XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Matches that occurred on our 2014 Revenge Pay Per View!
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XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby Trace » Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:22 pm

LIVE from Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois! (55,621 capacity)

TV Title Ladder Match!

DeAndre Taylor © vs. Smith Jones

At XWA Legends Smith Jones made a monumental return to the company and pledged to once again become the XWA Television Champion. When he got the chance to do exactly that it was... less than monumental. When all was said and done it was DeAndre Taylor who held the Television Championship up high much to Smith Jones's chagrin. In the weeks that have followed the two have yet to get very far from each other, their paths linked from the moment they fought over the title that Smith Jones desires so much. It's fitting that the only way their paths can separate is over that same very title, only this time there'll be no pinfalls, no submissions. This time round the Television Championship will hang high above the ring, the only way to win it will be to climb up high and drag it back down. For one man it will be the first challenge he faces as champion, for the other the last he gets to put the title back around his waist.

Deadline for matches is 30th June 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 4th July 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby Smith Jones » Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:17 pm

This is my version of the
events as I intend for them to unfold on
July 4th, 2014, at XWA Revenge!

- - -

Cut to a shot of Soldier Field from high above as XWA Revenge is well under way and the crowd is alive with vigour after the Gimmick versus Gimmick Killer match. The championship portion of the evening is set to begin. The ring crew descends upon the ring carrying ladders of varying heights and placing them all around ringside. There are three ladders stood on each side of the ring! The TV Title has not yet been hung from the lighting truss. That is still with the champion who is, no doubt, in final preparations backstage. The camera lands on a young ringside fan, a girl of about the age of six. She and her family have great seats right up front at ringside. She has her long, blonde hair in pigtails and wears a DeAndre Taylor T-shirt three sizes too big for her. Her sign reads ‘Taylor Made for TV’ in sparkly pink lettering on a white background. Her large blue eyes look up at the ladder that has just been set up in front of her. Her eyes bulge as she looks waaaaay up to the top of the ladder. She looks beyond it to where the TV Title belt will soon be hung from the girders. She looks off into the sky and daydreams about what it would be like to get in the ring and reach for the clouds. The bell tolls three times and the ring announcer begins.

Hana Ramierez: The following contest is a Ladder Match for the XWA Television Championship!!!! The only way to win the match is to ascend the ladder and retrieve the title!! Introducing first, the challenger...

Smith’s disembodied voice comes over the speakers from backstage.

Smith Jones: Abubububububheyheyheyheynononononono! What in the warmed over fuck do you think you’re doing, Hana? I let you get away with that shit last time on Massacre, but this is pay-per-view and I’ve got few things I wanna say!!!!!!!!

Crowd: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Smith Jones: Oh, sit on it!!!!!!!!!!

Smith Jones now comes out onto the stage to no music at all. The jeering continues as he stands at the top of the ramp, dressed to compete in his trademark all white ring gear and wearing a gray tee with an American flag on the front of it. There is a large white X overtop of the US flag!!! The crowd boos even louder!! Smith turns his back to camera to show that there is a Canadian flag on the back of the shirt, circled in white. He slowly turns to face camera again, puffing out his chest to show off the front of the shirt. He stands at the top of the ramp and traces the white X on his chest to a round of booooooooooooooos from the patriotic Chicago crowd!!! Smith’s smile falls into a sneer and then a downright scowl. His eyes scan the audience for anyone worthy of his judgmental glare. He finds no one, but he seeks on as his eyes dart around the audience and he speaks.

Smith Jones: You overgrown pieces of putrid human trash that line the rows here in Chi-Town make me want to commit random acts of violence all over the place!!!! But tonight I am celebrating my home, the true north, strong and free… Canada. I am proud to be able to look at my great heritage inside the squared circle and see that being a Canadian wrestler holds true value in this biz. I’m not a European brute or a Samoan savage or an East Asian pugilist or a South American aerialist or an African streetfighter or a Norse warrior or an Australian weirdo… and I’m definitely not a half-witted, slack-jawed, mealy-mouthed, two-faced, two-bit, no-good, girly-armed American!!!!!! Fuck, I always forget lily-livered!!!

Crowd: Fuck you Sm--!!!

Smith Jones: Nah, FUCK YOU!!!!! Stop trying to ruin my night!!!!!! This isn’t about ME anyway, it’s about Canada! I know you’ve already seen your share of pyrotechnics for the night, but please indulge me for just a few short moments. I want to remind you of the great Canadian superstars that have come before me. I don’t even have to say a single name and I already know that the person or persons you are thinking of right now are and were known for excellence, technical skill, intellect, precision, innovation, respect, dignity, above average grammar skills, and, oh yeah, kicking a solid pound of ass every time we part the ropes!!!!! I am so proud to represent the Canadian coefficient during Canada Day week right here at XWA Revenge!!!!

The fans burst into more jeering while Smith is bursting with pride. He turns to face the tron and raises his arms. The tron dissolves to a shot of a waving Canadian flag. Jones’ smile grows even further as he turns around again with a giddy chuckle.

Smith Jones: Tonight, I dedicate this match to Canadian wrestlers everywhere… but, only the good ones. You know who you are. And now to hype myself up as well as all Canadians worldwide, Smith Jones presents a cavalcade of red and white Canada Day FIREWORKS!!!!!!

Jones throws his arms up in the air in a grand gesture to start the pyro!!! ...but nothing happens. His smile is frozen in place. He gestures again, even bigger. There are no fireworks. The stadium falls silent and then a murmur takes over the crowd. The camera zooms in close to Smith’s face as it falls from a huge grin to a rabid snarl. His eyes flit over to the pyro operator sitting off to one side of the stage. Jones walks part way down the ramp, then hops down, turning and walking over to the pyro guy. Jones growls a subdued bellow.

Smith Jones: Where the fuck are my fireworks?!?!!?!!

Pyro Guy: Nobody told me nothin’ about no fireworks!

Smith Jones: Nobody nold ne nothin’ nout no nireworks!! You fucking buffoon!!!! I promised the people Canada Day fireworks and you are going to deliver!

Pyro Guy: All I have programmed in here are superstar entrances. Your entrance has no pyro!

Smith grabs the guy by the collar with both hands and pulls his face close. Smith breathes in his face and grunts at him.

Smith Jones: By the time this fucking match is over, you are gonna program some spectacular shit that’s gonna make Obama call in FEMA to rescue the survivors!!! Got me?!?!??

Smith Jones gets spun around by DeAndre Taylor!!!!! Taylor swings at Smith’s face with the TV Title belt and WHAM, Jones falls back across the pyro table and then onto the floor!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! * DING! DING!! DING!!! * Jones uses the table to pull himself up and Taylor wastes him again with a championship belt across the forehead!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! Smith hits the floor and is much slower to get up this time. DeAndre Taylor takes his TV Championship up onto the stage and holds it high above his head!! The crowd cheers. Smith stirs down on the floor. The referee takes the title from Taylor and Taylor takes off running to the edge of the stage. He dives off and hits a flying cross body off the stage to the floor!!!! As Jones hits the concrete floor he manages to roll through and work his way into a front facelock on Taylor! Snap suplex by Jones to DeAndre on this hard concrete floor and both men are down writhing in pain!!!

Rose: It’s a little early for these guys to be sprawled out here on the floor! You gotta know there’s a lot more fight to come from both of these men. This Ladder Match is for the XWA Television Championship!!!!

Cut to a shot of the referee finally fastening the TV Title to the cable to be ascended on high. Both men watch the silver belt rise above the ring, cloaked in soft light, glistening against the background of the clear night sky. It’s so beautiful. Smith looks at DeAndre; DeAndre looks at Smith. Both men get to their feet and charge at each other!!! Collar and elbow tie-up right here on the floor behind the ringside crowd! Taylor gets the advantage with a quick go-behind into a rear waistlock. Smith throws a quick back elbow to DeAndre’s face, but Taylor avoids the contact. Smith reaches in between his own legs and catches Taylor’s left ankle. Jones yanks and DeAndre falls on his back. Taylor puts his foot on Smith’s ass and shoves him forward before he can set up his next attack. DeAndre gets up. Smith circles back to grab Taylor, but Taylor connects with a big knife edge chop that sears the chest of Jones, even through the T-shirt. Smith tries to get away, but Taylor grabs at the shirt and pulls it off Smith. Taylor targets Jones’ chest with another knife edge chop, this time to the bare chest. Woooooooooooooooo!!! Smith scrambles up onto the entrance ramp and walks towards the ring. Taylor is right behind him. Taylor spins Smith at ringside. Jones throws a sudden knife edge chop! Taylor dodges it and counters with another chop of his own!!! Smith recoils from the sting of it and he ducks under one of the ladders at ringside before he hops up on the apron and wipes his feet. Taylor grabs Smith’s ankle and yanks him off the apron to the ringside floor!!!! He jumps on top of Jones and rains down punches to his face and torso!! Smith slithers from his grasp and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Taylor follows. Jones runs the far ropes and comes back to step over Taylor. Jones hits the ropes on the other side now as Taylor stands and Jones quickly runs under a high leapfrog by Taylor!! Smith hits the ropes again and Taylor connects with a solid dropsault to Smith’s face!!! Taylor hits the ropes now as Jones gets to his feet. A running cross body block catches Smith high and almost takes his head off!!! DeAndre pulls Smith to a vertical base by the roots of his hair. Taylor hauls Jones up across his shoulders for a Samoan drop, but Smith slips out of it and lands on his feet behind Taylor. He shoves Taylor off the ropes and throws a dropkick, but DeAndre holds the top rope and Smith hits the canvas in a twisted position. DeAndre stands Smith up. Taylor with a hurricanrana to Jones!! Smith rolls out under the bottom rope. DeAndre slides out right next to him. Jones rolls back into the ring. Taylor hops up on the ring apron instead of following Jones into his trap. Jones growls at Taylor. He lunges in, but Taylor clips him with a jab. Jones retaliates with a kick to the gut that stuns Taylor. Front facelock by Smith on DeAndre who still stands on the apron. Jones lifts Taylor up over his head to bring him back into the ring the hard way! Taylor slips out of it and lands on his feet. He runs the far ropes and turns to charge back at Jones, but Smith is right there with a devastating roaring elbow!!! Taylor’s head snaps violently back and then his body slumps to the mat, lifeless.

Mark Sanction: That was a brutal roaring elbow by Smith Jones!!!!

Rose: Yeah, he doesn’t pull that one out of the ol’ bag of tricks nearly often enough!! Take a look at this replay! Taylor runs the ropes, unaware that he has a tail. Taylor turns around, Jones is already right there in motion with the elbow extended and BOOM! That roaring elbow caught him on the temple. Any closer to that orbital bone and he’d be looking at eye surgery this week. Unreal impact! DeAndre Taylor is taking some time out to do a little stargazing!! Why not? Nice night.

Smith stands over DeAndre with a disturbing grin on his face. He crouches at a safe distance to just watch DeAndre deal with what he is feeling. Jones tilts his head and watches a moment longer before he springs back into action. He grabs Taylor by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. Side Russian leg sweep by Jones that bounces Taylor’s head off the canvas! Again working up to their feet, Jones hooks Taylor with a swinging neckbreaker. He’s focussing on the head and neck already. A targeted attack by Smith Jones that is obviously meant to set him up for his famed Point of Controversy or his career threatening Brainbuster! Jones hits Taylor with a European uppercut under the chin. Again, the European uppercut. Taylor backs into a corner. Jones steps in next to Taylor and hooks him up for another Russian leg sweep, this time against the corner!!! Jones has just laid out DeAndre Taylor with a vicious leg sweep that smashes his neck against the middle turnbuckle!!! DeAndre clutches his neck and lies on the canvas. Jones wastes absolutely no time in rolling out under the bottom rope and looking for a weapon.

Mark Sanction: Here come the ladders, Rose!!

Rose: Actually, not yet. Looks like he changed his mind and is going for something else.

Jones grabs the ring bell from the timekeeper and starts to laugh a sick little chuckle. Inside the ring, DeAndre is being checked on by the referee. He’s on his feet by now, using the ropes for support and talking to the ref. Jones attacks him from behind with the ring bell to the top of Taylor’s spine, the base of his neck!!! The ref yells at Jones and tries to appeal to his compassionate side. Smith pushes the referee aside and gets out on the ring apron with the bell still in hand. Just then, Smith meets eyes with a young ringside fan, a girl of about the age of six. She and her family have great seats right up front at ringside. Her long blonde pigtails annoy him, but not nearly as much as the oversized DeAndre Taylor T-shirt and the sparkly pink lettering on her ‘Taylor Made for TV’ sign. The girl shakes her sign and screams boos along with the masses that surround her. Smith becomes enraged. He thinks back to his young days as a child when he used to cheer the #heels at ringside even as a youngster. He looks at the fallen Taylor sprawled out on his back in the ring and then he pauses to stick his tongue out at the little girl before he starts to climb, bell in hand. Jones gets poised on the top rope and stands up straight. He points up at the sky and turns a little circle with his finger. He tucks the ring bell under his arm and he takes flight!!! Smith comes falling out of the sky with a ring bell elbow drop aimed at the throat of DeAndre Taylor!!! Taylor rolls out of the way at the very last moment and Jones comes crashing down on the canvas hard!!!!!!

Rose: What an impact!!!! Taylor saved himself there!!!!

Mark Sanction: Smith Jones was looking to do long term damage with that ring bell, but this is a whole new match now. Taylor is stirring!!!

The ring bell has actually torn a small hole in the canvas where DeAndre had been laying. Smith his holding his side and writhing in pain as Taylor is coming back to his senses. Blood starts to drip from Smith’s side as he tries not to move very much for fear of broken ribs. The referee takes his sweet time, but finally checks on Smith. As DeAndre’s head becomes more clear, a chant begins to form in his ears. It sounds like it has somehow been going on forever.

Crowd: We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!! We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!! We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!! We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!! We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!! We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!! We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!! We want ladders!!! Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap!!!

DeAndre Taylor draws from the near sixty thousand strong here at Soldier Field as the pain starts to melt away for the moment. The little girl cheers as loud as she can!!!! To her amazement, Taylor gets out of the ring and goes over to her. He takes her sign and holds it up high!!!! The little girl cries tears of joy as he gives her sign back and gives her a fist bump. Yes, they blow it up. Sigh. Taylor grabs the ladder in front of the little girl and folds it up, eventually placing it on the ring apron to slide it into the ring. Smith Jones appears with a baseball slide that sends the ladder into Taylor. No, Taylor ducks the impact as the ladder falls off the apron and lands on the floor behind Taylor. Smith gets out of the ring and Taylor greets him with a sudden reverse crescent kick that hits Jones in the ribs right where he had landed on the ring bell!!! Blood continues to leak from Smith’s side and onto his white wrestling trunks. Red and white. How Canadian. Taylor throws a push kick that gets Smith in the ribs again!!! Jones doubles over and gasps for air! He knocks a ladder over to keep Taylor at bay, but he dodges it and keeps pursuing the wounded Jones. Smith ducks under the ring apron and tries to find refuge from the attack. DeAndre grabs him by the leg and drags him out from under the ring apron. Smith gets his footing and then turns and throws the full tool box in DeAndre’s face!!!! Jones whips Taylor into the steel ring steps!!!! Jones grabs a ladder and throws it right down on the announce table!!!!

Mark Sanction: You can’t do this Jones!!!

Smith Jones: It’s him or you, Sanction!!!! You wanna work a table/ladder spot with me???!!?

Sanction and Rose back away from the table as Jones goes for Taylor. Jones connects with a belly-to-belly suplex against the front face of the announce table!!! Smith is in his element and it shows. He picks DeAndre up and lays him across the ladder on top of the announce table. Jones starts to head towards the ring. He gets up on the apron and DeAndre shows up right next to him. Another kick to the ribs and Smith falls off the apron to the floor!! DeAndre with an asai moonsault onto Smith!!!! Taylor very quickly lays Smith across the ladder on top of the announce table and he gets to the top rope as fast as he can! He stands on the top rope and steps off into the air, twisting and rotating wildly as he hurtles towards the prone Jones!!! SMASH!!!!!! DeAndre Taylor just hit Smith Jones with a Corkscrew 450 through a ladder, through the announce table!!!!!! Devastating Arizona Thunder by DeAndre Taylor!!!!! Both men are down in a pile of rubble as the audience as going berzerk!!!! There is no commentary at the moment. The visuals are telling it just fine. There is nothing but carnage on your screen as both men lay there for a moment to take in the calm Chicago sky. The clouds move slowly over the stadium, occluding the moon at times and then revealing it. The glint of the moon on the TV Championship belt is enough to stir both men. DeAndre is up long before Smith can get a base under himself. Taylor picks up the ladder and slides it into the ring. He follows it and begins to set it up mid-ring. He starts to climb! Jones’ hand claws at the ring apron, then his other hand, and then his head slowly emerges as well. He watches DeAndre climb up the ladder while he grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself into the ring. DeAndre hops down of the ladder and quickly folds it again to use as a weapon. Smith is there too soon and he shoves the ladder out of the way. It leans against the top rope while the two men throw fists!!! Smith gets the upper hand with a thumb to the eye. He grabs the ladder from where it is leaning against the top rope and he spins it to where it’s between the two of them. Taylor hits hard with a dropkick that sends the ladder into Smith’s face!!! Jones falls out of the ring through the ropes to the floor!! DeAndre runs the far ropes and then comes running up the ladder like a staircase and launches himself high into the air with a flying senton to his standing opponent!!!! Both men crash into the retaining wall and come to rest on the ringside floor!!!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Rose: This crowd is pumped, but you gotta know these two have a lot more in them. This is for the TV Title!!

DeAndre gets up first and waits for Smith to get up to all fours. DeAndre charges in with a running knee strike to the side of Smith’s head that sends Jones twisting and falling right back down to the thin padding. Taylor has his eyes on another ladder! Taylor drags a second ladder into the ring and sets one of them up not far from a corner of the ring. He’s obviously thinking damage, not finish here. He takes the second ladder and makes a bridge between the bottom rung of the ladder and the bottom rope. He sees Smith coming and he starts to ascend the standing ladder from the turnbuckle side of things. Jones is in the ring and climbs the ladder on the other side. They both reach the top, nowhere near the title belt. Each of them bent on taking a risk; each of them intent on scoring a bit hit here and take control of the match. Taylor takes the first shot with a big right hand.

Crowd: Yaaaaaay!!!

Jones retaliates with a closed-fisted punch to the jaw. They trade shots atop the ladder!!

Crowd: Booooooooo!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Booooo!! Yaaaaay!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Yaaaaaaayboooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Mark Sanction: Smith just punched Taylor in the throat, Rose!!! Smith takes advantage of the momentary pause by Taylor!!

Jones grabs Taylor by the head with both hands and CRACK!!! A huge headbutt to the bridge of the nose and DeAndre is reeling. Taylor ducks his head down to protect his face and then tries to surprise Smith with a back body drop onto the ladder!!! This was his plan all along!!! Jones holds onto the ladder for dear life and does not go over. Smith steps up to the top rung of the ladder and connects with a shining wizard on top of the ladder!!!! Both men fall, but it’s Taylor who lands on the ladder bridge below, unsuccessful in his bid to do big damage. Both men are down, but it’s not terribly long before Smith rolls over and looks at DeAndre. Taylor is lying on the downed ladder which is bent at the halfway mark, but not broken. The twisted metal supports Taylor’s body like a sacrificial pyre. Jones looks up at the belt hanging above the ring. He looks over at the standing ladder. Jones crawls over to the standing ladder and grabs hold of the bottom rung with both hands. On his knees, Smith pulls the ladder a foot and a half towards centre, wrestling the ladders apart from one another and leaving DeAndre laying. Smith looks up. Not far enough. He crawls backwards a bit and drags the ladder again. Still not enough. Damnit! He repeats the action once more until he is satisfied with the positioning. Jones looks over at Taylor who is starting to rouse himself. Smith looks up. Without wasting another moment, Jones begins the climb, hampered slightly by the the wounds of war suffered thus far in this dangerous environ. He keeps his eyes on the prize, studying the belt ever more closely as the details of its face begin to come more and more into view. Nearing the top of the ladder, Smith reaches and his fingertips swat at the belt. The title begins to sway. DeAndre Taylor is now on the ladder directly behind Jones. He sets him up for an electric chair drop from the ladder!!! BOOOOOOOM!!!!! Smith lands hard on those ribs again!!!! DeAndre lies on his back for a moment and pumps his fist in celebration before sitting up and looking over at Smith. Jones is frozen in position, clutching his ribs and rocking only slightly. He’s in so much pain it looks like his face is trying to swallow itself. Taylor takes a moment to enjoy this, but not too much. Taylor uses the ropes to pull himself up and he lunges at the ladder, shoving it over!! Taylor has an intense look on his face. He knows the situation he is in. He knows the tenacity of his opponent. He wants to end Smith Jones right here. Smith is now standing against the ropes. He takes a laboured step forward. Taylor sizes up Jones and hits him with a stiff kick to the ribs!!! Jones turns and tries to guard the affected area. Taylor repositions and strikes again with another strong kick to the ribs of Jones. Smith lets out a stifled groan as he seeks refuge in the corner. Taylor starts to unload with a flurry of kicks and some punches to the body of Jones. Smith fights back a little, but is overwhelmed by the pain from the ring bell mishap earlier. DeAndre kicks Smith until he slumps down in the corner. Taylor goes for the ladder and folds it in half. Taylor lets out a primal scream that gets the crowd buzzing! DeAndre Taylor charges in and spears Smith Jones in the ribs with the end of the ladder!!!!!! With nowhere to go, Smith’s back hits the buckles and his ribs take the brunt. Jones yells out in pain, unable to keep it in any longer!! Taylor drops the ladder in the middle of the ring. He charges in and catches Smith with a running corner splash. Smith crumples to a knee. Soldier Field is vibrating with energy right now! Taylor gets a hold of Jones and hoists Jones up across his shoulders to set up for the Samoan DDT! Smith slithers out of his grasp and kicks Taylor in the gut! Front facelock by Jones. He must be looking for the Brainbuster! Taylor counters with a Northern Lights suplex to Smith on the ladder in the middle of the ring!!!!! Without giving it a second thought, DeAndre heads straight for the corner and climbs. Smith is laying across that ladder, wasted from the Northern Lights. The crowd is fully into this and the rumble from the stands is clearly audible on the live worldwide broadcast. Without a second thought, DeAndre throws his body into the wind in a wild, twisting motion that means no good for his downed opponent!!!!! CRASH!!!!!!! Smith Jones just got crushed by DeAndre Taylor with a pay-per-view quality corkscrew 450 splash on the ladder!!!!!

Crowd: YOU JUST KILLED HIM!!! Clap! Clap!! Clap, clap, clap!!! YOU JUST KILLED HIM!!! Clap! Clap!! Clap, clap, clap!!! YOU JUST KILLED HIM!!! Clap! Clap!! Clap, clap, clap!!!

Mark Sanction: This crowd is not far off!!! That Arizona Thunderon the ladder just destroyed the bombastic blowhard and these people are showing their appreciation!!

Rose: But it’s still a long way up that ladder, and it’s not even set up yet! Taylor’s got more work to do. So does the trainer!

As both men lay prone in the ring, all of the lights in the arena blast to bright white! The tron also goes white as the arena lights start to immediately restore themselves to normal level. The white tron fades very slowly to an image.

Rose: It’s that Crestfallen Clown from last Massacre!!!

Mark Sanction: I don’t think so, Rose. That’s a different clown altogether. That’s not a clown at all. It’s a mime!!?!

Rose: So fucked!


The mime grabs his suspenders and shrugs as the match continues. Taylor sits up and looks at the tron with an incredulous look on his face. He is instantly reminded of the interference by the clown on Massacre and he is not happy to see this new character up on the tron during his title defense!! Taylor tries to stay focussed as he shoves Jones off the ladder. The mime remains on the tron and starts to, well, mime! He starts out with walking into the wind. Classic. DeAndre grabs the ladder and pulls it vertical. The mime now starts to pretend to be walled into a confined space. He presses on the front wall with no luck. He tries the side walls, and is still cornered. He grabs his suspenders and shrugs again. Taylor sets up the ladder and then looks over at Jones who has rolled out of the ring in search of a referee or a trainer. The time is now. Taylor starts to climb as quickly as he can as the ladder shakes and wobbles all the way up. The mime is also climbing a ladder. It is, of course, invisible. DeAndre Taylor looks down from the top of the ladder and sees that Jones is still occupied, perhaps seriously injured. Taylor is almost high enough up the ladder to start making a grab at it. He glances at the mime on the tron and the mime waves his finger at him in a ‘tsk tsk’ motion. The Mischievous Mime walks over to a detonator and puts his hands on the plunger.


Taylor ignores the mime and reaches for the title!! The mime activates the detonator and fireworks begin to explode above the arena up in the sky!!! Things then begin to go horribly wrong!! Some of the pyro seems to be aimed at the top of the ladder where DeAndre is currently standing!!! Sparks burn holes in DeAndre’s ring attire and char burn marks all over his flesh!!!! Taylor convulses and twitches on top of the ladder before he comes crashing down to the mat below!!!! The mime mimes laughter on the tron as he looks down over the setting. Smith Jones is now laughing through his pain, sitting on the ring apron. Taylor is not moving a muscle, charred from head to toe. The pyro guy is checking his equipment frantically. Trainers rush their way down from backstage to check on DeAndre. The mime grabs his suspenders and shrugs before he fades away and the tron goes to the XWA logo. Smith looks at the fallen hero with a smug smirk.

Mark Sanction: Oh my God. Rose.

Rose: That Mischievous Mime just effectively blew up this arena with an explosion of fireworks centred on the top of the ladder!!!! DeAndre Taylor was at the focal point of this pyrotechnics mishap!!!

Mark Sanction: Mishap??!?!!?! Those explosives were aimed at the top of the ladder!!! That was an intentional act; a devious and dangerous act orchestrated by that man right there, the despicable Smith Jones!!!!!

Jones rolls in under the bottom rope and parts the trainers!! He gets Taylor up on his feet and hooks him in a front facelock. He hoists him up above and then drops him on his head with a disturbingly blunt Brainbuster!!!!!! Referees and trainers pull Smith away from DeAndre. Smith is satisfied. He rights the ladder under the belt and begins his ascent. The going is slow, but it seems there will be no interception at this juncture. Jones finally reaches the top of the ladder and pulls that title down!!!!!

* DING! DING!! DING!!! *

Hana Ramierez: Here is your winner and NEW XWA Television Champion SMITH JONES!!!!!!!

Mark Sanction: No!!! Not this way!!!!! That was a horrible act by Jones!!!!! Offside in a big way!!! Does he not have the skill to compete????

Rose: It’s not about that for him these days! He knows he can win in the ring, but he loves to play head games!! That mime, the clown, they are part of something bigger if you ask me!!! Who knows how many of those characters are lurking around backstage????

‘Sail’ by Awolnation plays as Smith Jones stands triumphantly atop the ladder!!!! It might as well be the top of the world! Your new two-time XWA TV Champ is none other than the incredible Smith Jones!!!!! He holds the belt as high as he can after such a brutal encounter with a smile on his face! He laughs a hearty laugh and looks into camera, pointing at you and then grabbing the ladder again for balance as it teeters a bit. The cameras stay largely away from Taylor, but we still catch glimpses of him in some of the camera shots. The burn marks are obvious and the urgency is clear. Smith looks down as they scurry beneath him like oversized ants doing nothing he cares a lick about. He laughs even harder and keeps the TV Title in plain view. That is the face of a killer champion. It’s a moment. Take it in. Linger...

Fade to black.
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Re: XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby DeAndre Taylor » Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:02 am

As we return from the video package highlighting the events that have led us to this point, we join Mark and Rose at the announce table...

Mark Sanction: Welcome back to Soldier Field! We've had some great matches so far tonight, and it's only gonna get better. As you can see, there are ladders surrounding the ring area, which means it's time for the first of our three title defenses.
Rose: It's the Ladder Match for the XWA Television Title! Smith Jones gets one last chance at the silver strap he's been chasing since his return. If he can't get the job done tonight, that's it.
Mark Sanction: For weeks Jones and the champ DeAndre Taylor have been involved in one match after another, and it's all led to this. The XWA Television Title hanging high above the ring. Here's Hana Ramierez.


Hana Ramierez: The following is a Ladder Match for the XWA Television Title! Whichever competitor is able to climb the ladder and retrieve the belt will be declared the winner and XWA Television Champion! Introducing first the challenger. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing 229 pounds, Smith Jones!

The staccato beat of ‘Sail’ by Awolnation begins to play as all of the lights in the stadium go stark white exposing every corner. Nobody is invisible under the bright lights. Smith Jones appears at the top of the ramp, dressed to compete in white boots, white kneepads, white trunks, accented at the wrists with white tape. Completing the outfit is a gray t-shirt with the words “Last Chance” in black and crossed out by a large white X. He stands there for a moment as it rains fire behind him, his usual smirk gone. Instead there is a very serious and stern look on his face. The crowd boos at his blatant arrogance. Smith uses his index finger to draw an X across his chest and then he slowly strides confidently to ringside, pausing to look at the various ladders around the ring, before mounting the ring steps. He wipes his feet respectfully on the ring apron before parting the ropes and taking centre. Once there, he looks up and slowly raises an arm to point toward the XWA TV Title. He motions that the belt will be his, then tosses his shirt away and turns to look up the ramp, awaiting his opponent.

Mark Sanction: Smith Jones looking very focused tonight. You have to wonder how much pressure he's feeling, knowing it's basically win or go home as far as that title is concerned.
Rose: He's been in a lot of matches in his career, but you know that thought has to be in the back of his mind.

As Downstait's “I Came To Play” begins to blast across the PA system, the lights darken somewhat as the crowd comes to their feet.

Hana Ramierez: And his opponent, from Phoenix Arizona, weighing 237 pounds, he is the XWA Television Champion, “Prime Time” DeAndre Taylor!

Mark Sanction: Here comes the champion! He has to be excited, knowing that a win tonight puts Smith Jones in the rear-view mirror for good!
Rose: I know I would be. These fans are excited as well. This should be a hell of a match!

Smith Jones is starting to get restless in the ring. He is moving back and forth, staring up the ramp intently. Suddenly there is a disturbance at ringside. Jones turns to look just in time to see Taylor flying at him seemingly out of the heavens! Taylor connects with a cross body as the crowd explodes! The champ rains down right hands onto Jones' head as the bell rings.


Mark Sanction: Taylor literally flying into this match out of nowhere and taking the fight to Jones early! How did he do that?!
Rose: We've got to have some video of that somewhere! There's got to be a camera shot of it! Who's running the production truck?!

As Mark, Rose, everyone in the back, the crowd, the folks at home, and the production crew all try to figure out how in the hell Taylor literally got the jump on Smith Jones, Taylor is in the ring working over Smith Jones with kicks and punches. Out of nowhere Jones quickly jabs a thumb into the champ's eye and rolls out of the ring to regroup. Taylor works to shake off the cheap shot as Jones tries to figure out what the HELL just happened. Realizing that Taylor managed to get the jump on him, Jones becomes enraged and flies back into the ring. Taylor turns around in time to be flattened by Jones, who now lays in his own series of rights to Taylor's head as the crowd boos feverishly. Jones gets up and pulls Taylor to his feet then starts a series of suplexes, as much out of frustration as looking to inflict damage. Belly to back suplex. Gutwrench suplex. Snap suplex. He then lifts Taylor high in the air for a LONG stalling suplex. After what seems like an eternity, Jones finally drops Taylor on his head, then gets up and soaks in the crowd's hate for a moment. He proceeds out of the ring, grabs one of the ladders at ringside and slides it under the bottom rope. Jones climbs back into the ring and sets the ladder up under the belt as Taylor starts to stir. Jones starts to climb the ladder as Taylor realizes what is happening. The champ gets to his feet and starts up the ladder as well. Both men get to the top at the same time and start to battle atop the ladder. Jones and Taylor exchange rights atop the ladder as the crowd cheers them on. Each impact almost knocks the other man off the ladder, but they hang on. Suddenly both men connect with a right hand and knock each other off the ladder! Both men crash to the mat as the crowd goes nuts!

Mark Sanction: Insane action so far in this match! Both men are down in the ring and the crowd is loving it!
Rose: Yes they are! Whoever makes it up that ladder and retrieves the title will have earned it tonight!
Mark Sanction: I've been told that we now have footage of how the match started! Let's take a look!

The camera feed goes split screen to show the beginning of the match. We learn that Taylor slipped through the crowd as his entrance began, jumped the barricade at ringside, then quickly climbed one of the ladders that were set up at ringside and jumped off the top of it, surprising everyone! The crowd explodes again at the end of the replay, cheering the unorthodox maneuver. We cut back to the action as both men work to get to their feet.

Mark Sanction: That may have been the craziest way to start a match we've seen this year!
Rose: Seen so far, you mean. This IS the XWA after all. We redefine crazy on a regular basis.
Mark Sanction: You've got a point there.
Rose: Of course I do, you idiot.

Both Taylor and Jones are back to their feet and fighting in the middle of the ring. Taylor tries to send Jones to the ropes, but Jones reverses and sends Taylor instead. The champ comes off the ropes and Jones goes for a belly to belly suplex but Taylor rotates over and lands on his feet! Jones charges in but Taylor sidesteps him and sends him through the ropes! Jones bounces off the apron and falls to the floor. He works to get to his feet as Taylor runs the ropes and comes flying over the top rope with a suicide dive! Jones sees it this time and counters it into a DDT onto the floor! The impact takes both men down though, and they are a little slower to recover this time. The ref looks on, checking on them as there is no need to worry about a count-out tonight. Both men start to crawl to the ring, then onto the apron and back inside the ring. The ladder from earlier still sits in the center of the ring. Both men see it and start to make their way to it. Jones is up to a vertical base first and grabs the ladder. Taylor is just behind him and grabs Jones. They try to knock each other away from the ladder and attempt to climb. Both of them finally manage to start up opposite sides of the ladder. Once they reach the top of the ladder, they begin to exchange blows again. After each blow they try to reach for the belt. The belt begins to sway back and forth and is soon swinging too wildly to be reached easily. Being the veteran that he is, Jones realizes grabbing the belt is too risky right now with Taylor also up top. He decides, in a moment somewhere between brilliant and insane, that he needs to put his opponent away now. Jones grabs Taylor by the hair and slams his head against the top of the ladder! A second time! A third! Jones then swings himself around the ladder and yanks Taylor off with him, both falling toward the mat! In the process, Jones lines himself up perfectly and connects with The Point of Controversy! Taylor spasms and twitches from both the move and the impact of hitting the mat! However Jones pays the price as well, impacting the mat with the full weight of Taylor on top of him! The crowd explodes into a “Holy Shit!” chant!

Mark Sanction: Jones has to be absolutely out of his mind! The Point of Controversy off the top of a ladder! Both men are laid out on the mat after that backstabber to the neck of Taylor! Jones is moving a little but Taylor looks to be out cold!
Rose: If Jones is going to win this match, now is the time!

After the replay has been shown several times, Jones is still trying to shake off the impact and finally starts working on getting back up. He glances over at Taylor, who still hasn't moved. Jones slowly starts to get to his knees, facing the ladder with Taylor behind him. He takes one more look behind him and sees Taylor breathing but not moving. A smile slowly creeps onto Jones' face, the look of a man who believes he has accomplished his mission. The crowd boos Jones as he gradually gets to his feet and leans against the ladder. He looks up toward the XWA TV Title as it slightly sways back and forth above the ring. Jones slowly starts the climb up the ladder, one rung at a time. Meanwhile, Taylor starts to move his head back and forth, clearing the cobwebs. Had this been a regular match, he would have lost the title for sure. Taylor looks over and sees that Jones has started to climb the ladder again. The champ knows that if he doesn't start moving, Jones will reach the belt first. If that happens, he'll NEVER be rid of the guy. That thought doesn't sit well with the champion AT ALL! Taylor wills himself over onto his hands and knees and crawls toward the ladder. He starts to pull himself up as Jones looks down and tries to kick Taylor off the ladder. Each man makes it up another rung, then fights some more, then climbs some more. Jones tries to climb faster which leaves the opening for Taylor to catch him. Instead of trying to get past his opponent, Taylor makes the crazy decision this time and works himself under Jones! Smith Jones tries to beat and pummel Taylor away, but the champ refuses to yield and eventually has Jones across his shoulders. Instead of trying to just push Jones off, Taylor flies off the ladder backwards and connects with a devastating Samoan DDT! Jones' head is driven into the mat but both men impact the mat hard AGAIN! The crowd resumes the “Holy Shit” chant, but it slowly morphs into “This is Awesome!”

Mark Sanction: What in the world was he thinking!??!! SAMOAN DDT TO JONES!! Both men are down AGAIN!
Rose: These two are leaving everything in the ring tonight! Neither one is willing to let the other win! This is shaping up to be a match of the year candidate!

Both men try to recover in the ring as the replay is shown again and again. Taylor is the first to reach anything resembling a vertical base. He slowly makes his way to the ladder. A step away he stumbles and grabs hold of the far side of the ladder. Once he regains his balance, he starts to slowly work his way up the metal gateway to his title. As he climbs he occasionally glances over to Jones, who starts to get up and crawl to the ladder. As Taylor gets closer to the top, Jones gets a crazed look of desperation in his eyes and works feverishly to catch up. Both men reach the top of the ladder at the same time and both grab the belt with one hand. They use their free hand to pummel each other with hard shots to the head. After almost losing their balance, both men grab the ladder with both hands. Taylor and Jones start trading verbal barbs as well as physical ones. After a few choice words from Jones, Taylor's eyes widen and he grabs the belt with both hands. Choosing to risk losing his balance at the worst possible moment, he delivers a reply that Jones could not have seen coming. Only those close to the ring can hear what Taylor says to Jones.

Taylor: You want it? YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!

Taylor reaches back as far as he can and slams the title into Jones' face! A second time! A third! Jones is barely keeping his balance atop the ladder. Taylor hooks his feet into the ladder, lurches back a final time and slams the belt into Jones! Smith Jones' eyes roll back into his head and he free-falls backward off the ladder! The crowd loses their minds and flashbulbs go off everywhere as Jones crashes hard into the mat below!

Mark Sanction: OH MY GOD!!!! Taylor just sent Jones off the ladder with a hell of a title shot!
Rose: It's all his now! All he has to do is hang on and pull that belt down!

Taylor looks down at Jones for a moment, takes a breath, then unhooks the belt and props on the top of the ladder as the bell rings!


Hana Ramierez: Here is your winner and STILL XWA Television Champion, “Prime Time” DeAndre Taylor!

Mark Sanction: Hell of a match! The greatest match of Taylor's career to date! He retains the title!
Rose: A great performance for the young champion! This will definitely be a career highlight!

”I Came To Play” by Downstait rocks the stadium as Taylor holds the belt high and the crowd cheers wildly. We head to a break as Taylor sits down atop the ladder and celebrates, flashing his trademark smile for the first time tonight.
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Re: XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby DeAndre Taylor » Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:22 am

I know it was a few minutes late. Entirely my fault. We had a power outage here this evening, but I admit I had plenty of time to get this written, so I'm not gonna use the power outage as an excuse for my lateness.
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Re: XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby Smith Jones » Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:29 am

I wouldn't sweat you for being two mins late man. No worries. You wrote a solid match and the power outage thing sucks. Usually I'm all about respecting deadline all the way, but you showed up and brought game.

May the best man win.
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Re: XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby Sabre » Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:36 am

First off, AMAZING pre-match segment from Jones. I like that you tried to work in your Canada Day celebration from that promo last week.

I think Taylor had the better "surprise attack" in his match.

Both of you made each other look awesome, which is always good. Pacing was great also.

Only thing I didn't like about Jones' match was the ending. Granted there have been some INSANE spots over the years, but pyro directly at someone intentionally? Not cool, man. I think you jumped the shark on that one.

Gotta vote TAYLOR this time around...
We put two guys up there, it's a
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Re: XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby Amethyst » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:55 pm

Both matches were great reads. I have to say though, Taylor's match had a little more "umph" to it and the mime guy was a little too "left field" for me. My vote is for Taylor, great effort on both guys parts.

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XWA Hall of Famer
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Re: XWA Revenge: DeAndre Taylor vs. Smith Jones

Postby Trace » Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:12 pm

Smith Jones:

You're still doing that start-stop thing with your sentences and it continues to bug me but it wasn't as big a deal as it was previously, notably because of the quality of your match. Sure at times it was a little bit out there and crazy but hey, it caught my attention right from the opening promo and it built off of what came before. You've got a knack for adding in these tiny little personal details like the Canadian fireworks and the fan in the crowd but I feel like you should be capitalizing on them, why weren't the pyrotechnics at the ending red and white? Why wasn't the girl mentioned again? You capture my attention and you need to keep hold of it with these little stories and moments that deserve some sort of closure. Anyway I haven't really got a problem with the ending, sure it was extreme but no more so than half of what we've seen done in the XWA and some stuff in actual wrestling. It was a nice moment psychologically and it builds up to future angles, good stuff.

DeAndre Taylor:

I enjoyed it for the most part, you're improving every match in terms of pacing and description and you've got a solid mind when it comes to thinking up the structure of a match. Your high spots were fun and exciting and you kicked the match off well but I had a problem with how you spread them out, or rather how you didn't. I don't know whether it was the writing or whether you simply focused too much on high spots and the finish but there wasn't really enough build between them, I don't watch wrestling just for the constant spots, I like the story as well and I don't think the balance between those two things were enough. The ending was pretty solid but it didn't get my attention like Smith's did, I've seen the belt shot angle before and you didn't really spin it enough to make it your own. Still a fun match that shows your constantly improving, can't wait to see what comes next.

Overall my vote goes to Smith Jones. It was close but Smith's match had my attention more for the right, entertaining reasons.

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