XWA Revenge: Here Comes A New Challenger!

Matches that occurred on our 2014 Revenge Pay Per View!
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XWA Revenge: Here Comes A New Challenger!

Postby Trace » Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:32 pm

Before XWA Revenge can officially begin, even before the dramatic opening video package that traditionally opens a pay per view such as this, we open up on an office. It’s not expensively put together as you’d expect, no posters of past events hanging from the walls, no comfortable sofa in the corner of the ring. Simply a desk, a chair, and one man. This man is looking good, clad in an expensive looking suit and with his grungy hair slicked back in a corporate style, it’s a mix of punk-rock and corporate America that the new owner of the XWA wears so well. Trace Demon is in the house.

Trace Demon: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first pay per view of the Trace Demon regime. Tonight we’ve got plenty of great action for you all but I’m not here to hype up the show, oh no, you should be hyped enough already. I’m here to talk to you about one thing, the XWA World Heavyweight Championship. Now back when I was an up and coming rookie I would have gone to extreme lengths, and I did many times, to get a shot at that title. The XWA World Heavyweight Championship is a prize worth fighting for, it’s a prize worth sacrificing for, it’s a prize worth bleeding for. Every single man and woman who has ever stepped foot inside an XWA ring has done so because, more than anything else, they want to be called the XWA World Champion. And they, like me, would do anything to call themselves that, every single one of them. Every single one… except for Chris Novak.

Trace Demon shakes his head, disappointed at the mere thought of the Madman from Manchester.

Trace Demon: Tonight, in front of all in the live crowd and everyone watching at home, Chris Novak was set to challenge Jericho Shaw for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship. Chris Novak, a man who has bitched and moaned and whined his way up the card finally got exactly what he wanted, a chance to be the top dog. Chris Novak, a man who has always called himself the number one fan favourite... has decided not to grace us with his presence tonight.

There’s an audible boo from the live crowd, easily heard even though this is being shot live from the office of the new XWA owner.

Trace Demon: Yes, that’s right, boo because that’s what this deserves. You see Chris Novak decided that he couldn’t take a couple days off from his little tour of the world cup to come back and wrestle for the biggest prize in wrestling. Bet you feel kinda stupid Chris, what with your boys being so pathetic that they only managed one point. I mean even the United States have qualified for the knockout stages! Big pop from the live crowd. But no matter, what’s done is done and tonight we will not be seeing Chris Novak challenge Jericho Shaw for the title. But don’t worry, because this is Trace Demon’s XWA and here in Trace Demon’s XWA we do not disappoint, which is why here tonight we will have an XWA World Championship match as Jericho Shaw defends against a man that I have personally handpicked. He’s a former world champion in his own right, a man who I know first-hand will pose a mighty challenge for the champion and a man who has every right to feel aggrieved at Jericho Shaw holding the title in the first place. Tonight Jericho Shaw will defend against…

He pauses for dramatic effect.

Trace Demon: A mystery challenger to be revealed later.

And there’s the smirk, as much a signature of Trace Demon as any wrestling move that he might use.

Trace Demon: Now enjoy the show and remember, this is the Trace Demon regime now… anything could happen.

And with that blockbuster announcement regarding tonight’s main event we fade out, and straight into the opening video package that signals the official start to the show.

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