XWA On a Pole: Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort

Matches that occurred on our 2014 XWA on a Pole Pay Per View!
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XWA On a Pole: Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort

Postby Trace » Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:57 pm

All gimmicks, all the time!


LIVE! From the First Niagara Center, Buffalo, New York (18,690 Capacity)

XWA Hardcore Championship
10,000 Light Tubes Match

Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort
Joey Edwards has had a quiet month for the most part, choosing to stand back and watch his Rebellion do the work for him. However at XWA’s big gimmick pay per view he won’t have that opportunity as he defends the Hardcore Championship in a match where the rule is simple – inside and surrounding the ring will be various light tubes and using them is completely legal. The challenger is the unlikely Andrew Belfort who impressed so much in his debut that he’s already getting a shot at the gold. Clearly someone had a bright idea, because a light bulb definitely just went off.

Deadline for matches is 26th August 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 29th August 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA On a Pole: Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort

Postby mk92071 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:48 pm

The camera pans around the arena, revealing the thousands of XWA fans cheering before the next contest is introduced. The camera shows the ring and the ringside area, letting the viewers at home see the multitude of light tubes lying in various places. Around the ring, there are bundles of light tubes in no particular arrangement, with three “log cabin” light tube structures. Each one of these log cabins is on a different side of the ring, with no structure on the side of the entrance ramp. The ring is clear of any light tubes, but the legalities of the match allow them to be used within the confines of the squared circle. Inside the ring, Hana Ramirez stands next to the referee, who is wearing leather glove. These will come in handy due to the inevitable glass shards all around the canvas.

Hana Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a 10,000 Light Tubes match for the XWA Hardcore Championship!

As the words “Highway to the danger zone” echo through the arena for the first time in the song, Andrew Belfort walks onto the stage wearing his typical black ring attire. Belfort spends no time
pandering to the crowd and looks all business whilst heading towards the ring.

Rose: I don’t think Belfort has any experience in this type of environment.

Sanction: We learned from Belfort’s debut match that he almost exclusively grapples in the ring, so I’m looking forward to how he responds to these very dangerous glass tubes!

Belfort walks around the side of the ring before jumping onto the apron. Belfort looks around at the crowd before entering the ring. He briefly uses the ropes to stretch allowing himself to feel comfortable in the ring while mentally preparing for the moments ahead. The crowd cheers for Belfort, most recalling his surprisingly impress debut over Prince Alex.

The arena is suddenly engulfed into darkness, misty smoke begins to rise on the stage as pyrotechnics goes off from the corners of the stage emerging from the tunnel is a smug looking Joey Edwards who comes out to a disgusting reaction, boos echo throughout the arena. Behind him are the other members of "The Rebellion", all dressed in gas masks and black suits, one of the men holding the briefcase of Edwards, who raises both of his arms up, embracing the hatred from the audience. Flowing by 311 booms from the sound system, reverberating in the air as the audience witness Joey Edwards stand tall on the top of the entrance ramp wearing his normal ring attire however with a small leather coat, and the XWA Hardcore Championship around his waist.

At this point Edwards is already half way down the entrance ramp, embracing the hatred from the audience as he stands outside the ring, talking strategies with his companions before giving each member a warm hug before storming over to the steel ring steps, entering the ring gracefully immediately launching himself up onto the nearest turnbuckle. He throws his coat towards the audience who scramble for it so they can sell it on ebay, he continues embracing the hatred from the audience as he raises both of his arms up high in the air, the smell of popcorn lingering in the air as he glares down at the XWA fans, holding their XWA Merchandise whilst munching on their corndogs and popcorn. He takes off his gas mask, and passes it to a member of the Rebellion. Edwards gets off of the top turnbuckle and walks to the center of the ring.

Rose: Edwards has far more ring experience than Belfort in XWA, that has to play a part in the match.

Sanction: Both these men are similarly built, but Edwards has a far different style, utilizing high flying moves with lots of impact attacks.

Belfort and Edwards stare each other down from across the ring with only Hana and the referee separating the two.

Hana Ramirez: In the corner to my left, the challenger, from Santee, California, weighing in at 180 pounds, Andrew Belfort!

The crowd cheers, as Belfort bounces on the tops of his toes and raises his right hand into the air.

Hana Ramirez: And in the corner to my right, the reigning and defending XWA Hardcore Champion, from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 228 pounds, the leader of the rebellion, Joey Edwards!

Edwards unhooks the belt from around his waist and raises it in the air, inciting a chorus of jeers from the crowd. Edwards hands the belt to the referee who turns to Belfort. The referee begins the routine of letting the challenger look at and touch the belt briefly before the match starts. As Belfort glances downwards at the title belt, Edwards rushes forward and decks the challenger with a right forearm to the head. The referee immediately calls for the bell.


Rose: What a way to start the match!

Sanction: Edwards jumping an opponent before the match even starts? That’s shocking.

With Belfort on the ground, Edwards stomps Belfort again and again. Edwards continues stomping Belfort into the corner, before he raises Belfort to his feet. Edwards puts Belfort arms over the top rope, leaving his chest wide open. Edwards brings his right arm back before hitting a thudding chop to Belfort. The crowd cringes, and Edwards follows it up with a second chop. Edwards grabs Belfort’s left arm and with a burst of strength, slings Belfort to the opposite side of the ring with an Irish whip. Belfort hit the opposing side of the ring hard, and Edwards charges at Belfort. Belfort’s pushes down on the top ropes with both arms, and he floats over Edwards. Belfort does a front roll type maneuver and uses his arms to catch both of Edwards legs, catching Edwards with a sunset flip pinning combination.

But Edwards kicks out almost immediately doing a backroll out of the pin. With Edwards on his feet and Belfort in a sitting position, Edwards leaps in the air and dropkicks Belfort in the head. Belfort hits the mat hard with a whiplash like effect and he grabs a hold of his head. Belfort rolls to the outside of the ring, on the side of the ramp.

Rose: Belfort with the quick roll up attempt, but he couldn’t get him!

Sanction: Edwards hit a quick flurry and that was a smart, early strike to the head!

Belfort stands facing away from the ring holding his head, as Edwards stares at his opponent on the outside. Edwards suddenly bounces off the ropes opposite of Belfort, gaining speed, before he flings himself over the top rope onto Edwards taking both men to the floor. Belfort hits the floor hard, and Edwards gets to his feet immediately, as the rebellion cheers him on. Edwards slides back into the ring and poses for the crowd, sending the XWA fans into a loud series of boos. Belfort slowly gathers himself and gets to his feet using the apron to help. Belfort holds the back of his neck and his lower back, before he slowly rolls into the ring.

Rose: Edwards is holding nothing back!

Sanction: He should pull out all the stops! This Andrew kid is not a person to take lightly, that’s why he won last week!

Edwards stomps Belfort before he can reach his feet, before he pulls his opponent up to his feet. Edwards faces Belfort, and he reaches around Belfort locking his hands. Edwards drops into a squat before popping up and backwards, tossing Belfort across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Belfort hits his back hard on the mat, and Edwards immediately goes for a cover.


But Belfort kicks out resiliently. Without skipping a beat, Edwards leans out of the ring, signalling for a member of the Rebellion to hand him a light tube. With Edwards now holding a long, glass weapon, Belfort slowly gets to his hands and knees in front of the corner. Edwards lackadaisically taps Belfort in the head with his boot. Belfort collapses, leaning against the bottom turnbuckle, where he is choked by the foot of Edwards. The referee instinctually wants to break up the choke, but there are no illegal moves in the contest. Edwards chokes Belfort for a few moments, before he places the light tube across his chest. Edwards quickly paces towards the opposing turnbuckle; lining up with his opponent. Edwards charges at Belfort with a burst of speed before flinging his body like a forward roll. Belfort slides out of the way in the knick of time, causing Edwards to slam his upper back on the bottom turnbuckle and his neck smashing the canvas.

Rose: Edwards looked for a big move a little too early!

Sanction: Belfort had just enough awareness after getting the crap choked out of him!

Edwards slowly got to his feet, facing the turnbuckle and exterior of the ring. Due to Edwards body position, he was unaware of Belfort, who stood in the middle of the ring, holding the light tube like a baseball bat. Edwards turned around to meet a light tube to the mid section. Edwards immediately hunches over in pain, after the glass shattered across his chest and fell to the ring around him. Belfort drops the unscather fragment of a light tube that remained in his hand, before he grabbed Edwards left wrist with his right hand. Belfort pushes Edwards right arm behind his own back and switched the grip to Belfort’s left hand. With his right arm free, Belfort reaches between Edward’s legs and scoops him up in position for a body slam. Belfort slams Edwards onto the mat, causing him to impact on his own arm at an awkward angle. Not only that, but Edwards partially lands on some glass fragments.

Rose: That is disgusting to watch!

Sanction: What’s worse, glass to your chest or having all your body weight slammed onto your arm?

Edwards grabs his left arm and rolls onto his side. Belfort follows up by grabbing Edwards left wrist, before Belfort puts his right heel in front of Edward’s left arm. Belfort drops to the mat with a shoulder roll, resulting in Edwards on his stomach with his left arm being holstered and wrenched. Belfort sits up, locking in the omoplata.

Belfort beat Prince Alex with this move!

Sanction: Edwards shoulder can easily get dislocated here!

Edwards prevents further damage to his shoulder by getting to a kneeling base and turning his body into the shoulder lock. This causes Belfort to settle backwards onto his back. With technical prowess, Belfort swivels his hips and swings his left leg, to catch the side of Edwards neck. Belfort hooks the crook of his right knee over his left ankle, locking in a triangle choke.

Rose: Belfort was quick to counter the counter!

Belfort trained almost exclusively in mat wrestling and jiu jitsu before joining XWA, so that type of mat work should almost be expected.

Edwards intelligently refuses to let Belfort completely break his posture. Edwards gets to his feet in a standing position, but he remains hunched over with the choke still intact. Edwards uses his free arm to help himself lift Belfort up in a powerbomb position. Before Edwards can take further action to slam Belfort, Belfort untangles his legs and slips off Edwards, landing on his feet in front of his opponent. Belfort swings a wide right, but Edwards ducks underneath it, putting himself behind the challenger. Edwards immediately locks in a waist lock and sends Belfort overhead with a German suplex. Belfort lands on his neck hard, before rolling over onto his side.

Rose: That was amazing, on the fly thinking by Edwards!

Sanction: Each man had to react so fast, so fluidly!

Edwards climbs to his feet and gazes at his fallen opponent. Edwards breaths quickly and attempts to regain his composure after being so close to an out of nowhere loss. Edwards angrily rushes towards Belfort, and he grabs him by the shoulder with one hand and the trunks with the other. Edwards pulls him to his feet, only to toss him through the middle and top rope out to the floor. Belfort crashes to the outside hard, and in only a few moments he is completely surrounded by the Rebellion. The Rebellion pepper him with stomps, before Edwards hops to the outside. Once again, Edwards grabs Belfort by the trunks and head, tossing him hard into the guard rail. Belfort hits the railing at an awkward angle, causing him to collapse on his side after colliding with great force. Belfort holds his back, as Edwards approaches his fallen body.

Rose: He threw technique right out the window!

Sanction: This is a light tubes match!

Edwards signals for the Rebellion to stand back, as he pulls Belfort to his feet. Edwards looks around the ring that is surrounded by various types of light tubes. He pulls Edwards next to a log cabin structure of tubes, before hooking Belfort’s head and arm looking for a vertical suplex. Belfort defensively connects with a few right hands to Edwards side, resulting in him giving up his grips. Seeing Edwards losing position to Belfort, the Rebellion rushes to aid their leader. Belfort turns around and charges several feet to hit one member of the Rebellion with a leaping forearm sending him to the mat. Belfort, feeling infused with adrenaline, turns and sprints at Edwards. Edwards quickly ducked and used Belfort’s momentum to carry him into the air with a back body drop. Belfort connects with the glass log cabin and destroys the structure, falling through it back first. The crowd roars as Belfort lies in carnage, and the Rebellion aid there member that was knocked down moments before. Edwards smiles and leans against the ring apron, peering towards Belfort’s near motionless body.


Sanction: Belfort just went through at least 20 glass tubes. His back must be all cut up! There is no way he can come back from that.

After a few moments, the referee exits the ring and kneels next to Belfort, who rolls onto his side revealing his bloody back covered in glass. Belfort groans in pain, as Edwards joins the Rebellion in momentary celebration. The referee asks Belfort if he wishes to continue the match, and Belfort nods his head yes despite a grimace sitting on his face, likely holding back yells of agony. Edwards walks back towards his opponent and pulls him to his feet before nonchalantly rolling Belfort into the ring. The referee follows the competitors into the ring, and Edwards covers Belfort with little effort.


But Belfort gets a shoulder off the mat. Edwards looks slightly amused and surprised by the kick out. Edwards circles Belfort, who rests on his hands and knees in the center of the ring. Edwards paces around his opponent with a disgusting smirk on his face, as if he was a hawk eyeing its prey. Belfort slowly raises his head, looking up at Edwards. Edwards brings his right foot to the side of Belfort’s head and scrapes his boot across Belfort’s face. Belfort collapses slightly but regains his base on all fours. Edwards audibly laughs as he scrapes his boot against Belfort’s face again.

Rose: This is just cruel! He’s just playing with him!

Sanction: Edwards is just showing off to all the wrestlers watching in the back! Establishing his dominance as champion!

Belfort gets to one knee and one foot planted on the mat. Belfort’s back is bloodied, and he is visibly aching in pain. Edwards circles Belfort a full revolution, in a slow, sinister manner. Once Edwards is in front of Belfort, he squats slightly to be near eye level of his opponent. With complete confidence, as if a superior to Belfort, Edwards leans into his opponents face and loudly yells, “Just give up...you’re worthless.” The expression on Belfort’s face changes slightly as if he’s holding in his extreme contempt for his opponent. Edwards smirks and laughs, before looking down at Belfort and spitting on him. The crowd almost in sync makes an “ohhhhhhhh” sound, and Belfort immediately grabbed Edwards shoulder with his left hand and hit a thudding chop with his right hand. The slapping sound echoed through the arena, and Edwards took a step back, grimacing and holding his chest. As Belfort finally rose to his feet, Edwards charged forward and kneed Belfort in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Edwards then bounces off the ropes and charges at his groggy opponent. Edwards twists his body and leaps in the air, looking for a spinning heel kick, but Belfort ducks under the maneuver, by doing a baseball slide underneath Edwards. Edwards hits the mat hard, landing on all fours, allowing Belfort to hook an arm, do a half spin, roll forward, and lock Edwards in a La Magistral pinning attempt.



Edwards kicks out at the last possible split second. Edwards is quick to his feet, as Belfort slightly slower than him. With the two competitors facing each other and Edwards standing first, Edwards takes advantage by decking Belfort with a brutal clothesline that drops Belfort on his neck.

Rose: Belfort has so much heart and quickness, and he can pull a win out if Edwards goes into another sadistic rampage!

Sanction: This is hard to watch. Edwards is treating him like trash. It’s tough not to get behind the newcomer here.

Without even considering a pin attempt, Edwards pulls Belfort to his feet and shoves him into the corner, so Belfort faced the outside of the ring. Edwards lined up across the ring from Belfort, eying his opponent’s cut up back. Edwards charges at Belfort looking for a running move to Belfort. About two feet from Belfort, Edwards stops, and he reaches forward raking Belfort’s cut back. Belfort falls sideways into the ropes and arches his back, yelling in pain. A sadistic grin crosses Edwards’ face, as he then pushes Belfort’s throat onto the second rope. Edwards places his shin into Belfort’s back and pulls on the top rope, choking Belfort and putting pressure on his back.

Rose: Edwards is sick!

Sanction: He’s just punishing him!

After several seconds of choking his opponent, Edwards eases his knee off Belfort’s back. Belfort still lies with his neck on the second rope, so Edwards ricochets off the opposing ropes and hits a crossbody onto the back of Belfort. This makes Belfort’s throat slam against the ropes, and he falls backwards onto the mat. Edwards follows up with a cover hooking the leg.


But Belfort kicks out. Edwards hops to his feet, leaving his opponent on the mat, before he bounces off the ropes, does a shoulder roll and leaps in the air. Edwards comes down on Belfort’s mid section, connecting with a rolling thunder, straight into another pinfall attempt.


2! Belfort gets the shoulder up again.

Rose: If Edwards keeps hitting move after move with cover after cover, he will wear down Belfort fast!

Sanction: He’s definitely making Belfort use a lot of energy, which will keep him from making a comeback.

Edwards pulls Belfort up to his feet, but while Belfort is groggy, he connects with a couple right hands to Edwards stomach. Belfort strings together a few right hands as the crowd starts to get behind him, but his strikes lack power. Belfort doesn’t seem to have much energy and after he connects with the fourth right hand, Edwards stumbles a step back before leaping in the air and kicking Belfort in the head with his right foot. Belfort collapses to the mat as a result of the well timed enzuigiri. Edwards falls on top of his opponent for another cover.



Belfort barely gets a shoulder up. Edwards seems upset by Belfort’s resilience and he walks to the ring ropes. He gestures that his stable mates should bring him a log cabin light tube structure. The members of the Rebellion lift the structure and they push it up onto the top rope. Edwards takes the big structure and drops it near the center of the ring, slightly closer to one turnbuckle.

Rose: Nothing good can come out of using all those light tubes!

Sanction: Edwards has something in evil mind and it might be enough to put Belfort away!

Edwards lifts Belfort up and shoves him into the corner closest to the light tubes. He squats down and lifts Belfort up so he sits on the top. Edwards climbs to the seconds rope facing Belfort, before he strikes Belfort in the jaw with a right hand. Edwards then ascends to the top rope, standing up straight, making him seem much higher up than Belfort. Edwards quickly jumps and wraps his legs around Belfort’s neck, before he bends himself backwards. Edwards looks for a huricanrana off the top, but he simply hangs upside down, since Belfort caught both of Edwards legs with his arms. Belfort pulls Edwards back up in a powerbomb position, before Belfort gets into a standing position on the second rope. The crowd explodes as Belfort jumps from the second rope, slamming Edwards through the log cabin of light tubes with a liger bomb.

Rose: Edwards just went through the glass!

Sanction: An unbelievable counter, but I can’t imagine that felt too good for Belfort either!

The crowd chants for the competitors, as Belfort slowly regains awareness of himself and the match. Edwards lies on his side in a wreckage of glass that covers almost the whole center of the ring. Edwards’ back is lined with glass and small cuts, and his body shakes and writhes in agony. Belfort stumbles towards his opponent, before he rolls Edwards over and covers him with minimal technique.



One of the members of the Rebellion stomped Belfort to break up the pin!

Rose: Edwards may have just been saved by the Rebellion!

Sanction: Belfort was robbed!

The man in the gas mask pulls Belfort to his feet and shoves him into the ropes, before he reaches down to help his leader regain himself. Belfort seems very upset, as he rushes towards the member of the Rebellion and grabs him by the head and pants. He tosses him to the floor next to his stablemates that immediately go to his aid. Edwards crawls to the corner to allow himself to take a breather, while Belfort looks at the others on the outside. Belfort grabs the top rope and he leans back before slingshotting himself over the top rope and onto the Rebellion, taking the whole stable out.

Rose: He took out the Rebellion!

Sanction: But he took his eye off the prize!

The crowd pops for the big dive, and Belfort recovers somewhat quickly to his feet. He briefly panders to the crowd, which is out of character for Belfort, before he climbs onto the apron. As he steps one foot through the top and middle rope to enter the ring, Edwards steps forward and kicks the middle rope, catching Belfort low. Belfort drops to the mat in the ring, and Edwards quickly drags him in front of the turnbuckle. Belfort grimaces and holds his groin, as Edwards quickly scales the turnbuckle facing towards the outside. With a burst of adrenaline, Edwards is at the top rope. He takes a deep breath to regain his composure, before he springs off the top rope, doing a front flip while moving backwards. Edwards with a lot of speed lands hard onto Belfort’s chest with an imploding 450! Edwards hooks Belfort’s leg.



Belfort kicks out to the surprise of the crowd. Edwards has a slight look of disbelief cross his face, since he thought the combination would definitely put away Belfort. Edwards slowly got to his feet and he signaled with his thumb across his throat that this would be the end. Edwards pulls Belfort up to his feet with great difficulty as if Belfort was all dead weight. Once Belfort is finally on his feet, Edwards hooks Belfort’s head and arm signalling for the End Product. Edwards lifts Belfort slightly in the air, but Belfort dropped back down to the mat after he hooked the back of Edwards’ left leg with his right hand, sending Edwards into a small package pinning predicament.



But Edwards kicked out just in time. Edwards ended up on his hands and knees, but Belfort was on top of him hooking his right leg behind Edwards’ left arm. Belfort shoulder rolled forward sending Edwards onto his belly. Belfort has Edwards arm holstered in the omoplata position and slowly sits up to add more and more pressure on Edwards shoulder. The crowd explodes asking Edwards to tap out. Edwards scrambles in the shards of glass looking for anything to get a hold of, but the pressure in his shoulder is just building further and further. Edwards looks to the outside but the Rebellion are useless, since they are still recovering from the dive to the floor. With a burst of intensity, Edwards gets onto one knee and turns into Belfort. Much like early into the match, Belfort turns his hips and catches his left leg on the side of Edward’s neck. Belfort then locks up the triangle choke sending the crowd into a deeper roar. Before Edwards can even consider fighting out of it, Belfort puts his right hand on the back of his own head and begins throwing elbows straight to the skull of Edwards. The combination of the choke and the brutal elbows quickly make Edwards nonresponsive and the referee breaks the hold and calls for the bell.


Rose: Oh my god! Words can’t describe that!

Sanction: We have a new champion!

The referee raises Belfort’s hand, but Belfort can’t even reach his feet. His back is covered in blood from the glass and he is completely exhausted. With the adrenaline winding down he’s filled with pain, but a ringside attendant brings him his new title belt. Belfort half heartedly raises the belt above his head, ever so slightly, sending the crowd into a big cheer of approval. “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins once again fills the arena, and Belfort rolls to the outside of the ring where he collapses to the mat. The referee helps him get to his feet and exit up the ramp. Before disappearing backstage, he turns to the crowd and raises the belt once more getting loud applause. As this happens, Edwards regains consciousness and scolds his stablemates on the outside.
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Re: XWA On a Pole: Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort

Postby JoeyEdwards » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:00 pm

Returning from the commercial breaks, the camera pans around the arena - displaying to the viewers at home the thousands in attendance waving their banners from side to side as the cameras approached them, whilst many spectators returned to their seats with numerous snacks and merchandising. Thus far, the night has been full of twists and turns - definitely a night for the archives, however it isn't finished. Not yet. With still the main two blockbuster matches yet to come, the audiences still have a lot to look forward to - especially the upcoming contest. The cameras then pan over to the four sided ring, around the four corners of the outside of the ring stood light tube structures standing tall as the cameras zoomed closer to them.

Rose: Well look at that Mark a structure of light tubes what an original idea I must firstly add, and secondly what an opportunity Andrew Belfort has got here tonight.

Sanction: It won't be an easy task, Joey Edwards is back and I imagine that he means business. It's hard to believe that this is his first title defense after his short sabbatical.

Rose: It is Mark but I'm sure that Edwards will deliver tonight. I mean, he's in his element - hardcore rules, 10,000 light tubes.. this is a Joey Edwards match written all over.

Sanction: And now that hes gotten rid of the rebellion, we can now see the real Joey Edwards we know and love. But we also has got to remember that we can't write off Belfort, not at all the young wrestler is a master of the submission and is also a very good technical wrestler.

Rose: All of that isn't relevant tonight Mark! It's all about what can destroy their opponents tonight!

The camera pans away from the commentary desk and over to the center of the ring where Hana Ramirez stands with a smile from ear to ear - recieving wolf whistles from the male attending audiences.

Hana Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a 10,000 Light Tubes match for the XWA Hardcore Championship!

As the words “Highway to the danger zone” echo through the arena for the first time in the song, Andrew Belfort walks onto the stage wearing his typical black ring attire. Belfort spends no time pandering to the crowd and looks all business whilst heading towards the ring.

Hana Ramirez: Introducing first, the challenger, from Santee, California, weighing in at 180 pounds, Andrew Belfort!

Belfort walks around the side of the ring before jumping onto the apron. Belfort looks around at the crowd before entering the ring. He briefly uses the ropes to stretch allowing himself to feel comfortable in the ring while mentally preparing for the moments ahead.

Sanction: Young, confident, Andrew Belfort truly is a next generation wrestler. This is the biggest match in this kids career.

Rose: You can tell hes focused Mark. He wants this, but does he want this more than Joey - we'll see.

The arena is suddenly engulfed into darkness, misty smoke begins to rise on the stage as pyrotechnics goes off from the corners of the stage emerging from the tunnel is a smug looking Joey Edwards who comes out to a reception of cheers. No gas mask. No suits. No ties. Just Joey Edwards in his new ring attire of black and white wrestling shorts, knee pads, black boots with white laces. As he stands on the top of the entrance ramp "Uptown" by Travis Scott plays through the sound speakers! The crowd break out to a frenzy.

Sanction: He's even got a brand new theme song! I love it!

Edwards with his hardcore championship resting on his shoulder points towards the center of the ring, making his way down the ramp.

Hana Ramirez: And his opponent, the spokesman of a generation, the current XWA Hardcore Champion - from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 220 pounds, Joey Edwards!

With a few high fives Edwards walks around the ring, eying up his opponent who eyes him back - a tense stare off commences as Edwards leaps onto the apron and enters the ring walking towards the center of the ring where he meets Andrew Belfort.

No words are exchanged by the two, just a glance of intimidation as Belfort retreats backwards as the referee enters the ring commanding the men to go back to their corners. Edwards hold his title up in the air, recieving cheers from the spectators as he hands it over to the referee who holds the title up in the air, displaying it to the audiences.

Sanction: Well ladies and gentlemen you can expect some violence in this match. And just a quick reminder to the kids at home, don't try this.

Rose: They're professionally trained athletes yada yada yada, but more importantly - they get hurt, especially in matches like this. Predictions for this one Mark?

Sanction: I'm going to have to go for Joey Edwards. But I bid good luck to young Belfort.

The referee hands to championship belt over to Hana who exits the ring. The official then signals for the belt to be rung!


Edwards is the first to make movement attempting to kick the thigh of Andrew who manages to dodge the boot of Edwards, moving sidewards to do so. Edwards attempts again this time from the other foot, Andre once again manages to dodge the boot by moving sidewards, daring Edwards to take him down. Edwards then attempts to kick the stomach of Andrew however is caught in doing so. Edwards however manages to force Andrew backwards with his boot before having to duck under a clothesline attempt from the self proclaimed master of submission. Edwards then makes a trip of his own to the ropes, bouncing off of them and flying back - taking Andrew down with a forearm smash to the crowds approval.

Sanction: Bright start from Edwards, taking Belfort down with a forearm smash.

Belfort is up onto his feet however is back down in only seconds as Edwards greets him with a drop kick - sending the challenger flying backwards towards the ring ropes. Belfort uses the ropes to help himself up whilst Edwards charges at him, smartly, Belfort slips down still gripping onto the ropes, sending Edwards over the top rope - however landing on the apron. Belfort is unaware of this as he stumbles forwards taking time to take a breather before turning back around.

Rose: Springboard clothesline by Edwards.

XWA Titantron

A pin attempt from Edwards couldn't even last a one count as Belfort lifted his shoulder immediately and the pair both got back up onto their feet momentarily after. With both men now on their feet, they lock up in the center of the ring - grappling onto each other as both men try to find a way to gain a victory. Belfort manages to escape the lockup with a boot to the gut of Edwards. He then grabs him by his hair and leads him over to the turnbuckle, where he smashes his head against the cushioned buckle. The audience watch disturbingly as Edwards head recoils on numerous occasions before Belfort decide to stop and throws Edwards towards the buckle, Edwards back now against it.

A barrel of punches unload as Belfort strategy becomes relevant, to ware down the spokesman of a generation. Punches to the gut, face, and body of Edwards ignite - a mean combination by Belfort who then backs up, retreating backwards. Now on the opposite turnbuckle Belfort charges in full pace towards Edwards, leaping up into the air and colliding his body against his, grabbing his head in the process. Belfort then leads Edwards out of the corner, still holding on his head - and performs a bulldog on the champ.

Sanction: Well after Edwards bright start it looks like Andrew Belfort has taken control of this match.

Rose: Belfort's already going back to work, mounting on top of Edwards and releasing some vicious punches.

After a few more right hands connect with the jaw of Edwards, Andrew decides to get off of the champ - allowing the champ time to get back onto his feet. Grabbing Edwards by his hair, Andrew throws his opponent over the top rope - leaving Edwards crashing to the mats, Sliding out to the outside, Andrew grabs Edwards once again by his hair leading him over to the steel ring steps. He attempts to smash his head against it but Edwards intercepts with a punch to the gut followed by a smart poke in the eye, despite Edwards alignment change his style of dirty wrestling seemed like it wasn't going to change.

Edwards then grabs Andrew and forces his head against the ring steps, doing this repeatedly as the audiences interacted by counting how many times Edwards performed this. After a tenth hit, Edwards releases a dazed Andrew Belfort who stumbles backwards, looking for the steel barriers to grab a hold of. Edwards however has other plans and as Belfort continues to stumble around like a headless chicken, Edwards smartly decides to counter and takes Belfort out with a enziguri kick which forces Belfort backwards sending him over the barricades!

Sanction: What an enziguri kick by Edwards!

Rose: Andrew Belfort has gone over the steel barricades and into the crowd, they've got the best seat in the house at the moment!

Helping himself up via the barricades Belfort is back up leaning forwards against the barricades. Edwards joins Belfort by leaping over the barricade, beginning a series of counts by the audiences as he jabs Belfort repeatedly. Edwards ends the counts by toe kicking Belfort in the gut which is then followed by a head-butt, which is then followed by a belly to belly suplex over the barricades and onto the mats!

This Is Awesome! *clap, clap, clap* This Is Awesome *clap, clap, clap* This Is Awesome *clap, clap, clap*

Sanction: What an electric crowd we have in attendance tonight, they've been chanting throughout the evening!

Rose: Well with the quality of matches we've had on show tonight, you can't really be surprised!

Edwards helps Belfort up and rolls the challenger into the ring, looking at one of the light tube structures before looking at the audiences, who are urging him to use it. Edwards grabs force of the light tubes, being careful that the structure didn't full. He then re-enters the ring unaware that Belfort is back on his feet. Belfort attacks the champ with a vicious clothesline, causing Edwards to drop all of the tubes - which rolled around the ring. Belfort yells as he grabs Edwards by his hair and swings him towards the rope, beginning to build momentum as he sends Edwards down with a clothesline which is shortly after followed by another. Belfort then takes Edwards out with a mesmerizing swinging neckbreaker, afterwards going for the pin.

.. One

.. .. TWO

Edwards raises his shoulder rolling over towards the ropes as Andrew moves towards the light tubes, grabbing one of them and look at Edwards help himself up via the ropes.

Sanction: Its time things get a bit messy!

With the tube now in his hands Edwards charges in full speed towards Belfort, swinging the tube like a baseball bat towards his opponent. Belfort ducks under the challenge and runs to the ropes, rebounding off of them and meeting Edwards back in the center of the ring - drop kicking the champ. Edwards immediately gets to his feet but it's too late, Belfort now has the light tube in his possession.


The remains of the tube scatters across the ring as Belfort embraces the chants of ''this is awesome'' by the thousands of spectators. Belfort however is soon back to work as he drops to his knee's, and covers!

.. One

.. .. TWO

.. .. .. THR - Shoulders Up!

Sanction: How Edwards managed to kick out of that one - really does baffle me!

Rose: Well that's what a champion does Mark, they keep on going, keep on fighting - until they physically can't do anything. Thats true champion spirit shown by Edwards!

Andrew Belfort looks disappointingly at the official, holding up three and arguing that he swore it was a three count, by the official isn't having any of it and demands Belfort to continue, which he does.

Belfort leans against the ropes, perhaps thinking about his next move as Edwards slowly gets back up onto his feet. Suddenly Belfort decides to make movement by storming over to Edwards, eager to get back in control he clothesline Edwards over the top rope, Edwards goes crashing to the mat. Belfort slides under the bottom rope and grabs Edwards by his hair, leading him over to the commentary desk.


Three times the head of Edwards connects with the commentary table, as the fans watch on disturbingly beginning to cringe as Belfort continues the onslaught, leading the champ over to the steel barricade. He irish whips the champion towards the barricade, Edwards is traveling so fast he is not able to stop himself and instead is sent crashing into the barricades. Belfort once again grabs Edwards by his head however this time Edwards manages to counter - once again using one of the oldest dirty tricks in the book - an eye rake.

Sanction: An eye rake by Edwards who is beginning to get back into this.

Edwards delivers a blow to the jaw Belfort, which is then followed up by an uppercut, and another and another. Edwards then grabs Belfort by the back of his neck and runs over to one of the tube structures!



The referee quickly slides out of the ring, checking on Belfort who is holding onto his back - screeching in agony as he tries not to roll onto the remaining shards scattered on the ground. Edwards however is on his feet, with a look of tiredness on his face he grabs Belfort and rolls him under the bottom rope, before joining him in the ring and going for the cover.

.. One

.. .. TWO

.. .. .. THR - KICKOUT!

Sanction: How the hell?!

Rose: Wait?! WHAT!

Suddenly the lights in the arena switch off, and screams from some sections of the audiences is heard as thuds can be heard coming down the entrance ramp.

Sanction: What the hell is happening?!

The lights switch back on and standing around a dazed Joey Edwards is the Rebellion! Edwards looks around at his former companions, demanding them to move - perhaps forgetting that now he has no power over them! The official is down and out and the rebellion begin an onslaught on Edwards, forcing him down with punches and kicks all around his body as Richard Steen backs up, watching Giovanni and Van Hendriks attack Edwards. Steen takes off his mask, throwing it to the ground as he exists the ring - pointing at one of the light tube structures!

Hendriks throws Edwards over his shoulder, Edwards in a firemans carry position - and throws him over the top rope, crashing to the mat Edwards goes!

Rose: Oh Jesus this is sickening!

Moriello and Hendriks then exit the ring themselves and grab Edwards by his arms, pulling him over to Steen who laughs as he watches Edwards try to murmur something. Steen slaps Edwards straight in the face before demanding his men to finish of the champion!


Boo's reverberate through the arena as Edwards lays motionless on the floor as the Rebellion watch on. Steen then commands Hendriks to roll Edwards back into the ring, Hendriks nods approvingly at the as it seems 'new rebellion leader'. The Rebellion then scatter as they see movements from the official, who is helping himself up via the ring ropes. Through the audience they scatter and by the time the official is up - they're gone.

Rose: Andrew Belfort is crawling over to Edwards! He could be going for the cover! We could have a brand new champion here tonight!

.. One

.. .. TWO

.. .. .. THREEEE!


Hana Ramirez: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match - and the new XWA HARDCORE CHAMPION... ANDREWW BELFORTTT!

Despite a triumphant effort and great performance, no cheers of appreciation came towards Belfort who raced up onto his feet being handed the hardcore championship. All eyes and concentration were on Edwards who laid motionless in the middle of the ring.


Andrew Belfort drapes the championship on his shoulder and looks down at Edwards, looking worryingly as a medical team pour into the ring with a stretcher for the spokesman of a generation. Belfort exits the ring with no celebration, just a cheeky smile placed on his lips. Standing on the top of the entrance ramp, Belfort looks back at Edwards being placed on a stretcher before continuing forwards backstage.
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Re: XWA On a Pole: Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort

Postby Trace » Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:34 pm

JoeyEdwards wrote:Match will be submitted here.
Any chance for a little extension also?
As long as Belfort has no problem and it's up by the end of the day I don't mind.
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Re: XWA On a Pole: Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort

Postby Smith Jones » Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:55 am

I'll be brief. Been a busy summer.

I'm a big fan of story advancement in finishes. Belfort put forth a strong match, but I'd say take note of Edwards' use of emotion and mixture of wrestling moves with human moments.

My vote: Edwards, but congrats on the new belt!!!
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Re: XWA On a Pole: Joey Edwards vs. Andrew Belfort

Postby Dan » Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:20 am

MK, I tried reading your match but it seems very empty. Don't get me wrong, the moves are there, but there's no feeling, no emotion between them. Show me how Belfort looks after an attack, show me how he reacts to being hit. Does he stagger? Does he take the hit and no-sell like Hogan? Does he feel angry, happy, upset, and sense of urgency? I think you have the wrrestling down for the most part, but the emotional void in the match is a huge issue, one that I had to get past myself and one I totally believe you could as well.

Edwards, I enjoyed your work. It seemed a little shorter, but it didn't detract from the match at all. I wasn't fond of the finish, as I've never been a fan of anyone having a bunch of characters, but as long as you make it make sense in the long run, I can overlook this.

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