The Rebellion

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The Rebellion

Postby JoeyEdwards » Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:26 am

Tag Team Name: The Rebellion
One Player or Two Player?: One
Team Style: Hardcore + Technical
Combined Weight: 981lbs
Disposition: Heel
Entrance Music: Mosh by Eminem

Tag Team Members:

Joey Edwards
"The Leader"
The leader of the group, who instructs them to do whatever he says. Edwards formed this group to assure himself that injury never occurs again, and so he can get closer to a chance of championship success! The only one who doesn't always wear the gas mask. Wrestling style is very versatile, high-flying, hardcore, technical and submission.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 228lbs

Richard Steen
"The Spokesman"
The oldest member, doesn't wrestle as much as the others however does if he has to. When appearing at events he is the man who is often speaking and holding the briefcase of Joey Edwards. His finishing move is a rotating sit out power-bomb, his alternative move is an elbow drop. He has experience in the ring, a style of technical, submission and hardcore.
Age: 43
Height: 6'2
Weight: 257lbs

Giovanni Moriello
"The Rookie!"
High-flying wrestler, choose not to speak at all, face is always covered with the mask. Very talented, young and upcoming performer. His wrestling style is very much high-flying, and some hardcore elements. His finishing move is the 450 splash from the turnbuckle, his alternative move is just a sweet super kick.
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Weight: 198lbs

Vincent van Hendriks
"The Bulldozer!"
Big, scary, crazy and intimidating. Another member who chooses not to speak and his face is always covered.The young wrestler from the Netherlands is the muscles of the group and often interferes in Edwards matches. His wrestling style is hardcore, brawling, with some technical elements also. His finishing move is a classic pile driver, his alternative move is a choke-slam from the turnbuckle.
Age: 22
Height: 6'6
Weight: 298lbs

Comments: Faces of the men are always covered, except from Edwards. Can interchange from heel to face depending on the storyline. if they are wrestling, members are not in suits but are wearing black laced up boots, white wrists bands, black knee pads and gas mask.

Background: Edwards is seen as an icon to the rest of the members of the rebellion, and self proclaimed leader of a generation. Smug, arrogant, and aggressive; a different side of Joey Edwards which hasn't been seen in a long time. Prepared to do anything to win a match, including getting the other members of the rebellion to intervene. After a torn ACL which kept him out for several months, Edwards wanted to reassure himself that a career threatening injury wouldn't occur again. So he recruited three professional wrestlers to not just prevent injury to him, but to conquer the wrestling world. Edwards is seen to some people as an anti hero, despite not doing the right things, he is adored by thousands of members in the audience, because of this he also is known as "The Anti Savior". The gas masks are meant to strike fear towards his opponents and also to protect the faces of the other members of the rebellion. Edwards is also repeatedly seen holding a briefcase which before every match he gives to Richard Steen, a member of the rebellion.

Double Team Choices:
Primary Tag: Giovanni & Vincent - 496lbs
Secondary Tag: Edwards & Vincent - 526lbs
Secondary Tag: Edwards & Giovanni - 426lbs
Secondary Tag: Steen & Giovanni - 455lbs
Occasionally Tag: Steen & Vincent - 555lbs
Rarely: Edwards & Steen - 485lbs
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Re: The Rebellion

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