Piledriver Awards 2020 Results!

Every year, the XWA commemorates and rewards the good work of you, the XWA roster, with our user-nominated and voted Piledriver Awards! Click inside for more info...
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Piledriver Awards 2020 Results!

Postby Gopher » Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:09 am

These are the results for the 2020 Piledriver Awards! The first set of results are in character and handlers are free to write acceptance speeches for them once the card for Massacre #63 goes up, which will act as the award ceremony.

One to Watch
Jacob Eulson

Best Social Media Presence
Machado | @XWAMachado

Best Finisher
Joey Miles | I.B.D.

Breakout Star of the Year
Frank Lawson

Feud of the Year
Joey Miles vs. Kaida Kagome

Best Single Moment
David Michaels & Caleb Spires | "LIFE. SIZE. MACHADO."

Villain of the Year
Joey Miles

Hero of the Year
Kaida Kagome

Promo of the Year
Joey Miles | "It Was My Time"

Match of the Year
David Michaels vs. Razor Xtreme

Wrestler of the Year
Caleb Spires

This second set of results are out of character and, thus, won't have acceptance speeches on Massacre.

Most Creative Roleplayer of the Year

MVP of the Year

Congratulations to all of the winners! Once Massacre #63 goes up, any winners can feel free to post a topic in the "I'm Calling YOU Out!" forum for their acceptance speeches. If you've won multiple, you can do them all in one or separately.

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