The XWA Top Ten!

The XWA Top Ten is what all of this centers around. How close you are to the Supreme XWA Championship depends on where you are here. It is a list calculated based on wins and losses from the beginning of the year onwards, taking into account matches won, as well as overall XWA BattleZone Award Points. The more Wins and BattleZone Award Points you rack up, the more "over" your character gets, which brings them closer to earning a Supreme XWA Championship match. If you are neck and neck with someone one cycle, a match will be made between both competitors and the winner of said match will become the new Number One Contender and go on to face the Champion the next Supershow. If you have other plans for your character, you will keep your spot on the list until you are ready for your title match. However, other characters may then climb up the rankings and bump you off the top. If you lose your title match? You go right back down to the bottom of the list, and will have to work your way back up to earn your shot again.

Wins and consistency is the name of the game. So where do you fall this cycle? Did you make it ONTO the list this cycle? Scroll down to see how close you are to Supremacy.

- This list was calculated using XWA W/L records as well as XWA BattleZone Awards from XWA Massacre #55 (June 2020) onwards.
- Winning a match that enters the grading process due to having multiple competitors show for it is worth two points.
- Wins gained via no-show and storyline match wins DO count towards your overall position on this list, but the points depend on the effort put forth. For Massacre matches, a match most be 3k words or longer (full match included, entrances, commentary, action, etc.) to get the effort boost. If a match is won via no-show and it's longer than 3k words, the winner gets 1.5 points. If it's under 3k, they just get 0.5. For storyline matches, under 3k will still net 0.5, but over 3k will net 1 point even. It works the same on supershows, except the effort bonus threshold is 5k words instead of 3k. This system was added after the first new Top Ten period, so it counts going from MassAcre #58-on.
- Every vote for any of your work in the XWA BattleZone Awards are worth half a point each.
- Every award won in the XWA BattleZone Awards is worth two points each.
- Votes on matches count towards every competitor who showed for said matches. As an example, if you did not show for a triple-threat match but your opponents did, only they earn the points.
- Similarly, even if a promo features multiple characters, only handlers who participated in writing the promo will be eligible for the points gained from votes/winning.
- When a recently-former Supreme XWA Champion enters the Top Ten, their stats begin from the moment they have lost the title and/or their rematch clause.

The only competitors exempt from the list are:
- The Supreme XWA Champion (currently: Caleb Spires)
- The current Lord of the Ring (currently: none)
- *Inactive competitors

The people on this list are those who have consistently been a part of our shows.

01. David Michaels | 20 Points

02. Razor Xtreme | 15 Points

03. Kaida Kagome | 6.5 Points

04. Joey Miles | 5 Points

05. Jacob Eulson | 4.5 Points

T-06. Rob Chapman | 4 Points

T-06. Alicia Miles | 4 Points

T-08. Machado | 3 Points

T-08. Jace Albriight | 3 Points

10. Minkaro | 2 Points

Dropped from the rankings
Caleb Spires | 0 Points (Supreme Champion)

Troy Spencer | 6.5 Points (Inactive)

JHalc | 5 Points (Inactive)

Sean Young | 4 Points (Retired)

*Inactive competitors are characters who have not contributed anything during the calendar year or have confirmed to leave.

This list will be updated immediately following the results of each XWA BattleZone Awards cycle. If you feel there are any inaccuracies or discrepancies in the stats, please get in contact with Gopher and/or Rufusby sending us a Private Message on here, DM'ing the @XWA_BattleZone Twitter account, or by contacting on Discord.

LAST UPDATE: 18th February 2021