another hurricanrana. Miles, seeing this coming, shoves her legs off the instant they try to bind around and behind his neck, but instead of going tumbling onto her head or back, Gale uses the momentum she was already using to land on her feet roughly, knees threatening to buckle. It is in the knee-buckling stage that Miles sees an opportunity and pulls his feet into the ring so he can stand on the second rope. He leaps through the air, intending to do a Tornado DDT, but Gale catches him midair with a Blazing Kick! The crowd erupts as Gale staggers along the top rope to the appropriate corner. As she ascends the buckles slowly, she keeps an eye on Miles for any movement. Satisfied this is not the same as when he tried to dodge her, she takes a moment to set herself on the top rope, a feat easier said than done. Then she leaps, doing a seamless backflip that lands her front-first on Miles’s chest. The crowd erupts as Tickles counts the pinfall!



3! Miles kicks out, but it is just a second too late! “Invidia” starts playing on the PA system!

Ramirez: Here is your winner and STILL XWA Television Champion...Albion Gale!

Miles is scowling and slamming the canvas, pleading with Tickles that it was only two, but Tickles will not be swayed as a ring attendant brings Albion her title.

Sanction: That looked like Miles was taking home his second title in more than one instance, but Albion once again proving why she is TV champ and Lady of the Ring.

Tempest: I hope Danny Diamond and Sean Young were watching, because whichever of them leaves Atlanta Supreme Champion has to watch out.

Sanction: Our Lady of the Ring doesn’t have much time left to cash in, and she’s on a tear. The only question now is when will she decide to spring her trap?

Tempest: If I were Supreme Champion, I’d be watching my back right about now.

Albion rolls out of the ring once she has her title, leaving Miles to argue with Tickles about the timing of the pinfall counts. She raises the title up over her head as the XWA end title pops up in the corner of the screen, signifying the end of Massacre.
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Re: XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Joey Miles - XWA World Television Championship Match!

Postby Michael Swift » Sun May 05, 2019 8:03 am

Apologies for the late reply but...

Winner: Albion Gale

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